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by: Chris A.
Omicron Theta

Chapter 1

I felt the fist impact as it hit me in the chest.  Soon to follow were about ten more striking me in various places.  It was then that I saw Shane creep out from the brush with an obvious smile on his face.  He then shot me square in the eyes.  "Just for good measure," he told me as I fell.  With that, he stepped over my form and ran off into the woods.

"Damn it," I told myself, "Should have seen that coming."  I got up and stalked over to the starting position.  I set my stop watch for ten minutes and waited.  I looked down at my army gear.  All of it was splattered with paint.  Granted it is washable paint.  It still is a pain in the ass.  I started to work out tactics in my head.  By the end of today, I will have covered him with paint.

Revenge is so sweet, yet it has been a while since I had a taste of it.  I sat there constantly looking at my watch.  Seven minutes to go.  `God, what does time do, slow down when I am waiting.'  I threw up my arms in frustration.   `Yea, frustration, that is what I have been feeling a lot lately.  At seventeen, hormones raging, I found myself attracted to that boy that just pelted me with paintballs.  He had no idea.

My life is basically an open book to those that are interested.  I just keep a few pages marked for personal viewing only.  I am the only child in the family.  My mother and father have regular American jobs.  Nine to Five schedule.  After they had me, they decided to quit the child assembly line, so I was born the eldest, the youngest, and the only.  I hear people say that single child families spoil the kid.  It is not the case with me.  I am still expected to clean, and take care of myself, and my parents only spend a total of $350.00 dollars on gifts for me a year.  But we are a very close family.  I have the feeling that they know I am gay.  I think that they are cool with it.  I will, however, play it safe until I am ready to tell them.

I again looked at the clock.  Two minutes to go.  My name is Tylen, a gift from my mother.  I am a very academic person, I have good marks, and I have a few friends.  I don't consider people who are just around you, because of you, friends.  Physically, I am fit.  I work out, at least once a day, my own little routine, but I never lifted weights.  I am about 5'7" and weigh about 125lbs.  A small little person if you ask me.  But with years of the discipline that I put myself through, I am limber and agile.

The beeping of the stopwatch startled me out of my deep thought.  In this game of paintball, the most dangerous time is coming out of the "Death Box."  People seem to wait with guns waving for the unsuspecting soul to march out of their confident.  Not me.  I prepared my gun, held it to my side, and light-footed my way out of the box.  I moved like the wind into the forest and took a leap into some bushes.  I lay their quite content that I made it out alive, so to speak.

I could hear footsteps approaching so I rolled into a small gully.  The dirt below me made almost no noise.  When I peeked my head up and opened my eyes, not two feet away was an ass I would know anywhere.  Shane crouched, facing the same direction, right in front of me. Like a predator stalking his prey, he waited.  I soundlessly laid my rifle down and snapped the six shot pistol from my belt.  If I missed that perfect piece of flesh, I would really fit the "You couldn't hit the broad side of a barn," phrase.  I took aim and pulled the trigger.

I heard a loud pop, then the splattering of paint.  I effortlessly got up and leapt over Shane saying, "Gotcha back."  I ran like the wind until I came upon a sturdy tree.  Like a springboard, I jumped off a protruding root, and grabbed hold of one of the branches.  The forward momentum didn't end there and I continued to swing.  I carefully calculated my next move and landed on a lower branch without loosing my footing.  This is the exercise that I do.  It took a long time to master.  With grace that could match a deer, I leapt form branch to branch moving through the forest above the ground.  Hands over feet and vise versa, I finally came upon a large tree and landed on one of the larger branches.

I took a moment to settle my breathing, then pulled out a mall pair of binoculars from the steel case, and held them up to my eyes.  As I scanned the scene, I spotted what could only be more people.  Distantly I saw a pack of four people heading away and to the left of me.  Shane wasn't one of them, but a fair target is a fair target.

I made the decision to make this more interesting.  I put my binocks away and yanked two smoke bombs.  I tossed them at forty-five degrees to each other.  I recalled the mental picture of the scene I had taken before the entire area was covered in smoke.  `Human instinct dictates that the pack should have dropped to the ground expecting an attack.  This would limit their movements, if they are moving at all.'

I dropped down from the tree and did a summersault to break my fall.  With the wind I leapt over branches, around bushes, and under logs.  I carefully calculated each step so as to not make that much noise.  When I came up on three yards from my suspected target I flipped flat on my stomach and squirmed my way over to them.  They were still facing the same direction.  All motionless, waiting for the fog to clear.  I got onto my feet and again opted for the pistol.  Five more shots left.  With accuracy and speed, I pulled the trigger.  Four shots, four splatters, and four dead soldiers.  Just for good measure, I pulled a paint grenade from my bag, pulled the pin, then tossed it into the crowd.

