The following contains material of an adult nature, specifically consensual sexual contact between men.  If you do not wish to be exposed to such material, or are legally prohibited from viewing it,  DO NOT PROCEED.  Certain acts depicted do not conform to safe sex guidelines.  The first part of this story takes place in the late seventies before the full extent of the AIDS epidemic was known, and should be viewed from that perspective.

Tales from the Weight Room

by K. W. Bennett

Chapter Fifteen:  An Unexpected Guest.

    Dan and I arrived at the pool to be greeted by the sight of eight teenage studs cavorting naked in the water.  They were engaged in a spirited game of  "Dunk the Chump".
    This was the name we had for what was essentially "Tag" in the water.  This aquatic variation required the person who was "it" to avoid being dunked by the others.  After the dunking, the offensive players became defensive, trying to avoid being caught and becoming "it".
    Dan stripped quickly and jumped into the pool.  I took my time, still not quite comfortable with the idea of being naked in front of a group of people.
    I was dawdling over removing my underwear, my back to the pool.  Stu and Gil left the water, snuck up behind me and threw me into the pool.
    When I broke the surface, Cam and Greg took hold of my arms while Norm and Randy peeled my boxers off.  Being manhandled by these hot football jocks overcame my embarassment so I joined in the game.
    Ian was "it".  He decided to single me out as the most likely to be caught easily.  He soon discovered I was much more agile in the water than he expected.  After persuing me for five minutes or so, he gave up and went after Stu.
    Stu was an easier mark.  Within a minute or so, the game switched to the offensive.  Stu managed to stave off several attempts to "dunk" him, then he was caught.
    The game continued for about a half hour or so, with everyone having a turn at being "it".  In the end we were all tired but still pumped with exitement.
    We moved to the Pool House to shower and dry off.  There was the usual kibbitzing and horse-play in the showers, and by the time we were towelling off, the entire company were sporting hard-ons.
    We quickly moved to the change area, throwing several lounge cushions and air matresses on the floor, effectively covering it with a comfortable padding for the fun which would follow.
    We started out paired almost exactly as the night before; the exceptions being; I was with Dan, and Gil was paired with Stu.
    Norm and Randy were tentatively exploring one another's bodies, but avoiding any real contact of a sexual nature.  Gil noticed this and whispered to Stu.
    The rest of us were kissing and fondling one another, slowly working ourselves up to a level of passion appropriate for the circumstances.
    Stu moved to sit beside Norm and Randy.

    "You guys OK?  If you're having second thoughts, it's all right to stop."

    "It's not that." said Randy "We just don't know how to start."

    "I see.  Well, why don't you go with Gil, and I'll stay here with Norm.  We're not exactly experts, but we've had a little more experience with this."

