Tales from another broken home.

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Chapter 33: A Change of View: Mike.

Another Mothers breaking heart is taking over.
When the violence causes such silence.
We must be mistaken.
But you see it's not me it's not my family.
In your head In your head they are fighting.

From "Zombie" By The Cranberries.

Mike awoke with a jolt. He had been on business all week and had managed to fall asleep on the couch yet again.

"Hey there sleepy head." came a familiar sound.

"Hey Alex." He smiled.

He couldn't picture life without her. She completed him. He knew his thoughts were clichéd but thats how he felt. He got up and went into the kitchen.

"Where's Riley today?"

"He stayed in Ryan's last night. He should be here for about a minute to pick up his guitar, then he's got band practice, then he's coming back for dinner, and then he's going to a gig. So we probably won't be seeing much of him today."

"Oh ok."

Mike had lunch with Alex and then they both went upstairs for some fun. Mike made love to her like he had to no other woman. She moved like an angel gently flowing all over him. He held her in his strong arms as her soft lips slid down his body. He entered her and their bodys rubbed gently off each other as they moved with short drawn breaths. Afterwards they lay there for an hour just talking and enjoying each others company. He looked at her. She was beautiful. The fact that any man could mistreat made an anger rise in the pit of Mike's stomach. But he was here now he would protect her and Riley. God knows the kid needed a father figure.

Mike was sitting in the sitting-room when Riley arrived back.

"Hey Mike."

"Hey kiddo."

He looked at Riley. He was a good kid, the kind his Ma would have called "a looka."

"What you upto."

"Nothing much just got to get my guitar before I go to Aaron's."

"Have fun at Ryan's."

"Yeah its was cool."

When Riley had left Alex came in and plonked down on the couch next to Mike.

"That kid's got too much going on for a fourteen year old."

"I'm sure he's dealing with it just fine." Mike smiled.

"Well it's just our family doesn't deal well with stress."

"Alex he's a smart kid he'll be fine."

They watched T.V together. Mike knew his days off were pretty boring but with his busy working week the chance to relax and do nothing was to good to refuse. They were still sitting there hours later when Riley arrived back. Mike was reading a book and Alex was looking at brochures for Hair Dressing schools. By the time he got up to go eat dinner with his family Riley was running out the door.

"He's running late." Alex smiled.

"Ok but we should eat dinner as a family more."

"Aww your too cute."

They sat and ate a meal together then went out to the cinema for the evening. When they got home it was pretty late and Alex was disappointed that Riley wasn't home yet.

"I'm sure he'll be home real soon."

An hour later they decided to go to bed. Mike woke up late at night and went to go get a drink of water. On the way back from the bathroom he decided to check on Riley. As he neared his room he noticed the door was open and the light was on. When he got closer he could see something that shocked him.

Mike stood in the corridor open mouthed. Riley was lying on the bed with Ryan on top of him kissing him all over. Ryan began to undo Riley's belt and Mike knew he didn't want to see what happened next so he tried to gently close the door. He slipped on a misplaced shoe and the door slammed shut. He was about to creep away when the door opened and Ryan stood directly in front of him.

"Em I was just getting a glass of water" Mike smiled.

Ryan looked really nervous and when Riley joined him in the doorway his face was green.

"Ok I guess we have to talk."

Mike walked into the room and sat down on the bed.

"I saw what you guys were doing. And it doesn't bother me I'm a very open minded guy."

"We were just........."

"I know what you were doin kiddo. I walked in my brother doin it before. But things didn't turn out to good for him."

Tears began to appear in Mike's eyes.

"You see my brother thought I hated him and I'd tell our parents about what he was doing. A couple of hours after when I came back to tell him I was just shocked, I found him hanging in our basement."

Riley put a hand on Mike's shoulder.

"Listen you guys this doesn't change the way I see either of you. Riley I still care about you just as much. But you guys have to promise me you'll be safe and you won't do anything stupid."

"Will you tell Mam?" Riley asked nervously.

"No it's not my place to tell her about your business."

Mike walked over and hugged both the boys.

"Be safe guys ok?"

"We will."