Tales from another broken home.

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Chapter 25: Remembrance.

"Memories seep through my veins."

In the arms of the angels.
Fly away from here.
From this stark cold hotel room.
and the emptiness that you feel.
You were pulled from the wreckage.
Of your silent revery.
In the arms of the angels.
May you find some comforting.

From "In the Arms of the Angels" By Sara McLachlann.

The organ played a sad steady tune and I watched a priest utter well meant words while Ryan and his family cried. My eyes stayed focused on Ryan for the whole service. I felt a tear fall on my cheek as I watched Ryan carry his Father's coffin down the isle. He had spent last night with me but had left early that morning to be with his family before the funeral. I watched on as police officers formed a guard of honour around Giani's coffin.

My eyes stayed focused on Ryan his eyes had turned a rosy red from all the tears and his short black hair was ruffled. I wanted to run up and hug him but I knew I couldn't. His entire family had the same red eyed look all of them distraught with grief. Ryan walked out the door of the church and that was the last time I saw him for a few days.

I tried my best to distract myself but most of my time was spent thinking about Ryan and how he was doing. I hadn't done anything with Ryan in quite a while and I was feeling hornier then ever before. I missed him lying next to me, talking to me, loving me, everything that came with being around Ryan. I had been trying to call him for the last few days but my Mam said they needed time alone. I only had Carrie to talk too at lunch now and as cool as she was she couldn't quite replace Ryan. Our stupid fight had been forgotten without a word.

It was a Friday evening about a week later when I saw Ryan again. I stepped out of the grey school building the rain flowing down in cold little drips. As soon as I stepped out the door I spotted him. He was sitting on the school gates wearing a wife beater and skate jeans.

"I missed you." I beamed putting an arm around him.

"I missed you loads too man but I had all these relatives up and I went to stay with my cousins for a while too." Ryan half-smiled. "I did want to see you though."

"Come on lets go back to my place your soaking wet man."

Ryan nodded his head and we walked back to my place. It was a long walk but it seemed to fly as I talked to Ryan about random things like what was going on in school. Before I knew it I was turning the lock of my front door.

"Is your Mam or Mike home." Ryan asked quickly.

"Nope were home alone."

Ryan used my collar to pull me close to him

"I need to be with you." Ryan smiled.

We both walked upstairs and into my room locking the door.

"I've been thinking about being with you for the last week." Ryan said innocently.

"I've been thinking about you too." I smiled.

Ryan ran his hand gently down my cheek and began to gently nibble on my lower lip and I felt him slide his tongue against mine. Ryan took control running his hands down my sides until they rested on my hips. I heard my zipper going down and the flat pop of my pants button being undone. Ryan slid the pants down to my ankles and smiled sexily as he surveyed me. My temperature rose, as Ryan looked me up and down. He slowly made his move pushing me onto the bed. I lifted his wet wife beater over his head and felt his drenched but silky hair in my hands.

Ryan lay me back down and sat on my hips. I pulled my own shirt off and Ryan smiled as my two nipple rings came into view. Ryan's tongue headed straight for them licking and sucking feverishly. I moaned softly while my hand made its way under his waistband. I felt him harden in my hand as I rhythmically moved up and down his penis. I pulled Ryan's belt out from his pant's loops and pulled his loose pants down. I moved my finger gently over his tattoo and felt the raised skin.

Ryan moved his way down my body till he reached my ass. He pulled my boxers off and gave me the most angelic look.

"Can we try it again?"

I hesitated for a moment I still wasn't sure. But I felt like I couldn't say no so I agreed.

Ryan got the lube from the bathroom and slowly entered me with his finger. I felt my asshole tighten around it but after a few minutes the muscle relaxed and I moaned as waves of pleasure hit me.

"Ok I'm gonna go for it" Ryan smiled.

I watched as he rubbed lube all over his hard penis. I was terrified of how this was going to work out. Ryan got on his knees behind me and I felt him enter me. It wasn't pleasant but it wasn't terrible. I felt uncomfortable for the first while but I could deal with it. I wasn't really into it until I felt Ryan hit off a spot inside me. My entire body shook with pleasure. As Ryan pulled out I collapsed gasping after the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

"Was it good?" Ryan smiled cheekily already knowing the answer.