Tales from another broken home.

Chapter 24: Fallen.

I will be answering all questions here aswell as posting extra info and maybe back histories and stuff for characters like Jake.

Well I'll wait till you listen.
I won't say a word.
To follow your instincts.
It's just never worked for me.
I'm silent but strong.
I'm playing that card.
And you’re noticing nothing again.

From "This Photograph is Proof" By Taking Back Sunday.

I was really pissed off with Ryan and Carrie. I couldn't believe how they had just spilled the beans to this random councillor. We didn't even know what she was like or if we could trust her and they just told her everything. I had avoided both of them for the last two days even getting Mike to drop me to school so I wouldn't have to see Carrie. I had started hanging around with random skaters and punks just to have someone to spend lunch with. I kinda missed hanging with Ryan and Carrie but I had a point to make.

I was sitting watching TV on Wednesday night when there was a knock on the door. I opened the door to be greeted by a soaking wet Ryan. As he came in from the rain I noticed that it wasn't only the weather that had dampened Ryan's face there were also tears flowing from his eyes.

"What's wrong man?" I asked forgetting all about how pissed I was with him.

"He's dying." Ryan sobbed.

"Who's dying man?" I said taken aback.

"My Dad he's dying." Ryan cried bitterly.

Ryan wiped his eyes and let out a few snuffles before he fell into my arms hugging me tightly.

"He was shot Riley. He was shot and he's going to die." Ryan sobbed.

"Come on man you can't be sure about that." I comforted.

"We haven't talked in days and the last talk we had was an argument and now he's dying." Ryan balled.

I held him tight in my arms even as I heard the key turn in the front door.

"Hey Boys." My Mam called.

"Hey what's wrong guys?" My Mam said looking in a concerned way at Ryan.

"His Dad got shot." I sighed.

"Oh Honey." My Mam smiled pulling Ryan into a hug.

"It's all going to be ok." She said in a comforting way.

"No its not he's going to die." Ryan shouted breaking into uncontrollable sobs.

"Riley put some coffee on." My Mam said weakly.

I made coffee and my Mam sat Ryan down in the sitting room talking to him about how it would all be ok.

I walked in with three cups of coffee and set them down on the coffee table in the centre of the room.

"How ya doin?" I said quietly.

"I'm ok." Ryan sniffled.

"When Mike gets back we'll drive you to the hospital." My Mam said putting a hand on Ryan's back.

We all sat and sipped coffee without a word until we heard Mike's key in the door.

"Mike we've got to go to the hospital." My Mam called as she bundled Ryan and me into the car.

"Why who's hurt." Mike said sounding surprised.

"Ryan's Dad's been shot." My Mam whispered.

We reached the hospital quickly and ran to the front desk.

"Where can I find Gianni Cornell?" Ryan sighed.

"Is that Lt.Cornell?" The lady said calmly.


"Go to the third floor he's in ward 2." The Lady smiled.

We all ran up 3 flights of stairs and eventually found ward 2. I was about to follow Ryan in when my Mam held me back.

"Come on Baby he should be with his family. We'll wait out here." My Mam smiled.

We spent most of the night sitting with Ryan's Dad's police buddies. I looked in through the glass in the door. Giani had been asleep for the last few hours but as I watched I saw him raise his hand. I watched Ryan hug his Dad and cry and then the hand fell. I looked in horror as Ryan's Mam screamed and fell to her knees tears flowing from her eyes. Ryan's brother picked him up and walked away and I watched him cling to his brother and let out a series of heartbroken little sighs.

I turned to my Mam. "He's dead."

"I know baby, I know." My Mam said gently with tears forming in her eyes.

Mike held us both and I cried with my Mam. We went home pretty soon after that. I sat in bed shocked unsure what to do, how to react.

In the morning Mam let me stay off school. I sat watching TV again still in shock. My Mam and Mike stayed home too and they sat either side of me. Mike had an arm around my shoulder and my Mam kept her hand on my knee. We were all shaken by what had happened.

I called Carrie and told her what had happened and she cried on the phone. Me, my Mam, and Mike all dressed in black for the removal. I sat in the funeral home and waited for Ryan to appear but he didn't. I had been sitting there for half an hour when Ryan's brother, Dylan walked over to me.

"He wants to see you" he said managing to half smile.

I followed him to a backroom and there was Ryan. He was sitting on a couch in a suit. His eyes were red and weepy.

"Hey Man." I smiled hugging him.

"Hey Riley." Ryan said mustering up a smile.

I sat next to him and he collapsed into my arms.

"I got to say goodbye to him" Ryan sobbed. "He said he loved me and he was sorry about the last few days and then he just went cold."

"I'm really sorry Ry. He was a great man." I smiled putting a hand around Ryan's waist.

"Can I stay at yours tonight?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah I'm sure you can." I answered knowing my Mam would be ok with it.

We sat together until the coffin was lifted into the Hurst and driven to the church. I sat with Mam, Mike, Carrie and her parents while the Priest said a mass. Afterwards Ryan walked back and sat into our row.

"Hey Baby." My Mam smiled and hugged Ryan.

Carrie's Mam leaned over "Your such a brave little guy" she smiled hugging him.

Mike and Carrie's Dad both gave him a pat on the back.

We drove home shortly after. Me and Ryan watched bad TV while my Mam made up a camp bed, which she told me to sleep on. When the bed was made we both went up and I locked the door climbing into bed with Ryan.

"I love you Riley. Promise you'll never leave me." Ryan sobbed.

"I promise." I smiled.

We held each other that night and I felt Ryan's tears fall on my shoulder. There was no need to do anymore.