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Taran Tells - Chapter 4

That night, all Taran could think about was Damien. He began to arouse himself whilst focusing his mind on Damien's pert little butt, or his pouting cherub lips. His favourite past-time was imagining how those lips would feel when stretched around his boyhood. Yet in his solitary afterglow, Taran always realised it was pointless... Guys as good looking as Damien are never gay. He could have any girl he chose.

The next day was very similar in nature to the one preceding it. School was school. That's all there is to it. As the days progressed through-out the year, differentiating them became harder. Except when it came to one aspect; Damien.

Lunch times consisted of little more than talk and food. The group of which Taran was a part was indifferent from every other group that hung out on the oval. Being a part of one of the older years, they'd pick a spot right in the middle of the oval so as to be the biggest obstacle possible for any younger students interested in being active during lunch. As you got older, activity was abandoned in favour of smoking and talking.

This day was no different. Taran was just sitting as usual, paying out on Luke, when he heard the familiar giggle that was characteristic of James. Turning around, sure enough, he smelt cigarette smoke, and he saw the slightly disheveled look that James had opted for the day. Many kids spent hours trying to achieve that `just rolled out of bed' look. But Taran could tell with James today, it was the literal truth.

"Hey Will. Heyar Taran", said James in Taran's direction with a slight smirk on his face. Taran understood why, and smiled back. It was fun having secrets because it was so easy to allude to them right in full view of others, without them being any the wiser. "So what you goit's up to?" he asked at length.

"Man... It's school! What the hell do ya think we're up to?" replied Taran matter-of-factly.

"Man... Ya gotta make yer own fun!" Taran didn't know quite what James was getting at with that comment. He sure hoped it wasn't too over the top. James could often be very impulsive. If he got what he thought was a good idea in his head, he'd just run with it until it was either completed or he was incarcerated.

Taran didn't have to wait long before he found out. James pulled out a cigarette pack amid a deliberately over the top giggle. Opening the lid, James revealed about ten joints fully rolled and waiting. He couldn't help but laugh again as both Taran and Will beheld what was before them.

"Shit man... You really are insane aren't you?" said Taran as he let out a giggle of his own. Yet even as he looked, Taran's mouth watered at the prospects of getting stoned at school. It was just so forbidden that the mere suggestion of it conjured up an adrenaline rush within him.

"Well are you gonna come or not man?" asked James of Taran. He was still too lost in his thoughts to notice that both Will and James stood with their bags waiting to run off in the fastest way possible.

Taran replied by quickly climbing to his feet. A simple shrug of his shoulders was all he offered the other four guys who remained on their arses. He felt a bit guilty leaving them like this. And he was conscious that they'd probably think he was just trying to be cool like Will and James. But all he really needed was to be with people who knew him and accepted him. And right now Will and James were the only two people in the entire world who fit into this category.

So they made their way from the oval. Exit from this school was accomplished easily. Totally surrounded by bush, there was basically an escape route at every given point on the perimeter. Since they were seniors, they had flexible time-tables anyway, and so would not be stopped by any teachers on their way out.

So boldly they made their way down the driveway that ran up one side of the oval and out of the school grounds. Once they were a good ten metres from the school, James offered his rollies around. They all took the joints and began to puff. For the first time all day, Taran felt free. A tremendous weight had been lifted from his mind.

It was like, if he wanted to he could just run down the street shouting `I'm gay I'm gay I'm gay' and it wouldn't matter. Not that he would. He wasn't that stupid. But right now in the company of his two friends he knew that whatever he wished to say would be tolerated because they knew.

James suggested they all go back to his house since he lived the closest. They could always decide what to do from there. Taran knew they'd just end up mellowing out in front of the tv, or bumming around the neighbourhood. But when compared with school and all the hassles there, it won hands down.

As they came closer to James' house, Taran began to get more anxious. His mind was racing with the possibilities of seeing Damien again. What happens if he's there? But then, he reasoned that he'd most likely be in school. Damien was still a junior and therefore was under much more control from the school. He tried to just relax and not worry about what might happen.

After all, he was perfectly capable of keeping himself under control. It was just that whenever Damien was in the room, Taran became extremely self conscious. Like suddenly, everything about himself was somehow flawed and inadequate. There was nothing he could do. He'd never be in Damien's class of beauty. And the type of charm and charisma that members of the Sullivan family had in spades, had bypassed Taran completely.