    Norm and Randy exchanged glances, then Randy nodded and moved over to where Gil was sitting.  Stu leaned forward to kiss Norm lightly on the mouth, then moved lower, planting soft kisses on Norm's neck and chest.  His exploration led him to the right nipple, which stood out from Norm's chest like the eraser on the end of a pencil.
    Stu gently took the soft nubbin of flesh between his teeth, chewing and licking it.  Norm shuddered with pleasure and moved his hand behind Stu's head.
    Norm slowly moved his other hand to envelop Stu's throbbing manhood.  He marvelled at the rush of lust which coursed thorugh his body when he grasped Stu's cock in his slender fingers.  He could feel the beat of Stu's heart in the throbbing head.
    Overcome by the moment, he pulled Stu off his nipple, planting a wet, passionate kiss on Stu's mouth, probing the orifice with his tongue, seeking entry.
    Stu obliged, and soon the two of them were rolling on the cushions, locked in a steamy embrace.  As they rolled, they ground their hips together, mashing their hard pricks against each other.
    Randy and Gil had watched this performance up to the point where Stu began suckling Norm's nipple.  When Norm shuddered, Randy lost all inhibition.  He grasped Gil's shoulders and drew the surprised youth into a strong embrace.
    Gil lost no time in reacting.  He threw his arms around Randy, leaning forward to kiss his horny buddy full on the mouth.  Their tongues danced momentarily, then plunged as deep into the other's mouth as they could reach.
    Their hard cocks sparred mindlessly as they vented their passion on one another.  Randy broke the embrace, diving for Gil's dick.  He surprised both Gil and himself when he swallowed the thick love pole up to the hilt.
    Gil's pubes tickled Randy's nostrils as his balls set up a smacking rhythm on Randy's chin.  Randy gobbled all six inches of Gil's stiff prick like a man possessed, taking the head deep into his throat, then sliding it out to his lips, only to plunge it back down again.
    Gil gasped at the feelings of ecstacy which ran through his body from the ministrations of his cock hungry, jock buddy.
    Norm and Stu were watching this hot scene, still locked in their embrace.  Stu disentagled himself from Norm to move behind Randy as he knelt in front of Gil.  Norm moved under Randy, taking Randy's cock into his mouth.  Stu leaned forward and began to lick Randy's asshole.
    Gil knelt down and Randy moved to accomodate the new position.  Gil caught my eye, motioning for me to come and stand in front of him.  I moved over to straddle Randy's back, giving Gil the access to my cock which he obviously wanted.  Gil leaned in and began slowly tonguing my hard prick.
    Norm lay down on his back, Dan moved to take Norm's now accessible dick into his mouth.  Norm jumped slightly as Dan's wet mouth encompassed his prick.
    Cam and Greg moved to the group.  Cam took Stu's cock into his mouth, while Greg moved behind Stu to start a furious rim job.
    Jordan and Ian stood back for a moment or two, surveying the complicated positioning of mouth on cock, mouth on ass, trying to determine where they might join in without hindrance to anyone's enjoyment.
    They deliberated for a moment, then Jordan moved under Greg.  Ian moved over Cam.  Almost in unison, they popped the hard jock cocks into their respective mouths and began sucking.
    The room was silent, broken only occasionally by a soft moan or slurp.  Suddenly, a voice eminated from the doorway.

    "Well, I've heard of the fabled Mongolian Cluster Fuck!   What's this, a Mongolian Cluster Suck?"

    We all froze, dick in mouth, tongue in ass.  I was the only one with the ability to turn my head.  I looked at the door to see a figure standing there, outlined by the red light of dusk.  I couldn't make out who it was until the figure moved forward into the light of the room.
    I fully expected to be greeted by the sight of a stranger, or possibly one of the guys from the night before.  Imagine my surprise when the figure resolved itself into our Phys-Ed/History teacher Mr. Cooper!
    He was shirtless, a green towel draped over his shoulders.  His lower body was encased in a pair of red nylon track pants.  There were sneakers on his feet, no socks.  He moved further into the room, then stood with his hands on his hips.

    "I hope I'm not interrupting anything, but Gil invited me to the party on Friday.  I told him I couldn't make it till tonight.  He must've forgot he'd invited me.  Or did you stage this little scene for my amusement?"

    While he was speaking, he removed his track pants to reveal a blue and white striped Speedo, the front of which was straining to contain his massive genitalia.
    Gil had removed my cock from his mouth.

    "'s not what you think Coop..."

    "Really?  Well that's too bad.  I was kinda hopin' it would be."

    "I beg your pardon!" I said.

    "Well, I thought this was a bunch of horny gay guys having a bit of fun.  I was happy to see it 'cause I knew I'd fit right in.  But if it's not what I think, I'll just get dressed and wait to hear what it really is."

    He reached for his track pants as we disentangled ourselves and gathered around him.

    "Hold on a second, Coop!" said Dan "Are you tryin' to say you're gay and you'd like to join us?"

    "Sharp as ever Daniel!  That's exactly what I'm saying!"

    "But you're a teacher!"

    "Which doesn't preclude the possibility I could also be gay.  You're a football player, Keith's the SAC President.  When you found out about each other, did that make any difference?"

    "Whattaya mean 'found out about each other'?  What makes you think we're gay?"

    "Besides the evidence right before my eyes?  The other day when I ran into Keith in the gymnastics room, I already knew he was gay.  Why do you think I put on that little performance for him in the shower?"

    "Uh, Coop?" I said "It wasn't me who saw that little show, it was Ian here.  But even so, I still don't understand how you know."

