Tales from another broken home.

Chapter 45: Waiting.
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When I say.........
Two more weeks, My foot is in the doorway.
And I can't sleep, in the wake of Saturday.
Saturday well these open doors are open ended.
Saturday yeah..well these open doors are open ended.

I read about the afterlife but I never really lived more then I never. Well I say....

I read about the afterlife but I never really lived.
I read about the afterlife but I never really lived.

Two more weeks. My foot is in the doorway.
Me and me in the wake of Saturday.
Saturday well these open doors are open ended.
Saturday well these open doors are open ended.

From "Saturday." By Fall Out Boy.

We sat next to each other during dinner and Matt spent the meal with his hand on my thigh. His hand rested there firmly and I enjoyed having him so close to me. After dinner Matt's Mam thanked my Mam for dinner and got upto leave.

"Hey Mam can Matt stay here tonight?"

"Yeah can I." Matt echoed.

"Come on honey it's our first night maybe next week. You'll see Riley first thing in the morning."

"Yeah Riley you guys can hang out tomorrow." My Mam smiled.

"Ok." We both moaned.

That night was spent trying to distract myself from thinking of Matt. I dreamt of him that night. I lay on a huge bed and he crawled in with me and we kissed for hours touching and grinding against each other. I awoke with a sticky mess in my boxers. I climbed into the shower and couldn't help but touch myself and think of Matt once again. When I was cleaned up I got back into bed and fell asleep. I was thinking of Matt and how cute he was. He was so innocent and seemed to actually like me for me, not just for what he could get out of me. I needed someone. I wasn't good at being alone and since Ryan wasn't going to be taking me back Matt was definitely a good second choice.

The next morning I woke suddenly when Matt leapt onto my bed. He was looking cute in a vest and camo shorts, cast low so you could see his plaid boxers, with a famous stars and straps belt and red converse. His black hair was unbrushed and messy and I felt his deep green eyes penetrate my very soul.

"Hey there sleepy." He smiled.

"Hey." I smiled.

Matt leant over and kissed me.

"Can we finally do what we were planning to do?"

I kissed him and my hand made their way under his shirt stroking his lean chest. I explored his body blind before lifting off his shirt. His body was taught and he had a cute six pack. I ran my hands over his taught belly and rubbed it as I gently kissed his neck. I kissed my way down his chest until I got to his nipple. I swirled my tongue around his nipple, which popped up like a little bullet. Matt giggled as I gently licked his erect nipple. I moved onto his other nipple gently nipping at it with my teeth. I began to thrust my hips against his and as I did this I undid his belt and pulled down his shorts. His boxers were tenting an obvious erection. We both fell back onto the bed and began to touch each other. My hands stroked his chest and belly before gently making their way over his covered cock. His boxers looked as they were about to explode off his body. Matt's eyes darted downwards hinting at what he wanted me to do. I pulled them down to reveal his cut cock. He wasn't small, not quite as big as Ryan but size wasn't really all that important to me. I began to gently stroke his cock, my hand running its length in a fluid motion. I pumped him until he let out a gentle moan and shot a small load in my hand. I lay back.

"Your turn." I laughed falling onto the bed.

Matt pulled off my boxers and went straight to work jerking me off. I felt his soft hands gently jerking my penis and I loved the way he let his thumb run along the bottom of my cock from the shaft to the tip. After only a few minutes I felt my body tense up and the familiar feeling of ecstasy flow through my body as I orgasmed shooting a small load in Matt's hand.

"That was so good Riley." Matt smiled.

I pulled Matt into my arms and we lay on my bed. We lay there together holding each other in a way that reminded me of how me and Ryan used to be. I loved the feel of his skin next to mine and I shuddered with pleasure every time he gently rubbed me with his warm hands.

"How did you know that I was.....you know?"

"Well I was kinda hoping you were" Matt laughed. "and then the way you acted, with that guy, made me think there was history between you two and then the nipple piercings, kinda confirmed everything."

"Wow ok." I laughed.

"When did you realise you were gay dude?"

"Only a year dude but I've always had an idea."

"What age are you man?"


Matt was a year younger then me but that didn't really bother me all that much he was pretty mature and everything else about him was perfect.

"You have a boyfriend in Maryland?"

"Kinda. I had a few buddies I'd mess around with."

"I bet you were a real stud."

"How many guys you been with Riley?"

"That's personal." I laughed.

"Aww come on I'll answer if you do."

"Ok, 3."

"2" Matt replied.

"You ever have actual sex. Like anal?"

"Yeah man a few times."

"Wow. I never have. I've always kinda wanted to try it though." Matt hinted.

"Well then I guess we'll have to try it."

"Cool man you can teach me how."

"Yeah man cuz I'm such an expert." I laughed.

"Well you know more then me." Matt said quietly.

"Matt it wouldn't bother me if you've been with one guy or hundreds of guys. I like you for you, not for who you've been with."

Matt smiled and hugged me tight against him. His lack of confidence was so cute, it made me want him even more. As he hugged me my hand made its way onto his tight little butt. He had this cute little butt, it was perfectly shaped like two hamburger buns. The thought of two hamburger buns on his ass made me giggle.

"What's so funny?" Matt smiled.

"Nothing, just admiring your ass hot stuff."

"Aww you must really love me."

"Nah I just want you for your body."

"I thought as much." Matt laughed jumping on top of me. "I want to do stuff some more."

I didn't need to be told twice. I grabbed him by the hips, rolling him over so I sat on top of him and planted a big wet one right on his lips. I gently slipped my tongue between his soft lips and began to swirl it round his awaiting tongue. Matt's hands made their way down the front of my boxers. His nimble fingers had my boxers around my ankles in a matter of seconds. He began to run his hands through the thin patch of pubic hair above the base of my shaft, trickling his fingers downwards to tip off the bottom of my now erect penis. As he was doing this there was the sound of the door opening.

"Riley were back."

We both hopped off the bed and shoved our clothes on as quickly as possible.