"You all are dead!" I yelled, then I bolted.  Behind me I heard cuss words then a loud pop as the grenade exploded.  I smiled to myself as I could just see then dripping with red paint.  I side rolled into a bush and waited out the smoke and pissed off players.

Soon, I could hear old Willy yell out, "Kay guys, your time is up, time to get out of here, and make room for the next group."  Reluctantly we all got up out of our hiding places and moved toward the door.

"Good game," I heard Shane say to me as he caught up.

"Yea, I had fun,"

"What the hell was that move that you performed with the tree?  I saw you one minute and the next you were launched into the trees.  Not only that but you started to move like a fucking flying squirrel."

"Ohh, that.  That is months of training, not to mention many falls."

"I bet so you want to come over tonight?  I that been such a long time since a sleep over."

For about two seconds I considered the request.  "Yea, sure.  I'll have to check with my parents, but I don't think that it will be a problem.  Like you said, it has been while."

The walk home was pretty silent after that, which confused me, Shane is usually full of things to talk about.  I asked him why, "What is with you, you are usually full of things to talk about.  What with your exploits with girls, your horrible grades..."

"Hey, just because all of us can't be geniuses, doesn't mean that you have to keep reminding me."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know that you would take quite an offence at that," I said with heartfelt emotion.

"Dude, I was joking."

"Then don't be so serious about it"

As we approached my house I said, goodbye and split off, "call me in one half an hour."

He nodded in agreement then headed off toward his own house.  I walked into the house and up to my room then peeled off my clothes and put them into a plastic bag and down the laundry slot.  I got my clothing and took a shower, making sure to have the water as hot as possible.  As I washed I surveyed myself.  It has become a daily ritual.   I wasn't over pompous of my appearance, but I wasn't ashamed at the same time.  I guess sort of a half and half thing.  Personally I liked my murky eyes, and dark hair.  I have been told it brought a sense of mystery.  I prepared my things for Shane's house, perfectly neglecting to inform my parents.

"Mom, can I sleep over at Shane's tonight?" I yelled down the hall.

"Sure honey, just be home by one tomorrow, we need to go to your grandmother's for dinner."

"Yes, mom."  As is traditional among us teens, that phrase is the standard for ending a conversation.  It is standard learning.

I sat in my room waiting.  Waiting for a phone call.  I could feel sweat on the palms of my hands, `Why was I so God Damned nervous.'  I suppose it might be because of the close encounter with his butt today.  I really did love him.  Really did.  I just wanted him in my arms forever.  Mine and nobody else's.  Humph.  Like that would actually happen.  The world is a curse you know.

Just then the phone rang.  I picked it up but it slipped from my hands.  I juggled it a bit, with a chuckle, and put it to my ear. "Hello?"

"Dude, its me."

"What makes you think I want to talk to you," I joked with Shane.

"My witty sense of humor, my cool attitude, and my good looks."

"True, true." If only he knew.

"So, you comin' over or what?"

"Duh, I'll be there in a few."

"K, dude, see you in a bit."

"See ya,"  I hung up the phone, grabbed some soda and my bag, and marched out of the house.


Shane's house was quite small actually.  Well, maybe comfortable would be the right word.  He was an only child so there wasn't much need for a lot of space.  He got the larges room in the house, so there was room for his computer with all the works and his twin sized bed.  But not much else.  It was comfortable, much like the rest of his house.

I walked up the door and was greeted by Shane before I had the chance to ring the bell.  "Come on in," he said, "I see you got cleaned up after that skirmish."

"And I see that you hadn't."  It was true; he still had ruminants of paint on him.  Not only that, I could smell him.

"You can toss you stuff in my room and I'll take a shower."

"Sounds good."

"K then."  He just stood there like there was something else.

"Umm, are you going to let me in?"

"Yea, yea, what was I thinking?"

"Good question," I said under my breath.  I walked into his room and tossed my things onto his bed.  He went into the bathroom.  `Ohh, how I wished that I could follow him in there.'  I fell back against the bed in dreamy bliss.  Just that thought made me have a reaction in the crotch area.  I decided to let it go as to not embarrass myself when he comes out.

I went over to his computer and decided to check my email.  It has been a while.  `Hey, I read the stories.  Look at the bookmarks, look at the bookmarks.  Yea right.'  My obsessive-compulsive attitude forces me to, but with no luck.  The only thing there is Hotmail, Yahoo, Lycos, and a slew of minor sites.  Nothing that remotely incriminates him.  Ohh, well, what was I really expecting.

I heard the running water stop and I turned my attention to the door.  He walked in with nothing but a towel around his waist.  I immediately returned to face the computer monitor.  But I could see his reflection.  "Relax, dude, its not like you haven't seen it before."