    "Ian!?  But I was sure he'd left.   I heard the door open twice.  The second time I thought it was you following me in.  Anyway, I was in the gymnastics room earlier in the day when you and Dan had your little tete a tete.  I came up to the weight room door.  I was going to remind you about your seminar, but I heard the sounds of two people making out.  I opened the door a crack and saw what you two were doing.  It doesn't take a PhD to figure out the rest."

    "I see." said Ian "You went back to the gymnastics room later in the day hoping to run into Keith and Dan.  You wanted to tell them you're gay too, but you were thrown when Keith said he was meeting me.  You decided to stage that little performance in the shower hoping he'd hang around long enough to talk to you."

    "Exactly!  That's why you get A's all the time Ian, you know how to think!  I decided to take Gil up on his offer because I thought I might have a chance to talk to the two of you alone.  I didn't expect to walk into an orgy with half the football team!  I didn't realize there were this many gays in the same high school!"

    We all looked at one another, smiling.  I put my hand on Coop's shoulder and said,

    "It's a little more complicated than that Coop.  We've got quite a mixed bag here tonight."

    "What do you mean?"

    "We're not all gay.  Five of us are, one's a bisexual, and the rest are curious straight guys!"

    "But from what I saw..."

    "It's a long story.  I can tell you about it now, or you can shuck those Speedos and join in.  Maybe you can try and figure out who's what over the course of the festivities.  We'll have a little test when we're done!"

    Everyone laughed, causing Coop to look a little embarrassed.

    "I don't know if that's a good idea, Keith.  As somebody pointed out, I'm a teacher.  I could lose my job if word got out I spent Saturday night having sex with some of my students."

    "That's bullshit and you know it!" said Jordan "Nobody here is gonna say a word!  The gay guys have too much to protect, and the straight ones won't implicate themselves.  I understand the ethical dilemma, but you breached your ethics when you put on that show in the shower."

    "Easy Jordy!" said Dan "You don't have to get so steamed.  He does have a point, even though I agree with you."

    "I'm not steamed, I'm horny!  Can't anyone just get into havin' a little fun without analyzin' it six ways from Sunday?  I've heard more philosphizin' in the last week than I've heard in my whole life!"

    "Amen to that!" said Stu "We're wastin' valuable fuckin' time here.  I say if you wanna do it, do it!  I know you guys want to be sure we know what we're in for, but we're all old enough to know what's what.  I appreciate the concern, but my dick couldn't care less!"

    "And on that note," I said "the ball's back in your court Coop.  We'd love to have you join in, but if you don't think you should, we'll understand."

    "Fuck it!  Jordan's right!  I've spent my whole life hiding who I am from the world.  I haven't had sex with another guy for way too long, and the last time I didn't even see his face!  Here I am dithering about my ethics when there're ten horny studs practically begging me to join them in the hottest action I've ever seen!"

    Coop peeled off his Speedos to reveal his almost fully hard, twelve inch cock.  His compact body was tensed with pent up sexual desire. When I wrapped my hand around his swollen member he let out a gutteral moan which left no doubt about his readiness to join in the fun.
    I fell to my knees, stuffing as much of that mammoth prick as I could into my mouth.  It was so thick, my jaw was open as wide as it could go. I could only manage about three inches of the length without choking.
    The others moved into the same positions they held before Coop's arrival.  The only differences were; Gil straddled my back to be blown by Coop, Randy replaced Jordan in blowing Greg, and Jordan moved behind Coop to give the teacher a rim job.
    I gradually relaxed my throat and was able to accomodate a few more inches of Coop's massive meat.  Tears welled up in my eyes, but I was determined to swallow the entire thing or die in the attempt!
    Coop remained as motionless as possible; considering the expert rimming he was getting from Jordan's tongue.
    Over the next few minutes, my world consisted of nothing but the twelve inches of fuck flesh separating my nose from Coop's pubes.  Inch by agonizing inch I swallowed my prize.
    I had dreamed of getting into Coop's pants from the time he joined the staff.  I never considered I might actually have the chance, so I was revelling in the fulfillment of my fantasy.
    Finally, only a half inch of stud meat separated me from attaining my objective.  With one final push, my nose was surrounded by Coop's pubes.  I recognized the scent of Johnson's Baby Shampoo in his pubic bush.
    Coop began to tremble as the last half inch disappeared into my mouth.  The head of his prick expanded in my throat and I could feel him tensing his legs to stave off the impending geyser of cum.
    Jordan sensed the imminent orgasm, so reached out to pull down on Coop's nuts.  Coop held his breath, and soon the climax was averted.
    Coop pulled off Gil's cock and said,

    "Thanks Jordan, I don't want to cum yet.  I'm just getting started!"