So they made their way to the door, and as James turned it, Taran was relieved to find that it was locked. They stepped inside, and the three of them immediately made their way into the living room and flopped down on the soft sofas. These were probably the most comfortable chairs Taran had ever sat in. Though probably not too good for your back, they were just right for lounging all day in.

The three of them sat back and watched the cartoons. Afternoon television had become a wasteland for American shows of the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Their altered mental state's transformed what was a pretty formulaic Buggs Bunny cartoon into the funniest show under the sun. Somehow each of them managed to forget anyone else was in the room as they openly laughed out loud.

After a few minutes, James sought out some junk food for them all to munch on. Once James was gone for a while Taran and Will sat in silence. As the minutes ticked away, Taran became more and more self conscious. He was praying for something, anything to break this silence. Yet there was no reason for this uneasy silence. No reason that is, except for everything. Under normal situations, Taran was sure they'd be talking about which girl at school was Will's "mega fuck of the week", or who was "the all-time most vomit-worthy bitch to walk the earth". He had all sorts of stupid titles for things like this.

Still, they sat in silence.

James burst into the room with a thump, accompanied by crazed laughter, making Taran jumped. Looking into James' hands he saw the objects which had caused James to get so excited. He held two dozen-packs of whipped-cream bulbs. James and Will had been into bulb inhaling for a while. In fact many of the kids Taran's age had. On any given Saturday or Sunday morning you could find countless dozens of them scattered around parking lots. Taran thought it must look so weird to supermarket owners seeing countless teenagers come in and buy these bulbs. `What?... I just really really like whipped cream okay?'. He couldn't help but smirk to himself at this.

It was something Taran stayed well away from. Just on principle. He wasn't about to inhale coolant gas. Will himself said that the high from these things lasts only a very short time. Less than minutes even. Therefore, he would always refuse when the others offered. So when he saw James burst into the room, he really didn't feel any great excitement.

"Well?" asked Will, expecting James to pre-empt his next question. Finding that this was not going to happen he continued, "Do you have the device?" They always called it `the device'. It sounded far more sinister than it actually was. He was merely referring to the soda maker that they used to inhale the gas through.

"Narr... I lent it to Nathan, down the road," said James. Even as he was saying this he made his way toward the door. Will got up to follow, but Taran who was indignant over the whole thing, stayed in his seat. "Okay... We'll just be a tick man," James said as they made their way out the door. Taran simply waved them away. He made a smile as he did so to show that he meant nothing toward them. He realised he was being a bit of a bastard.

With the two of them gone, Taran was finally able to relax again. Yet the thoughts made their way back into his head. Why had it been so hard these last few minutes? James and Will had both accepted him for who he was. The invitation to come back to James' house was only further proof of this.

As the minutes ticked away, Taran became more and more bored with the television. Eventually he decided he'd go and find James' Super NES game system. At least it would involve him in doing something. He'd been in James' room a few times before, so he figured it would be okay with him if he did that.

Taran made his way up the stairs to James' room. He found the consul and turned it on while plumping down on the edge of James' bed. Sorting through the games he found Mario and put it on. Like most computer games, he sucked at Mario. But it provided an escape for his mind from the thoughts that were troubling him downstairs.

As he played, Taran heard the door swing shut downstairs and realised they were back already. He thought of going down to meet them, but figured they'd find him soon enough. So he continued playing.

Taran heard a set of foot steps pad up the stairs, and he turned his head to see a figure walk past James' bedroom doorway. This figure was not what he was expecting. Short, medium length blonde hair, an ambling gait; Damien!

His heart quickened, his breathing stopped, and his eyes focused towards the doorway. He was partly hoping Damien would walk by again, and partly fearful of being alone in the house with his dream boy. He was fearful of what he might do if they were in the same room again.

Obviously Damien had not noticed him sitting on his brother's bed. It was an easy enough thing to do. He obviously heard the game, but if he walked past the room without paying too much attention it would have been easy enough to confuse Taran for James. They were of comparable height (when seated at least) and body size, both blonde hair. This must have been what happened. Taran only hoped that he could get away with pretending to be James for long enough to allow the real one to arrive home.

As he returned his attention to the screen, Taran noticed he'd lost the last game. How long had he been staring in the direction of the doorway? He immediately started up a new game, but his mind was not on it. His thoughts drifted to thinking about Damien. His facial features were burnt into his memory. If he were given the opportunity, he could just sit and stare at him forever.

Taran wanted to trace the outline of his face with his soft fingers. And in doing so, lean in for the most delicate of kisses. He didn't need to think of the more debauched acts. Such an encounter would be devine.

