Tales from another broken home.

Chapter 23: Gossip.

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I saw this man dispose of hunger and soap operas too.
I saw this field that grew perfection full of things you do.
I saw this box get rid of heartache and cure cancer too.
When I awoke I sat there hoping this is what we'll do.

From "Watch the World" By Box Car Racer.

I awoke with a gasp. I had been dreaming images of Jake sitting in the police car and screaming those words over and over again. I still didn't understand what it meant. How did he have a thousand faces? I looked over at my clock damn it was still only 5 am. I hopped out of bed knowing I wouldn't be sleeping again. I crept down the stairs and into the sitting room turning the TV down low and sinking into the couch. I watched shitty nighttime stuff like reruns of old comedies and bad chat shows. At 7:30 I went back upstairs and had a shower. I washed the events of the previous day away under the streams of hot water. I walked out of the shower feeling better. I took my time getting dressed deciding to pick out something nice. I finally decided on a pair of camo shorts and a black Bright Eyes shirt. I threw on a trucker cap to top it all off and ran downstairs. I was already running late so I grabbed a bagel and sprinted to Carrie's. I stopped for a second outside Jake's and just stared at the house. It was empty the blinds were all pulled and most of the lights were off. I made it to Carrie's almost 10 minutes late.

"Riley your very late we were going to leave without you." Carries Mam scolded.

"I'm sorry I didn't sleep well last night." I replied.

"Oh I'm sorry dear I forgot about yesterday. How are you feeling?" Carries Mam smiled with a guilty tone.

"I'm ok, I just want to forget about it all." I sighed.

"Ok let's go then." Carries Mam smiled and pulled the car out of the drive.

As she pulled up outside the school Ryan was in his usual waiting place.

"Hey Man" I smiled as I jumped out of the car.

"Hey Ri." Ryan sighed.

"What’s wrong man?" I asked nervously.

"I'm grounded for, for like, forever." Ryan almost cried.

"Why?" I questioned.

"My Dad found out I was friends with Jake and he went crazy he said I could damage his reputation at work." Ryan sighed.

"He'll get over it man" I soothed.

"I've never seen him this mad Riley. Even when he found pot in my brothers bedroom he talked to him about it. He just screamed at me for 10 minutes and he hasn't spoken a word to me since." Ryan said a small tear forming in his eye.

"How could you damage his reputation at work?" I asked puzzled.

"My Dad's department are investigating Jake and his gang and Havier and everyone. We're on a list of people they think are in Jake's new gang." Ryan whispered.

"Woah I thought his old gang was just some kids messing about." I gasped.

As we were talking a girl approached us.

"Hey did that Jake kid do what everyone said he did?" She asked.

"I don't know what you’re talking about" I said putting on a look of cluelessness.

"You know he killed some kid in another gang and that's why the cops came by his house. Is it true he had a gun in his house?" She asked without a hint of embarrassment.

"Em I don't think any of that happened." I smiled.

The whole day was the same everybody talking about Jake taking part in various crazy stories some involving Mexican drug lords others the KKK. Everywhere I went people whispered as I walked by.

"I'm getting really tired of this bullshit." Ryan said loudly.

"Come on man calm down just ignore them." I said putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah Ryan they're not worth it." Carrie smiled weakly.

"Come on man I've got something much more fun that we can do" I winked.

I dragged Ryan into the toilets and when nobody was watching we both ran into the same stall and shut the door.

"I figured I wasn't going to be alone with you much for a while." I smirked pulling Ryan close to me.

I ran my hands all over him feeling every inch of his body. I gently lifted his shirt over his head and gently stroked his smooth chest and taught abs. We kissed and held each other until we heard the bell go. Ryan pulled his shirt back on and smiled at me.

"Thanks for that Riley. I needed it."

"I'm sure your dad will lighten up man." I smiled supportively.

"I doubt it" Ryan called as he headed for his next class.

As I was walking down the corridor towards my next class there was an announcement:

"Could Riley James, Carrie Jacobs, and Ryan Cornell could please go to the councillors office."

I walked slowly to the school councillor’s office and when I got there Ryan and Carrie were already waiting outside.

"God what now." Ryan smirked.

"They probably want us to talk about Jake." I sighed.

As we were talking the door opened and a large woman with blond hair stepped out.

"Hello there I'm Amanda" She beamed.

We all smiled and muttered a halfhearted greeting.

"Ok then I guess you should all come in." Amanda smiled enthusiastically.

We all walked into her room and sat down on a couch in the middle of the room.

"Ok then guys from what I hear you've all had a bit of a shock." Amanda smiled.

"Yeah our friend Jake's dad was arrested." Ryan said casually.

"Well yes but it's why he was arrested that might be causing some distress for you guys." Amanda said calmly.

"He beat Jake up." I sighed.

"Well yes he abused his son in many ways." Amanda sighed.

"What do you mean by many ways." Carrie asked.

"Well Jake wasn't just physically abused by his Father. His Father also took advantage of him sexually." Amanda sighed again.

"Woah that's sick." Ryan said loudly.

"Yes it's terrible" Amanda nodded.

"Did Jake have any tendencies that you'd consider odd?" Amanda asked.

"Well he had an obsession with piercings and tattoos and stuff." Carrie said as if it was nothing.

I glared at her. How the hell could she just betray Jake like this?

"Really did he have many piercings?" Amanda questioned.

"Yeah he had them all over the place." Carrie laughed for a second but then stopped.

"Did he have them in the..The em genital region." Amanda almost whispered.

"Yes." Ryan said calmly.

"And how do you know?" Amanda questioned.

"He showed it to me and Riley." Ryan replied quietly.

"Right then" Amanda smiled. "I'd like to meet up with you three at this time for the next few weeks so come here instead of class on a Monday evening after lunch."

On the way back to class I glared at Ryan and Carrie.

"How could you just tell her all that. Don't you care about Jake at all?" I shouted.

"Yeah man and that’s why we told her." Ryan said calmly.

"We're trying to help Jake get the help he needs." Carrie smiled weakly.

I stormed off and spent the rest of the day ignoring them. I didn't even speak to Carrie in the car on the way back from school. When her Mam pulled up at my house I just thanked her and got out. I was so angry with both of them.