Tales from another broken home.

Chapter 27: Mam.

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This engines screams out loud.
Gonna crawl westbound.
So I don't even make a sound.

These tracks don't bend somehow.

I need this old train to break down.
Oh please just let me please breakdown.

From "Breakdown" By Jack Johnson.

I had spent the last few days with Ryan. We hung around my house, went to school, normal stuff. Ryan had stayed with us for four days now. His Mam had needed space and each day he grew more and more upset about it.

"When the fuck is she gonna come and at least talk to me."

"Come on Ry she has to grieve in her own way."

I kissed him gently on the forehead and he sighed.

"I suppose she'll come get me soon."

Ryan didn't have to wait long. When we got back from school his Mam's car was in the driveway. Ryan ran up the drive and knocked excitedly on the door. My Mam opened the door and there was Ryan's Mam looking refreshed and happier.

"Hey Baby. I missed you sooo much." She smiled hugging Ryan.

"Thanks for taking care of him Alex." Ryan's Mam smiled

"I'll see you for coffee on Thursday then Angie?" My Mam called.

Ryan managed to slap me a high five on the way out.

"What was all that about?" I asked.

"I thought you two didn't get along."

"Well we talked all morning and it turns out she's a pretty rockin lady." My Mam laughed.

"But your even calling each other by your first names. It used to be Hello Mrs. James and Hello Mrs. Cornell."

"Yeah it's amazing how close you can get to someone over a morning."

"Oh your spending Saturday at Ryan's and your staying the night."

"Cool." I smiled.

Saturday came quickly and I headed over to Ryan's with an overnight bag. When I arrived Ryan's Mam answered the door.

"Hey Riley. He's just in the shower at the moment. Come on in I'll make ya a drink."

I followed her into the kitchen closing the door behind me.

"So how ya been?" She smiled.

"Good. Just school and stuff."

"Pepsi or Coke?"

"Pepsi please."

"I was thinking of taking my two favourite young men to dinner and a movie. Would that be ok?"

"Sure." I smiled.

"Good. I think we could all do with some chill out time."

As we were talking Ryan marched into the room wearing only a pair of red boxer shorts. His tattoo was fully visible nobody mentioned it.

"Hey Dude." He laughed smacking me a high five.

"Ryan Joseph Cornell" Ryan's Mam shouted with faux anger.

"What Mam?" Ryan laughed.

"We have company get yourself decent."

Ryan ran upstairs and arrived back five minutes later dressed in a tight white t-shirt and skate jeans.

We bundled into the car and minutes later Ryan's Mam pulled up outside a local club The BackHouse.

"Hmm I'd like a quick drink before we go to the mall." She smiled.

She walked us in and sat down at a table ordering 3 cokes from the waiter.

"Well look at that boys. It's that band you like. What are they called again. Ah Yes FalloutBoy."

We both turned around to see FalloutBoy's logo on the stage.

"Oh my God is FalloutBoy playing here tonight?" Ryan gasped.

"Well from what I hear this is a small acoustic show to launch their new tour."

"Mam you rock."

"Yeah thanks Mrs.Cornell."

"From now on you call me Angie. You and your Mam have been such great support since Giani died."

We spent the next two hours listening to FalloutBoy. Singing along to every song. When the lights came back on Ryan's Mam went to get us "One last drink for the road."

Ryan and me stayed behind talking about the show. There was a kid from school walking around all the tables handing out flyers.

"Hey." He smiled.


"There starting an underage show here every Saturday night. It's gonna have a lot of local bands. Anyways here's the flyer."

"Sounds Cool"

"Yeah it should be good. My band Hartigan are playing it. We're on last. You think you guys will be able to make it?"

"Yeah definitely."

"Cool see ya there."

I watched him walk away. He was around my age, short, with black hair long on the top and back and shaved tight on the sides. He was wearing an atticus zip up and long denim shorts with black converse and he had two lip rings. One thing was for sure he was hot.

"Somebody's got a crush." Ryan laughed.

"Yeah and he's sitting right next to me." I smiled.

"Aww your too kind."

"So you wanna go next week?"

"Yeah it should be cool. There's a few bands from school on this list."

When Ryan's Mam arrived back we downed our cokes and headed back to the house. When we got in Ryan's Mam made us pizza and we sat in the sitting room talking about the show.

"I wasn't expecting to but I really enjoyed that show." Ryan's Mam smiled.

"Wow Mam your a real hard rockin gal now."

After awhile she got up.

"Ok guys I'm beat. Don't stay up too late now. You do have homework and stuff to do tomorrow."

"Wow Ry she's really eased up."

"Yeah she pretty much lets me do what I want. The night she came back we had this big conversation and she was all like My Parents never let me make my own mistakes and now I'm not letting you make yours. So she said I could do what I want and if I messed up I'd learn from it."

"Woah that's cool."

"Yeah. I even told her I got a tattoo and the piercing."

"Yeah I kinda noticed when you came in shirtless this morning. How did she react?"

"Well she went kinda quiet at first but then she was all on about how she had always wanted one and how her parents always said no. So after another long conversation she said she was ok with it as long as I didn't show Grandma."

"Damn she's gotten so cool."


"Well you wanna head upstairs?"

"I think you already know the answer to that."