Tales from another broken home.

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Chapter 50: Dear Diary, My Teenage Angst has a BodyCount.

Smiles and her laughter.
It's the only thing I've been waiting for all day.
Regardless of her distance and her home.
The only thing that I've been waiting for.
I hope it's something worth the waiting.
Cuz it's the only something I ever feel frail.
Thunderstorms could never stop me.
Cuz there's no-one in the world like Emily.

From "Emily." By From First to Last.

I woke up and grabbed a shirt and some shorts before heading for Ryans'. As I walked down the road I saw Matt's Mam watching me as she stood on her lawn. I waved and shot her a "fuck you" smile and she nervously turned and walked back towards her house. As she stepped in the door I saw Matt come creeping across the road to me.

"Dude come on behind this wall."

"Matt man, whats going on?"

"I told her about us and she went crazy Riley."

"It's okay Matt. She'll calm down soon. I know she will."

"She thinks you seduced me and that it's all your fault."

"Well tell her that you wanted to."

"I did. But she's not listening to me."

"Dude I can't deal with this right now. I mean I've got enough shit goin on without this."

"I know Riley but I miss you so much."

I looked at Matt and couldn't help but smile. His large puppy dog eyes were already beginning to water and I couldn't help but take him in my arms. I rubbed his cheeks with my fingers and held him tight to my chest. His eyes dripped slow steady streams of tears as he stuttered out words of undying love but I was completely numb to them. I felt soulless and empty even with these deep loving words flowing through me. I managed to smile at Matt and he kissed me softly on the lips before getting up and sneaking back in through his garage door.

I walked on to Ryan's house and his Mam greeted me at the door.

"Hey Riley. How ya doin kiddo?" She smiled hugging me.

"I'm okay. Is Ryan home?" I smiled.

"Yeah he's upstairs messing about."

I walked upstairs and saw Ryan laying on his bed shirtless listening to his Ipod. I snook up on him and watched him sing along to the music with his eyes closed. I put my hand over his eyes and slipped the earphones out of his ear. I noticed his abs tighten as I whispered in his ear.

"Guess who?"

"Hey Ri. Trying to scare me or something?"

"Well I guess so. I kinda like how your belly gets when your frightened."

"Yeah well I guess you'll be frightening me a lot then? Huh?"

"Guess I will."

"My Mam will be around for the next hour but she has to visit my Aunt so we'll be alone soon." Ryan smiled and his hands slipped down underneath my waistband.

"She's not gone yet dude." I laughed.

"You tell Matt yet?"

"Tell him what?"

"That were back together."

"I haven't seen him since his Mam went crazy."

"But you will tell him right?"

"Yeah first chance I get."

"Ok." Ryan smiled.

"I missed this."

"Me too man. Me too."

We sat on the bed listening to the ipod together untill we heard Ryan's mam shout a goodbye on her way out the door. Ryan smiled at me exposing all his pearl white teeth before pouncing on me like a cat. His hands were doing their work before I had even realised what was happening. Ryan lifted my shirt over my head and my hair fell onto my bare back.

I leant forward and kissed Ryan. "I love you dude."

"I love you too." Ryan smiled.

Ryan began to swirl his tongue around mine and his hands stroked my abs and gripped at my waistband. I lifted the band forward and Ryan's hands slipped under. He began to tug gently at my growing cock. I felt his warm hands pull my pants and boxers around my ankles. He looked up at me and smiled before he began to gently lick at my cock. I squirmed and jolted as I shot a small load of cum right in Ryan's face.

"Wow dude you must have needed that." Ryan laughed wiping his face.

"Yeah I did." I panted.

"What do you need?" I winked.

"Lots of things."

I pulled Ryans pants off his cute red plaid boxers now covering his bubble butt. I pulled them down and put my hands on his hips as I entered him. Images of what Jake had done to me ran through my mind I fucked him harder and harder untill I heard him let out a yelp. As I pulled out I realised I had hurt him. Ryan had his face in his hands and there were little tears in his eyes.

"We don't do that Riley. We're in love we don’t do that kinda stuff, this isn't angry porno sex."

"I know. I'm sorry I couldn't stop thinking about Jake and I got kinda crazy."

I held Ryan in my arms and cradled him.

"I'm so sorry Ry. I love you so much you know I'd never want to hurt you."

"It's ok it doesn't hurt too bad anymore anyways."

I lay in Ryan's bed in his arms making out for another hour or so but I had to leave there was stuff to be done at home. The Christmas holidays were coming to an end and I had to get ready for school again. When I got home Mike and my Mam were sitting at the kitchen table with stacks of magazines.

"Riley honey come here. Were planning the wedding."

I walked over to see stacks of wedding magazines and brochures from hotels and stuff.

"That's cool."

"Yeah and Mike's parents are coming to visit us this weekend."

"Wow cool. There like my step-Grandparents I guess." I laughed.

"I'd say they'd prefer just Grandparents." Mike smiled putting a hand on my shoulder.

"You think?"

"I know."

It was kinda cool to get to meet my new Grandparents. I still missed my old Grandparents, my Mam's problems only started when my Grandpa died five years ago. We had lived with him and my Mam worked in a local bar but when he died my Mam couldn't afford the rent on our house and we had to move and she missed him so she drank, and she felt lonely so she drank and then she couldn't stop. I guess my Grandpa's dying was probably the start of all my Mam's problems.