The following story is a love story between boys. There may be sexual acts of a homosexual nature, which may offend some people. If you find such material offensive, or it is illegal to read this in your locale, please turn back. All characters are ficticous, as are the events depicted in the story.

Author: Zeitgeist
Website: The Cosmos

Taran Tells - Chapter 5

"Oh there you are man," said James as Taran made his way down the stairs. Both Will and he were just standing in the middle of the room. Taran looked at them twice, wondering why they were both so motionless but yet strangely full of expression. He regarded them with suspicion. Did they know? They were certainly looking at him weirdly.

"Yeah I was just playing a game upstairs," said Taran cautiously, but allowing himself a slight smirk at his euphemistic use of the word `game'. "Figured you wouldn't mind."

"Narr… `Course not. Me and Will already had the bulbs at Nat's house," announced James, revealing to Taran the reason behind their altered states. In a way this relieved Taran. Although he'd seen it many times before, he always felt uncomfortable watching them inhale those things. It was just such a stupid thing to do.

They made their way to the couch and just began to talk. The idea of playing Hungry Hungry Hippo's was dashed when James remembered three of the Hippo's were broken. It seemed funny to Taran that both Will and James were genuinely upset at this. Pretty soon their boredom was filled with staring mindlessly at the television. Rocko's Modern Life never fails to entertain.

Yet Taran was not really in a mental state for laughing at the comical adventures of a Kangaroo, a Dog, and a Cow. His mind was more on a certain human boy who he knew was probably upstairs sitting on his bed, maybe thinking of him. Maybe placing his hand where Taran's lips had been only a short while earlier. Well Taran could always wish.

The mental image of Damien naked and sprawled out on the bed came back to him again and again. At first Taran was just content to revel in what had happened. He relived it over and over in his mind. Had he really been allowed to do all that? Each time he thought about it, he couldn't help but feel giddy and overwhelmingly happy. To Taran it felt like the kind of news which had to be told to each passer-bye. `Guess what I just did… I just had sex with Damien Sullivan.' And then he'd stand back and accept the applause and flowers that everyone would want to rain on him for accomplishing such a miraculous feat.

Yet as the hours passed he became increasingly restless and it was plainly obvious to know why. Somehow he'd managed to have sex without getting release himself. Giving Damien that blow-job had been heaven sent and the memory would be filed away for future use. But it gave him little relief right now. And it was relief that he needed so badly. His confining jeans were straining at the strength of his throbbing erection. It honestly felt like at any moment they'd be busting at the seems and this mammoth ten foot cock would spring forth spilling litres upon litres of cum all over the room. The thought of that made Taran giggle to himself.

Immediately his thoughts went back to his swollen member and then to Damien. He could still taste him on his lips and tongue. The taste made his juices flow even faster. He couldn't even quantify the taste. What was it like? Perhaps in the future he'd describe things as tasting like Damien. But surely nothing else ever would taste that good. It seemed to Taran like Damien had a whole new taste of his own, unlike anything he'd ever known before. Even unlike any person he'd ever known before.

Eventually the tension had gotten to him. It got so that he couldn't even think straight. James would be talking to him about some funny thing that he and Nathan had done over the weekend and Taran would cut in and out like a bad reciever. Every so often he'd snap himself back to reality, but be lost as to what had happened in the minutes, or was it hours, that he'd been gone. Remembering it was supposed to be a funny story he'd force a laugh which would maintain the illusion that he was paying attention.

Taran realised that if he was going to be able to behave like a human being for the rest of the afternoon he'd have to do something about his little problem. Every time he'd try to forget about it, but within seconds it would remind him. The pain in his loins would always bring him back to Damien. Why did James have to have such a hot brother for?

Like lightning the idea came to him. Surely it would work. He'd simply excuse himself to the bathroom and with the amount of pent-up energy in him now it'd be over in a few short jerks. Then he could come back down the stairs and resume the conversation unlike the sex-crazed zombie he is now.

"The bathroom!" he yelled out, probably a little louder than he should have. "I need to use it." His outburst had the effect of gaining the attention of the whole room. James, who'd been interrupted, let out a soft giggle. The way he looked on Taran was comical, and almost pitying. Almost as if he were expecting Taran's head to start spinning.

