Tales from another broken home.

Chapter 20: Needles through your skin and my heart.

Now I'm skinning her body and taking it home,
There is always one more fall.
Now I'm stealing her body and taking it home,
There is always one more fall.
This will hurt you its killing me.

From "Bitemarks and Bloodstains" By Finch.

I walked with Ryan and Jake taking the bus journey to Jake's old neighbourhood and Havier's house. I was still wondering why I was going along with this. I didn't want another piercing now that Mike knew about my first one. How would I explain getting a second to him? As I was thinking Ryan smiled at me.

"You ok Riley?" he asked.

"Yeah I'm fine." I smiled.

It was then that I realised I was really only doing this for Ryan. It actually seemed fair he got a piercing he didn't want at first for me so now I was returning the favour. We all got off the bust and were at Havier's within minutes. Jake did his usual 4 in a row knock and Havier opened the door.

"Hey Jakey you ready for me to devirginise that skin of yours" Havier laughed.

"Yeah Man I'm lookin forward to it." Jake smiled.

"Ok then on the chair." Havier said lifting Jake onto a leather chair in the middle of the room.

Havier took out a piece of transparent material and put it on Jake's back. When he lifted it up it left an outline of the word "Pride" in black along Jakes shoulder blades.

"Ok Jakey deep breaths" Havier said dipping a gun like object into a pot of ink.

Havier traced over the outline with the gun and I watched as drips of blood began to form on the outline. Jake winced in pain and took deep drags of a cigarette.

"How does it look guys?" Jake asked nervously.

I moved closer and saw Havier turning the simple word into an ornate work of art.

"Wow Jake it looks really cool." I smiled slightly surprised.

Havier looked more like a pimp then an artist but the tattoo was beautiful.

"Wow Riley look at that its so cool" Ryan beamed.

"I want one Man." Ryan said looking determined.

"I don't know Man you should think about it for a while." I said calmly.

"No I know I want one." Ryan said firmly.

"How are you going to pay for it?" I asked.

"I don't know I'll ask Havier if I can pay him bit by bit." Ryan smiled.

As we were speaking Havier stood up.

"Ok all done Jakey boy." he smiled handing Jake a mirror.

"Wow man its cool" Jake smiled as Havier covered his back in some transparent material and then put a bandage over it.

"Ok then what am I doing for you guys?" Hav smiled.

"We'd both like our other nipple pierced." I smiled.

"Yeah and I'd like a tattoo" Ryan added.

"Oh more virgin skin this be my luck day" Hav laughed.

"Ok get on the chair then" Hav instructed and lifted me onto the leather chair.

He went through the same process as last time and I closed my eyes as he slid the needle through my nipple. When he was done I looked down and I was pretty happy with how I looked.

"Ok essae what sort of tattoo are you looking for?" Hav asked Ryan.

"Em I'd like a star on my lower back" Ryan said thoughtfully.

"Ok man that's gonna cost $25 ok?" Hav smiled

"Wow cool I actually have that much now." He beamed.

I was shocked at how cheap the tattoo was I thought it would cost more and Ryan would have to wait but I watched as Havier traced a star onto Ryan's lower back.

"Ok kid you want something to numb the pain?" Hav asked.

"Yeah sure" Ryan smiled.

Havier handed him a glass of tequila and Ryan downed it. Havier took out the tattoo gun and started tracing the outline of the star. He was finished fairly quickly and covered it like he did to Jakes.

Ryan got off the chair and beamed at me.

"What do you think Riley?" he said nervously.

"Its nice man I just think you should have thought about it. What will your Mam say if she sees it? You can take the piercing out but you've got that star for life." I said trying not to sound too condescending.

"Well I like it man." Ryan said moodily.

"I like it too I just don't want you to get in trouble." I said trying to calm him down.

"Ok I'm sorry" Ryan sighed.

We were walking out the door when Hav called out to Jake.

"I'll see you tomorrow to pay ok Jakey?" he smiled.

"Yeah sure man I'll see you early tomorrow." Jake said quietly.

"What does he mean by that Jake?" I asked.

"Nothing man he's a little crazy" Jake laughed.

We all caught the bus home together but Ryan came back to my place and Jake said he needed to do some homework. When we got into the house we went straight upto the bedroom and I tore Ryan's shirt off to get another look at his tattoo. Havier had designed an outline of a star and had put different coloured star outlines inside it. It looked pretty cool.

"Wow man it's so cool" I said feeling kinda jealous that I was the only one without ink.

"Yeah you should get one dude" He smiled.

"I don't know I'd like one but my Mam would go crazy." I said nervously.

"If my parents saw this they'd probably kick me out" Ryan half-laughed half-sighed.

"My Dad thinks tattoos are only for lowlifes and gang bangers" Ryan sighed.

"But I've always loved them and I've wanted to get one for ages but I've always been to scared to try and fake 18 to get one." Ryan said innocently.

"Aww poor baby." I teased.

"Oh you'll pay for that" Ryan shouted jumping on top of me.

Ryan ran his hands all over my sides and chest. I felt my breathing tense as he touched my body. Soon he had my top off and he was gently licking and sucking my fresh piercing. I moaned gently as Ryan pleasured me. I felt his hand reach under my waistband and seconds later I felt him gently stroking my penis. Ryan pulled my trousers down and I felt him slide down my body. I was catching my breath when I felt Ryan lick at the head of my cock and then slip his lips down over the shaft. I arched backwards and began to fuck Ryan's mouth with hard quick movements and within a minute I had shot my load down Ryan's throat.

"Wow man that was really intense" Ryan gasped.

"I tasted your cum Riley" Ryan smiled.

"It was kinda nice but I don't know if I liked it that much." Ryan said thinking.

"Yeah I thought the same when I tasted yours" I said as I recovered.

"Maybe we'll like it more after a few more tastes" Ryan winked.

"Yeah man I know we'll get plenty of practice." I laughed.

Ryan left for home and I watched a movie and waited for Mike and my Mam to come home. When they arrived we had dinner and I had an uneventful night of a little homework and listening to music.