"Hey James..." Damien began as he rounded the corner into the room. Both boys were startled by the suddenness of his entry. Taran looked up to see Damien standing just beyond the doorway, half naked. His shirt was obviously abandoned in his room. As he openly stared for a moment, Taran had to fight the urge to lick his lips. Shifting his attention to Damien's face, he saw him blush a little.

"Ahhhh... Do you know were my brother is?" asked Damien with a kind of nervousness that Taran found incredibly cute. As Damien spoke, Taran would just watch his face form the words with fascination.

"You... Ahh... You just missed him," said Taran. He heard himself say these words, but what he was really saying with every word was `I love you'.

"He's gone down to Nathan's house for a minute." As he spoke these last words, Taran decided to play it cool by returning to the game he was playing. It still hadn't finished yet, so he resumed where he left off.

As he was playing, Damien walked over to James' drawers and rummaged through one. He mumbled something about James stealing a shirt of his, and how he was going to kill him if he lost it. Taran smiled knowingly. Such fights occur between siblings the world over.

He didn't find the shirt, and once he was done, he simply sat himself down on the bed behind Taran. This made Taran extremely apprehensive. He so desperately wanted to turn around and see Damiens' half naked body again. He had a body to die for. He was muscled, but not overly so. He had yet to gain a six-pack, but his smooth chest met his abdomen with a certain definition which clearly separated the two, but without making him look like an over-developed wanker. He was sleek, lithe, and supple. Everything Taran was after.

"Hey I'll give ya a game of Mortal Kombat?" the sweet voice spoke from behind him. Even after he'd finished, Taran could feel his voice reverberate through his eardrums as if the sound was lingering in the air.

"Yeah... That'd be great," said Taran once he realised a reply was in order.

What he didn't count on, but was pretty obvious if he'd taken the time to think about it beforehand, was that in order to play, Damien shifted down to the end of the bed beside him. It was only a single bed, so even with Taran shifting a little (not more than was necessary, mind you) to the right to allow him room, they still ended up extremely close. Taran turned his head for a single glance towards Damien and caught a glimpse of his beautiful body yet again.

This time, he let his gaze drop to his crotch. Beneath his cord-shorts he could make out a bulge. Taran bit his tongue to prevent him from licking his lips or letting out a giggle. And it was probably a good thing that his hands were holding onto the controller, or else they would be making their way towards Damien at this very moment. It was impossible to make any accurate reading, but he was certain that based on this first furtive glance, Damien had something down there to be proud of.

Taran let his eyes return to the screen, and they began to play the game. At first, Taran found it hard to concentrate. But once Damien had begun to use the special moves on him, he woke up and began to fight back.

They played several games like this. Damien won most of them. Each time the fight would get interesting, their legs would rub up against each other. Sometimes, Taran could feel Damien's naked torso against his own as the two leapt about in a vain attempt to `help' their character. It was weird how when playing a game, they both twisted and contorted. Like somehow this will make a difference on the screen.

Each time they made contact, Taran would snap out of the game. A few times, he caught himself just looking at Damien's face. He never reciprocated, but Taran was sure after a few times, that he saw him looking. After they'd finished their fifth game, Taran put the controller down to rest.

If asked, Taran would say it was an accident, but maybe his subconscious desire to touch Damien had a part to play as well. Whatever it was, Taran soon became aware that the leg his hand was resting on was not his own. It was an eerie feeling. He knw he must take his hand back, but didn't want it to seem like what he'd done disgusted him, lest he ruin all chances with Damien. So cautiously, he withdrew his hand.

"Sorry," said Taran through a bashful smile. He was genuinely sorry, but at the same time exhilarated by what he'd just done.

Damien didn't reply, but when Taran looked into his face, he was smiling at him. This immediately caused Taran to look away. His heart was racing at a thousand beats per minute. Could Damien really have liked his hand there? If not, why was he smiling at him like this? Taran made another cautious look into his face. Damien was still smiling. But this time Taran didn't look away.

In an incredibly bold move for him, he reached across with his right hand and rested it on Damien's left thigh. He didn't immediately brush his hand away. Damien was content to let him leave it there. Taran started to move his hand over his thigh, like he would if he were applying some cream for example. He maintained his eye-contact with Damien who was now more concentrating on Taran than he was on smiling. As this was going on, Taran began to think that perhaps Damien was the one James was talking about on the weekend. If the truth were told, he was kinda hoping that it was all along.

