Tales from another broken home.

Chapter 26: Changes, Grief, and Where next?

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How long, How long, Will I slide?
Separate my sides, I don't.
I don't believe it's better.
Slitting my throat is all I ever.

From "Otherside" By The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

I had spent the night with Ryan for the first time in nearly two weeks. The experience had shaken me, in a good way. I spent the next day getting some homework done. I was just settling down to read a bit of the novel the English teacher had assigned me when the phone rang.

"Hey Man wanna come over." Came Ryan's voice through the phone receiver.

"Sure I suppose. Is your Mam ok with me coming over?"

"Yeah she was the one who recommended you coming over."

"Ok I'll skate over"

This was definitely unusual. Ryan's Mam hadn't been my biggest fan since her run-in with my Mam. I skated over pretty quickly still kinda unsure about what was going on with Ryan's Mam. When I rang on the doorbell Ryan's Mam pulled the door open.

"Hey there Riley." She smiled putting her arms around me. "Thanks for being there for my baby"

"Mam you promised you wouldn't" Ryan moaned embarrassed.

"Ok you boys go have fun then" She laughed.

We both ran upstairs.

"Ok what was that about?"

"I'm sorry Ri, she kept on about how she had to give you a hug for being so supportive."

"She seems to be doing pretty well." I smiled.

"Yeah it's really strange but she seems over it already." Ryan frowned.

"Maybe she just can't deal with it right now so she's putting on a happy face." I said comforting Ryan.

"Yeah I suppose so"

"My Uncle bought me all these new playstation games. Wanna play for a while."


We played playstation for about a half hour before it got boring.

"Ok what you wanna do now." Ryan yawned.

"You." I laughed.

I sat on Ryan's lap my groin touching his waistline. I leaned forward kissing him softly, tasting his sweet lips. We were both beginning to get really into it when there was a crash and a scream. We both ran downstairs. When I got to the floor of the stairs there was Ryan's Mam. There were shards of broken glass lying around on the floor and she lay among them crying bitter little tears. Against one of the walls was a picture of Ryan's parents on their wedding day.

"I tried to take it down." She stuttered. "I just couldn't look at his face."

"Mam your bleeding."

I walked into the kitchen and called home. Within minutes my Mam was there.

"Hey there Mrs. Cornell." My Mam smiled.

My Mam sent us both back upstairs while she helped Ryan's Mam clean her wounds and made her a cup of coffee. I sat with Ryan upstairs and he rested his face on my shoulder and cried.

"I miss him Riley. I really miss him. I just wish I could talk to him again or even just see him."

"I know man and I wish I could do something to help you."

"Life's been strange lately Ri. I mean so much has happened. I found you, Jake came and left, and my Dad.... My Dad."

Ryan's tears started to flow again.

"I want to tell my Mam about us Ri. I can't keep it a secret. I love you and I want the world to know."

My stomach took a leap. What did he mean he wanted to tell his Mam? What good would that do? I wasn't telling my Mam that was for damn sure.

"I don't think that's such a good idea man."

"Why not?" Ryan moaned.

"I'm just not ready to tell my Mam yet."

"Why are you ashamed of us? Of me?"

"No I love you and I love being with you I just can't tell my Mam right now."

"But Riley, we could be boyfriends for real then not just doing it secretly."

I smiled. He was so cute. But I just wasn't ready.

"I'll think about it." I smiled and kissed him softly.

We sat there talking for a while and then my Mam called us.

"Ryan, Riley, come on were headin back to our place."

We both ran down the stairs.

"Who's gonna stay with my Mam."

"Your Mam needs some alone time honey so she asked me if you could stay with us tonight."

"Oh ok I guess."

Ryan looked like the kid who had been picked last for football.

"She just needs some time to think honey." My Mam smiled.

We walked back to the house and we got their Mike answered the door.

"Hey Ryan, How ya doin buddy?"

"Fine thanks Mr.Hannigan."

"Just call me Mike."

"Ok" Ryan moped and walked inside.

"Come on man I'm sure she'll be okay." I smiled patting him on the back.

"Ok I'll cheer up" Ryan smiled back.

I played guitar for a little while. Ryan sang along to some songs and after about half an hour I ran out of songs to play.

"So what you wanna do?" I whispered

"You know what I wanna do" Ryan laughed

We resumed our earlier position. I kissed Ryan tasting him more with every breath. Ryan pulled off his shirt to reveal abs that were even more ripped then usual. I slid my hand down his abs feeling every muscle tighten.

"I've been working out more and they're kinda tender man." Ryan squirmed.

"Aww poor Ryan." I laughed gently licking the smooth rut down the middle of the muscles.

Ryan lifted my shirt over my head.

"Your gonna have to start working out with me. It'll be much more fun that way."

"You wouldn't get anything done if I was working out with you." I winked.

"But this is a workout in itself"

I kissed Ryan again and again before moving down his smooth chest and back to his abs. My lips moved lower unbuttoning his pants and sliding his waistband down. I felt him grow underneath me. Expectation flowing like sweat from his body. I took him in my mouth and moved my tongue around him slowly. Taking in every moment. Ryan groaned softly his hands in the air his breath catching. I kept going and watched as Ryan's face grew red and his hips jolted forwards shooting his load into my mouth.

"Woah man." Ryan laughed.

"Do I taste good?"

"Yeah you taste ok" I laughed with the smooth taste still lingering on my tongue.