    "No problem Coop!  But I really did it for myself.  I want that hot load up my butt and I figured you'd take a while to get recharged!  By the way, call me Jordy."

    Coop nodded, returning his attention to Gil.  He reached around with both hands to begin massaging Gil's ass cheeks.  He held them apart and began rubbing the pink rosebud, gently at first, but with gradually increasing pressure.  Gil, remembering the pleasure of the night before, spurred him on to go further.

    "That's it Coop!  That feels so go-o-o-od!  Stick one in me!  Please!  Poke my nasty butthole with your hot finger!  Do it!  C'mon!  Please!  Oh Yeah!  YEAH!!"

    Without further encouragement, Coop lubed up a finger with saliva and slid it into Gil's waiting hole.  The response was intantaneous.  Gil began to moan,

    "O-o-o-o-ooh Yess-s-s-s-ssssss!  I love the way that f-f-f-fe-e-e-els!  Fuck me with it!  Yeah!  That's it!  Give me mo-o-o-or-r-r-re!  M-m-m-m-m-o-o-o-or-r-rrrrre!  Shove another one up there!  This is so fucking GREAT!!"

    Coop inserted first one, then two more fingers into Gil's hole.  This elicited more ecstatic moans and purring encouragement from Gil.
    Jordan had stopped tonguing Coop's sphincter.  He began a leisurely assault on Coop's love tunnel with two of his fingers.
    I had stopped my ministrations to Coop's massive boner after his orgasm was narrowly averted.  I began working on his balls, taking them into my mouth one at a time and gently chewing on the tender organs.  When Jordan began to finger fuck the hot gymnast, I moved my tongue farther back to lick the perineum, that area of sensitive flesh between the ass and the ballsack.
    I felt Stu's tongue move away from my ass, so I shifted position quickly to give me greater access to Coop's hot butt.  As Jordan finger fucked him, I provided additional lubricant by coating Jordan's fingers with saliva on the upstroke.
    Even after I shifted position, Norm continued sucking on my cock.  His technique was impressive for someone who had only put a dick in his mouth for the first time on the previous evening.  He made long swooping downstrokes, then used his tongue to great effect as he moved up my shaft, pausing to tickle the head before swooping down again.
    Stu had moved behind Gil to nuzzle the young blond's neck with soft kisses and gentle bites.  Gil, who was already in flights of ecstacy from Coop's fingers, decided he wanted more.

    "Stuie, man!  I gotta have somethin' bigger!  I need to get fucked buddy!  I want your hot cock up my ass!  Please fuck me Stuie!  Please buddy!  I really, REALLY need it!"

    This outpouring of lust stopped everyone dead in their tracks.  I wriggled out from under Gil, as the rest of the guys moved away, leaving Coop, Jordan, Gil, and Stu in the middle of the floor.  Stu said,

    "Are you sure about this Gil?  I mean, I'd love to, but are you sure?"

    "I've never been more sure of anything in my life, man!  This is fucking hot!  I don't care what anyone says, I need to get fucked, and RIGHT NOW!!!"

    Dan went over to his gym bag, pulled out a tube of KY and tossed it to Stu.

    "You heard the man!  Slick 'er up and go to town!"

    Coop changed position to kneel beside Gil, his fingers still wedged in the slim blonde's ass.  Stu unscrewed the top of the KY jelly, slathering his six and a half inches with the cool lubricant.
    Coop reached for the tube, squeezing some of the jelly onto the fingers in Gil's ass.  As the penetration of his fingers became easier, Gil reacted like a man possessed.

    "C'mon Stuie!  Dick me!  Gimme that stud meat!  I can't wait no more!  I want to feel it inside me!  That's it!  Shove it in!  All the way, baby!  ALL THE WAY-Y-Y-I-I-I-E-E-E-E!!!!!  Oh yeah!  That's the spot!  OH YEAH!!!!!"

