Tales from another broken home.

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Chapter 34: Revelations Pt.2.

In your Eyes like fireflies I caught fire.
Play with me Stay with me.

From "I Caught Fire" By The Used.

I lay with my head on Ryan's lap my mind running through the events of the last twenty minutes. The shock had sobered me up.

"Riley it's ok man."

He knew my secret. I wasn't sure I trusted him enough for me to like him knowing it. What if they broke up? Would he tell my Mam then? I really couldn't bear the thoughts of her knowing.


"Oh sorry I was just thinking."

"Come on man let's get some sleep we can talk about it in the morning."

I lay in Ryan's arms letting his warmth comfort me in a way I couldn't myself. I heard his heart beating and his chest rise with every breath.

"I love you Ry."

"I love you too man."

I didn't sleep well that night I was too distracted but Ryan's gentle rubs on my belly helped. When we woke up in the morning I got dressed really quickly and was straight into the bathroom.

"Riley it's early what are you doin?" Called a naked Ryan.

"I was just em..." I said turning around to see him walk upto the open door of the bathroom.

"You were just what?"

I was distracted by his body. It was all red from a warm night under the covers. I walked over and ran my hand down his chest.

"Seriously man whats going on?" Ryan smiled playfulling pushing my hand away.

"I'm all messed up dude. Can we go to your place?"

"Ok I suppose."

It was still early so I managed to avoid Mike. As we walked together to Ryan's place I pulled out a pack of Malboro and lit up. The stress still stayed but I felt a little more relaxed. Ryan however didn't look impressed.

"Dude those things will kill you. And you know I want to keep you around as long as possible."

I finished the smoke and then threw it on the ground.

"Last one I promise."

"Sure it is." Ryan smiled.

When we got to Ryan's he played a few songs on the drums for me. He was really getting a lot better.

"Wow man you've been practicing."

"Yeah all the time."

"I should have brought my guitar."

"You can play mine man."

Ryan ran up and came back with a Fender Squier. We played for hours. Ryan managed to play along with every song I knew and we took it in turns to sing. I was singing whenever I could trying to improve my voice for the next show. I played and played distracting myself from the thought of going home. It was going well untill Ryan's mam walked into the garage.

"Riley your Mam's on the phone."

I ran in and picked up.

"Hey Baby. I want you home now k?"

"Aww Mam do I have to?"

"Yep Mike wants to take us out for dinner."


I walked home lighting up again. I didn't know how I'd deal with facing Mike. I knew he was ok with it but he had seen me and Ryan doing things together, personal things. I walked slowly savouring every minute of the smoke. As I got closer to the house I felt a wave of nausea hit me. I went round the back door and came into the kitchen.

"Hey Ri." My Mam smiled.

"Hey there kiddo." Came Mike's call from the sitting-room.

"Hey." I smiled weakly.

"We've decided to order in instead of going out."


The doorbell rang and Mam ran to the door.

"I got noodles with Kung Pow Chicken for you. Is that ok?"

"Yeah great."

We sat together and ate. My Mam and Mike talked but I stayed quiet.

"Baby your very quiet tonight everything ok?" My Mam asked putting her palm on my head.

"I'm not feeling too good." I lied.

"I'm gonna head upto bed."

"Ok. I'll bring you up some soup later ok?"


I was up relaxing in bed with a good movie on when Mike came in locking the door behind him.

"Ok Buddy we need to talk."

"About what?"

"I think you know what about."


"Listen Riley I told you it doesn't bother me."

"I know it's just...well I don't know."

"Is it that I walked in on you guys?"

"Yeah that's part of it."

"Listen what you guys do together is your own business. If it was with a girl I might have a problem cuz of the whole pregnency issue but in this case as long as your safe it should turn out ok."


"Come here buddy." Mike smiled pulling me into a tight hug.

"Look Kiddo I love you and your Mam and there's nothing you can do that will change that. Ok?"

"Ok." I smiled.

"And if you and Ryan want to get married I'll even cover the bill."

"Knowing Ryan it could be expensive." I laughed.

"Ok buddy I'll see you in the mornin. Good night."

With that he opened the door and left. I felt better I wasn't as nervous. I still wasn't completely happy but who is? I settled down I needed to sleep well for the following school day and my latest session of therapy with Jimmy.