Tales from another broken home.

Chapter 36: Prep(aring) Sux.

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She really broke my heart in two.
Four Years later I still never forgave her.
The thing is when I was ready to.
I had completely dissmised her.
Now I think I'm driving through her state.

I'm not ready for some burned down bridge just yet.
I'm not saying that I want anything from you.
THe only thing I really want now.
If I see you soon.
Is that if we drove side by side on a highway in the beehive state.
That we could honk and wave.

From "Honk and Wave." By Limbeck.

I knocked on the door and was greeted by Ryan's Mam.

"Hey there kiddo long time no see."

"Yeah I've been busy with band rehersal."

"Oh yeah Ryan told me bout the compettition. Good luck kiddo."


"He's still sleeping as usual. That's all he does these days Sleeps, does homework and plays drums."

"That sound about right." I laughed.

"Yeah well I'm a little worried about him."

"I'm sure he's ok."

"Ok you go on up Riley."

I ran up and opened Ryan's door. He was in his usual sleeping position with his ass in the air the covers pushed completely off of him. I watched him sleep his chest expanding with every breath the cute little sound coming from his nose. He had been working out a lot more lately and that combined with the drums had really tightened up his abs and given him lean biceps. As I took a step closer he rolled over and his eyes opened.

"Hey there." He smiled.

"Hey sleeping beauty."

He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into bed with him. Before I could say anything his lips were against mine.

"Dude your Mam's downstairs."

"Not for long man." Ryan smiled.

At that very moment his Mam called up.

"Ok guys I'm going to the mall for a few hours. You need anything?"

"No I'm ok Mam."

"Behave yourselves."

With that we resumed our previous positions.

"I haven't seen you all week man."

"Yeah I know I've been practicing all week."

"I've got nothing to do when your not around man."

"Oh I never thought of that Ry. Anyway we can spend today together and then go to the compettition tommorow k?"

"Ok that sounds cool."

I ran my hands over his abs.

"Dude you've really been working 'em."

"Yeah I'm starting to get an 8-pack."


I kissed him softly on his neck and began to move down licking around his sensitive nipple ring.

"Ohhhh Ohhh God." Ryan squirmed.

I kept moving down kissing my way down his chest and down his abs to his waistband. I used my teeth to pull his boxers down and gently took him in my hand. I licked in a swirling motion around the head of his cock and he began to squirm once again the intense pleasure taking control of his bodily functions.

"Ohh ohh ohh Man." He moaned as he shot a strong load.

I spat it out and fell back onto the bed.

"Your turn."

Ryan stradled me sitting on my hips.


He kissed my softly on the lips and began to gently lick switching between the nipple piercings. I felt a gentle warmth flow through my body. I had missed him that week not just the sex but being near him, touching him, hugging him. He continued to move down and then he stopped.

"Riley I haven't been inside you in ages." He said with an angelic look.

"Ok man give it a try."

Ryan ripped my boxers off and wrenched open his bedside drawer to take out some lubricant.

"Ok dude I'll just start off with one finger k"

I felt him enter me. It had been a while since we had gone this far and my muscles clamped tightly against his finger. He gently rubbed my back untill the muscles relaxed. He then began to slowly move the finger in and out. I felt an intense pleasure as he rubbed off a spot deep inside of me. He then entered me with two fingers. The pleasure multiplied.

"Ry go the whole way man."

"You sure?"

"Yeah go for it."

Ryan pulled his fingers out and I could see him rubbing his rock hard erection in the lubricant. He entered me slowly waited for the muscles to relax and then began to gently hump me. I felt multiple waves of pleasure hit me over and over again. Ryan began to speed up and within a few minutes he came inside me.

"Dude that was so good." Ryan smiled inbetween soft pants.

"Yeah it's much better everytime we try it."

"Well you still haven't done it to me."

I thought about it. I hadn't ever been inside him. I had never even thought about it before. It was something I wanted to do but I just wasn't sure about it.

"Next time dude I'll do it."


We spent the rest of the evening watching t.v. in each others arms. When Ryan's Mam arrived home I said my goodbye's and headed for Aaron's. We had one last practice before the comp and I was running late which Aaron would not be happy about.

"Sorry guys I got delayed at Ryan's" I apologised running into the garage.

"Oh man I forgot to ring you. Practice's been put forward two hours."

"Oh I suppose I'll head back home and come back later."

"Nah man your here now you might aswell stay."

"Ok cool."

"Come on upto my room."

I followed Aaron up the stairs and into his room. The room was covered in posters all emo or punk. There was a shelf with about two hundred cd's on it in the corner. A desk with a Mac G4 and drum sticks and clothes everywhere.

"It's a little messy." Aaron laughed.

"You don't mind if I get changed man?" Aaron asked.

His shirt was off before I could reply. I couldn't help but stare. He was almost perfect. He was short and skinny. Tanned with lightly ripped abs and the heartagram tattoo on his lower arm and Hope tattoo on his lower back only added to the appeal.

"Hey man don't stare your embarrasing me." Aaron laughed.

"Oh sorry dude. I didn't mean to.....It's just....Em."

"What?" Aaron said looking straight at me.

"Nothing man it's nothing."

Aaron walked over and ran a hand through my hair.

"I've been trying to drop hints for a while dude but you don't seem to pick up on them."


"Well I asked you what it was like kissing a guy in the hope that you'd show me."

With this he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. I felt the cool steel of his piercings against my soft lips and I had to force myself to pull away as he slipped his tongue in.

"Aaron I can't. I need Ryan's permission first."

"I'm sorry Riley. I kinda forced myself on ya didn't I?"

"No man I enjoyed it. It's just I love Ryan."

"Ok man I understand."

I gave him a hug.

"This doesn't change anything man."

"Thanks Riley." Aaron smiled returning the hug.

We spent the next few hours practicing and then I went home and collapsed into bed.

"Wow kiddo 10:30 and you in bed it must be some kind of miracle."

"So tired.........sleeping............GO AWAY!!"

"Ok kiddo you lay there I'm gonna bring you up some cocoa."

A few minutes later she came back up with two cups of cocoa.

"So you doin ok Riley?"

"Yeah just band practice's taking a lot out of me."

"Well I know how much the compettition means to you guys. Me, Mike, Andrew and Steve are all going to be there."

"Ok Mam." I smiled and gave her a hug.

"Ok I love ya kiddo you know that."

"Yeah Ma I know."

"I love you more then anything or anybody else ok so you take care of yourself alright."

"I will Mam."

The next day I woke up early and began practicing all my scales. I was mid way through a really cool pentatonic riff when my Mam came down the stairs.

"Hey kiddo. What time does the show start at?"

"It starts at 12 and we're on at half one. We're the last band on."

"What time are you leaving at?"

"I'm going to Aarons in around a half hour so we can be there at 12 to see what were up against."

"Ok kiddo I'll make you some breakfast."

Mam made sausage, egg, pancakes, and toast. I sat down at the table and devoured the whole lot.

"Wow kiddo you can sure eat." Mike called from the stairs.

"It's just my Mam's cookings so good."

"Aww thanks Riley." My Mam beamed.

"Suck up." Mike laughed.

"Ok guys I gotta go."

I ran upstairs grabbed my guitar and left with various supportive goodbyes still ringing in my ears.