Will just turned his head to the side with a comical look of his own. He had that same look on his head that a dog has when you make a weird noise. If he could move his ears, Taran would have expected one to be pricked up, and the other one to flop down.

"O… Kay… It's upstairs on the left," James explained with a smirk. Taran paused a second to regard James. He was pretty sure James didn't know what was up, but somehow he knew something was going on. It was that cheeky kind of grin which suggests the person wearing it knows a lot more than they're letting on.

Taran could feel their eyes on him as he mounted the stairs and made his ascent. The whole time his thoughts switched between the intensity of the erection in his pants, and the memories of the sweet encounter in James' room. He passed that very room on his way to the bathroom. It was empty. But he spied the bed with it's slightly disheveled look, and tried to remember if it looked that way before their sex-play. He'd fix it after the bathroom if necessary. Right now, Taran's erection was calling him.

Opening the door he looked toward the stair-well to see if anyone was watching him. There was no one there, yet he still closed the door while peering through the small crack to be absolutely sure.

"I thought you'd never make it," came a hushed voice from behind him. Taran quickly turned around, and of course it was Damien. A big smile came over Taran's mouth. He should have realised what was going on, yet he still needed to ask.

"What do you mean?" His face had a comical sincerity which must have made him look even sillier than normal.

"Do you realise how long I've been waiting here?" Damien forceably whispered. It made him look so cute, Taran thought. Taran could only gasp as he felt Damien reach for the fly on his pants. As he felt the small hand brush across his erection a large pulse burned right through him and a low moan escaped his lips.

"Shhhhhhh…." Damien brought him back to reality. "I don't want my brothers to find out I'm into this."

Like a man with a mission he went back to work, slowly lowering the zipper over the angered organ. Taran was so pent up he felt like pushing Damien back and ripping his own pants off a fast as he could. He had no intention of doing this of course. Better that Damien should do it. But still he could see what was happening. He could anticipate, and it was this anticipation which made him all the more horny.

Damien took great care, but not much time in undressing Taran. He had quickly lowered both his jeans and boxers to just below his knees, leaving the t-shirt which Taran had to hoist up under his armpits to allow Damien unhindered access. Damien now sat down on the closed toilet seat lid and pulled Taran between his legs.

Without wasting any time Damien engulfed Taran's long slender un-cut penis. Just the wet contact sent Taran quivering at the knees, and he felt that he might fall. He quickly grabbed the windowsill with his right hand and Damien's shoulder with his left.

Damien was clearly unskilled in this, although Taran was surprised that he mastered the most fundamental of techniques very quickly. A slow bobbing action had started, as Damien began to suck it like an icy-pole. Taran's urgency got to him as he began to meet each of Damien's bobs with a thrust of his own.

Although the technique was simple this was one of the hottest little scenes Taran could ever remember being a part of. It was the novelty of being caught. They had to remain quiet. They had to remain mostly clothed. They had to be damned quick. And they had to be able to leave suddenly as if it all didn't happen. Just the sheer idea of being caught by James with his brother sucking on his dick was turning Taran on beyond any point he'd ever been at before.

All this combined with the memory of the hot scene on the bed two hours earlier, and Taran's bottled up horniness since that encounter meant this was going to be nothing less than explosive. And explosive it was.

It couldn't have been much more than a minute before Taran was panting beyond his control. Looking down to Damien and seeing his own cock sliding in and out of that cherub mouth at a fast speed sent his balls churning. All it took was for Damien to look up at him as he slid down his length and attempt a smile, which was clearly impossible.

Taran pushed forward one last time as he sent his cum flying down Damien's throat. He shivered and moaned as the secondary shots rang out. Damien took it all as he let out a muffled moan of his own. This brought a smile to Taran's worked-up red face.

Wasting little time, Damien let Taran's cock slide from his mouth. The last remnants of his juice dropped from the tip to the floor. Exhausted, Taran relaxed his knees and squatted on the floor. Damien went down with him and met him with a kiss. Their tongues danced over each other.

This was one area where Damien needed no teaching. He was an expert with that soft little tongue of his. It went everywhere. It teased Taran, and he found that he didn't want to break the lip-lock. And as he kissed him, Damien reached down and squeezed Taran's tender cock, eliciting a few post-orgasmic moans from him, which he muffled with his tongue. All too soon, Damien pulled back from him.

