Tales from another broken home.

Chapter 39: Directions please!!

Cool to disappear but.
I missed you more with days.
An army of tattooed angels.
Have brought me back today.
I'm a wasterboy.
I've been stuck inside this lonely room again.
I get paranoid see vultures circling.
One slip and then down comes a final curtain.
Untill you come into your soul again.
We'll be the worst of best friends.

Does it feel like Christmas in Hollywood.
Does it feel like were never gonna make it home.
Burn Baby Burn.
Strung out on the wire.
Caught in a cage.
Your so full of desires.
You need fast hands to deal with all the liars.
So don't burn baby burn baby burn.

From "BulletProof Skin." By Institute.

I walked home with Ryan still holding my hand. Nobody was about it was a Sunday morning in the 'burbs so it was like a ghost town. When we got back to the house we went straight upto my room and made sure to close the door properly. I lay on the bed with Ryan and kissed him softly on the lips.

"Dude that was a crazy night."

"Yeah Ri it was pretty awesome."

"I'm pretty beat though."

"Yeah me too. Wanna catch a few hours sleep?"

"Yeah man."

We both took off our clothes and climbed into my double bed together. We were too tired to do anything else but sleep. A few hours later my eyes opened slowly. The hangover had begun to take its effect and I felt groggy. I got up and gave Ryan a quick shake.

"Come on man it's like 3 in the afternoon."

"I'm still sleepy." Ryan mumbled in a cute voice.

I rolled back into bed next to him and gave him a big hug wrapping my arms all the way around his chest.

"Ok I'm up." He groaned.

I ran downstairs and got us both a pint glass of water and a large cup of coffee. After downing the water and slowly sipping the coffee we both began to feel a lot better. I lay back on the bed thinking about the future, recording with the band was going to be so cool. I grabbed my guitar and started to strum a few chords humming a melody over it.

"Wow dude that's pretty cool."

"Really? I was just messing around."

"Yeah it's real catchy."

"I'll have to play it for the band I guess maybe it could go on the album."

"Oh dude I forgot to tell you this guy at the battle of the bands was talking about putting a band together and we got talking and I'm gonna play drums for them."

"Wow that rocks man."

"Yeah I mean I'm still learning but I know enough to play most simple songs."

"So were both gonna be mega rockstars dude."

"Yeah man that's the plan." I laughed.

Ryan rolled over and kissed me then started pulling on his pants.

"I gotta go home say Hi to my Mam."

"Ok I'll see ya in school tomorrow man."

"Ok see ya then."

I spent the next few hours in bed reading. I hadn't read a book in quite a while and really enjoyed it. After a few hours I went downstairs watched a little t.v got some homework done. As I was watching some crazy infomercial the phone rang. I grabbed it off the receiver.


"Hey Riley. It's me Aaron."

"Oh Hey dude."

"Any chance of you coming over so we can work on some songs?"

"Well I suppose I could. But I'm kinda beat."

"Well I could grab an acoustic and come over to your place."

"Ok I suppose."

Aaron was over within twenty minutes.

"I didn't know you could play guitar man."

"Yeah I wrote all the songs before you came along dude I just prefer to drum."

We sat in my room and Aaron pulled out a small silver box. Inside was a pipe, rolling tobacco and a half ounce of pot.

"Woah man what's that for?"

"It gets me inspired." Aaron smiled as he lit the filled the pipe and lit it.

We spent the next hour passing the pipe and getting very stoned. Aaron was scrawling down lyrics and I was playing out lush melodies on the guitar while he provided the chords. After awhile I went down and got us both a coke and when I came back up Aaron was lying shirtless on my bed.

"Em sorry dude I was just all hot after playing for so long."

"It's nothing I haven't seen before." I laughed.

I played one of the melodies and Aaron sang over it. He was an excellent singer but preferred to hide himself behind the drum kit away from view. I was midway through the song when he stopped singing.

"Ok dude I can't do this anymore."

"Can't do what?"

"I want you all to myself. I can't stand you being with someone else. It's driving me crazy."

"I'm with Ryan man and I love him."

"I think I love you Riley."

Those words melted me and I didn't stop him when he leant forward and kissed me. Aaron ran his hands down my back and onto my ass pushing me forward into him. He pulled my shirt over my head and smiled as he looked at my washboard abs.

"I can't do this....." I groaned.

Aaron pushed me down onto the bed and began to kiss his way down my body starting at my neck and working his way down my chest swirling his tongue around my nipple before heading downwards to my abdomen and the I felt him undo my belt and pull my shorts off. Aaron's tongue licked at my cockhead and I felt myself squirm as his soft lips devoured my cock. He sucked me off untill I shot a small load and then he lay back with me and held me in his warm embrace.

"Riley I love you dude I can't help it."

"I like you a lot dude but I don't know if I love you. I know I love Ryan. I need to think about this Aaron."

"Ok I'll give you some time to figure things out."

I spent that night in turmoil thinking about what I wanted, what was right, and what I needed. I was in love with Ryan but Aaron was so hot. I had a feeling I was going to make the wrong decision no matter what I decided and I went to sleep as confused as ever.