Tales from another broken home.

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Chapter 57: Stars Burn On and On.

And God bless you all for the song you sing......us.
Oh for the hearts you break everytime you fall.

From "Minerva." By The Deftones.

Monday mornings are never fun and I'm not a morning person. I threw on the clothes nearest to me and grabbed my backpack before hitting the kitchen for some coffee. I ran and just managed to catch Carrie's Mam before she drove off. So far so good. When I got into school Stevey ran upto me.

"Riley we've got to be at the Institute of Art and Design after school."


"Scott's arranged some sort of photo shoot."

"Ok I guess. I was too tired to really have an opinion."

"I'll drive you there if you want."

Another fun fact of being the youngest in the band everyone except me and Aaron has a permit.

"That'd be cool."

I rang my Mam from Stevey's cell and explained everything to her. School flew by and music class was really cool cuz we all had to play an instrument we'd never played before. Aaron showed me how to do some basic drum beats and I taught Ryan how to play Basket Case on guitar. It was pretty fun. After school I met up with Stevey and his girlfriend Amber and we drove to the Institute. When we got there Jerry walked out the from the entrance and waved. I followed Jerry to a room with a wall with loads of graffiti on it. A guy wearing a white shirt and black pinstripe pants shook my hand.

"Hey I'm Pierre the photographer."

"Hey I'm Riley. The...em...singer I guess." I smiled not really knowing what to say.

Scott walked in and introduced us to the stylist James. He was pretty cool looking so I trusted him to dress me. The hair girl was called Diane and was really hot, so hot she probably could have turned me. I laughed at the thought and she smiled at me. Diane cut my hair so there was a really long half fringe that came down over one of my eyes. James put me in a pair of black Dickies full of holes patched up with red bandanas. He made them himself and they looked really cool. I had a famous stars and straps belt on around them and a pair of red and black Vans. I was looking around for a shirt but there wasn't one.

"Em James dude where's my shirt?"

"The photographer wants you to go shirtless."

I wasn't to sure about this. I stayed in the dressingroom for ages freaking out. Jerry came into talk to me.

"Dude whats up?"

"If I go shirtless I'll just look like a little kid."

"Hmm... ok I have an idea."

Jerry got a sharpie marker out of his bag and drew some wings on my belly just above the waistline of the shorts.

"Now you look hardcore dude."

"Cool. People will kinda expect to see the tattoo when I play live though?"

"Hmm I'll see what your parents say." Jerry laughed.

We did a whole load of photographs with Pierre and he showed me how to stand and stuff. Then he did individual pictures. Afterwards Scott patted me on the back.

"Great job Riley. The pictures look great. They'll have all the little girls wanting to marry you and more importantly buy your cd." Scott laughed.

"Em I don't do girls." I stuttered.

"What? Do you mean that literally or metaphorically?"

"Both I guess."

"Right well if you would keep that in the band it would be better. We need you to appeal to teen girls and if they think they can't have you they won't want to buy what your selling."

I wasn't really sure what to say to Scott so I went to talk to Jerry.

"Scott says I should keep the gay thing a secret."

"That's your decision not his." Jerry said.

"He says people won't buy our cd if they know I'm gay."

"I wouldn't listen to him."

"I think I'll just keep it a secret to be on the safe side."

Stevey dropped me home and the days flew by till Friday. The whole school day seemed to drag on and on. When I got home I had a shower and made some of the honey-lemon stuff Jerry had made me. I was feeling confident and ready to perform. Jerry had promised to get Ryan in and he was going to be here in half an hour to come with me for soundcheck. I was in preparation mode we didn't do the pre-show practices anymore there was no need we had our set pretty much perfect. We practiced three times a week and then played shows all weekend. I was wearing the clothes from the photoshoot with a plain black shirt that I'd written StarsBurnBryter on with a pink sharpie with a couple of stars and skulls and shit. It was 5 and we needed to leave in the next ten minutes and Ryan still wasn't here. I was just about to ring him when he came bursting in the door.

"Sorry I'm late. Band practice stretched on a bit."

"It's cool, you want head over to Jerry's house now?"

"Yeah sure."

