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Chapter 7:

I didn't say a word. I just leaned forward, closed my eyes, and kissed him softly. My heart was filled with love, and hope, and a happiness I had not felt in a long, long time. As his soft, warm lips responded sweetly to mine, I couldn't help but think this was the beginning of something truly wonderful.

We broke apart after a few seconds, but I kept my eyes closed for a moment. Wow, that was better than I could have imagined. Who knew kissing a guy could be so much more incredible than kissing a girl? I'd thought it really wouldn't be much different.

I opened my eyes and saw Gabriel looking at me with those gorgeous brown specs of his. I smiled a slow grin which he mirrored. "Well," I said, "that wasn't so bad, was it?"

A mischievous look came into his eyes. "I couldn't quite tell... We should probably try again."

"Well, if you really want to....." I trailed off as he reached his arms around my back and pulled me into him. He kissed me hungrily for about thirty seconds before we came up for air. But I had just barely taken a breath when he pulled me in again, except this time he overbalanced me and I fell over on top of him on the bed. I made a move to get off him, but his arms were around my back stopping me. Plus his body was so warm, so hard and yet soft under me, and his eyes were holding me captive with their warmth.

I was holding myself up with my hands, peering down into his eyes as his strong arms on my lower back kept our pelvises and legs firmly together. "How far do you want to go?" I asked him in a whisper.

"This far," he said, moving his hands to my face and pulling me down into another heavy kiss. This time his mouth opened and I felt his tongue press against my lips. I opened gladly and our tongues wrestled as our bodies entwined together. I was getting hard, and I could feel his member rising under the thin material of his sweats and boxers. I ran my hands through his hair, up his sides, along his face and arms and any part of him I could reach. It felt sooo good pressing our warm bodies together, feeling our hard dicks rubbing against each other, feeling our tongues explore into each other's mouths. Wow, what a rush.

We rolled over and I ended up underneath him. He spread his legs wide and then wrapped them around and under mine, keeping our crotches pressed together. I was getting really hot and horny now. He put his hands under my back and pressed our bodies even harder together. I could feel his pecs and abs move as his body shifted. I ran my hands down his back and cupped his perfect bubbled cheeks in each of my hands. Their spongy softness turned to firmness and back again as his body flexed. I kneaded the cheeks through the soft cotton pants and thought that I must be in heaven.

"Gabriel! Jacob! Would you come down here please?" It was Mrs. Marc, shouting up from downstairs. We broke apart, breathing heavily and groaning but in a good-natured way. I felt like it was probably a good thing she called us right then, because I think we probably would've ended up going all the way with how we were carrying on. Gabe probably felt the same way, but that didn't stop us from being a little miffed. After all, that was just about the most incredible feeling I'd ever had before in my life. Just feeling my body hard up against his was better than every jerkoff session I'd ever had.

"You know," he said as he got up off me, "I think it's probably a good thing she called us." I smiled and agreed with him - best friends definitely do think alike. It was then that I noticed how tented both of our pants were.

"Gabriel!" I admonished. "Just look what you did!" I said, getting off the bed and giving him a good profile shot of my hardon.

He laughed. "What *I* did? I believe you were the one with your hands all over my ass."

"Yeah, well, okay... but you started the whole thing!" We were both laughing now.

"Ummm I believe we BOTH started it. But if you want to blame someone, blame this big fella here," he said, gesturing to his bulging crotch. "He's hot for you, he can't help it. He's sorry though, he says."

"Oh God. Try to get that thing under control, okay? We have to go see your mom before she comes up and finds us like this."

"I'm trying I'm trying. Okay it's going away, now I just need to focus on something else besides you..."

I blushed and moved close enough to him to give him a little peck on the lips. "Okay sexy man, let's go now before it comes back to life." I took his hand and led him out the door. A happy little smile adorned his face, and he just looked so cute. It made me feel incredible just to be able to hold his hand like this, even if it was briefly. I let go as we started going down the stairs, and we tried to pretend like everything was the same between us.

His mom looked up over the brim of a steaming cup of coffee from her seat at the kitchen table as we stepped off the landing. Her eyes took us both in and immediately squinted up almost imperceptibly like she trying to figure us out. Like she knew something was up, but couldn't put her finger on it. I noticed this, and inside I was freaking out - just a bit - but I played it cool.

"Hey Mom," I said, "what's up?"

She looked up into my eyes, and she must have seen something there because her big brown eyes, twin to Gabriel's, squinted up some more. "You two just take a seat here, I think we should talk," she said.

I glanced over at Gabe, who looked slightly bewildered, as we took seats across from her. "Okay Mum," Gabe said. "What about?"

