Tales from another broken home.
Chapter 13: Dr.Ryan and the magical birthday.
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Your beautiful, Your beautiful, Your beautiful its true
I saw your face, in a crowded place and I dont know what to do
Cuz I'll never be with you.

From "Beautiful" By James Blunt.

Time seemed to have slowed down as I waited for my birthday but finally the day had arrived. As I woke stretching my arms out there was a knock on my door.

"Can we come in" my Mam shouted from behind the door.

"Sure" I replyed.

My Mam and Mike arrived in with a tray containing a full on breakfast.

My Mam was all smiles as she kissed me on the head "Happy Birthday Babe" she beamed.

Mike ruffled my hair "Jaysus your nearly a man now Riley".

I could tell already that this birthday was going to be different. As I ate my breakfast My Mam and Mike disappeared and I heard them talking outside.

"Guys what are you upto?" I shouted

"Nothin" came a quick reply followed by a giggle from my Mam.

Both of them walked into my room with a large package all wrapped up. They put it down at the foot of my bed and my Mam smiled "Happy Birthday Riley"

I crawled over to the package and started ripping the packaging off. I wripped the last bit off to reveal a shining guitar. I couldn't believe it I had been begging for a guitar for years and had pretty much given up on ever getting one. My Mam had never been able to afford a guitar so once again Mike had rode in like the Knight in shining armor that he was. Mike was making my life better in so many ways and I had to thank him. When my Mam walked out I walked over and gave him a huge hug.

"Mike I know you payed for the guitar and Id just like to say Thanks Man"

Mike smiled and hugged me back "Thats no problem buddy, no problem at all"

I had arranged for Ryan and Carrie to come over at one so I spent the morning with my Mam and Mike. My Mam talked about the day I was born for like 3 hours so before I knew it Ryan was knocking on the door. When I heard his characteristic triple knock I ran for the door and flung it open to be greated by a smiling Ryan dressed in black skate jeans and a check shirt with a black beanie just covering his ears.

"Happy Birthday" he beamed throwing a package at me.

I opened the package and inside was a death cab, a greenday, and a My Chemical romance shirt.

"Thanks Ryan, they rock" I smiled.

Ryan leant into my ear "You'll get your real present tonight stud." and he laughed.

Carrie arrived a few minutes later and handed over a cool beanie as a present.

"I haven't seen you in so long Riley" Carrie said as she walked in the door.

Me and Ryan threw on a movie as my Mam and Carrie talked girl talk in the kitchen but after a while my Mam caught on to my heavily dropped hints and left with Mike for the afternoon. As soon as he heard Mike's car pull out of the drive Ryan was on top of me.

"Is this my present hot stuff" I smiled sexily at Ryan.

"Oh that's not even the begining." Ryan winked.

"My god you two can't you stay off each other for even 5 seconds." Carrie laughed

"Like it isn't hot to watch" laughed Ryan shaking his ass.

We settled down and watched the movie and ate popcorn and talked. Then I brought down my guitar and Ryan taught me the only song he knew. We did normal kid stuff and me and Ryan made out a little. My Mam and Mike came back around 8 and Carrie left half an hour later. Around 12 after a load more videos and way to much popcorn we headed up to bed saying our goodnights to my Mam and Mike as we ran up the stairs. Mike had given me a key earlier that day so we could do what we wanted.

Ryan lay down on the bed " I think I ate too much popcorn man." he said groaning.

"Aww poor baby, needs taking care of" I teased as I rubbed his belly.

I loved the feeling of his smooth muscular ab's. I ran my hands over the muscles and upto Ryan's taught chest.

"Hey I'm supposed to be giving you my present tonight" Ryan winked perking up.

Ryan rolled off the bed and picked up his backpack. He tipped sheets of paper out onto the bed.

"Check this out Riley" he smiled as he spread out pages printed off the internet which showed 2 guys 69'ing among other things. "Wanna try it? There's loads of stuff in here we could try"

Ryan was getting horny just looking at the pages and I was up for some new stuff. Ryan pulled off his shirt and lifted mine over my head. We both undid our belts and dropped our pants. Ryan wrapped himself around me and we fell back onto the bed wearing only boxer shorts. I pulled Ryan's boxers down to reveal his hard cock. I began to lick the head slowly swirling my tongue round it. Ryan pulled my boxers down and positioned himself so he could suck and be sucked at the same time.

As I was licking at Ryans rock hard errection I felt his warms lips slip over my cock. It was really hard to stay focused on pleasuring Ryan when I had him sucking my dick but I managed to keep on him. After a few minutes Ryan's breathing became short and his face went red as he shot his load into my mouth. I could taste him on my lips and tongue. It was salty and kinda slimy but still kinda nice. It was the first time I had swallowed his cum and I wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not but before I could think about it Ryan's lips had reconnected with my bulging penis. Within a minute my hips jolted forwards and I shot right inside Ryan's mouth. I watched him pull back and wipe his mouth with his shirt.

Ryan grabbed the porno and started flicking through the pages.

"Am I not good enough anymore?" I teased.

"No Riley, Your hotter then any of the guys in this I'm just looking for ideas." Ryan said softly.

He rolled over and got some lube out of his bag putting a squidge of it onto his finger.

"Riley man stick your ass out a little, your gonna like this" Ryan smiled.

I rolled onto my Belly and stuck my ass out resting on all fours. Ryan moved closer to me and I felt his finger rubbing against my asshole. I shuddered with sheer pleasure when his finger touched off my tight pink hole. Before I knew it I felt a tightness as Ryans finger slid into my ass. I felt my ass tighten around his finger but after a while it began to ease off. As it eased Ryan began to slide his finger in and out slowly. I felt an intense wave of pleasure as he stroked me somewhere deep inside. After a few strokes my breath caught and I had a dry but intense orgasm.

"Woah where did you learn to do that?" I questioned.

"I've been reading this stuff on the internet to figure out some new stuff for us to do. I wanted to give you the best birthday present ever." He smiled cheekily.

"Damn that was so good that was probably the best birthday present anyone's ever gotten" I said pulling him into a tight hug.

We both lay back and stayed in each others warm embrace untill the following morning.