Tales from another broken home.

Chapter 29: The BackHouse Beats.

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Give me a reason. To end this discussion.
To break with tradition. Fall and divide.
Cuz I hate the Ocean, Theme Parks and Airplanes.
Talking to strangers and standing in line.
I'm sick of these pills that make me sit still.

I used to rely on self-medication. I guess I still do that from time to time.
But I'm getting better at fighting the future. Some day I'll be fine. Yes I'll be just fine.

Everything is alright.

From "Everything is Alright" By Motion City Soundtrack.

I approached Ryan's house feeling confident. I had to change three times before I found the perfect outfit. I was wearing a black shirt and black dickies with a stud belt and red tie. My hair was dyed a cool emo black with a red strip. My Mam's hairdressing skills coming in handy once again. My nails were painted black and I was ready to party.

"Hey Riley. I love your hair." Ryan's Mam smiled opening the door.

"He should be down in a minute he's just getting dressed."

I sat and had a coke with Ryan's Mam while I waited for him.

"My God even his sister doesn't take this long to get ready."

"Should I go upto him?"

"Yeah give him a kick in the butt."

I ran up the stairs pausing on the landing. Ryan's door was open and I could see him wearing a tight pair of black chords with his white boxers up over the waistline.

"Hey there."

Ryan jumped.

"Don't do that to me Man."

"I can't pick out a shirt it's driving me crazy."

Ryan had four shirts laid out on the bed.

"That one" I smiled pointing to a black shirt with white and red stars stitched into it.

"Now come on we'll be late."

We left the house both shouting goodbyes to Ryan's Mam. We walked to the BackHouse, it was only a five-minute walk. As we approached the club Ryan pulled a bottle out of his pocket.

"Come on dude lets get loaded before we go in."

"I don't know man what if we don't get in? I want to see the bands."

"Look we'll have a little now and finish it off in the bathrooms later."

"Sounds like a plan."

Ryan took a small slug and his face creased up.

"Damn that’s strong."

"What is it?"


I took a little slug and I felt the strong taste of the vodka on my tongue.

"Damn that's some good shit."

We both continued walking and were soon at the BackHouse. The whole entrance was filled with kids mostly emo kids all with lip piercings and eyeliner.

"Hey you made it."

I turned around and there he was.

"Well I said I would."

"Yeah its cool you showed up. What’s your name by the way?"

"Riley and this is Ryan."

"Cool I'm Aaron."

"So when are your band on." I smiled as I checked him out.

He was wearing the same atticus zip up but this time the sleeves were rolled up to reveal a heartagram tattoo on his lower arm. He had a pair of khaki shorts on and the same battered black converse that now had white stars drawn on them.

"Em we're on last. Since your here you guys wanna do me a favour and help unload the van."

"Sure Man."

He walked over to an old white van and opened the door. Inside were four guitars two bass and a drum kit.

"Wow dude you have some cool guitars."

"Not mine I'm the drummer."

"You play guitar?"


"Plug into that amp over there then."

I picked up a white Les Paul replica and plugged it into a small practice amp in the corner of the van.

"Ok man play some sort of chord progression."

I started pounding out some punk rock riffs and after a few seconds I heard Aarons drums come in with a hip-hop beat.

As we were playing another kid I knew from school hopped into the van.

"Fuck yeah Aaron rockin those BackHouse beats."

"This is Jay Jay he plays Bass."

Jay Jay shook my hand and plugged his bass in. After a few minutes a crowd had gathered and were looking in at us through the open door of the van.

"God Man the shows starting we better get the gear in."

With that Me, Ryan, Aaron, and Jay started lugging the equipment to a backroom and afterwards the band went to rehearse and Ryan and me went out front to see the first band play. We watched three or four pretty good emo bands before heading into the bathroom.

"Damn I've been looking forward to this." Ryan laughed.

We both took it in turns to take slugs out of the bottle. When we got out Aaron, Jay Jay and two other guys were onstage. Aaron waved at me from behind his drum kit. They played a mixture of sunny pop punk and melodic emo. The band was excellent. The whole crowd began to bounce around and soon enough there was a full-blown moshpit in the middle of the club. The singing stopped and Jay Jay and Aaron began playing drum & bass riffs. The whole room bounced to the heavy vibrating bass and crisp drumbeats.

The drum & bass finished and the band played one last song before finishing up. The crowd went crazy at the end clapping and cheering as they walked off stage. We walked out into the cool night air amongst two hundred other teenagers clad in black shirts, black pants and converse.

A kid from my school tipped my shoulder.

"Dude you wouldn't have a light?"

"Sorry Man I don't."

"It's cool I've got one" Ryan smiled.

We stayed outside the club for a while and then headed back to my house. Ryan rang his Mam on the way home leaving a message telling her he'd be home the next morning. When we got back my Mam was still up and she made us coffee and cookies asking about the show. When we finished the food we made our excuses and headed upstairs.