    Stu had moved up behind Gil, and with Coop's help, replaced the fingers with his hard cock.  We watched fascinated as Gil bucked and moaned, enthralled by the sensation of a warm, hard prick in his virgin ass.
    Norm whispered to me,

    "Look at him!  He's really gettin' off on it!  Jeez!  It's gotta hurt though!"

    "Does he look like it hurts?  If you've been loosened up like he has, the pain, if any, is over pretty quick.  It's the initial intrusion that hurts the worst."

    "It's hard for me to admit, but it sure looks hot!  You wanna fuck me Keith?"

    "If you think you're ready Norm, I'd be happy to!"

    "Oh, I'm ready all right!  If I enjoy it half as much as Gil, I'm more than ready, I can't fuckin' wait!"

    Norm and I moved away from the two blondes locked in a mutual rhythm of lust and pleasure.  I rooted around in Dan's gym bag, discovering three more tubes of KY.  I took one and said,

    "That's my Danny!  Ready for anything!"

    We moved a little further away from the group.  Greg and Randy watched us leave, then Randy turned to whisper something in Greg's ear.  Greg nodded, and the two of them approached Norm and I.  Randy looked at Dan's gym bag and said,

    "Any more of that stuff in there?"

    "There's another couple of tubes," I said "but why don't you join us over here?  We can share this one.  I have a feeling Dan might have plans for the others!"

    The four of us moved to a spot away from the action where we wouldn't interfere with the others.  Norm and Randy knelt down on the cushions facing one another.
    Greg moved behind Randy, I took up my position behind Norm.  My eyes met Greg's and a mutual understanding flashed between us.  We both knelt simultaneously to begin rimming the two hot football jocks.
    Randy moaned softly, then leaned forward to kiss Norm.  They moved their torsos upright to engage in a passionate embrace, exchanging saliva as they each probed the other's mouth with their tongues.
    Greg and I continued rimming the 'twins' until they began moving into a sixty-nine position.  We moved back until Randy straddled Norm and began a leisurely blowjob.
    I reached for the tube of KY, slicked up one of my fingers, then handed it to Greg.  He performed the same operation with one of his digits, then slowly inserted it into Randy's puckered hole.  I did the same thing to Norm, eliciting a soft grunt of pleasure as my finger slid into his tight rosebud.
    Soon the two of them were moaning as they adjusted to this intrusion into their anal passages.  They were both enjoying the combined sensations of mouth on dick and a finger up the ass.
    I decided to begin the stretching process, so I gently began to insert a second finger into Norm's sphincter.  Greg followed my lead with a second finger of his own, and a few moments later, a third.
    After a few moments, the 'twins' began thrusting their butts backwards onto our fingers, indicating it was time to replace fingers with something more substantial.
    Greg quickly lubed his seven inches of meat then handed the tube to me.  I followed suit, then positioned my cock at the entrance to Norm's love tunnel.  I slid my prick into the palm of my lubed up hand, gently pushing it in as I pulled my slick fingers from the distended pucker.
    Norm did not seem to notice the transition until my cock penetrated further than my fingers were able to reach.  He let out a gasp as my dick travelled into virgin territory.  He let Randy's cock slip out of his mouth and said,

    "That feels so weird!  You were right!  It doesn't really hurt.  I just feel a bit uncomfortable.  No!  Don't stop!  It's not lasting very long!  There!  It's going!  Fuck, Keith!  I never knew this could be so easy!  Or feel so goddam sexy!  I thought for sure I'd lose my boner, but it's harder than ever!  Keep it up, man!  Oooooo! Yeah!  Slip me that hot cock!  F-f-f-f-f-f-e-e-e-e-l-l-l-l-s-s-s-s  S-s-s-o-o-o-oo-o-o-ooooooo  G-guh-guh-guh-g-o-o-o-o-d-d-d!"

    I stopped briefly when Norm voiced his discomfort, but continued as he encouraged me.  When my cock was completely buried in his butt, I stopped to allow him time to adjust, then began a slow rhythm of short in and out thrusts.
    Greg was performing the same actions with Randy.  Soon, we were thrusting our hips in rhythm, while Norm and Randy timed their cocksucking with the two seven inchers pounding into their respective love holes.

