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Chapter 2
By: Chris A.

Chapter 2

 "The big tree, on the far...side."

"Damnit!!  How the hell do you do that," Shane said.

"Practice, my dear boy, practice," I responded.  "Now, try it again."

"This ain't fair."

"What's not fair about it."

"You've done this before."

"Yea, now I am teaching you.  Now get your ass in those trees and hide."  I leaned back up against the same tree I was against for the past three hours.  Each and every time, I could hear where he was hiding.  I heard the trees rustle.  "Shut up.  I can hear you."

"I am trying," I heard him respond.

"That just gave away your position too.  Don't talk.  Now you are in the top most sturdy branches of the oak tree to my left about five yards away."


"Come on, that is enough for now.  You have made some progress."

"Doesn't seem like it.  We have been at this for a week."

"That's right, just a week.  This is a hard thing to learn.  Don't discourage yourself.  Trust me."

"Ok, now come on, we are expected at my house for dinner and then a sleepover."

"And what does that imply my love."

"Ohh, nothing really, just some good old fashioned love making."

"ah, I see where your mind lurks."  This was said as we walked out of the forest twaords his house.

"Do you think that we could ever do that love making thing?"

"Someday, I am not ready for it now.  I am quite content just to hold, kiss, hug, and love you."

"I know what you mean.  I am not ready either.  I was just wondering."

"Good, now, there is one thing that I was wondering."

"Yea what is that?"

"Where the hell, did you get a porno?"

"Come on, I said that I would get rid of it.  It was just a stress reliever."

"I bet.  Now, answer my question."

"Fine, the internet."


The mood turned serious all of the sudden, "Do you think that we can ever come out to our parents?"

"I don't know.  Seems like a big step for me..."

"And me."

"I know.  So, I figure that we will keep this under wraps for now, and when we see that we are both ready, then we can.  But I don't think that will be for a while."

"Ah, the logical and sensible Tylen.  The Tylen that I love."

"Yea, what would you do without me."

"Probably find somebody else."


"Yea, but you love me."  So much for the serious mood.

"You know I do, under one condition."

"What's that?"

"You are my slave."

"That's all?  Doesn't seem so bad."

"Really, we might want to try that some time," Shane said.  I raised an eyebrow in some sort of mock humor.  "I'm just kidding," he said emphasizing each word.

"humph."  With that the conversation died.  We were there.


For some reason, this dinner has become a grand affair.  Shane's entire family was here.  Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother.  Beat the hell out of me.  Just seems to be something they do every once and a while.  It was a great big BBQ.  Talking and story sharing and all those things that families do when they get together.

To tell you the truth, I felt kinda alone, during this.  I didn't know what to feel, I mean, my family never did that, this.  Just never.  This thought just kinda ate me up over the course of the meal.  I had to hide my face after a while.  Tears started to stream down.  `What the hell, this is nothing.  This should not be affecting me the way it is.  It is almost depressing in itself.'  I kindly excused myself to the bathroom.

I sat on the edge of the tub and slowly let it all come out.  `I wish that I was as lucky as Shane was, he had the family that does this, he had a grandmother that he sees more than once a year.  Well twice, there is Christmas.  So, this shouldn't be affecting me this much.'  I yelled to myself, "You just saw her last week."  `That is probably the last time, her birthday that is.  My last grandparent.  Devoted Christian, but open-minded in so much.  She is strong and will never go down.  But, unlike the rest of the family, I noticed a change.  She doesn't eat much and she looks a lot thinner.  Ha.  How do you know that will be the last time you will see her?  Because, that happened to my other grandma.  Dead since 1995.  Even then, this isn't just about her.  I want my family.  I don't see cousins, aunts, uncles, they just don't exist in my world like they do here.'

"Tylen?" I heard Shane's voice, muffled by the door.

"Yea."  I surprised myself on how teary my voice sounded.  Shane opened the door slowly as to not disturb me.  "Come on in," I encouraged him.

"Are you ok?"

"Not really."


"Look at what you have."


"Your family.  I mean the entire thing, all of them.  Extended too.  I have my grandmother, who is turning into a sickly woman."

"Shh, you have family.  You have people who care, you have me."

A new flow of tears came forth, and I mumbled an, "I know."  I launched myself forward and grabbed hold of him tight.  He rocked my back and forth whispering in my ear.  After a bit I pulled away.  "Look at me, blubbering like an idiot."

"Not an idiot, a guy in pain.  Glad that I could help."

"It's just on the same, I do have a family, but it isn't the love that I see with you, it is more of a professional love, like it has to be there.  It is depressing to say the least.  But what as I to do about it."

"I don't know.  I really don't," with that, he pulled me closer to him.  "I love you Tylen."

I gave a small weep, "I love you too, Shane, more than you will ever know."


Life became a mess a few weeks after that.  Nobody knew that I was gay yet, but I wanted it to keep it like that.  But, my grandmother.  Her illness...was diagnosed.  She had cancer.  In fact this was a rapid new development in the sickness.  In Church the week before, she collapsed and was not breathing.  I only heard about this.   She went into the hospital and they did so many tests.

The family that I never saw suddenly came in.  All of them.  Aunts, Uncles, cousins, all of which I have only heard about.  It was nice to have them all here, but awkward at the same time.

I practically lived at Community Memorial Hospital.  It was only a week, but I already had the nursing staff down to the janitor workers.  Each by name.  My grandma didn't have much to say, in fact she slept a lot.  It hurt me that she was there, but wasn't or isn't listening.  I don't know, maybe she was.

"Tylen?"  I heard behind me.  It shook me from my shallow nap.

"Huh?" I articulately responded.

"Maybe you should go home and to bed honey."

"No, mom, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yea, mom, go home and to bed, I'll see you in the morning."

"K, honey.  Shane called our home about five times today.  I told him that you were at the hospital.  He said that he would come down here if he could."

"Thanks mom."

"Welcome honey.  Get some rest.  I love you."

"K, night"  I heard the door slowly close and latch behind her.

"You hear that grandma. She says that she loves me."  A smile spread across my lips.


She eventually woke up and now stays with my Aunt and Uncle for radiation treatment.  My mom says that it will be hell for her, I believe her.  The sad thing really is...they started to talk about her will and her dying.  It hurt inside, but I didn't let it show.

"Tylen...are you ok," Shane asked me.

"Yea fine."  We were sitting in my room.  Just staring at the door.  It seemed right for me.  I didn't want to think, I didn't want to do.  I just felt horrible.  Horrible that my grandma was dying, horrible that I couldn't do anything about it.  "No, no, I'm not ok.  I feel terrible," and for about the billionth time in the last week, I cried.  He gathered me into his arms and rocked me back and forth.  "It's just not fair, its just not fair," I mumbled into his shirt.  "Its just not fair."

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