"You better get back to them," said Damien as they both stood. Damien reached for Taran's pants and zipped him up again, gently placing his package in the right spot.

Taran simply nodded, but found his legs made no attempt to move. Instead he leaned back in for another kiss. As they pulled back again, Taran found he didn't quite know what to say to Damien. Are they boyfriend's now? He didn't know. To assume that would probably not be appropriate. And Taran's past experience with guys suggested this probably wasn't the case. But whatever the case, Taran found he was irresistibly attracted to this boy and wanted to do whatever it took to keep him in his life.

"Thanks," said Taran at length. Damien acknowledged it with a smile. It was a gross under-statement and Taran immediately felt stupid for saying it. "So… I'll see ya at school tomorrow?"

"Yeah I guess so," said Damien. "Maybe I'll see you at lunch or something," he suggested.

"Cool…Lunch then." Taran was almost giddy as he stood and walked out the door. His head was empty of all thought and he could scarcely remember where he was. This is the down-side of the quickie, he thought to himself; Disorientation and mild vertigo. Just as he was almost at the stair-well he heard the toilet flush and suddenly turned around, remembering the excuse he'd given to come upstairs in the first place. He quickly rushed back to the bathroom to "wash his hands", and gave Damien another quick kiss.

Taran couldn't believe that it had just happened. He'd had sex with Damien Sullivan, and he'd come back for more! What were the chances? It seemed like some bizarre dream, and he felt as if he were floating down the stairs rather than walking. As he made it to the bottom for the second time in two hours he suddenly wondered if the other two could notice his afterglow.

Looking around the room, James and Will were nowhere to be seen. This confused Taran a little, but he naturally assumed the pair would be in the kitchen or out the back. As he opened the door he found them sitting on the patio on the sofa that was always out there. It was a dusty old thing that looked like it has seen about a dozen homes, and never really cared for by any of them. Every time you sat down on it a cloud of dust would rise up.

They were just sitting next to each other, laughing at God knows what as Taran approached them. He was immediately suspicious. Approaching Will and James when they're laughing is rarely good. If they're laughing, they're usually laughing at something. Once they turned to face him, still laughing, his fears were confirmed.

"So how was it dude?" James asked amid a loud laughter. This immediately set Will off as well. The effect of their laughing brought the blood to Taran's head in a brilliant red. His ears were so hot he felt they might drop off and burst into flames at any moment.

"Sounded like a good one," Will concurred, setting them both off with another round of giggles. A good one? Taran couldn't make out what they were on about. Of course in his paranoid mind he knew they were talking about his adventure upstairs. But how could they possibly know about that?

"What do you mean?" asked Taran, somewhat bemused. Surely they weren't suggesting they heard him and Damien. Surely they were laughing about something else. There must be something else. Yet Taran was somehow certain this was exactly what they were talking about and there's no way they'd let him escape from it.

"Don't play dumb," said Will, giving a little wink with his left eye, and then a nudge with his elbow into James. The three of them being avid Monty Python fans knew exactly what this meant. "A nod's as good as a wink, ay!" he continued.

The sight of the two of them on that sofa would, in any other situation, be priceless. They were rolling around like two prized idiots. In their delirious condition, it didn't seem to matter what was said. Whatever didn't have sexual innuendo or genuine humour in it was made up for by the mull coursing through their veins.

"We heard you dude!" said James at length. "Man you must have been going at it pretty hard… We heard the whole thing from down here." Now they'd totally lost it. They had lost control of all body actions as they surrendered to laughter. Taran couldn't possibly feel more embarrassed. His instincts told him to do something. But what? How could he possibly explain to James about what he was doing to his brother in that bathroom.

"Hey hey…." Will was trying to get James' attention so he could speak. "Did you use your right or your left hand?" Again the loud giggles and the spasm of the limbs. He was asking Taran, but really he was just talking to James.

Hand? Huh? Taran couldn't quite work out what they meant by that. His mind was running slow, always being distracted by their inane laughter. It soon became obvious that they thought he had jerked off up there. Of course, he thought. Damien and he didn't really speak much, so all they would have heard was a few moans and other assorted noises.