    In the other part of the room, Stu and Gil were still enjoying their hot fuck.  Stu was laying on his back, while Gil crouched over him, bucking up and down as he impaled himself on Stu's six and a half inch love shaft.
    Jordan was lying prone on the floor as Coop and Dan lubed up his hole.  Cam and Ian were holding Jordan's legs to make the job easier.
    Dan and Coop each had three lubricated fingers poking and stretching Jordan's sphincter preparatory to Coop inserting his mammoth twelve inches into the throbbing orifice.
    Jordan was moaning loudly, spewing encouragement between moans of pleasure.

    "Stretch my butthole!!  MMMMmmmmmmMMMMM!  Open it wide up so it can take your hot cock!  U-u-u-u-u-u-uh-uh-uhngh!  That feels so good!  Ever since I heard m-m-mabout that crippler from I-i-i-ian I've been d-d-d-d-dying to have it shuh-uh-uh-oved up my butt!  C-C-C-C'mon Coop!  Dick me stud!  I can't wait to feel you tearing me a new asshole!  Oh Yeah!  YEAH!!  Don't stop!  All the way!  All-l-l-l-l-l-l-l the wa-a-a-a-a-y-i-e-e-e-e-yeahyeahyeahyeahYeahYEAH!!!!!"

    Mid-way through the patter, Coop positioned himself to insert his cock into Jordan's well-lubricated hole. He began slowly, but Jordan was too impatient to wait.  He thrust his hips to expedite the process.
    Coop took the hint, and with one mighty thrust buried his gargantuan cock up to the pubes in Jordan's hungry ass.
    It was an impressive sight.  One second there was ten inches of man-meat between the two, the next, not one spare bit of it could be seen.
    Jordan lost the ability to utter a cohesive word.  He lay with his legs securely held by Cam and Ian, moaning and grunting with pure animal lust.
    Coop was obviously not a sex-talker.  His face revealed a combination of lust and ecstacy as his hips moved back and forth, propelling his pillar of flesh into the teen-god's insatiable love tunnel.
    As soon as Coop developed a steady rhythm, Cam and Ian released Jordan's legs.  They moved a short distance away.  Cam said to Ian,

    "I'd like to make it up to you for scaring the crap out of you last night.  I got carried away when I saw you and Greg.  It was partly jealousy, and partly my habit of covering my tracks.  I've apologized to Greg, but things have been a little busy and I haven't apologized to you properly.  I hope we can be friends, and forget last night ever happened."

    Ian smiled.

    "Don't sweat it Cam.  I understand what happened, and I know why you did what you did.  I'm just glad it worked out the way it did.  In retrospect, you and Greg might not have connected if you hadn't walked in and found us like that.  This week-end has opened my eyes a lot.  I never would have believed you football jocks had a brain between you if it wasn't for this little party.  I'd be happy to call all you guys friends, so don't worry about last night.  It's both forgiven and forgotten."

    "Thanks Ian.  It means a lot to me.  I don't think anybody here is likely to forget this party!  It's gonna be hard to go back on Monday and behave like everything is the way it used to be."

    "That's for sure!  I never would have believed I'd find myself in a room full of hot guys, all horny for one another!  Hell!  If someone had told me last week there was even another gay guy at school, I probably would have called for the men in the white coats!"

    "Hey Ian?"

    "Yeah Cam?"

    "Would you consider gettin' it on with me?"

    "Consider it!?  Try and stop me!"

    Ian leaned forward and kissed Cam softly.

    "I was hoping there would be a way to get at that hairy ass of yours sometime during the festivities!  From the looks of things, you and Greg are gonna be an item for a while."

    "Yeah, we've been friends since we were kids.  We know more about one another than most married couples.  I've been in love with him ever since I realized I was gay.  Poor Linda has spent too many nights listening to me moan about how much I wanted him."

    Cam looked over to where Greg was fucking Randy.

    "I just hope I can make him as happy as he's made me."

    Ian kissed Cam again.

    "Don't worry Cam.  It's not hard to see he feels the same way about you.  Last night, before all the shit went down, there was an air of depression about him that was gone this morning.  I think you'll find he loves you every bit as much as you love him."

    Cam wrapped his furry arms around Ian, drawing the pale youth into a loving hug.