Mike dropped us over and checked out the final design for the tattoo before leaving. Jerry drove me Ryan and Hailey to the venue and got us all in. Scott was waiting for us in the dressingroom with cds that had the photoshoot photos on them and a bunch of them done on glossy paper. I gave Ryan one of my close-ups and as soon as Scott left he was all over me.

"Oh my god they're so cute." Hailey beamed as she watched us.

I was sitting on Ryan's lap with his arms wrapped around my waist and his tongue exploring my mouth. Hailey took a photo of us and Jerry laughed.

"That so going to end up on her emoboys making out site."

"What?" I laughed.

"Yeah I've got a site with loads of pictures of emo boys making out." Hailey smiled.

For someone so innocent looking she was kinda kinky.

"You can post our pic if you give me a cd with all the other pics on it." Ryan bargained.

"That's a definite deal."

"Ok guys we don't need to soundcheck cuz it's the same soundguy as last time." Stevey shouted as he ran by the door.

"Well that means more freetime." Ryan smiled.

"Yep and the rooms empty." I smiled winking and waiting for everyone to leave.

I leaned forward biting on Ryan's lip with my hand sliding up his shirt, soon enough we were both shirtless and making out in the corner of the room. I was in the middle of taking Ryan's belt off when Jerry came in.

"Come on Riley we're on."

Ryan followed me to the side of the stage and I gave him a quick hug as I ran out on stage.

"San Diego....did you know that STARS BURN BRYTER." I screamed.

Jerry had told us earlier that the place was packed and a lot of the people were here to see if we were really as good as they had been told. This gig was important we really had something to prove. I ran round the stage like crazy messing with the crowd in-between songs. Halfway through our third song people started making their way on-stage and crowd surfing off. During the fourth song a girl ripped my shirt off mid-song. Each song was going perfectly and I could see Scott smiling and making phonecalls from the side of the stage. I climbed the barrier and managed to balance myself and sing at the same time. The crowd started pulling at me and I fell in but security had me out pretty quickly. We finished the show with a cover of Killing in the name of and I walked offstage exhausted.

Ryan had a towel for me when I made it into the dressingroom and I drank a bottle of water while he mopped the sweat off me. It took me a few minutes to calm down and when I did me and Ryan went off with Aaron to get some drinks. We managed to get drinks from loads of people who had enjoyed the show. I drank a few JagerBombers being careful not to get too buzzed. Aaron got completely smashed on tequila slammers and loads of shots of straight Jack. We made our way back to the dressingroom and Jerry drove everyone home. I was kinda buzzed and Ryan was laughing randomly but we were okay and Aaron's Dad's wouldn't be angry about something like this.

Ryan was staying in my place and it was hard work to make sure he didn't burst out laughing as I helped him up the stairs. When we got into my room he was swaying from side to side as he walked and I couldn't help but laugh.

"Dude your tanked."

"No I'm not I'm okay dude." Ryan whispered just as he tripped over his own feet and fell flat on his ass.

"Dude come on lets get you into bed before you hurt yourself."

"I think I like that idea." Ryan smiled.

I sat him down on the edge of the bed and undid his laces pulling off his red chucks and white cotton socks. His feet were tiny he only wore a size 6. I unzipped his hoody and folded it neatly before lifting his red and white quiksilver tee over his head. His belly was smooth with rippled muscles. Ryan lay back and rubbed his belly groaning.

"Dude I feel crappy."

"It's okay babe I'll take care of you." I smiled running a hand gently over his stomach.

I unbuckled his belt and undid the buttons on his jeans. I pulled them down revealing his thin tan legs and red check boxers.

"How you sleeping tonight babe?"

"How I usually sleep. I guess." Ryan replied sounding confused.

"Are you keeping the boxers or are you going nude?"

"Well I guess I'll be nice to you and let you see me butt neked."

"Somebody likes themselves a whole lot." I laughed.

"Yeah but I love you more then anyone."

My breath caught and I had to choke back a tear.

"I love you too man more then you could ever know."

I left Ryan's boxers on and climbed into bed with him. I wrapped an arm around him and pulled him close to me. My face rested on his shoulder and I could smell his sweet smell as I drifted off to sleep searching my dreams for words that would describe how much I loved him.