Tales from another broken home.
Chapter 15: Ladies and Gentlemen........Jake.
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Is it worth it can you even hear me?
Standing with your spotlight on me,
Not enough to feed the hungry,
Im tired and I've felt it for a while now,
In this sea of loving,
the taste of ink is getting old.

"The Taste of Ink" By The Used.

Ryan came busting through the door the moment I opened it. My Mam had left for work fifteen minutes previous and Mike was in Boston for work.

"Dude look at this" Ryan smiled as he lifted his shirt to reveal his freshly pierced right nipple. "It's kinda crusty but it's so cool man"

"Yeah Ry it's so hot" I said as I gently ran my finger over his sensitive nipple.

"It's wierd that we didn't have to pay that guy though. I wonder what Jake and him were doing while they were in that room." Ryan questioned. "Oh yeah he rang me like five minutes ago he wants us to come over to his place and guess what man its just at the end of your street."

I walked out the door and Ryan pointed out Jake's house it was 4 doors up from mine. It would be so cool to have someone wild like Jake as a neighbor. We walked down the street and knocked on Jake's door. He opened the door appearing with a long yawn wearing nothing but boxer shorts.

"Hey guys, whats kickin? The piercings hurtin much?" he asked casually.

"Nah there cool" Ryan replied.

Jake guided us into his sitting room. It was a pretty nice room and Jake sat us down and lit a cigarette from a packet on the table.

"Where are you going to school Jake?" I asked.

"Em I think Im going to the one a couple of blocks away." Jake replied.

"Oh cool San Vincenzo High. We're starting there in September man." I replied with a smile.

"What age are you man, were both 14?" Ryan asked inquisitively.

"I'm 15 but I'll be in the the same year as you guys cuz I'm repeating." Jake smiled. "Let's just say I didn't really do much work last year" he laughed.

"Cool we could be in the same class for some stuff then" I beamed.

"Oh you guys wanna drink or something" Jake offered.

"Sure what do you have?" I asked.

"Well I think there's some scotch somewhere and I know there's vodka oh and if you liked the tequila yesterday I've got some of that." Jake answered as if it was normal to offer your friends liquor.

"Em nah man I'm ok" I replied.

"Ok cool" Jake answered "What bout you Ryan?"

"Em I think I'll have some of that tequila" Ryan answered not looking me in the eye.

I felt kinda stupid being the only one not drinking "Hey Jake on second thoughts I'll have some vodka." I called into him.

"Cool man I'll be in with it in a second" Jake called from the kitchen.

This kid was wierd he had multiple piercings. He drank and smoked in his parents house like it was nothing.

"Jake won't your parents mind that we're drinking?" I asked as he returned.

"Nah they're not here much and we kinda have an arrangement. They feel guilty cuz they work so much so I'm pretty much allowed do what I want." Jake smiled. "Although I kinda fucked up and thats why we had to move"

"What do you mean" I asked slightly puzzled by his last statement.

"Oh nothing forget about it man it was nothing" Jake answered quickly.

"Who was that guy Havier man, he was wierd." Ryan asked.

"Oh he's just someone I know he does tattoos and stuff for gangs so he's got like a secret tattoo and piercing place in his house." Jake answered. "He's a pretty cool guy once you get to know him."

"Hey guys show me how the piercings are healing" Jake asked motioning for us to take of our shirts.

I pulled my shirt off and Ryan did the same.

"Wow they're healing pretty well man, mine looked nasty for ages afterwards I thought I'd never get laid again" he laughed.

"Im going back to Haviers soon to get my first tattoo you guys should come with me to watch" Jake beamed.

"Its gonna rock I'm getting Pride tattooed across my shoulders."

"Yeah sure man that'll be so cool." Ryan smiled.

Jake was really wierd and kinda out there but that made me really attracted to him so I found it pretty easy to overlook his strange comments and ways.

"Yeah it's so a date then" Jake laughed as he poured himself another drink

"You guys want a top up?" he asked.

Me and Ryan both declined we were already pretty drunk on one drink. Neither of us had much experience drinking and we both got drunk pretty easy. We sat there and talked and laughed for ages and Jake poured himself plenty of top ups and soon he was pretty drunk.

"Hey you guys wanna see my coolest piercing?" Jake hiccuped.

"Sure.....I think" I replied wondering where it was.

Jake stood up and dropped his pants revealing himself to me and Ryan. His penis had a small metal ring in the tip of it and Jake showed us for a couple of seconds before pulling his pants up.

"Cool huh" he smiled.

"Yeah man, woah that must have hurt big time" Ryan laughed.

"Nah man Havier did it so he let me get real stoned first. Of course he'd let me do anything he says he enjoys piercing me" Jake beamed.

Jake was getting really trippy so me and Ryan made our excuses and left. When we out on the street we started talking.

"Woah that dude is so wierd" I laughed.

"Yeah hes really wierd but he still pretty cool man" Ryan answered.

This was wierd because Ryan was normally so innocent and anti-drugs and smoking. I suddenly felt guilty what if I had pressured him into the piercing.

"Ryan you wanted to get the piercing right? I didn't like pressure you into it did I?" I asked nervously.

"At first I didn't want to man but you wanted me to so I did it. I kinda got a rush from doing something I shouldn't be doing. You know my Mam's real strict so I kinda got a kick out of doin something she'd hate me to be doing."

"Oh ok that's cool I suppose" I answered.

"I've decided I need to loosen up man. I was too uptight before man always getting on your case about smoking and stuff." Ryan answered

I was taken aback for a minute but then I saw Ryans unbalanced walk.

"Geez dude your tanked, you can't go home like that come on you'll have to sober up in my place." I said firmly.

"Ok man, ok. But we get to have some fun alright?" Ryan laughed.

"Sure man, we always have fun together" I laughed back.

We got into my house and I made Ryan a big cup of coffee and a glass of water like my Mam had taught me to do for her. He drank both and started to sober up after about twenty minutes.

"Come on man I wanna see what that new piercing feels like" I said with a sexy smirk spreading across my face.

Ryan followed me upstairs and I wasted no time in getting his shirt off. I started to lightly touch Ryan's nipple and I could hear him groan as I ran my finger down his sensitive nipple.

"ohhh man.........damn thats so good......dont stop." Ryan said inbetween deep breaths.

I started to gently lick at Ryans nipple and he seized up. I felt his breathing become heavier after a couple of minutes he jolted forwards and I could tell he had just shot his load.

"Woah man you have to feel that" Ryan gasped as he began to gently rub at my nipple.

I felt intense pleasure as my nipple grew rigid around the piercing. Ryan ran his finger along the piercing and I moaned gently as the pleasure hit me. He started licking at it and I couldn't remember feeling so hot in all my life. My breath caught and I felt as if I was about to burst. Suddenly my hips jolted forwards and I shot my load inside my boxers.

Ryan and me sat back and both agreed that Jake was our new favorite person. I couldn't wait to get my other nipple pierced and if my nipples felt so good pierced I could only imagine what it would be like to have Jake's "special piercing." Ryan left a couple of minutes after and I layback and for the first time in ages I didn't think of Ryan when I dreamed but instead of Jake. The only negative thoughts were that school started back in 2 days and I started highschool. At least I had three friends going in there instead of just Carrie like most of last year.