    "Thanks again Ian.  Jordan's one lucky guy to have someone like you."

    Ian hugged Cam back, then began running his hands over the hairy stud's body.

    "You're just as hairy as Keith!  I love a hairy man!  I love the way it feels when I run my fingers through it!"

    Suiting action to word, Ian began to furrow his fingers through the hair on Cam's chest, leaving matted trails, then erasing them with each new stroke.
    Cam leaned down to take Ian's cock into his mouth.  Ian began to stroke Cam's back in the same manner as he had stroked the hairy stud's chest.
    With each stroke, Ian moved closer to the hairy butt which was his ultimate goal.  He kneaded the furry buttocks, revelling in the silky texture of the hair and the firmness of the muscles.  He brought a finger to his mouth, slathering it with saliva, then began to probe Cam's rosebud.
    Cam shifted position to lay on the floor.  Ian took advantage of the shift to pop Cam's six inches of teen meat into his mouth.  He continued his ministrations to the hot, hairy ass as he coated Cam's prick with spit.
    Ian.s saliva was flowing liberally over Cam's furry nutsack, leaving a matted trail of hair along the perineum and providing additional lubrication for the finger in Cam's ass.
    Cam was ecstatic as he swallowed all of Ian's eight inches.  The sensations of the finger in his butt and the warm mouth on his cock were quickly bringing him close to the brink of orgasm.  He removed Ian's cock and said,

    "Ian, I don't think I can hold on much longer if you keep that up!  Why don't you stick this uncut beauty up my ass?  That should distract me for a while!"

    Ian removed Cam's cock from his mouth and slid his fingers out of the tight pucker.  He stood up and said,

    "Hang on a sec while I get some lube!"

    Ian moved to Dan's gym bag, removing one of the two remaing tubes of KY.  He walked back to where Cam was lying on the floor.
    Cam lifted his legs into the air as Ian knelt in front of him.  Ian squeezed a generous dollop of lubricant onto his fingers, and another onto his still erect prick.
    As he slicked up his cock, Ian inserted his greasy index finger into Cam's dilating rosebud.  He quickly added two more fingers to ensure the jelly would coat as much of the hairy stud's love tunnel as possible.
    After adding two more globs of KY to the first, Ian removed his fingers and positioned himself to enter the eager football jock.  Cam lowered his legs to rest them on Ian's shoulders.
    Disdaining any preliminary adjustments, Ian shoved the full length of his cock into Cam's ass with one thrust.
    Cam let out an "OOooomph!", then lay as still as possible.  Ian remained motionless as well, to allow Cam time to accomodate the fullness.
    Within a few seconds Cam was squirming with lust.  Ian took this as a sign and began to thrust in and out of Cam's furry butthole.  He gradually picked up speed, then maintained a comfortable rhythm.
    Ian ran his hands along Cam's body, pausing now and again to tweak the pink nipples which were poking up through the fuzz like mountain tops on a heavily forested valley.

    Dan divided his attention between the four hot scenes playing out in the room.  He had coated his nine inches with a generous amount of lube and was kneeling on the floor behind Coop, masturbating as he watched the torrid sex play which surrounded him.
    He watched Coop's ass move back and forth as the former gymnast impaled Jordan on his thick twelve inches of stud meat.
    Dan leaned forward to tickle Coop's rosebud with one of the fingers on his free hand.  Coop reacted with a soft moan, turned his head to look into Dan's eyes, and said,


    Coop looked down at Dan's cock and licked his lips.  He mouthed the words "Fuck Me", confirming Dan's interpretation of the request in the one spoken word.
    Dan coated his index finger with lubricant, then began to slowly finger fuck the young teacher.  When he was satisfied that the love tunnel was sufficiently lubricated, Dan positioned himself for entry.
    Coop hissed with pleasure as Dan inserted the throbbing head of his cock into the well-lubed pucker.  Coop made a deep thrust into Jordan, then remained still.
    Jordan looked into Dan's eyes and said,

    "Fuck him Danny!  Fuck that hot, studly teacher's butt!"  he looked at Coop,"You like that cock up your ass don't you!?  You want that horny muscle boy to ram his fat nine inches into your little hole, don't you!?"

