Tales from another broken home.
Chapter 10: Making Up

Remember the time you drove all night
just to meet me in the morning
and i thought it was strange
you said everything changed
you felt as if you'd just woke up
and you said, this is the first day of my life,
I'm glad i didn't die before i met you.

From "First Day of My Life" By Bright Eyes.

I took a couple of minutes to relax before leaving the room, shaking Jimmy's hand on the way out. My Mam and Mike were both waiting for me in the waiting area with nervous looks on their faces. We walked out of the office silently and got into Mike's car.

"So anyone hungry" he asked. I was drained by the session so I quickly said yes. We pulled up at a diner about 15 mins from the house and ate a meal. My mam finally broke her silence to ask how the session had gone. I was pretty vague but I set her mind at ease. We ate quickly and were back in the car within half an hour.

We were driving down the road when I noticed Mike hadn't taken the turn off for our house but instead had kept on going.

I looked at my Mam and she smiled "Oh I forgot to tell you where staying at Mike's place tonight."

This was going to be interesting. I had never stayed over at one of Mam's boyfriends before. They had all either moved into our place within a week or the relationship had ended within a week. I was kinda nervous I didn't know what to expect from Mike's place.

We pulled into a house 2 streets down from Carries. Mike's house was big probably 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms like Carrie's with a pool and a Jacuzzi in the backyard, it was cool. I hadn't even gotten inside and already I was stoked. Mike opened the front door and gave us a tour round his place. It was very modern with plain white walls and black leather furniture. I spotted a big plasma screen in the living room. Mike's house was like something from cribs. Mike showed us around and then brought me to the room I was staying in. It was a pretty big room with a double bed and a bathroom. I could definitely get used to this place I thought to myself.

My Mam had packed a bag for me and she brought it up to the room. We all sat down in the livingroom and watched a movie. Mike sat in the middle with one arm around my Mam and one arm around me. If anyone had looked in they probably would have thought we were a family and I liked that. I went to bed early to give my Mam and Mike space and plus I was still exhausted from the session so I slept like a baby.

When I woke up in the morning I could hear my Mam and Mike talking in the kitchen with the radio blaring some old tune. I walked down the stairs to see them cooking breakfast together. They both smiled when they noticed me and put a plate out on the table. I ate till I was full and Mike said he had something he wanted to show me. He brought me out to the garage where he had a large black and chrome harley.

It was really cool and he let me sit on it before he asked "Hey do you want to go for a ride on it?"

How could I say no the bike was too cool. Mike threw me a helmet and hopped on in front of me kickstarting the engine. We zoomed down the driveway and around the block a couple of times. I clung to Mike as he raced round corners. He was pretty cool.

When we arrived back at his house my Mam was in the doorway "Enjoy that baby?".

I beamed at her "Yeah it was cool".

Mike dropped us back to the house around 3pm and I quickly made my excuses and left to see Ryan. I ran down the street towards Ryans. I turned the corner for his house and saw him skating in the street he half smiled at me and looked pretty nervous.

"Riley, Im sorry I wasn't more supportive. I know you've had a tough time lately and all I did was bitch at you".

I couldn't believe it, why was he apologizing to me? I thought Id have to kiss his ass for weeks before he'd forgive me.

"Ryan, it was my fault I was pissed that you couldn't come over and things just got out of control".

He hugged me right in the middle of the street and even thought I was nervous about being spotted I loved him for it.

We headed into his house and his Mam asked me to stay for dinner. All Ryan's family were there, his sister Megan was home from college and his brother Dylan had a day off work. I sat down and everyone was really friendly and introduced themselves. Ryan's Dad Giani was really cool he was a cop of some sort, he must have been high up in the force cuz they lived in a pretty big house. The food was really good Ryan's Dad was Italian-American and it was obvious were Ryan got his tanned European good looks from. Giani made all kinds of Pasta. I was pretty full from breakfast so I couldn't eat too much but nobody seemed to mind.

After dinner me and Ryan went upto his room. I walked in and Ryan closed the door behind me hopping on me instantly. He kissed me and slowly began to grind his pelvis against mine.

"I thought you were going to break up with me" he said in-between breaths. "I was miserable for the last 2 days without you, you gotta promise you'll never leave me."

He was so sweet and his words really made me want him. I grabbed his hips and pushed him against me harder and harder until he couldn't catch his breath and he came hard in his pants. We were about to go further when Ryan's Mam called upto us

"Ryan is Riley staying here tonight cuz its getting pretty late?"

Ryan turned and smiled at me "Wow she must like you she barley ever lets me have friends over for the night. Do you wanna stay?"

How could I say no to this kid. When he got the hopeful puppy dog look in his eyes I'd do anything he asked

"Sure man Id love to stay."

I rang home and my Mam was kinda reluctant about me staying after my crazy night but after talking to Ryan's Mam she was won over and agreed. It was during this stay at Ryan's I realized how strict his Mother was. It was only ten when she told us to turn of the tv and go to bed. I was really embarrassed and felt like a 5 year old. I hadn't had a bedtime since I was 5 and hadnt gone to bed at ten since I was 8. Ryan's Mam came in and tucked us in to his double bed again treating us like 5 year olds but I did like it when she gave me a kiss on the head and said goodnight which was kinda childish but I liked it anyway.

We waited all of 5 minutes after Ryans Mam had gone to start fooling around. I felt Ryans hand slip underneath my boxers and he began to jerk me off rhythmically as I squirmed in ecstacy. This was the only advantage to going to bed early I could get Ryan off earlier. Ryans head disappeared underneath the bedcovers and I felt his lips on my cock as he began to move up and down my rigid dick. He licked the tip of my cock and slowly worked his way down to the shaft as I tried to catch my breath from an intense orgasm.

Ryan was giving me the night of my life and I pulled him upwards into a hug gasping "I love you" in between bated breaths.

We were both to exhausted to do anymore that night so we lay in each others arms and I told Ryan all about Mike's and therapy. He listened to everything and asked an interesting question

"Do you think Mike's gonna move in with you or propose or something cuz its getting pretty serious?"

I hadn't thought about this. Mike had only been going out with my Mam for 2 weeks and already it was serious. He had put up with my bullshit and her drink problem and seemed to actually like us both. I was kinda freaked out by the prospect of moving in with him or having him as a stepdad. He was a great guy but it just felt too soon.

I woke up in Ryans arms and watched him sleep with his little butt in the air and his thumb in his mouth. He was so cute sometimes that I nearly had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. What had I done to deserve this guy? I hadn't appreciated him as much as I should have but from now on I was going to be the best boyfriend ever.