Tales from another broken home.
Chapter 5: Who's your Daddy?
Thanks for the comments I've recieved so far. This chapter introduces you to Riley's mam's new boyfriend... comments as always to lovinthatsheckler@gmail.com

I was wearing a black shirt, black trousers, and red tie all new. I thought I looked pretty sharp and my Mam was in such a good mood I convinced her to buy me some of those checkered vans. I know its the look of every band these days but I liked it. I was even considering some eyeliner untill my Mam forbid it. Anyways we had a good 2 hours too go before this Mike guy picked us up. I took off the clothes and headed into the shower. As I washed myself I couldn't help thinking of Ryan. My god I was in love after 3 days it was really soppy but I couldn't help myself. I couldn't stop myself having a quick play around before I got out of the shower. As I was walking out the door of the bathroom I heard my mam calling "Riley Im gonna cut your hair" now to most people this would have been the worst call possible but my Mam had done 2 years of hairdressing school or whatever they call it but got pregnant with me and had to stop before finishing her 3rd year and qualifying professionally. We had never had enough money for her to go back since but I'd always had cool haircuts she could do anything I wanted and I'd been suspended for a week before for having a big red mowhawk. Anyways she was going for the conservative look to impress the ever so wonderfull Mike so I just got a trim. I got dressed again and was watching tv when there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door to Ryan. I had forgotten to tell him I was going out. "Oh Riley, Damn you look hot" he gushed right in the hallway. I ran him into my room "Man I'm going out with my Mam and her new boyfriend so your gonna have to go. I dont want you to but your gonna have to" Ryan grabbed me by the hips and we kissed for what seemed like an eternity. He pulled away and I walked him to the door promising to see him the next day. As Ryan was walking down the drive a slick black Mercedes pulled up and out got this guy. I couldn't help but stare as he walked up the driveway. He was wearing a suit, had short brown hair and a beautiful smile. He waved at me as he walked up the drive "How are ya you must be Riley" he beamed in a thick Irish accent and gave me a pat on the head. He had this old school Dad vibe coming off him that was really comforting. He walked in and hugged my Mam in a gentle way that made me feel at ease unlike her past boyfriends who'd shove their tongue down her throat in front of me.

We walked out and into Mike's car. It was probably the coolest car I'd ever seen. I sat in the back and Mike asked what radio station I wanted to listen to and didn't mind when I said KROQ. So we spent the journey listening to Greenday and falloutboy. We arrived at the restaurant and it was really snazy I felt pretty nervous about messing up in front of all these seemingly perfect people. We ordered dinner and Mike chatted to me and my mom about all kinds of stuff even asking about my school and actually listening not just nodding like most people who ask the stereotypical "How's school question" but the date didn't end after the restaurant Mike drove us to this piano bar place where there was some pretty good karaoke. It didn't take much to convince my Mam to get up and sing and she blasted out some Maddona song without embarrassing me (which was a miracle). We were talking and laughing when Mike stood up "Right lads Im gonna sing somethin". My heart skipped a beat, this was the first decent boyfriend she'd had and if he screwed up here my Mam wouldn't be impressed. She was that obsessed with singing. My heart was going a mile a minute as Mike stood up on stage Im gonna sing "Walking in Memphis" he announced and as he sang the opening lines I relaxed he was actually pretty good. My mam was beaming as he finished the song.

Mike dropped us home and I left him and my Mom alone outside. I flopped down on my bed for the first time after one of her dates I was happy. This guy was cool, friendly and I couldn't help but notice pretty hot.