She set her coffee cup down and folded her arms on the edge of the table. She looked back and forth between us, and even though she hadn't asked anything yet, I felt like I was a victim of the Grand Inquisition or something. I felt a slow blush creeping up my neck and I desperately tried not to give anything away with my face. We were supposed to tell her LATER, damnit.

"Okay," she said with finality. "Something is up. What is it? You boys aren't leaving until you tell me what's going on."

I looked over at Gabe, who was trying to stay calm but who definitely looked a little freaked. I was a little freaked myself. He looked over at me and I saw the panic in his eyes and I knew exactly how he felt. His eyes were asking me what to do, but I had absolutely no idea.

"Can we talk about this later Mom?" I asked, turning back to Mrs. Marc.

"How about we just talk about it now, and get it over with?" she replied, no swayed an inch by my plea. There was no way out. It was the foolproof kind of trap that only a very experienced mother could set, and she'd trapped us good. I sighed and glanced back at Gabe.

"Well, can we have just a minute then? We need to talk a little bit first."

I think at that moment another realization hit her, because her face suddenly softened and her hard gaze melted into a compassionate and motherly look. "Of course honey. You take all the time you want. I'll be in the living room watching some TV, call me when you're ready okay?"

I gave her a reassuring smile and then focused on Gabe as she walked out of the room. He was wearing a sick and disbelieving expression, and I imagined how I would feel if it was MY biological mother we were about to talk to. Talk about anxiety.

"Gabe, are you okay?" I asked.

He swallowed hard. "I'm not ready!" he said, obviously panicked although trying to keep his voice down. The TV was loud in the other room though, so I'm sure Mrs. Marc wouldn't have heard us unless we shouted. "We haven't even talked about this! We were gonna do this later on! What if she doesn't accept me? Accept us? What if she hates the idea? What will we do?"

"Gabe," I said as soothingly as I could, "that's not going to happen. I KNOW your mother. YOU know your mother. You know she's going to be fine with it. You just need to calm down, take a couple deep breaths." I rubbed his back softly. He probably knew he was being irrational, but I was probably going to be the same way with my mother. It was funny how I could be so calm about this, so sure that my second mom was going to love us just the same. Maybe it's because she wasn't part of my biological family, that I could step outside of it all and not be affected by the irrational fear that was torturing Gabe at this moment. "Gabe, listen. We don't absolutely have to tell her now. We can put it off if you want to. But I think it's going to be just as hard later on. She loves us, and she's going to love us just the same after we tell her. Trust that." I paused and looked deep into his eyes. "You know your mom. Believe me, it's going to be fine."

He finally sighed in defeat. He knew I was right. In his heart, he knew. "Okay," he said. "But... will you help me? Please? I don't know if I'll be able to say it..." he had the beginnings of tears in his eyes, and I could only nod and pull him close into a hug.

"Are you ready?" I asked a few minutes later when he'd calmed down some. He nodded and I went through the small hallway into the living room. Mrs. Marc looked up expectantly when I entered, obviously not at all interested in the television she was supposedly watching. "We're ready," I said with a half-hearted smile, feeling a slight twisting in my guts. She flicked off the tube, followed me back down the hall and we took our respective seats once more around the table.

There was a short silence. Then Mrs. Marc took a deep breath and asked, "So you boys have something to tell me?" I noticed Gabe wasn't looking at his mother, just staring blankly at the table. I looked back at my second mother, and in her face I saw the knowledge of what we about to tell her. She knew. She knew very well. And she also knew that this was an encounter that had to happen, and that Gabe had to tell her. I nudged him, my nervous fears dissipating having recognized the truth in her face. He finally looked up at her and began speaking.

"Mum..." He cleared his throat. "What I, or we," he said, glancing at me, "wanted to tell you... is that, we're... we're..." I could see him choking, his eyes starting to dart away from her face. "... we're..."

"Gay," I finished for him, looking straight at his mom's face. She didn't even bat an eyelash. I knew she wouldn't.

"Well," she said, focusing some on me but more on Gabriel. "Gabe, and Jacob you too... your father and I love you, with all our hearts, no matter what. This doesn't change a thing, except to allow us to be more open with each other. Actually, I have known for a couple of years that you were gay. Both of you actually." I smiled a bit, but Gabriel was still looking a little bewildered. "Your father and I have talked about this before. And Jacob, your parents know too." It was my turn to be bewildered now.

"So, you don't care at all?" asked Gabriel, his face flooding with relief.

"No honey. We don't. Whatever makes you happy, and we will always be your number one supporters." She stood up. "Come on now, give me a hug."

And we both gave her hugs, and we all started to cry a little. And then when we were once again sitting and the tears were dried up, she asked a question that shocked both of us. "So when are you two going to start dating?"



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