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Tales From Another Broken Home
Book 7:
The Rockstar Returns.
Chapter 59:
When The Days Slip By.

"Time to go, this is goodbye she said.
Does it ever get easier to live like this and
kiss the cheek, I can't kiss you anymore.
And I... I honestly love you now.
But I would lovingly let you down.

I have the hardest time resisting you.
And if you.
If you feel the same way then how can we be friends.
Just to let you know we can't go on like this
and I though I try to give you everything
and if I fail well then I fail but at least I gave you something
From "If I Fail." By Cartel.

Monday morning came to quickly for me. I hadn't slept more then three or four hours a night for the last couple of days and I was exhausted. I had band practice Tuesday and Thursday nights aswell as before shows if we were making any changes to the set. I was too exhausted to write anything down but ideas wouldn't stop flowing through my head, they kept me tossing and turning in bed. I had my homework done but it was pretty rushed and I wasn't sure how my teachers would react. I managed to miss my lift in with Carrie but Mike had a late start so he dropped me in. The day seemed to fly by me without me taking anything in at all. I had a few conversations where the other person did 99% of the talking. Ryan had detention so I hadn't seen him all day. He was in some of my classes but teachers had always separated us cuz we talked too much. When the final bell rang Ryan was waiting for me at my locker.

"Hey Ri."

"Hey Man." I yawned.

"God dude you look beat."

"Yeah you know 3 gigs in 3 nights kinda takes it out of ya."

"Yeah I guess."

"You wanna come back to my place? My Mom's not home till late."

"Okay cool but I'm exhausted dude so I'm not gonna be much fun."

We walked back to Ryan's place and I crashed on the couch while he went to make me coffee. The next thing I remember was being shaken back to life.

"Huh.....what...what's goin on?"

"You fell asleep dude. Here drink this."

"Oh thanks." I muttered as I drank a gulp of strong coffee.

"I was goin to leave you sleepin. You looked real cute." Ryan smiled.

"Well maybe you should have." I replied grumpily.

"Come on old man lets go upstairs and see if your still tired then." Ryan winked.

We went upstairs and I sat on Ryan's bed. I was so tired I was starting to get trippy. Ryan motioned for me to stand up and I just about managed to get myself standing. Ryan pulled my shirt over my head and I managed to trip over my own feet trying to get closer to him.

"I guess we better get you home dude." Ryan smiled.

"I'm sooo tired." I said with tears of frustration beginning to form in my eyes.

"It's okay Riley." Ryan comforted.

Ryan held me for awhile before I had another cup of coffee and he rang Mike who came to pick me up. When I got home I just went straight upto bed and passed out. I woke up the next morning and turned over to check the alarm clock. It was 11 am. As I started to try and pull myself out from underneath the covers my Mom walked into the room.

"No honey you stay in bed."

"I've got assignments to hand in."

"I already rang the school."

"Ok." I smiled as my head hit the pillow again.

"Your exhausted honey. I'm going to go get you some vitamins and stuff at the pharmacy."


"You sleep untill then ok."

I slept untill 2pm and then got up slowly. My Mom had gone to get some shopping done and the house was empty. I sat on my bed playing guitar for a while and then I called Jerry at work to find out if what time practice was at. He confirmed 8pm and I knew I was up for another late night. One that I couldn't really afford to have. I downed some coffee, watched a little t.v. and did some sit-ups before going to meet Ryan on his way home from school. His house was nearly always empty during the week. His Mom had started working to get her out of the house and actually enjoyed her job. My Mom only had another couple of months of hairdressing school left before she was qualified and then she'd be working too. I caught up with Ryan on the turn off for his street.

"Hey dude."

"Hey how come you weren't in school today?"

"I was so tired my Mom let me stay home."

"How you feelin now?" Ryan winked.

"Full of energy."

"So you wanna come in?"

"Of course."

I followed Ryan upto his room and he flicked on some music on his ITunes.

"You doin okay with all these gigs Ri?"

"Yeah I guess. I'm tired after all the late nights but I get such a buzz when I'm onstage."

"My bands playing a show on Sunday."

"Cool. What time?"

"Around 1pm it's an all-ages. You able to come?" Ryan said with his puppydog eyes goin into overdrive.

"Yeah. How could I miss your first gig."

Ryan kissed me "I love you."

"I love you more."

"I love you more then anyone has ever loved anyone." Ryan laughed.

I pulled him forward by the collar and kissed him on the lips. I lifted his shirt off and undid his belt. Ryan stood and kicked his pants off. I took my shirt off and shook my pants off too. We both stood there in our boxer shorts. I couldn't help but smile at Ryan's superman red and blue boxers.

"Dude they're so cute."

"Yeah, so I guess I'm your superman now." Ryan smiled.

"God that was cheesy." I laughed.

I pulled Ryan's boxers down and began to run a finger along his smooth shaft feeling it grow.

"You wanna...you know?"

I nodded and Ryan kissed me and we both fell back onto his bed. I wrapped my arms around his waist and turned him over face down.

"It's under my bed." Ryan gasped in between breaths.

I reached under his bed and grabbed some lube. I ran it up and down my cock and prepared myself.

"You ready dude?" I asked as I gently rubbed his lower back.

"Yeah man do it."

I entered him slowly and listened to him moan and groan.

"Keep going Ri."

I started to move in and out slowly.

"Fuck me Riley. Please." Ryan shouted.

I started moving faster and faster and I felt this intense pleasure all over my body and the faster I moved the better it got. Ryan was gasping for breath and screaming "Oh my god." I built up speed and then I felt my balls tighten and my breath catch as I shot deep inside Ryan. I pulled out and smiled at Ryan.

"Riley that was so good." Ryan gasped.

"Yeah I know dude."

Ryan grabbed me tight and kissed me on the cheek. I felt so close to him when he held me like that, it was better then sex and it gave me this tingly sensation all over my body. I needed him more then ever he was my support.

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