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Chapter 6: Hot Ice

Troy went downstairs and made his way over to Liam's huge kitchen. Although the other kids at school considered him big -- and he knew he was a little large compared to his peers -- he always felt a little small when he was inside Liam's house. He'd always been large for his age, but his feelings in Liam's home had little to do with physical size.

He still couldn't believe that Liam had asked him to teach him about sex. He wanted to tell him that he didn't need any lessons. The times that they had been together, Troy had been so turned on he'd almost embarrassed himself. No one got him hot like Liam. Sex with Liam was so good it confused him -- he couldn't contain his reactions. Troy knew he had to be careful when he was with him.

For one brief second, he entertained the idea of leaving, of just walking out, before he came to his senses. He couldn't leave Liam like that, in that position, upstairs waiting for him. Besides, the log in his pants didn't want him to leave. Fuck no. It wanted him to stay and get laid.

Reminding himself that Liam was waiting upstairs in a very precarious position, he made his way over to the huge stainless steel refrigerator. It was one of those fancy expensive ones with its own icemaker. He was really tempted to inspect the contents of Liam's fridge. He glanced nervously over his shoulder to make sure he was alone, before glancing back at the fridge. He couldn't help himself; he slowly made his way over to the beautiful appliance.

Although he felt like he was intruding, he opened the fridge door. He wasn't surprised to see the abundance of food contained within. There was enough food in there to feed three families, even though it was just Liam and his dad and Liam's dad never seemed to be there. Troy's eyes roamed the fridge's contents, and he experienced a pull low in his stomach.

Not due to hunger, but another more painful sensation that had little to do with the actual food and more to do with what having so much food meant. He didn't think his fridge at home had ever held so much food at any one time. He wondered who did the shopping. He couldn't see Liam at the grocery store buying eggs and yogurt. In fact, the idea was so absurd he even laughed.

Realized that if he were gone much longer, Liam would become suspicious and come looking for him, he shut the fridge door quietly and began searching through the cupboards until he found a short, stout whisky glass. Then he filled it with ice from the fridge icemaker and began heading back to Liam's bedroom.

He tried to make as little noise as possible while ascending the stairs so as not to alert Liam of his return. When he reached the door to the bedroom, he wasn't surprised to see Liam just as he had left him. On his hands and knees, with his tiny hole facing the entry. If anyone else had come up, they would have caught Liam in that compromising position before he had a chance to cover himself.

Instantly Troy felt contrite for the way he had treated Liam earlier. He had been hurt and angry and had been mean on purpose. But he would make it up to Liam. If it was sex he wanted, then it was sex that Troy would give him.


I couldn't believe I was waiting on all fours for Troy to reappear from wherever he had disappeared to. I was painfully aware that anyone could barge in at any moment and see me in the most humiliating position. Just then I had a horrifying thought. Troy had been gone for a really long time. What if he had left? That thought had just finished forming when I heard a sound behind me.

I whipped my head around so fast it hurt and saw troy standing at the door, hard on and all, holding a glass of ice. His eyes weren't meeting mine, instead they were focused on something else and it didn't take a genius to figure out what. I felt myself heat immediately. I was naked from the waist and bent over. Even a retard could do the math.

"You've been a good boy," Troy said in a tone that had me stiffening.

It seemed as though he was bent on humiliating me and as much I was turned by what he did to me, I wasn't willing to let him continue to insult me. I was about to give him a piece of my mind when I suddenly felt one of his hands cup my butt cheek. He caressed it, felt it and molded it for a moment before letting go. It was enough to make me forget what I had been about to say.

"You didn't move at all. I think you deserve a reward," he came to stand at my right side and used the bottom of the cool glass to push up my shirt and then he set the tumbler square on my back. I yelped as the cold glass connected with the warm skin on my back.

"Careful," Troy cautioned, "if you drop that, I'll have to punish you."

