Tales from another broken home.

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Chapter 30: D A G now start a Band.

I've got some friends.
Some that I hardly know.
But We've had some times. I wouldn't trade for the world.

We live on front porches and swing life away.
We get by just fine here on minimum wage.
If love is a labour I'll slave till the end.
I won't cross this street until you hold my hand.

Swing life away.

From "Swing Life Away" By Rise Against.

I walked down the corridor another day of school beginning, every space packed with students. I was walking towards my locker when someone tipped me on the back. I turned around to see Jay Jay and Aaron standing behind me.

"Hey Dude."

"Hey guys."

"Em you wanna come rehearse with us tonight? We're looking for a second guitar player."

"Really? Yeah that would be cool."

As I walked away my heart was taking little jumps in my chest. I had always wanted to be in a band and now I was almost in one and most importantly it was Aaron's band. I ran straight to Ryan's locker.

"Hey man guess what?"

"I give up what?" Ryan laughed.

"Jay Jay and Aaron want me to be in their band."

"Wow man that's cool."

"Yeah I'm rehearsing with them tonight."

"I've got news too" Ryan said flashing the cutest smile.

"What man?"

"Mam bought me a drum kit."

"Wow that's sweet."

"Yeah I know. I start lessons tomorrow evening."

We were about to continue the conversation when the bell rang. We both headed off to our separate classes. I pretty much slept through first period English and second period Math wasn't much better. But Art was really cool. Mr. Hanson was teaching us about graphic design for print and new media. We were looking at distinctive logos and trying to design our own. I started on a logo for the band. It was pretty "dark" but still artistic. Mr. Hanson stopped when he walked by.

"Em Riley could you stay behind after class."

"Sure." I smiled nervously.

The rest of the class seemed to go by so slowly as I sat there nervously wondering what I had done wrong. When the bell finally rang I approached Mr. Hansons desk.

"Ah Riley. I want to talk to you about your future in art."

Oh my God was he going to kick me out of the class over a drawing?


"The San Diego institute of Art and Design have evening classes and I'd like you to consider going."

"Oh am I behind in class?"

"No it's just that sometimes I have to spend so much time with the weaker students that I don't have time to give our more talented students, like yourself, the help they need. I think these classes could really help you progress."

"Oh ok cool."

"Well here's all the information and a letter for your parents. I want you to seriously consider going ok?"

"Ok I definitely will."

At lunch I sat at a table with Aaron, Jay Jay, the other guitarist from the band Adam, Ryan, and Carrie.

"So guys what time is the rehearsal at?"

"Well we normally start around seven and end around ten." Aaron smiled.

"Yeah we like to get a good 10 hours of practice in a week." Jay Jay added.

"Cool. Where is it?"

"It's in Aaron's garage. Its easier to have it there so he doesn't have to move the drums and stuff."

"Yeah man you can leave your amp and stuff in my garage if you want."

"Ok cool."

We spent the rest of lunch talking. Ryan and Aaron talked non-stop about drums. It turns out they both had the same teacher and Aaron insisted that Ryan come with me to rehearsal so that he could show him a few things.

After school I ran in the door and straight up to my room. I began playing every scale and chord I knew over and over again. After half an hour my fingers felt as if they were about to fall off so I took a break. When my Mam came home I sat down at the table and gave her a 5 second summary of the day.

"Im in a band and Hanson wants me to do art classes."

"Huh Riley slow down babe."

"K I got asked to go rehearse with a band tonight is that ok?"

"What time?"

"Seven till Ten."

"Hmm ok but be back by 10.15 on the dot."

"K Mam."

"Oh and Mr.Hanson said to give you these." I smiled handing her the note and brochures.

Mam scanned through the note.

"I always knew you had a great gift. Even when you just doodled it looked good." She smiled

"This is just great." She said dragging me into a tight hug.


"Ok Ok I'll stop."

"I'll ring about the classes tomorrow and hopefully you'll be starting next week."

"Thanks oh and Ryan should be over in a half hour."

"Ok I'll send him upto you when he arrives."

I went back upstairs and had a shower. As I was stepping out I heard the doorbell ring. By the time I had dried off Ryan was bounding up the stairs.

"Hey Dude. Lookin good."

Ryan looked me up and down. I was only wearing a pair of white Calvin Kleins and feeling quite exposed.

"Thanks" I giggled.

"We need to get going we only have like two minutes to get there."

"Ok Ok" I laughed pulling on a t-shirt and pair of jeans.

I grabbed my guitar and a small practice amp and we headed for Aarons. Aaron didn't live too far away so it only took a few minutes to get there. When I rang on the doorbell the garage door opened.

"Hey Guys. In here."

When I walked in I saw that everyone else was already there.

"You guys want a beer?" Aaron smiled.

"Em sure."

Aaron tossed us both a bottle.

"Let's get goin."

We spent the next few hours playing all kinds of songs from My Chemical Romance to Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It was half nine when Aaron called it quits.

"You guys want a drink of water or something?"

"Yeah that would be cool man."

When I walked into the kitchen there were two men in there already.

"Hey you must be Riley." one of them smiled.

"I'm Andrew, Aaron's Dad."

"Oh and I'm Steve, his other Dad I suppose." He laughed.

I did the math two guys both Aarons Dad..........They were gay. I was kinda shocked. I don't know why. I mean I was gay too but it was just weird knowing Aaron had two Dads. Aaron seemed to notice my shocked expression.

"Look dude if your not okay with it that's cool but you can't be in the band."

"No I have no problem with your Dads."

"Right so what's with the shocked look then?"

"I don't know it was just unexpected."

"Ok I suppose."

"Listen give me one minute" I said and ran into the garage.

I quickly asked Ryan's permission then ran back into Aaron.

"Ok this isn't exactly public knowledge so you kinda have to keep it a secret but me and Ryan have been goin out for the last couple of months."

"Woah that's cool man."

"Hey Steve, Andrew, Riley and Ryan are gay too." He smiled.

"Aaron we've talked to you about this. It's not ok to just shout people's personal information out. You have to ask first."

Aaron turned to me his head hung.

"I'm really sorry dude just got a bit over excited."

"No problem man."

Aaron walked over to Jay Jay and Adam and started whispering.

"Ok man your in the band."