Was this the end or the beginning? Taran didn't know if he was allowed to go any further. There was absolutely no conversation between the two. In a strange way he didn't want to talk. He was sure that if either of them spoke, it would spell the end of it.

Slowly and cautiously, Taran shifted himself closer to Damien. He went slow because he didn't want to scare him. He wanted to give Damien a chance to get out of it if he chose to. But also because he wanted to savour every moment of this. He wanted to feel everything he was doing with precision.

Taran reached out with his left hand to touch the chest of the beautiful boy in front of him. He cupped his hand around Damiens' side, with his fingers resting on his back, and allowing his thumb to brush over his nipple. The movements were slow and calculated, yet on contact, they caused a sigh to escape Damien's mouth.

Damien just sat in front of Taran, unsure of what he should do. Taran was still staring into his deep blue eyes. Taran could see Damien's pupils widen as he made the first delicate touch. He guessed that this was the first time anyone had touched him in this way. A smile returned to his face. Taran was relieved to discover that what he was doing was giving Damien some happiness. Encouraged by his smile, he leaned his head closer to Damiens'.

Maintaining his loving stare, Taran leaned in for a soft kiss. Damien turned his head slightly to one side, to allow him a better angle. Their lips touched only for a brief moment. Yet it was enough to send a jolt of electricity through Taran to his very core. He forgot who he was as he lost himself in the kiss. When he returned to consciousness he was staring into Damien's loving eyes once again. The smile on his face was bigger than ever, prompting Taran to lean in again.

A longer kiss this time, Taran reached his arms around behind Damien, holding his head with one, and caressing his back with the other. He could feel Damien's mouth opening through the kiss. The first delectable slide of Damien's tongue over his own was enough to send him flying through the roof. He'd never felt such a sensation from any of the other guys he'd been with.

They were always too busy getting their rocks off to worry about anything like kissing. Taran knew the rules with them, and kissing was forbidden. Yet with Damien, this sensation was at long last granted, and Taran found that it added a crucial element that had been too long denied to him.

The soft slide of his tongue brought more than mere physical pleasure. It brought an intimacy which until now was foreign for Taran. Their tongues continued in their sensual dance. He licked all around Damien's mouth, beneath his tongue. He savoured Damien's saliva. The quick and warm breaths from his nose, across his cheek also heightened Taran's passion.

Taran gently pushed Damien back so he was lying on top of him on the bed. As they continued to kiss, Taran's hands were racing all over Damiens' chest and abdomen with abandon. Lost in the sensations Damien was sending him, he was free to rub over his nipples and massage his stomach muscles.

Pretty soon, he felt Damien tugging on his shirt. Wanting to feel Damien's hands on his chest, Taran sat up to allow Damien to lift his shirt up and off in one motion. Taran blushed at his nakedness. He was quite ashamed of his under-developed chest, and was relieved when Damien's hands went straight for him, not wanting to waste any time.

He leaned in to kiss Damien again. As he did so, he felt Damiens' hands reach around to his back. Taran kissed down his face to his neck, where he began to softly suck and nip. Taran had always wondered why people would want to bite on each-others' necks, but now that he was with someone, he found he couldn't resist. Damien's neck was so smooth and inviting. He took care to not actually bite him. Yet to feel the mound of flesh in his mouth and to glide his tongue over it gave him a certain carnal delight.

Taran's right hand had once again found Damien's thigh. As he continued to suck on his neck, his hand rubbed up and down his thigh, feeling the soft hairs being ruffled backwards and forwards which caused a slight prickling sound. Each time he rubbed upwards he would come closer to Damien's crotch. Subtly, his hand found itself adjacent to its ultimate goal. He could feel the edge of the shorts now, and without stopping, pushed his hand up inside them.

Through Damien's briefs he could feel the softness of his balls. As he continued to suck on his neck, he simply rested the back of his right hand against them. As Damien laid there, Taran could feel his balls move slightly. Deciding now was the time he reached his hand up over the mound to find Damiens' hardness waiting for him. Taran glided his hand up it's length, and then back down, resting it over his balls again.

He had to be a good five and half, thought Taran, as he continued to suck on his neck. Maybe more. That meant that Damien was smaller than Taran. This pleased him a bit. There would be nothing worse than for Damien to open his pants and find that he has a bigger cock than the boy who's two years ahead of him. That would be an humiliation.

Now that he'd come this far, Taran needed to get Damien's pants off immediately. He pulled his hand out from his shorts leg, and began to tug on his shorts. As he did this, his lips made their way to Damien's nipples, which made it hard for him to assist in getting his pants off. Amid gasps and giggles from Damien, he managed to wriggle out of his shorts which Taran threw across the room.