I frowned again. Why was he talking to me like I was some slave? I was so angry yet I couldn't say anything; I continued to remain silent, waiting to see what he would do next. What was wrong with me? I should get up and tell him exactly to do with his glass of ice before demanding he get the fuck out of my house.

"Now, we're going to test your obedience," Troy said from above.

I heard a clink and assumed that it was the ice. Then for the first time since he entered the bedroom, I began to wonder what he needed a glass full of ice for. I didn't have to ponder long, because before I knew it I felt a drop of ice cold hit the base of my back. It startled me and I jerked forward, remembering the glass on my back just in time to keep it from tipping over.

I shivered as the cold water slid to the top of my crack and then ran down my crease. My hole puckered at the feel of moisture and I bit my lip to stop from crying out. I still remembered that I wasn't supposed to speak, as per Troy's instructions.

Above me, I heard him laugh and say, "That was very good. Now stay still ..."

I could tell from his voice that whatever happened next was designed to catch me off guard and I gritted my teeth in preparation. He didn't immediately do anything; instead he let the silence and my anxiety build until my body was stretched so taut I thought it would snap. But no amount of anticipation could have prepared me for the sensation of having an ice cube pressed to my ass.

I lurched and clenched my butt in reaction, hissing loudly before I could stop myself. The cold sensation had the hair on my thigh raising and the skin of my balls tightening. Troy held the ice cube in one spot before he began moving it around. He started out with slow circles on my ass cheeks, coming close to my hole, but never quite going all the way.

He did this for quite some time until I unconsciously began to move my hips, trying to get him to place that cool ice against my hot hole. He ignored my less that subtle body cues and continued to drag the ice around until it was completely melted then he reached for another one. By then the ice in the glass on my back was clinking rhythmically in time with the rocking of my body, which was controlled by the movement of Troy's hand.

He teased and teased until the surface of my ass was cold and completely drenched, and another ice cube was completely melted. The foreign sensation of the cold ice had somehow become pleasurable and I desperately wanted to feel it in that ultra sensitive place that was begging for attention. Troy leaned forward and blew warm air on my ass causing my arms to shake and almost buckle. I couldn't take this much longer.

I heard the sound of more cubes clinking as Troy reached over my back again for another piece of ice. I was so close to disobeying his order of silence and telling him exactly what I wanted him to do, when I felt the ice connect with the top of my crease. I hissed again and strained my neck upwards.

Troy began to inch the ice cube down my crack. I held completely still. Afraid to move, afraid to breathe. Just when it was about to finally reach my hole, he pulled back, taking the ice cube with him. I let out a groan, but only felt disappointment for a few moments, because before I knew it, troy was kneeling in front of me holding a slightly melting ice cube and saying, "Open."

I barely had to think about what he was saying, I instinctively knew what he wanted. I opened my mouth the tiniest bit before Troy was pushing ice past my lips. I wasn't sure what he wanted me to do with it so I just let it sit on my tongue, the insides of my mouth immediately experiencing an uncomfortable cold sensation.  

I couldn't hold it long. After ten seconds I prepared to spit out the ice, damn the consequences, when troy bent down and kissed me. It was a deep, passionate kiss that had me forgetting about the ice cube until we drew apart and I realized that he had transferred the ice from my mouth to his. I watched as he reached up and extricated the now much smaller cube from his mouth.

He briefly waggled his eyebrows at me before shifting back behind me. I didn't have any time to think about it before I felt direct, jarring contact of the ice to my asshole. I hadn't expected that; I had thought that he would work up to it, slowly drawing the ice cube around my hole before shoving it in. I wasn't fast enough clenching my butt and the smooth ice slid past my sphincter and into my hole, plugged by Troy's finger, which remained at my entrance.

I can't say for certain what happened after that. I vaguely remembered my body bucking, sending the glass of ice falling to my carpeted floor. Troy's hand came up and grabbed my hip to keep me from escaping. It felt like an eternity passed as the ice melted inside me, but in reality it was probably less than a minute, because it really was quite a small piece of ice.

