Tales from another broken home.
Chapter 14: Bad Choices.
Well here comes a new character. I hope you like. I picture him as looking like Tommy Lee (but in a good way.) Comments 2 lovinthatsheckler@gmail.com.

And all that followed fell like mercury to hell
Somehow we lost our heads for the last time,
And I dont dream since I quit sleeping,
And I haven't slept since I met you,
And you can't breath without coughing in day time
And neither can I,
So what do you say?
Your coffin or mine?

From "Blue in the Face" By Alkaline Trio.

I woke up with Ryan lying next to me his arm draped over my shoulder resting on my chest. I ran my hand down his back to confirm that he was sleeping naked. I gave him a quick pat on the butt.

"Come on Sunshine its morning" I smiled

"Whut the..." Ryan mumbled his eyes opening groggily.

I normally wasn't a morning person and Ryan definitely wasn't but today was different.

"Come on man its gonna be a cool day" I beamed.

"Fine then whats so cool about it" Ryan mumbled still half asleep.

"Come on man were back to school in a few days we gotta make the most of the freetime we have" I pleaded."

"OK OK I'm up" Ryan shouted rolling out of the bed.

I took a minute to look him up and down. Every inch of him was hot my eyes traced his body from his spiky black hair down to his smooth chest and muscular abs down further to his cock which seemed to be growing bigger every week. He had started to get thick hairs around the base of his cock. I had started getting hair last year but Ryan was short so I guess he was a "late bloomer." I looked lower at his thin thighs and muscular calfs down to his size 7 feet. Ryan interrupted me as I stared

"Someone thinks I'm pretty" He teased

"You know it" I replied laughing and pulling him closer to me. As usual we ended up making out for half an hour before we left the room. We went down to be greeted by Mike

"Hey lads, your Mams gone to work and I'm heading to Boston for the weekend for work stuff. So here are the house keys and I left you the alarm number and all that. Oh and your Mam should be back around 8" Mike called as he ran out the door.

"Bye Mike" I called as he left. I turned to Ryan "So what you wanna do?"

"Wanna go skate for a while?" Ryan asked with that wide smile of his that let me know he really wanted to go.

"Sure why not" I answered and we were gone within five minutes.

We skated around for a while when this kid walked up to us

"Hey I'm Jake, I just moved here from a town a couple of miles away" he said with a halfhearted smile.

Jake was cute with long black hair, a black adio t-shirt, and skate jeans, his feet covered by a pair of red converse. I also noticed he had his lip and eyebrow pierced and a couple of piercings in each ear.

"Hey I'm Riley and this is Ryan" I smiled warmly at him. "So what do you think of this place so far?"

"I don't know really, I haven't really made any friends but I suppose I've only been here a day" he replied his smile warming up. As his smile widened he revealed another piercing, his tongue.

I'd always been curious what it would be like to make out with someone with a tongue piercing. So I couldn't help but stare. Jake seemed to notice me staring.

"You like piercings Riley? You got any?" Jake questioned.

"No not yet" I replied slightly embarrassed.

"I've got loads man, wanna see my latest ones?" he asked

"Sure" Ryan answered

Jake removed his shirt revealing his ripped abs and rings through each of his nipples.

"Cool huh" he smiled.

"Yeah man they rock" I answered for some reason jealous of this kid and slightly turned on by him at the same time. He was cute and normally I didn't like piercings but they suited Jake.

"Your parents don't mind you having all these?" I questioned.

"Nah they're pretty cool, they don't mind as long as I don't get in trouble" Jake winked.

"I'd really like to get my nipple pierced but I doubt my Mam would ever let me." I sighed.

"Well I know this guy who won't ask for a consent form and if you come with me he'll only charge 5 bucks." Jake said "But if you don't want to it's totally cool"

"I don't know man my Mam would freak"

"She'll never see em if your careful." Jake replied.

"What do you think Ryan?" I asked leaning over to my boyfriend "Id love licking your nipples even more if they had piercings in them" I whispered to him.

"Sounds cool" Ryan replied really quickly.

We followed Jake and got a bus to his old town we were there within 15 minutes. Jake walked through the town and into a block of small houses. He knocked on one of the doors four times in a row and stepped back.

"Who's there" came a gruff voice from behind the door

"Come on Hav, its me Jake"

The door swung open and we were quickly ushered into the house by a large mexican with tattoos covering every inch of his arms and multiple piercings in each ear.

"You do me a favour and pierce my friend here?" Jake asked. "I'll make it worth your while" he winked.

"Ok but only cuz its you" Hav replied

I realised his full name was Havier from a large tattoo on his upper arm.

"Ok guys wait here me and Hav got to sort the price out" Jake said as he disappeared down the hall and into a room with Havier. After twenty minutes they both reappeared.

"Ok who's first" Hav almost barked.

Ryan stepped forward.

"Ok esse take off your shirt." Hav laughed.

He ushered us all into a room that was fully tiled and had a leather chair in the middle. He had a tattoo machine in the corner and loads of sterilized needles in a can on top of it. Havier grabbed Ryan and lay him down on the chair covering his nipple in some liquid and then putting a tiny dot on it with a marker.

"Ok kid breath deep" Hav laughed as he clamped Ryan's nipple with a clamp.

After he attached the clamp he grabbed a needle and slid it through. Ryan gasped with pain and I looked away.

"Ok all over kid" Hav smiled and I looked around to see Ryan standing with a ring through his nipple looking slightly in shock.

"Ok you next shirt off" called Hav.

He repeated the steps he had taken with Ryan and before I knew it I saw a needle sliding through my nipple and I was hit with a wave of excruciating pain. Hav slid a ring through the hole the needle had made fastened it and pulled me out of the chair.

As me and Ryan stood in the corner both pale and looking we were about to puke Hav laughed.

"Fuck guys you look like shit. Here drink this" he said passing us both a glass.

I felt a burning in my throat as I drank the brown liquid.

"Tequila kills all the pain essae" Hav laughed.

We both put our shirts back on and Jake walked us out.

"Hey we forgot to pay" I said turning around.

"Don't worry I more then took care of that" Jake laughed. "Your piercings look cool guys."

We took the bus back and we all headed back to our own homes separately from the bus stop. I was still in pain but I managed to make plans to meet Jake and Ryan the next day. I went home and went straight to bed I felt really woozy from the tequila. I heard my mam come in and felt her kiss me goodnight a little later and when she left I turned the light on to admire my new piercing before going back to sleep.