Taran continued to place soft kisses over Damien's chest, as his hand again found it's spot over his groin. Through the cloth Taran felt Damiens' head and discovered he was also uncut. He slid the foreskin down through the cloth, and gingerly poked the sensitive head.

Placing gentle nibbles down his right side, Taran made his way down Damiens' body. Damien's hands could no longer reach Taran's back, and so found their way to the back of his head, and played with his thick blonde hair. Taran loved to feel Damien's gentle fingers rub his head and lose themselves in the strands of his hair.

Taran let out a soft moan, and he sucked Damien's flesh into his mouth to satiate his new found corporeal obsession. As he reached Damiens' abdomen, he hooked his fingers into the back oh his briefs, inching them down. Using just his tongue now, Taran edged his way down the ridge of Damien's hip, pulling the briefs down only millimetres before his tongue.

The sensations must tickle, because Damien was giggling riotously and squirming under Taran's weight. The realisation made Taran smile to himself. He did not stop for a second however. Pulling the briefs down further, the raging head of Damiens' cock poked out the top of his briefs. Taran could see it through his right eye. He desperately wanted to stop what he was doing and just turn his head to take a lick.

Instead he kept licking down until Damien was fully exposed, and he was licking his thigh, just below his scrotum. With his hand he continued to pull the briefs down, and Damien shimmied out of them with a slight giggle. They joined the shorts on the floor.

Overcome by lust for what hung above him, Taran immediately engulfed one of Damiens' balls into his mouth. With expert care he licked all around it, then allowed it to suspend itself in his mouth as his oral juices surrounded it in a warm bath. He twisted his head so his breath glanced upwards from his nostrils across Damien's penis. A moan escaped Damien's lips as his fingers clamp down on Taran's head like an `orgasmotron'.

Taran switched to the other testicle to give it the same treatment. His hand finds its way to Damiens' thigh again, deliberately leaving Damiens' raging boner which must be aching for release by now. Damien's moans are becoming more frequent now, but still nothing is said between the two.

Without warning, Taran licks up the entire length of Damiens' cock and swallows it whole. Damien screamed out in astonishment at this sudden and pleasurable act. Taran immediately began bobbing his head up and down, while savouring the taste of Damiens' juices. Using his tongue with expert care, he slides it up and down the length of Damien, flicking it over his exposed head with each up-stroke.

Damien, lying in a state of perpetual delight, could only grunt and moan in response to the pleasure he was receiving. His hands remained on Taran's head, teasing his hair and massaging his scalp. With each down-stroke from Taran, he would raise his hips in a vain attempt to get further into Taran.

It only took a few minutes before Damien was coating the inside of Taran's mouth with his own personal white-wash. As he came, Damien screamed out in ecstasy, letting himself plump down onto the bed as his orgasmic spasms rang out.

Taran, quite unprepared for the sudden onslaught, suddenly found himself swallowing Damiens' seed; a practice which had never been allowed before. Although the concept seems quite grose when he thought about it before, he found now it was the most natural thing to do. He swallowed all that Damien offered him. Once it was evident that he'd taken the last of it, he continued to nurse on Damiens' deflating penis.

Once his consciousness returned, he looked up toward Damien to read his face for a clue as to his thoughts on what they'd just done. Naturally enough, he face showed signs of post-orgasmic bliss. He crawled up the bed to be beside Damien, and leaned in for a kiss.

In doing so, Taran heard the door slam shut downstairs. Oh my God, he thought. They'd totally lost track of time. Desperate to not be caught, he immediately jumped up, grabbing his shirt to put it back on. He threw Damiens' clothes to him and made his way to the doorway. As he reached it he suddenly remembered Damien, and turned back to him.

He was busy putting his clothes back on. Taran hoped to God that this would happen again, in the not too distant future. He hoped Damien didn't think it a mistake. He knew now that he was hopelessly in love with Damien. Should he tell him that? What if he was just fooling around?

Taran was aware that the longer he hesitated, the more chance they had of getting caught. As he was about to go, Damien looked up at him and smiled. Taran paused and smiled back. It was hard to explain, but in that brief moment without speaking, they were able to communicate their feelings more precisely than any words could offer. It was a knowing smile. They both knew they enjoyed it. They both cared for each other. And they both hoped it would happen again.

Taran ran down the stairs to greet his friends once again.

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