"Shhh," Troy said as though to soothe me, and then I felt his lips on my left ass cheek. He pressed his mouth there, sucked on the firm flesh before releasing it and moving to another spot to repeat the process. He did this until he reached my hole. I tensed again, waiting to see what he would do and I didn't have to wait long.

Troy kissed me there, long and slow. He kissed me like he was kissing my mouth, shoving his tongue inside me to see how far it would go. His warm tongue after the cold ice felt exquisite. The effect of previously having had cold stimuli in my orifice added to the eroticism of an already incredibly carnal act.

I was still contemplating this, when Troy's hand reached up between my legs and grabbed my hard cock. He made a fist around my erection and began pumping up and down slowly. The lingering ice cold feeling up my butt combined with the white hot heat of Troy's hand on my dick was way too much for me to take and before I knew it I was coming like crazy and shooting come all over my floor.

The pleasure was so intense I almost passed out. Troy didn't let up with either his hand or his mouth until I was completely spent and my arms shook with the exertion it took to hold me up. My breathing was harsh and labored and I slowly became aware of my surroundings again.

The first thing I realized was that Troy still had a grip on my cock and he was waiting silently behind. Suddenly I started feeling embarrassed again. Everything that had just happened had been completely one-sided. Troy was still fully dressed, yet here I was, naked, spent and sweaty on all fours.

I cleared my throat awkwardly, before saying, "Thank you."

Thank you? Thank you? What the fuck was wrong with me? He just gave me more pleasure than I thought was imaginable and all I could say was thank you.

"Umm, you're welcome," Troy said quietly behind me while releasing his hold on my cock.

I didn't want him to let go. I heard him coming to his feet behind me, but I still wasn't sure what to do. I didn't have the energy to get up, and my arms were rapidly weakening. In the end I managed to twist over onto my butt on the floor without falling into my own come.

I looked up at Troy where he stood looking down at me. There was a noticeable bulge in the front of his pants, and I swallowed remembering what that beautiful cock was like.  He didn't say anything; he didn't make any moves to open his pants and I was disappointed because I'd kinda been hoping he'd unbutton them, pull out his dick and tell me to suck it.

Clearing my throat again, I said, "Do you ... would you ... do you want me to ...?"

I trailed off looking pointedly at his crotch. I saw surprise, then indecision enter his eyes before a mask fell over his face and I couldn't make out his expressions any more.  

He shook his head, saying, "Nah, that's okay. I've gotta get going."

My eyebrows pulled together in a frown as I looked at him. He had to get going? He was turning me down? He didn't want a blowjob from me? Heat started in my cheeks and spread throughout my entire body. I'd never blushed so hard in my life. I felt used. Except, I was the only one who had gotten off. Troy still had a rock in his pants. But he didn't want me to take care of it.

I didn't get it. I came and he didn't. I offered to take care of it for him but he declined. Had I missed something? Had I done something wrong?

He was almost out of the room, when he turned suddenly and said abruptly, I have to pick up my brother. My mom's working today so she can't."

When he was finished speaking, he looked almost as surprised by his explanation as I did. I was shocked because I hadn't even known Troy had a brother. He looked like he wished he could take back the words, but it was too late.

Before I could ponder things any more, Troy said, "I'll see you around."

And then, without waiting for me to respond, he walked out, leaving me exposed on the floor, my jeans around my knees.


At school the next day, I paid practically no attention to anything around me. I still couldn't believe what Troy and I had done: ice play. And what was even more unbelievable was that I had liked it so much. The only thing ruining my good humor was the way things had ended. I was consumed with thoughts as to why Troy refused to let me get him off. I thought for sure he was turned on too.

Maybe I shouldn't have asked him. Maybe he had been waiting for me to just do it. I probably killed the mood with my awkward questions. I couldn't help it. I wasn't as experienced as him and I didn't have the confidence in sexual situations the way he did.