This discovery brought a slight smile to his face as he realised things were not nearly as bad as he thought they were. Even when they started to imitate his moans he didn't feel overly embarrassed now. He'd gotten away with it!

Part of him wanted to just blurt what had really gone on in the bathroom above, but he knew he couldn't. He'd made a moral promise of sorts to Damien, and besides, he loved him. If he betrayed him in this way, it would all be over. But entertaining that idea was interesting to Taran. It would be about the most effective way of shutting James up.

"Screw you guys," said Taran. He was trying to be angry, but the smile broke through. James and Will saw it as a sign to not let up.

"I thought you would have been spent by now," said Will almost inaudibly through his laughter. Then he sat up and tried to force a serious face. "Besides, I've got a headache." He was breaking down into laughter before the end of the sentence. Taran just simply pushed him over into James.

"You guys are never gonna let up about this are you?" Even Taran was finding it hard to keep a straight face now.

"Not a chance" said James through the last of his laughter. "I just hope you cleaned your little boys off my bathroom floor."

"Narr," Taran said with a smirk. "I left a little something for you to remember me by." Taran licked his finger and then wiped it down James' cheek causing him to let out a loud noise in disgust.

"Ewwwww… You grotty bastard!" Even after all their taunting, Taran still felt good about what he'd just done. Though for one brief moment he was busy shitting himself and bracing to have his face bashed in by James. Now however the funny side had revealed itself and Taran couldn't stop laughing.

The threesome eventually made it back inside, and before too long both Will and Taran made their respective ways home. Once he was by himself and walking, Taran finally had some time to think. It sure had been an eventful afternoon. Never let it be said, he thought to himself, that cutting school yields no results. This evening had been far more educational, he reasoned, than school could possibly provide.

He just took the time to think about Damien. He really was beautiful. How many guys his age would actually care about the other guy? Damien had actually came back and stayed in that bathroom on the off chance that Taran would think of the same thing and come find him. Most guys would receive the blow job and then run like lightning to get away. And on top of that, the kissing!

Taran had only had a few kisses before this afternoon. In his limited experience in this area, he knew that Damien was an exceptional kisser. He could imagine just sitting with him all day kissing him. And that taste! Taran couldn't decide which part of him tasted better.

It was the mere fact that Damien wanted to kiss him that was giving Taran this awesome feeling. He didn't know how to describe it, other than `the best feeling in the world'. Finally someone felt some feeling for him. Maybe Damien would be the one he's been after for so long.

He lived the scene over and over in his head. He remembered every word they whispered to each other. Every grunt and moan they made. He smirked at the fact that both James and Will mistook Damien's noises for his own.

His soft little shooshes were so cute. Taran could remember them as he remembered straining to keep himself quiet while at the same time maintaining the intensity. The words popped into his head over and over. As he thought about them more and more, there was one sentence that stood out. It made him strangely curious.

Taran remembered Damien saying he didn't want his brothers finding out about him. So that meant James doesn't know he's into this. And James' behaviour outside backed this up. Which means that Damien can't be the one that James spoke of on the weekend. Up until today he was hoping he was. And after their first encounter, he felt certain that he was right. But now, he was clearly wrong.

This immediately had Taran thinking again. If it wasn't Damien, then who? Or is it possible that there is no person, and James was merely taking a guess? Taran immediately laughed that possibility off. James and Will aren't that smart. Taran had done some pretty good covering of his tracks. He felt that there's no way those two could figure it out by themselves.

Then he thought of the guys he'd fooled around with before. Could it possibly be either of them? It was possible, he thought. But there was really no way of finding out. One of them had dropped out of school, and existence it seemed, last year. The other was one of the most popular guys in school, and since Taran had told him he wouldn't do anything with him anymore had basically refused to even acknowledge his existence.

Slowly he shuffled his feet down his driveway, desperately thinking. Taran knew the answer didn't lie in his own head. But as he opened the door to step inside he realised in a way that it didn't matter. If he was to end up with Damien, who cares what other guys are out there. Yet realistically he couldn't be sure if he would end up with Damien. In fact they'd hardly spoken at all. They'd really only opened their mouths to say hi, and then at the end to say they'd meet tomorrow.

With a sigh, Taran stepped inside his house. Maybe everything would work itself out tomorrow. He could only hope.

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