He was right, we did see each other nude before, but that was a long time ago.  Since then, we have developed.  "Just checking my email." Yea, right, just checking out you.

He stood there and gave me a quizzical look then proceeded to drop the towel and put on some boxer briefs.  `Boy did he develop.'  About two inches development.  Beats me 5 inches hard.  He's got to have like, 6.  He quickly tossed on some sweats but left his chest shirtless.

"I'm done," he said flatly.


"Yea, well.  In all this time, you haven't moved at all.  Haven't clicked a button.   You aren't checking me out or anything are you?"

My eyes shot open and a crooked out, "No."

"Come on, buddy, relax.  Lets watch a movie."


"My mom is ordering some pizza, it should be here any minute.  What movie do you want to watch?"

I looked over at his rack of DVD's.  "Sleepy Hollow."

"Good choice."  He pulled it out and ejected some disc from his computer and replaced it with the DVD.

"Boys!! The pizza is here."

"Cool," we both said in unison.  Thanking his mom, I grabbed the pizza.  He grabbed the crazy bread and the soda.  Making sure we grabbed some napkins, we pilled everything onto his bed.

He opened his cinema player on the computer and started the DVD.  We each popped a soda and inhaled the pizza.


The movie was really good, plus Johnny Depp is really cute.  The Pizza box was long forgotten on the floor and the rest of the crazy bread sitting on his nightstand along with our sodas.  Shane was asleep on my shoulder.

I gently set him down on the bed.  Even thought I reveled in the feeling of him upon he.  His bare chest so near mine, even though mine was clothed.  I had to close the program and shut down the computer.  I got up and shucked my shirt, on the way to the computer.  I ejected the disc and looked for the box.  While I searched blindly, I found what appeared to be another CD sitting atop the CPU.  `This must have been the one that he took out.'

I closed the program and replaced the disc that he took out.  I put Sleepy Hollow back in his rack.  To my amazement, when I looked again at the monitor, the cinema player had opened up again.  And it was loading the disc.  Curious I waited to see what it was.

It jumped right into the movie.  First displaying an age warning.  I looked back at the sleeping Shane, "Why you sly dog, got a DVD porno."  When I looked back, I nearly tripped over myself.  There before my eyes were two guys sucking each other's dick.  I shook my head to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.  Sure as shit, it was really there.  I closed the program, quickly.

`The ramifications of this were beyond my comprehension at the time.  Could it be true.  It had to be this was clear evidence.  Oh, God.  I loved him so much, how could I tell him this.'  I sat in his chair with the glow of the monitor as the only light source.  `Does he love me?  I love him.'  I shut down the computer and crawled into bed with him like I had so many times before.  But it was different.

He rolled over half on and half off of me.  My hand went to his head and stroked his hair.  I needed to tell him now.  "Shane..." I said softly.  "Shane."


"Wake up buddy."

"What do you want, I was having a really good dream," he said groggily.

"I need to tell you something.  Important."

He rolled off and looked at me.  "What is it."

"I was shutting down the computer and putting the DVD away, when I found the CD that you took out.  I replaced it.  Shane, are you gay?"

He made a move to get off the bed, but I reached out and held him in place.  "Please don't beat me up.  You never have to talk to me again, but please don't beat me up."

He started to ramble on.  I smiled at him and his misunderstanding.  Then, I got courageous and kissed him.  Right there.  He was completely taken back, but soon kissed me as well.  He completely relaxed in my grasp and his arms slid across my body to encircle me.  I relaxed my hold on him to one more loving then one of desperation.

I finally broke off and fell on top of him nestling my head into his neck.  I whispered into his ear, "You never answered my question."


"Good, cus I love you."

"Tylen," he just grasped onto me tightly.  I could feel him sob.

"Why are you crying?" I said, as I looked him again face to face.

"Only out of joy, just joy."

"Shane, I love you so much, I just didn't know how to tell you." I kissed his tears away, tasting their saltiness on my lips.

"Tylen," he tried again, "I love you too."

"So where the hell did you get porn anyway?"

He started to laugh.  "I don't need it anymore."

"What are you implying?  I may love you, I don't think I am ready for that yet."

"Neither am I, I just have you.  That's all I need."

"That is sweet."  I kissed him again, this time he spread his lips for my tongue.  When his tongue snaked its way into my mouth, my scenes went into overdrive.  With such a simple maneuver, he has sufficiently turned my life upside down.  I saw colors.  It felt so good to have his warmth envelope me, to have his tongue explore my mouth and vice versa.

"Wow," we said in unison when we broke.  With that a small fit of giggles ensued.

"How things have changed in such a short period of time."

"For the better."

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