I mean, sure he said he had to pick up his brother, but I had no idea of knowing whether that was true or not. How come he had never mentioned this brother before? The truth was that I didn't know a whole lot about Troy. I didn't know anything about his parents or siblings. Up until the night before I had assumed he was an only child. I didn't even know where he lived. I wanted to know more about him and I was determined to find out.

My thoughts kept bouncing back to Troy continuously until it was time for lunch. I entered the cafeteria and made my way over to our regular table. I didn't see Troy anywhere and he usually ate with Danny, Scott and Ian. I made my way over to the guys and sat down with my tray. Before I started eating, I looked over my shoulder to glance around one last time and saw Roman and Troy sitting together at a table in the far corner of the room.

I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and suddenly all my appetite was gone. I felt defeated. There was no way of making their relationship any clearer than the two of them eating lunch together by themselves in front of everyone. I felt betrayed. I knew I was overreacting. Troy had never promised me anything, even though he had agreed to `teach' me about sex.

But still, how could he have done the things that he had done with me yesterday and then have lunch with someone else the very next day? No wonder he had raced out of the house without coming. He had probably made up that stuff about having a little brother too. I felt so hurt, more hurt that I should have.

I continued to stare, unable to tear my gaze away, and just then, Troy looked up and caught me. I wanted to look away, before he saw the hurt in my eyes, but I couldn't. Our gazes remained connected for one long moment fraught with tension, before he finally looked away.

I just couldn't believe that after what he had done to me the day before, the way he had touched me, that he could so quickly move on to someone else. I slowly turned back to my tray, staring at the food, but unable to make myself eat any of it. The guys were talking all around me but I didn't hear anything of what was said and I didn't participate.

"Dude, what's wrong with you?" Danny asked me for the ten millionth time when I continued to remain quiet.

"Nothing," I mumbled.

"Come on, you haven't said more than ten words since lunch started and you're moping."

"I am not," I immediately denied.

"You are too," Danny countered.

I shot him a look to let him know I didn't appreciate his juvenile antics.

"What?" Danny asked with mock innocence, "you are."

"Just drop it okay?" I said while stabbing at my cold tater tots.

I didn't even want to get into what was bothering me. Besides, what could I say? I tried to imagine how Danny would react if I suddenly said, `oh, by the way, Troy came over to my house yesterday after school, fucked me into a near coma, then left'. That definitely wasn't lunch conversation.

I felt myself stiffening in my pants as I remembered what Troy had done to me with his tongue and that ice cube. I covered a groan with a cough and kept my eyes on my tray. I continued to play with my food. I knew that if I looked up, Danny might see the look in my eyes and correctly interpret my naughty thoughts.

"Hey guys," I heard from behind me. I didn't have to look around to know that it was Scott.

"Hey," Danny and I said in unison as Scott took a seat at our table.

"What's up?" Scott asked.

"Oh nothing," Danny answered, "Liam here is just being a mope."

I shot Danny a dirty look, but said nothing. I knew he was just trying to get a reaction out of me and I refused to accommodate him.

"Oh yeah?" Scott asked mildly, and then said, "By the way, I ran into that Roman kid in the hall and I asked him if he knew where you were and he sorta got pissed and said he had no idea."

I tensed at the mention of Roman's name until I realized that Scott was looking at Danny not me. Then I noticed that Danny's expression was no longer a happy one.

"I've never seen him mad like that and I was wondering if you guys had a fight or something," Scott continued.

"It's nothing," Danny said quickly.

"He seemed pretty ticked off for it to be nothing," Scott said.

"I said it was nothing, okay?" Danny reiterated more forcefully, suddenly getting up and taking his tray with him as he headed out the cafeteria.

I didn't even want to contemplate what his problem was. I had too much on my mind as it was and I didn't stop to consider why Danny was so upset over Roman's anger.

