Tales from another broken home.
Chapter 16: Back to school.
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"Cuz back in school we are the leaders."

"Back to School" By The Deftones.

I woke up feeling really groggy. I hadn't been up at 8 since May and now I had to face another school year of early mornings, homework, and all that shit. I got dressed into my new clothes. Mike had left money for Mam to bring me shopping and I was pretty kitted out with brand new etnies and a pair of red converse alongside loads of hoodys, shirts, and skate jeans and shorts. I pulled on a red Alkaline Trio shirt a pair of skate shorts, a stud belt and the converse. The weather was great and I groaned as I thought of the sunny days that were going to be wasted in a classroom. But I was still kinda excited about starting Highschool. It was a new experience so I wasn't sure how it would go. As I walked down the stairs I was greeted by my Mam.

"Hey Baby boy first day of high school today." She beamed "You gotta eat a big breakfast to get through your first day."

"Mam I don't wanna go" I groaned.

"Come on baby it'll be fun Ryan will be there and so will Carrie and Mike said to tell you it would all be great." she said as she put a plate of sausage, bacon and eggs down in front of me.

I wolfed down the food and walked to Carries. Carries Mam was gonna give us both a lift to school every morning. As I walked in the frontdoor Carrie's Dad smiled at me.

"How you keeping buddy?" He asked

"I'm doing okay I guess." I replied.

It was awkward being around Carrie's Dad I hadn't talked to him since Carrie told me that she had told him about me and Ryan.

"Hey come in here for a minute" Carrie's Dad called and motioned me into his office.

"Carrie told me you know that she told me your secret." he said as he patted me on the back.

"I promise to keep it a secret for as long as you want me to" he said

"It's not a big deal to me Riley I've got a couple of gay friends if you ever need anyone to talk to I'm sure they wouldn't mind answering any questions." He said with a big smile.

"Em thats ok Mr. Jacobs. I'm ok" I blushed.

"Ok well you better get going to school young man" he said and put his hand on my shoulder.

As we both walked out Carrie was standing in the hallway.

"Geez Dad what have you said now?" she said embarrassed.

"Im so sorry Riley he just can't be normal" She said as she dragged me down the hallway.

"Really Carrie its ok. He was only offering me some advice and hes always really nice to me." I tried to explain.

We both got into the car and Carrie's mam dropped us upto the steps.

"Good luck you two have a good day and I'll be here to pick you up at 4." she beamed.

When we got out of the car Ryan and Jake were both standing there waiting for us.

"Hey man" I beamed at Ryan

"Oh and Hey Jake." I said catching a high five.

"Oh Carrie this is Jake, Jake this is Carrie" I said introducing the pair.

"Wow you've got cool piercings" Carrie smiled as she stared at Jake.

"Yeah well these two might catch up with some day" he laughed.

"What do you mean?" Carrie asked puzzled.

"I brought them to get their first piercings." Jake replied proudly.

"Oh my god Riley where is it?" Carrie said slightly angry.

"Em me and Ryan both got our nipple pierced" I said kinda quietly

"Oh well I suppose they're not visible" she replied.

"Can I see it" she giggled.

"Ok" I said and lifted my shirt to reveal my pierced nipple.

"Ok it is kinda cute" Carrie smiled "But don't get any more"

"Geez your like my Mam you know that?" I laughed.

"Yeah so be a good boy." she laughed.

We all walked in together and there was a sign telling all new students to go to the office. We went to the office and the receptionist brought a group of around twenty kids to a large room. A list of classes were called and we were seperated. I was in the same class as Jake. Ryan and Carrie were both in the same class too. We went off into our seperate groups and were put into another room. As me and Jake were talking a man walked into the room.

"Hello I'm Mr.Abrahms, I teach music and I will be your class teacher." he said with a warm smile.

"Ok if anyone has any questions nows the time to ask them." he said calmly.

"Ok then as I suspected no questions. Right guys I'm gonna tell you the rules and stuff like that then I'm gonna leave you to talk till lunchtime and you'll have classes after that."

"Right, If you break a school rule which are all listed in your journal you will be sent to me. I don't want to see any of you guys for the wrong reason. That said if you have a problem come to me and we can talk about it. You have 9 classes a day people. 3 classes then a 15 min break another 3 classes then lunch for an hour and then 3 classes and you get to go home. Your not allowed leave school grounds during lunch or break and the rest of the rules are pretty obvious." he took a deep breath after his long speach.