    "Yes-s-s-s-s-sssss!" said Coop "I wa-a-a-a-n-n-n-nt-t-t-t-t it so-o-o-ooooo b-b-b-b-b-ad-d-d! Fuck me Dan!  F-F-F-Fuck ME!!!!"

    The entire nine inch length of Dan's cock disappeared into Coop's ass during this dialogue.  Coop resumed his thrusts in and out of Jordan, which established the rhythm for the three way fuck.
    Dan timed his thrusts in couterpoint to Coop's, and soon Dan's cock was thrusting into Coop's ass as Coop's prong was withdrawing from Jordan.
    All eyes in the room were drawn to the daisy chain at its centre.  The rest of us disengaged from our respective partners and moved to form a circle around the sexual triumvirate.
    No-one spoke, but the intent was obvious.  All eight of us intended to cum onto the three muscular men in the centre of the circle.
    This fact wasn't lost on the objects of our lust, and they each locked eyes with us one at a time to confirm their acquiescence with our intentions.
    Once the game had been silently agreed upon, the three principals began to put on a show that would rival the hottest porn movie ever made.
    Dan and Jordan's moans became more intense, and Coop's face became a mask of pure lust.  Dan and Coop slowed their thrusts to afford the spectators a better view of their spectacular specimens of man flesh.  Jordan began to jack himself off with slow, deliberate strokes, teasing his seven and a half inches of uncut meat into steel hardness.
    Coop began a series of explorations with his hands, fondling Jordans balls, then tweaking his nipples.
    Dan, overcome with lust, began to slap Coop's ass cheeks; first one, then the other, alternating from left to right in time with the thrusts of his prick.
    Stu was the first in the circle to reach orgasm.  He began to tremble, then stepped forward and thrust out his hips.  A long rope of cum flew from his cock head and landed on Dan's back.  Stu moved directly behind Dan, sending the remaining spurts of love juice into Dan's hair.  A long stream of thick, white jism snaked down Dan's back, across one cheek and dripped down onto the floor.
    Stu moved behind Gil, taking hold of Gil's cock and playfully biting his neck and ears.  He guided Gil to a position directly over Jordan's face.
    Gil leaned back onto Stu's chest and let fly a stream of spooge onto Coop's chest and stomach.  Three separate spurts hit the mark, the rest dribbled from the slit into Jordan's waiting mouth.
    Norm and Randy moved to either side of Dan.  Randy stiffened and stood on his tip-toes, loosing a volley of spunk onto Coop's back.  Norm bent his knees as his cock expelled a torrent of creamy whiteness onto Dan's chest.
    Cam moved forward to rub his cock on Dan's back, coating his pud with the remains of Stu's ejaculate.  He sat on the floor and positioned his cock under Dan's ass.  After a few quick strokes his love muscle expanded and a thick column of jizz flew up to coat Dan's ballsack.
    Dan quickly pulled his prick from Coop with an audible pop.  He turned to face Cam, releasing his usual copious load onto Cam's face, and furry chest.
    Rivulets of spooge made trails in the hair of Cam's belly, flowing down to form a pool at the base of Cam's cock.
    Coop made one final thrust into Jordan, then let out a bellow as his nuts released their nectar into the muscle stud's ass.  A stream of spunk and lube began leaking out around the deflating twelve inch behemoth, still wedged in place as the spasms wracked its owner's body.
    The spent gymnast slowly pulled his flaccid organ from Jordan's hole.  When the head popped out it slapped onto the cushion, coated with a sheen of cum and KY.
    Ian moved over Jordan and they began a session of mutual masterbation which ended in a coating of cream on both their faces.
    Greg and I were close to cumming when Cam moved behind me and Dan moved behind Greg.  I could feel Dan's cum squishing on my back as Cam pressed his furry torso against my back.
    Dan reached out, grasping my swollen prick to masturbate me.  Cam did the same for Greg, and within moments we were releasing our pent up juices on each other's chest and stomachs.  Dan and Cam's hands were coated with our jism, so they moved their hands to their mouths and began licking them clean.
    We slowly collapsed onto the floor where the others were lying, basking in the afterglow.  Coop sat up and smiled.

    "Now that's what I call a party!"

End of Chapter Fifteen
Coming Soon,  Chapter Sixteen: Coop.


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