--------- ---

Roman had free period after lunch and was planning on heading over to the library to get some extra credit done, so he stopped at his locker to grab some books. He didn't hear anyone approach and was surprised when he felt someone right behind him.

He turned and discovered that it was Danny who had come up behind him. The other boy wasted no time before saying, "I need to talk to you."

Roman was more than a little stunned to see him there, because for the most part, Danny went out of his way not to talk to him at school. Something he had felt necessary to do so that no one would suspect that the two of them were fooling around.

"Don't you have class right now?" Roman asked.

"Yeah," Danny answered, "but this is more important."

Whatever it was sounded serious and Roman felt a moment's fear before Danny grabbed his arm and started dragging him towards the library. He didn't resist as Danny headed towards one of the private study rooms in the back of the library, but he became more apprehensive when he locked the door. Danny did seem angry.

Then Roman suddenly had a disturbing thought: maybe someone had seen them going into the pool house the night of Liam's party. If that was the case then that definitely meant trouble. He cautiously edged away from Danny's hold.

"I saw you at lunch with Troy Harrington," Danny said abruptly.

It took Roman a moment to realize that this wasn't about someone having found out about them, then his heart lurched at the jealousy he heard in Danny's voice. The realization came as a shock, but not an unpleasant one. He doesn't bother to correct Danny's obvious misconception and tell him that the two of them were just friends. He wanted to see where he was going with this.

Forcing himself to remain expressionless he said, "So?"

"So," Danny stressed, "I don't think you should hang out with him."

Roman frowned, "Why not?"

Danny let out a frustrated sigh, saying, "That kid has a reputation."

He didn't elaborate on what the reputation was.

"So?" Roman asked again, this time getting frustrated himself.

This wasn't what he wanted. He wanted Danny to say that he wanted the two them to be exclusive, even if he was still bent on keeping things between them a secret. Deciding that he didn't have time for this, Roman said, "It doesn't matter what I do or who I do it with because there's no longer anything going on between me and you. You said so yourself, Danny."

He felt a sense of satisfaction throwing Danny's condensed words back at him.

Danny sighed roughly and ran his hand down his face in a tired gesture. Roman waited for him to say something but he didn't. He felt acute disappointment, but was determined not to let it show.

"If you don't want me, then I might as well be with someone else," he said in a small quiet voice, although everything inside of him rebelled at the thought of being with someone else.

Since this conversation was getting them nowhere, Roman decided it was time to leave. He started making his way to the exit, but Danny blocked his path just as he reached the door. He reached out and grabbed Roman around the waist, effectively keeping him in place and said next to his ear in a low voice, "I know I should leave you alone, but I cant."

He sounded tortured, as though the words had been ripped from him unwillingly and Roman found himself melting against his grasp.

"Danny," he whispered as he watched the other boy's head descend. The next thing he knew, Danny was kissing him with an intensity and hunger that left him both breathless and hard.

Moving away from the door, Danny backed him up until Roman felt the edge of the table hit the back of his thighs just under his ass. Danny didn't stop the kiss as he reached for the buckle of Roman's belt, loosening it and then tackling the front of his pants.

In a few moments he had the lower half of his clothing undone and was pushing both Roman's pants and underwear down his legs.

Sanity returned for a brief second, reminding Roman where they were and what they were about to do, but it was quickly brushed aside when Danny's hand found his hardness and circled it tightly.

"Ahh," he said, throwing his head back and arching his hips at the feel of Danny's fingers wrapped around his sensitive erection. His lids drooped over his eyes and he watched as Danny quickly brought his other hand to his mouth, wetting his index finger before bringing it around to Roman's ass and searching out his hole.

Roman could scarcely believe how strong the arousal he was feeling was. It shouldn't have surprised him though, because he had the same reaction every time they were together. Being in Danny's arms was like a drug. He felt a need so intense it was almost painful.

