Tales from another broken home.
Chapter 12: Moving on.
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I move onto another day
To a whole new town
With a whole new way.

The days get shorter
and the nights get cold.
I like it in the autumn but this place is getting old
I pack my belongings and I head for the coast.
It might not be a lot but I feel like I'm making the most.

From "The World at Large" By Modest Mouse.

I lay in my bed thinking. Did I want Mike to be my Dad? He was cool and really nice and he had stayed with my Mam even though she had a stoned kid with lots of problems. But he wasn't my Dad. In my mind I still hadn't given up on my real Dad arriving one day to see me and offer some magical explanation that made it ok that he hadn't seen me in nearly 14 years.

I couldn't believe my Mam wanted me to go live with him. It was too soon. I had never lived in someone else's house. All Mam's boyfriends had moved in with her.

As I was thinking my Mam walked into my room "Come on Ri, we've got to start packing."

I was about to get out of bed when Mike walked in the door "Hello folks" he beamed. I couldn't help but be happy to see him even if I wasn't sure I wanted him to be my Dad. Mike walked over and kissed my Mam.

"Get a room" I laughed. They stopped and smiled at me before walking out.

"Start packing your stuff" my Mam shouted from the hall.

I started to go through all my stuff this move was happening whether I liked it or not. I put all my cd's and book's together before pulling all my t-shirts and pants from my cupboard. As I was packing I heard a knock at the door.

"I've got it" my Mam called.

"It's Ryan" she shouted and I made my way into the hallway motioning him towards my room.

He walked through my door and into the chaos of all my stuff. He looked really hot in a pair of black chords and a Deathcab for Cutie shirt.

"Woah Dude your really moving" Ryan smiled.

"Yeah man, I'll be closer to you and Carrie now" that was probably the only good reason to leave the home that I felt comfortable in.

Ryan spent the afternoon helping me pack all my stuff into boxes. I had so much crap lying about that I ended up scrapping half of it.

"Baby Mike's coming over with a van tomorrow so you'll need to have everything ready tonight." My Mam called.

I sighed and Ryan laughed "Come on Man it wont be that bad" he said grabbing onto my hips. I kicked the door closed and gave him a kiss but pulled away as I heard my Mam coming down the hallway.

"Wow your nearly done here" my Mam smiled looking quite impressed "You must be a good influence on him Ryan" she winked.

Ryan turned and gave me one of his cute looks "Yep I'm always influencing him" he winked back.

"Well since you guys have been working hard I should probably fix you boys some grub" my Mam said as she headed out the door "It'll be on the table in ten minutes."

"Hmm ten free minutes" I winked at Ryan. He walked straight over and began to make out after what only seemed like a few seconds I heard my Mam's call "FOOD BOYS."

I pulled my tongue out of Ryan slowly and we both walked down the hall together. We sat with my Mam and ate and talked and laughed. It was a good time and the reason I loved my house. Having dinner wouldn't be the same in Mike's. This was my place, the little part of the world that was mine. I really didn't want to leave but there was no point talking to my Mam she really wanted this and I couldn't take it from her.

After dinner me and Ryan went back to my room and sat on the bed talking.

"I don't want to leave here man" I splurted out.

"Why not Riley? You said Mike's house was cool before" Ryan replied cooly.

"I dont know why, I just don't want to live in someone elses house" I replied almost in tears

Ryan put his arm around my shoulders

"Come on babe it's ok" he soothed.

He had never called me babe before and I couldn't help but like it. I felt like his little baby, someone who he'd take care of and at that moment I needed taking care of. Ryan lay next to me and held me in his arms as I softly whimpered into his bare chest. I felt safe around Ryan, it was ok to cry around him, to be who I needed to be.

"Shhh, its ok" Ryan soothed as he rubbed my belly.

I fell asleep in Ryan's warm embrace and slept the most peaceful sleep. I was awoken by Ryan patting me gently on the chest "Riley come on man Mike's here."

I got up slowly and threw on a shirt and some denim shorts before slipping out the door. When I got outside Ryan was already helping Mike load up the van. It took 4 hours to load up all our stuff and another 2 hours to unload it into Mike's house. Ryan ran upstairs and helped me arrange all my stuff.

My new room was huge had its own bathroom and a king-size bed in it. The walls were painted brown and me and Ryan took no time hanging posters of my favorite bands all over them. We threw all my cd's and dvd's on the shelves and plugged my stereo in.

Mike walked into the room midway through our renovations "Wow it looks like you've lived here for years already" he smiled patting me on the head.

"Anyways both of ya down for dinner now" he shouted doing a really bad drill sergeant impression.

We all walked down the stairs together and sat down at the table as my Mam served the dinner.

"Ahh Lasagna my favorite" Mike beamed.

Anybody who loved lasagna was ok by me. We wolfed down the food, famished after a hard days work. We were all sitting around the table talking when Ryan's cell rang and he announced that his Mam was coming to collect him in 20 minutes. We both excused ourself from the table and went up to my new room. The new room had no lock so we had to be careful and decided only to kiss.

"It's a pity you can't stay again" I sighed stroking Ryan over his jeans.

"Yeah my Mam's being a real bitch lately" he groaned as he returned the favour.

We both heard the door bell ring but decided to leave the parents to talk while our hardons cooled off.

"You gonna come out with me for my birthday, its only 2 days away man" I beamed.

"Hmm I don't know I totally forgot about it" Ryan teased.

"You get me anything special" I winked.

"Don't worry Dude, you'll get the best present ever" Ryan smirked as he grabbed my ass.

We both walked out onto the landing and listened in on our parents conversation. Ryan's Mam and my Mam seemed to be getting along and they were all having a cup of coffee together. Ryan ran down the stairs noisily.

"Hey there Honey" his Mam beamed at him "Have you behaved yourself?" she asked firmly.

"Ryan's always so well behaved when he's over" My Mam said pretty loudly. "Hopefully he could rub off on this kid" she teased as she grabbed me into a tight hug.

"Well I'm sure he was" Ryan's Mam replied quietly " I suppose we should get going."

My Mam waited untill Ryan's car had left the driveway before starting her barrage of questions.

"What was that about?" She questioned. "Why's she so hard on that poor kid?, He's such a sweet polite little guy and she never gives him a break" My Mam said growing angry.

"She's just strict" I explained quickly not wanting to stay on the subject.

"I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it" Mike shouted in from the next room. "Come on lets watch this movie."

I sat down next to my Mam and Mike started the movie. I don't remember falling asleep but I woke up in Mike's arms as he carried me into my room. "Night Riley." he beamed as he closed the door..............