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Tales From Another Broken Home
Book 7:
The Rockstar Returns.
Chapter 64:
Carnivale Nights.

"Can't you can't you feel it
...it's rolling of your lips
Tensing up your shoulders
Come on
Just say it
Say it is
If it's love
Make it hurt
I deserve it
If it's love
I'll give up in you
The keys to the castle are right where I left them
Princess, princess, princess.
From "Bonus Mosh Pt.II." By Taking Back Sunday.

I woke next to Ryan, we were on the way to New Orleans. The Dallas show had been crazy, we all got really drunk and managed to mess up most of the songs. Jerry was pissed off with everyone so there was no drinking before shows anymore. I looked over at Ryan, he was still asleep his chest rising and falling gently as he slept. I couldn't help but smile as I watched him. Hailey had cut his hair really super emo and he had a load of different coloured highlights running through it. His nostrils flared and made a gentle whistling sound as he rolled over onto his belly. I kissed his cheek as I grabbed some boxers and made my way into the front area of the r.v. Hailey was cooking when I walked by.

"Hey there." She smiled.

"Hey, Jerry still pissed off with us?"

"I'm pretty sure he's calmed down. He's working on Aaron in his bunk over there."

I looked over and Aaron was getting some sort of text tattooed on his arm.

"If you go over and give him a hug he won't be able to stay mad at you. That's how I get back on his good side." She smiled.

"Ok, he was pretty angry after the Dallas show."

"I know but he has a history with alcohol and drugs so he doesn't like seeing you younger guys getting loaded like that. Anyways sit down and have some breakfast."

Hailey made eggs with some herbs and stuff. We hadn't eaten any meat in nearly a week and I felt pretty good, me and Ryan were pretty much veggie now. Hailey was super happy when we told her and made us xxveggiecorexx t-shirts. I was enjoying the eggs with some o.j. when Ryan came strolling in.

"Hey." He yawned smiling.

We had breakfast together and Ryan managed to get egg all over his lips. I leaned over and wiped his lips gently with my finger and kissed him softly.

"Get a room you guys." Hailey laughed.

I kissed Ryan again and grabbed his hand, dragging him back to our bed. I pushed him down on to the bed and crawled onto his hips.

"Was last night not enough for you?" Ryan laughed.

"I can never get enough of you."

"Well I guess I better keep you entertained then." Ryan smiled as he pulled me down by the waistband of my underwear.

We kissed and touched each other. Our heads on the pillow, I kissed his soft pink lips and slid my tongue in as they gently parted. I could taste him, smell the lust in his breath, his eyes staring straight into mine and his lips curved upwards into a contented smile. His hands as usual rested on my hips and mine lay on his chest and shoulders. My cellphone rang as my hand reached for his stomach.

"Sorry it's probably my Mom." I groaned rolling over and grabbing the phone.

"Hey Mom."

"Baby...I've got great news."

"Yeah, what?"

"Your going to have a little sister."

"Really wow."

"Are you doing okay honey?"

"Yep. The shows are going great, we've sold loads of shirts and stuff."

"Well that's good. You miss your Moma even a little?"

"Of course I do."

"Well honey I gotta go but you have a great time and stay safe..oh and Mike says Hi."

"Love ya Mom."

"Me too honey I love you and miss you."

The cell went dead as Aaron walked in.

"Kicks ass huh?" He smiled showing us the new tattoo on his arm.

The tattoo was a star surrounded by flames with SBB written inside it.

"Wow that kicks ass."

"Yeah Jerry did it for free."

"Is he still pissed off?"

"Nah. He's cool with us."

I walked into the main area of the r.v. and sat down next to Jerry.

"Hey Jerry."

"What? Am I not Papa Jerry anymore?" He laughed.

"I'm sorry bout Dallas."

"It's okay Riley. You guys just gotta cool it with the drinking."

"Thanks Papa Jerry." I beamed.

"So I've got the nickname back then. Maybe I should have stayed angry." Jerry laughed.

"Aaron's tattoo kicks ass man."


"You think you could do something for me?" I said pouting with my lower lip.

"Your Mom would freak Riley."

"She'd never know."

"Well maybe if you say someone else did it."

"Jerry you rock." I laughed hugging him.

"I didn't say yes yet."

"But you're gonna." I smiled walking off.

We arrived in New Orleans at about 7 that evening but the show wasn't starting till like 12. We were playing on the main street on a tiny stage so there was no merch stall or sound check or anything really but the promoter was paying big bucks at least I think he was, we weren't getting payed untill the end of the tour. The bus pulled up in a car park just outside the city and we went to explore the city. We hung around the main street taking in the sights. Well if you can call slutty drunk girls flashing for beads sight seeing. The rest of the band disappeared off but Me and Ryan stuck with Hailey and Jerry. We went and had a coke watching a few of the bands on before us. We had arranged to meet at eleven but none of the rest of the band were at the meeting point. It didn't take long to find them, they were all at a bar across the street and Aaron was completely loaded.

"Dude I told you not to drink till that healed." Jerry shouted at Aaron.

"Oh sorry man I forgot." Aaron mumbled.

"Come on we gotta go play."

We got on stage at exactly twelve and the insane crowd invaded the stage after only one song. Everyone was dancing onstage and Jerry ended up in the crowd trying to keep the bass lines going. Aaron played an insane show even though he was completely smashed. Ryan got up onstage and sang with me, he knew all the words and arrangements and his voice was pretty cool. The security ended up dragging people from the stage and we had Ryan hide behind the drum kit so he could stay up. After the show everyone had a few cuts and bruises. Jerry had a big bruise on his chest and I had a cut on my hand from some guys broken beer bottle.

"You're gonna have to go to the emergency room." Jerry frowned.


"You could have an infection."

"I'll be okay just put some bandage on it."

"Nope I promised your Mom I'd take care of you. We'll take the van to the emergency room and catch up with the others in Miami."

We spent an hour waiting in the emergency room untill a doctor cleaned and dressed the wound and sent us on our way minus $150. I sat up front with Jerry in the van and we listened to music and talked.

"You really gonna tattoo me?"

"I'm still thinking about it. Why what do you want done?"

"Those wings you drew on for the photoshoot."

"Hmm.. they were pretty cool."

"Anyways we need to get writing for the record."

"Are we definitely recording?"

"Yep as soon as we get back we're hitting a studio in the bay for a week."

"That's crazy."

"Yep but Scott wants at least 18 songs."

"Wow, we've only got like 12."

"Yep but Aarons working on one, I've got a few ideas and I'm sure you've got some."

"Well I've got a few lyrics in my notepad that I like."

"Cool. Aaron's laptop is setup so you can record guitar parts into it."

"Wow that's crazy."

"Yep I've already recorded some bass lines on it and Stevey's done some guitar parts."

"I'll hook my strat upto it and record some stuff."

"Ok little dude you should get some sleep."

"Well I'm kinda tired."

"You can sleep in the bed back there or grab a blanket and sleep here."

"I think I'll stay up front with you Papa Jerry."

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