Danny worked quickly, moving his finger around Roman's hole, before testing it by pushing his finger forward. Roman hissed in a breath at the intrusion, but tried to remain relaxed so that he could get more of the large digit inside him. Danny worked steadily, inserting his finger farther and farther until he had it in almost until the third knuckle. Deciding it was enough, he forcefully turned Roman around, his urgency making his movements rough.

He pushed down on the middle of Roman's back until he was bent over at the waist, his cheek resting on the cool wood of the table. Behind him, he heard Danny unzipping his jeans. There was a moment's pause, and then he felt more moisture on his behind, before a blunt object began butting against his orifice.

Roman knew there wasn't enough lubrication, but with no lube in sight, Danny's spit and precum would just have to be enough. He brought his hands forward and gripped the table in preparation for the first thrust. The mushroom head of Danny's penis slid forward and penetrated Roman's body in a hard thrust.

The friction burned the ring of his sphincter and he gritted his teeth, but he was unable to prevent a grunt. Danny's cock was only an inch inside of him but it felt like it was tearing him apart. The thick meat throbbed and pulsed as it forced its way deeper into his ass.

"You're so tight," Danny said, and Roman let out a whimper.

"Easy," Danny said.

"You're too big," Roman said, "I can't take it. Let me up, please."

He squirmed under Danny's hold, trying to pull himself away from him, but his cock was already halfway up his asshole and he couldn't move. Danny didn't accede to Roman's wishes, instead he slid his hands down to his ass cheeks and pried them apart, making his hole even wider. Then he grunted and rammed his dick all the way into Roman's ass.

Roman bucked up and it was all he could do not to scream, it hurt so much as Danny's hard meat plunged into his tight hole.

"Please stop," he said. "It hurts."

Danny appeared either not to have heard him or he chose to ignore him. Roman didn't know what to do. The sensations he was experiencing were so extreme, the fullness, the friction. Just then, Danny twisted his hips and hit something deep inside of Roman. Suddenly, he wasn't so sure what he was feeling any more.

The feel of Danny's hard pulsing meat trapped inside his ass was no longer painful. Instead it was driving him crazy, making him shake all over. Soon he was pushing back against Danny's strokes and was feeling nothing but pleasure. His cock was so thick and so long it was easy for Roman to forget the fact that they were on school property, in the library of all places.

He began squirming in earnest waiting to feel Danny's hot come spurt and fill his hole. Danny pushed down on his back, holding him still. Roman tried to wiggle his ass, but he couldn't. He let out a frustrated sound just as Danny pulled out almost all the way then he jammed his cock all the way in one smooth motion.

That was all it took. Roman began to come. His body tightened and began to jerk, his ass clamped hard around Danny's dick and the other boy began to orgasm as well. The two of them shook and groaned as they rode the pleasure.

When they were done, neither of them was capable of moving. Roman felt completely boneless; he had never been through anything so intense. His whole body was humming as he lay slumped over the table. Danny was the first to regain his senses move away.

The moment he shifted off his body, Roman felt the loss. He liked having Danny's heat and weight against his back after sex. It felt intimate.

"How come we never touch after we have sex?" Roman asked tentatively.

"What?" the question seemed to surprise Danny and he paused while pulling up his jeans.

"I mean ... how come you never, you know, hold me or something? Once we're done you get dressed and leave."

"Okay," Danny said slowly and Roman swallowed nervously.

What he really wanted to say was that he hated the way Danny always seemed in such a hurry to get away from him once they had sex. He never ever stayed. He always got dressed as quickly as possible and left as though he couldn't wait to leave. It bothered Roman ... and made him feel used.

"We always just go at it when we're together and we never ... we never take things slow."

"That's because I can't wait when I get near you. I want you so badly," Danny flashed him a lopsided grin.

It was the kind of smile that, a month ago, would have made Roman forget everything and walk on clouds for the next few days, but not anymore. He wouldn't let himself get sidetracked by the Stedquest charm.