"Ok now you can talk" he laughed.

"He seems prety cool" I said to Jake.

"Yeah he seems alright for a teacher." Jake replied still unsure.

We talked untill break and then we met up with Ryan and Carrie and talked about our mornings.

"Our class teacher is real old and she's a grumpy bitch too" Ryan said sulking.

"Our guy is cool he just told us the rules and let us talk." I laughed teasing Ryan.

We eat some snacks and before we knew it the bell had rang again.

I had Art by myself first two classes and English with Jake after that. I walked into the art room, it was huge with easels everywhere and pictures all over the walls. The art teacher introduced himself as Mr.Hanson. He was young maybe 23 or 24. He had long blond hair and wore a cool khaki shirt and jeans. He set us a task we had to draw a person that we knew. Everyone else seemed to sketch a parent or a brother or sister but I set about sketching Ryan. I drew his warm eyes and button nose and by the end of the class I only had his legs and feet left to go. Mr. Hanson came round and looked at all the drawings when he saw mine he stopped.

"Thats really good...Riley." he said looking down the class roll for my name.

"Thanks" I smiled.

After Art I had English with Jake. I sat down next to Jake and in came the teacher. She was old and pretty cranky. She made us all move and I was left next to this wierd kid with red hair.

"Good evening class. I'm Ms.Berkley and you'll soon realise that I believe in no joking about and plenty of work lets get started." She said in a snooty tone.

We read an entire chapter of our novel on the first day and she set us a homework assignment. "Analyse the main character in Catcher in the Rye in chapter 1."

"I want at least 3 a4 pages people" she barked.

During lunch me and Jake complained and moaned about Ms.Berkley for ages.

"Oh my god you have her for English? Thats my class teacher man." Ryan laughed.

"Why did she have to give us homework on the first day?" Jake cried.

We explored the school grounds a little during lunch and before I knew it I had walked into another student.

"God I'm really sorry man" I apologised.

"Your gonna die for that you little faggot" the slightly older boy shouted.

He was tall and large obviously a football player and he picked me up by my shirt collar. I prepared myself for the punch when I saw Jake running up.

"Put him down motherfucker." Jake shouted.

"Why should I bitch?" the kid laughed "What you gonna do?"

"Do you know who the fuck I am kid?" Jake questioned. "I'm Jake Rollins man don't fuck with me."

One of the kids friends walked over and whispered in his ear. The kid instantly dropped me.

"Fine fuck you" he called as he walked away.

"Jake what was that all about man?" I asked as we walked off together.

"Nothing Riley I've just got a reputation that can scare some kids ok?" Jake replied.

"What do you mean" I questioned.

"Listen man I used to hang round with some kids in my old neighbourhood that are known for being real hardcore so kids don't wanna fuck with us." Jake said and refused to talk about it anymore.

After lunch I had music with Mr. Abrahms. I had to go talk with him before class because I had signed up for the class even though I couldn't really play an instrument.

"Em excuse me Mr.Abrahms?" i said politely.

"Hello there, Riley isn't it?" Mr.Abrahms asked.

"Yeah I'm Riley. I don't know if I should stay in this class because I can't really play an instrument." I sighed.

"Well do you have any instruments at home?" he asked.

"Yes Sir. I have a guitar" I replied.

"Ok then if you'd stay behind after class I'll introduce you to our best guitar player and I'm sure he'll be more then happy to teach you to play." Mr.Abrahms smiled.

The rest of the class was pretty interesting we learned about chords and notes and triads and all kinds of stuff.

After class I stayed behind and Mr.Abrahms dissapeared for a minute. When he returned he was accompanied by a tall skinny kid with spiky brown hair and a plaid shirt.

"Riley this is Kirk, Kirk this is Riley." Mr.Abrahms smiled.

"Kirk is one of our best guitar players and he's willing to teach you how to play after school on a wedensday." Mr.Abrahms said in a way that meant it wasn't up for discussion.

"Ok that'll be cool." I replied.

"Right I suppose I'll see you on Wedensday." Kirk smiled walking out.

I had maths last class and I was dreading it. I'm terrible at math and figures and all that kind of stuff. I sat next to Jake and tried to keep my head down. The first class wasn't too bad cuz the maths teacher was really good at explaining things. When the bell rang I walked out and saw Carrie's Mam parked by the steps. I walked down and got in the car.