Warning!!!! - The following story contains graphic description of consensual sex between male and/or minors. If this is offensive to you, illegal in your area, or if you are under the age of 21 (18) - READ NO FURTHER!

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Take It Easy

(by Schild Thomas)

Karl opened his eyes, he laid on his bed and didn't want to go to school today. ( Who does? ) But Karl's reasons where others like the common ones. He was in love with somebody, well that's not so unusual at all but his love was a guy, yes a guy. He never thought that this would happen but at last it did. Few month ago after summer vacation a new pupil had entered the classroom, *zooooom* and it had hit Karl. He stared at the boy and the boy gave him a blink. Karl remembered getting red that moment. So over the last few month he always had tried to find out where this guy lived. Day in, day out he followed him after school but had lost him among all the other people around the streets, till yesterday, yesterday he found out that the boy (who's name was Luke ) lived only three streets away from him. Karl was in trouble now, not only that his parents didn't know what happened to their son, he himself wasn't sure what to do. He had bought himself some of the relevant magazines but the only thing he learned from them where things about sex. Karl wasn't able to go to one of the advice centers you don't often find either, so he had to cope with that by himself. At last he got up and went to school. He walked trough the hallway and there he stood talking to another guy. Karl turned away fast and walked into the toilet. He went into a stall to take a piss. As he heard someone entering the toilet too. It was his love that he could hear from his voice and another guy maybe the one he had talked to before. But what they talked about froze Karl's blood.

"You know that guy, I told you about, that one who often stares at me, well I think he's gay.";"What?

Yeah, I cant remember that someone stared at me so often ever.

So what will you do with him.

I don't know, maybe I will take him to task.

Well it's your choice not mine."

Karl was frightened, so Luke had found out at last, what would he do to him? Karl decided to keep out of Luke's way after school.

The bell rang. Karl ran out the classroom and to the entrance. As he was out and nobody else with him he calm down a bit. He went on his way home. Near by his house there was a wooden fence, board on board except one point where one could pass it. As Karl came along there he was suddenly grabbed and before he knew what happened someone pulled him through the fence.

There stood Luke a big grin over his face. Got you! He pushed Karl against the fence and took a deep look into his eyes. Well you little fag what's the problem with you. You thought I wouldn't realize your staring don't you. Karl started to plead that it wasn't his fault, he can't help it, it just happened to him, and he didn't know what to do at all.

Suddenly Luke gave him a big kiss onto his lips.

"Take it easy Karl. I won't hurt you, that was all I wanted to hear from you. Come along with me I know a place where we could talk about.

You have to know Karl that I AM gay for a long time now and the same way you feel fascinated by me I feel exactly the same about you. And if you want to I will show you anything you will need."

Karl nodded, he couldn't believe this, his dream would come true. They stood under a old tree now and on the ground Luke had laid a blanket the hour before. They lowered themselves onto the blanket. Luke opened his shirt, he had an very smooth body with very few body hair on it. His chest strong and his shoulders broad.
"Come on you can touch me where ever you want to"

Hesitatingly Karl felt Luke's nipples, then Luke grabbed his hand and put it onto the bulge in his shorts.

"Do you want me to touch you too Karl?

Oh yes."

Karl took off his T-shirt and let Luke touch him too. It was a wonderful feeling to be touched. After that Luke rose his hips and took of his shorts. The first time Karl got so close to a other's cock and the first time ever he saw a full erect one. And again Luke grabbed his hand and put it onto his boner.

"You know how to jack-off, don't you? Just do the same now."

Slowly Karl started to stroke Luke's dick, he could see the pleasure in Luke's eyes and his own pleasure as he touched Luke had nearly brought him over the edge. Now he wanted to please Luke, so he got faster with his stroking. After a while Luke started to moan with pleasure. Karl was lucky that Luke seemed to love what he did He decided to take the next step. He lowered his head and enclosed Luke's forehead with his lips.

"OOOOH YEAH! Go on I love this ARGH!"

Karl let Luke's cock go deeper into his mouth, the taste he realized wasn't bad at all, so he lowered his head even more. At the end his nose nestled in Luke's pubic hair. Now Luke started to pump Karl' face.

"Oh, oh yes, yes, where did you learn that from. Uh I'm coming put it out I'm coming. AHHH"

Karl didn't let him go he wanted all of him. Some strokes later, gush after gush hit his throat, Karl swallowed it all.
"Oh boy, that was great, we'll have to repeat this again Karl. Sound's great for me.

THE END (maybe)