Tales from another broken home.
Chapter 6: A Diamond in the Rough.
Riley gets to know Mike better and has to deal with how fast his Mam's relationship is moving.

I woke up at 11am the next morning and headed out to Ryan's. My Mam smiled at me from the kitchen and insisted I eat some cereal bar thingy. I loved seeing her so happy every word was followed by a smile. She deserved this after her last few boyfriends and I was coming to realise I deserved it too. I was wearing the same clothes as the night before since Ryan was so impressed with them. I grabbed my deck and pulled a neat heelflip off the pavement before skating off towards Ryan's.

When I got to Ryan's I was once again greeted by Ryan's mam. "Hey Riley, Wow your looking pretty smart today. What's the occasion?". I decided to be honest "Oh my Mam had a date so I got new clothes cuz I had to go with her" "Thats nice honey" she smiled unconvincingly she gave me the look I always got from Carrie's parents. I hadn't been round to Carrie's cuz my lip was still kinda swollen and her parents always noticed everything. I couldn't wait till it healed up so I could tell her all about Ryan. "Anyways dear go on in. He's in the sitting room". I walked into the house and there was Ryan lying across a large sofa. He rolled over and then noticed me with a big smile spreading over his face. "Hey there Sexy" he smiled. "Wow man you look so hot in black" Not to toot my own horn but I was actually pretty impressed with how I cleaned up. A haircut and rigorous washing regime and I was looking almost hot.

Ryan's Mam was outside and would be around all day and since she wasn't as flakey as my Mam. We decided to go to the skatepark since we couldn't make out at his house we might as well have some fun. As we got nearer to the skatepark Ryan pulled out his cell and called Lewis and Steve. I always felt akward around the kids who had cellphones and ipods cuz I could never afford one. Anyways Lewis agreed to come out but Steve was too busy. We messed around trying to learn some new grinds but we kept on messing up so we got really bored really quick. Me and Ryan headed back to my place to find Mike's car in the drive. I knocked on the door and Mike opened it "How are yez Lads?" "ok" I answered and introduced him to Ryan. He shook both our hands and we both headed off to my room. "He seems nice" Ryan gushed. "Yeah I like him he's pretty cool" As we were talking my Mam opened the door "Riley Im going out with Mike so I'll be gone till late ok? Your little friend can stay here if you like" Ryan beamed at her "Id like that" Ryan rang his parents and they agreed to let him stay. Mike came in before they left and slipped me 50 bucks patting my back and saying "have fun lads and be good" "I could get used to this guy" I thought to myself.

I decided to invite Carrie over. She knew Ryan from school. I had met him for the first time when I moved to San Diego about 6 months ago and we had grown closer over the summer. I only had 3 weeks of summer holidays left and I intended to make the most of them. "Ry is it ok if I invite Carrie over for a while?" he seemed a little reluctant "I suppose so". "Ry she knows that I like guys so you can say or do what you want while she's here" Ryan smiled he actually looked relieved . I rang Carrie and she arrived about 10 mins later. "So whats the big news Ri" she looked over at Ryan who was sitting on the couch "Oh Hey Ryan!". He smiled back at her. "Em well Carrie em..." Ryan walked over and held my hand "were going out" he said finishing my sentence. Carrie looked a little shocked for a minute but then squealed "Oh my God you guys are sooo cute together" she gushed wrapping me in a tight hug and then turning to Ryan and doing the same. We ordered pizza and watched movies for a while and then Carrie took the hint and left with a quick "Be good little boys"

"Hey Ryan Im pretty dirty I think I need a shower man" "ok" Ryan said "I'll just watch T.V then" "Well I was actually kinda hoping you'd join me" I winked. Ryan didn't need telling twice and before I knew it his pants were around his ankles and his shirt was off. We both stripped each other off and got into the warm shower. I ran my hands down Ryan's face and rested them on his shoulders as I began to lick his nipples again. I'd noticed how much he enjoyed that last time. I gently ran my tongue over his nipples untill they were left as hard as bullets. Ryan groaned softly his cock rising as I licked. I grabbed his hard cock and began to slowly stroke it. He kept groaning and I noticed his hand move onto my abs and downwards massaging my balls with one hand and rubbing my ass with the other. I felt a surge of electricity shoot through me. I felt the familiar jolt in Ryan's hips and began to wash the spunk of his hard cock with a washcloth. "My God Riley I love you" he was so sweet and he always knew what to say "I love you too man" we seemed to be saying those words a lot lately and I was surprised that I actually meant them. I had always thought that saying "I love you" was a shortcut to getting in somebody's pants. I know that's how my Mam was duped by so many assholes.

After our shower we were both pretty beat so I suggested we go to bed. Ryan seemed to think it was a good idea. I had a lock on my door so I invited him into my bed. As we both lay in bed in our boxers Ryan looked at me "God Riley were like a married couple this is so cool" I couldn't help but smile he was so cute when he was being all innocent. We lay there relaxing for a while but I couldn't keep my hands off my hot little boyfriend. I rolled over on top of him and kissed him on the lips over and over again. He slipped a little tongue in as we rolled around in the bed. I felt his hand slip underneath the band of my boxers. He slowly began to stroke and massage my cock. He kept stroking untill I came and then we both lay back and fell asleep in each others arms.

In the morning I woke up with Ryans head on my chest. "Hey sleeping beauty" I smiled as I nudged him gently. His green eyes flickered to life and I gave him a quick peck before kissing him on the cheek. I walked down the hall and into the kitchen "Hey Mam" I called as I grabbed some juice "Em Riley,...." as she stuttered Mike walked out of the bathroom. "Oh, how are ya doin there little man?" he stuttered nervously. I was shocked they had been out twice and already they were doing it. "I suppose you have some questions" my Mam smiled reassuringly as she put her arm around Mike. "No" I squirmed and ran for the door. I wasn't about to talk to them about sex. I barely knew Mike that would be waaay to embarrassing. I called Ryan "Come on were heading out" and we both left the house. I avoided Mike's eyes as he waved goodbye.

"Whats the big hurry about?" Ryan muttered as we walked down the street. "In case you didnt notice man Mike's still in my house this morning." Ryan looked confused for a minute but then it hit him "Oh my god were they doing it?" "Well they wanted to talk to me about something so I needed to get out of there incase they wanted some sort of sex talk" I blushed. We headed to Ryan's house and we spent the evening playing PS2. I avoided seeing my Mam for as long as possible but around 7pm Ryan's mom politely suggested I leave.

Walking down the street I had a million things running through my head. I reached deep into my pocket and pulled out my pack of smokes and a lighter. I hadn't smoked in a while but tonight I needed my fix. I took one out and lit up. The first drag calmed me and every one after that was a bonus. As I got nearer the house I threw it on the ground and tossed some chewing gum in my mouth. I knocked on the door and my Mam opened it. "Riley baby you didn't have to run off" "I know Mom but I was just embarrassed around around Mike" on that note Mike appeared from behind the doorway "How ya doin Riley" he smiled. His smile reassured me he hadn't taken offense to my last comment. "Riley me and Mike want to give this a real go. We think we could be good together ya know." my Mam said nervously. "Riley your mam's told me that her boyfriends haven't always treated you so good I'm just letting you know I'd never do anything like that ok." He put his arm around my shoulder and gave me a gentle hug. I hadn't been hugged by a man since my Grandfather who had died about 5 years ago. I melted in his strong arms and I could see tears welling up in my Mams eyes. I rested my face on his shoulder "Thanks Mike"