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Tales From Another Broken Home
Book 7:
The Rockstar Returns.
Chapter 60:
Hit The Road Running Son.

"Stop now theres no point in breathing
it's not allowed
on the surface how can you find reason to go on.

Untill then you can't runaway,
Do your best to hide your face.
And Oh I know you best,
I know you get what you get you get what you deserve.

Hush now don't say a word
it's out in the open
and tell me how can you deal with all this weight
Speak now must have a secret
Kept down down where you can keep it
But I need you to spill your guts.

Untill then you can't runaway,
Do your best to hide your face.
And Oh I know you best,
I know you get what you get you get what you deserve.
From "Runaway." By Cartel.

The school day dragged by as I tried not to fall asleep in class. As usual Art, English and Music were good and the others were.......hmm well I was kinda asleep for math and science. Hailey picked me up from school on her moped. After the last show she had made me promise to come see her for one of her Chinese therapies.

"Hey bunny."

She had taken to calling me bunny for some reason that she hadn't explained yet but it had something to do with honey.

"Hey Hailey." I smiled hopping on the bike.

Hailey brought me back to Jerry's house and guided me into the spare bedroom. There was a plynth and loads of candles setup.

"Ok bunny you can leave your clothes on the chair over there. I'll be back in a minute."

"Oh ok. Em how naked should I be?" I laughed nervously not really knowing what was going on.

"Most guys go down to the boxers."

"Oh ok."

"It's ok bunny. I won't do anything to crazy to you."

I left my clothes on the chair and lay on the plynth. Hailey came in and turned on some crazy chanting music. I was half asleep when I felt a strange feeling on my back. I looked over and there was little needles sticking out of my back.

"It's okay bunny. They don't even leave a mark."

I did feel relaxed so I let her continue. Midway through the session Jerry knocked on the door and walked in.

"Riley when your done come out here to me. I've got some great news."

"He's going to be another half hour so you can wait till then." Hailey said sternly.

I was nearly asleep when Hailey ruffled my hair and offered me a glass of water.

Jerry burst in the doorway as I was getting dressed.

"Guess what?"


"We're going on tour for the whole summer."

"No way dude."

"Yeah Scott just rang."

"That's crazy."

"He's grouping us up with some other bands he manages."

"Do the others know?"

"Nope but they're on their way."

The others arrived fairly quickly and when they heard the news everyone was jumping about hugging each other.

"Hailey's friends having a party tonight we should play an acoustic set there to celebrate." Jerry suggested.

"Yeah that's cool man. I've got some bongo's I've been wanting to try out." Aaron laughed.

Jerry drove me back to Mike's and came in with me to help convince my Mom.

"Mom guess what...Scott's booked us to tour for the summer...it's gonna be great...can I go...please...please?"

"Ok I didn't really catch any of that." Mom laughed.

"Can I go?"

"Ok, Jerry you gonna tell me what's got him so excited?"

"Scott arranged for us to go on tour with two other bands."

"Ok what does that involve?"

"Well it involves the band in an R.V. for most of the summer, playing gigs everynight."

"all right. You gonna promise to mind my only child, my little boy like he was your own kid?"

"I promise."

"Well then it's ok with me."

"Is it ok if Riley plays a gig with us tonight? It'd just be till eleven."

"Well if you get him back here by eleven then that should be ok."

"You can stay at my place till we leave for the party if ya want?"

"Thanks Papa Jerry." I laughed.

When we got back to Jerrys house someone had just pulled into the drive.

"Oh fuck." Jerry said hopping out of the car.

"Sorry about that Mac I totally forgot you were coming over."

"You still want to do it today?"

"Yeah but I gotta go to a party at 8."

"Yeah it wont take that long."

I walked over and stood next to Jerry.

"Oh Mac, this is Riley. Riley, Mac."

"So you're the amazing singer."

"Yep." I smiled.

"Mac taught me how to tattoo and pretty much saved my life."

"Oh cool." I smiled.

"I asked him to tattoo my fingers today. You can chill with Hailey if you want or your welcome to watch."

"I'll watch if thats ok."


Macl setup his stuff in the front room while Jerry drank a couple of glasses of water and took some tablets.

"Hailey got them for me. They speed up healing." Jerry explained.

I sat and watched Mac tattoo the words Love and Hate on Jerry's fingers. When he was finished he covered the tattoos in a cream and wrapped them in ceram wrap.

"What do you think Riley?" Mac smiled.

"They're so cool."


Mac packed up and left and Hailey came in to check out Jerry's new ink.

"I can't bear seeing him in pain." She sighed.

We ate some noodles Hailey had cooked and headed for the party. The party had already started when we got there and Aaron was dancing on the kitchen table in his underwear. Jerry setup in the centre of the room and we played five of our songs and a cover of a Smiths song. I went over and sat with Hailey and her friends while the rest of the band put there guitars away.

"Guys this is my little bunny Riley." Hailey smiled pulling me onto her lap and wrapping me in her arms.

"Oh he's soo cute."

The girls were all like Hailey except for one thing, they all drank. I had downed about 5 shots in ten minutes when one of the girls put a bottle on the ground and spun it. The bottle pointed directly at me.

"Oh....no...I'm taken...I don't cheat."

"Well your gonna have to make it up to me." The girl pouted.


"Everytime the bottle points at you you gotta take something off." The girl laughed.

"Ok I guess."

"Riley I don't think thats a good idea. What would Ryan think?"

"Who's Ryan." The girl asked.

"His boyfriend."

"Well it's not cheating so he'll be okay with it."

"Well go on honey." The girl smiled.


"The bottle pointed at you."

I smiled and threw my hoody at her. The girls kept pouring me drinks and before I knew it my shirt and shorts were off. I was knocking back a shot when all the girls cheered. I looked down and the bottle was pointing straight at me.

"Ok Riley show us what ya got." One of the girls laughed.

"I don't think so."

"Aww you don't play fair."

I dropped my boxers for about five seconds before pulling them up.

"Impressed?" I smiled before walking off.

I hung round with Aaron and smoked a couple of joints before Jerry and Hailey dragged me into the car. They tried to sober me up with take away coffee but it didn't do much good and I managed to fall over walking up the driveway. Jerry helped me put my keys in the door and decided to lift me up the stairs and into bed before heading out and closing the door behind him.

"Night Riley."

"Night Papa Jerry."

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