"Yeah, but how come we never just kiss or make out?" Roman persisted.

"We kiss," Danny argued.

"Yeah, but only if we're going to have sex," Roman replied.

Danny could feel himself becoming agitated. Where was all this coming from? And what was Roman getting at?

"Look, you and I both want sex. That's why we do this. Not to kiss and make out," he said derisively, "Let's not fuck with that. This is the perfect relationship. We're both getting exactly what we want."

Roman remained quiet, but something on his face must have revealed his displeasure because Danny slowly came towards him and grabbed his chin.

"Admit it, you want this," he said.

Roman couldn't maintain eye contact and he let his gaze drop. Danny was right, he wanted the sex, he craved it, but it wasn't enough any more. He wasn't even sure it had ever been enough.

Jerking his chin out of Danny's hold he retorted, "About as much as I want to throw up, eat my vomit and throw it up again."

Danny was temporarily stunned into silence at the vehemence of Roman's response. He looked at the other boy in shock and then felt an icy fist begin to squeeze his chest.

Maybe this wasn't going to be as easy as he thought. Roman didn't look like he was about to sway easily. Could it be that he had fucked things up more that he thought?

"You don't mean that," Danny said with noticeably less confidence.

"Don't I?" Roman challenged. "I'm tired of being your dirty little secret. The nerd that you sneak off and fuck, and never want your popular friends to find out about. I refuse to let you continue to use me."

"It's not like you didn't want it," Danny said in a lame attempt to shed some of the blame.

"I didn't want it, I wanted you! And I was willing to take whatever you were offering to be with you, but no more," Roman said.

His words held an air of finality that had Danny panicking. What was Roman saying?

"What are you saying?" he asked cautiously.

"I'm saying that I can't do this anymore," Roman replied.

Danny's throat closed up so tight that he felt as though he couldn't breathe.

Roman didn't wait for Danny to respond, he hastily righted his clothes and then stalked to the door, yanking it open and walking out, leaving Danny to stare after him.


My day was ruined after I saw Troy and Roman eating together, looking so cozy and sitting so close, just the two of them. I let my imagination run wild as I speculated over their relationship, which didn't help my mood any. I kept thinking, did I suck that bad? I mean, was I so lousy that he couldn't wait even one day before going to someone else? I hated feeling jealous and unappreciated.

I had felt so sure that, given the chance, my plan to seduce Troy would work. Now I felt terribly misguided.

I was heading to my locker, not really paying attention to my surroundings, when suddenly someone said my name very close to my ear. I spun around and found Troy standing right behind me. He was breathing a little heavily, like he had just been sprinting. Up close, I noticed those very faint freckles across the bridge of his nose that I found so enticing and felt my body tightening in response to his nearness.

"I was calling your name for a whole minute. Didn't you hear me?" he said a little breathlessly.

"I ... sorry, I was somewhere else," I spoke haltingly.

I wondered why he had been calling my name. It was pretty obvious that he had moved on to someone else. There was nothing left for the two of us to talk about. I had no idea what he could possibly want now.

I looked at him, waiting for him to explain why he had just chased me down.

"I wanted to know when you wanted to have our next lesson," he said, lowering his voice to prevent from being overheard.

I gave him a shocked look. After what I had seen at lunch, I was pretty sure that our lessons were over. He hadn't been all that enthusiastic the last time, not letting me touch him and not wanting me to get him off. And today I thought I knew the reason why. Now here he was, wanting to find out when our next lesson would be. It didn't make sense.

"I ... uh," I didn't know what to say. The truth was I hadn't given it any thought because I'd believed there wouldn't be any more lessons.

"What are you doing this afternoon?" Troy asked when I continued to hesitate.

I wanted to lie, to make something up so I wouldn't seem so easy, but all I ended up saying was, "Nothing."

"Great," Troy said, "I'll see you at five."

With that he turned and started walking away. I stood there thinking, shit.