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Tears for Toby

Part 6

Love & Prejudice.

After our meal we sat watching television for a couple of hours until Toby rising from the settee where he sat next to me told his parents that we were going up to his room to talk then bed. After saying our goodnights to Toby's parents within the space of fifteen minutes we had showered and were lying on his bed. I had to borrow a pair of boxers from Toby which were so tight on me that they felt uncomfortable. Once under the covers I removed the shorts telling Toby they were just about strangling my dick. To put me at ease he removed his shorts and threw them on the floor to rest alongside the ones I had discarded. The next instant he had his arms around me and was pressing his body against mine then brought are lips together and like two normal sexually aware boys we soon had are semen deposited between us.

After cleaning ourselves or I should say Toby cleaning us we spent the best part of two hours in each others arms talking. Toby told me about why he'd pretended to dump me in favour of Vincent and how it had horribly backfired causing our two year separation. By ten thirty Toby was fondling my loins again I tried to reciprocate but after the exertions of the match and are earlier love making I was struggling to keep my eyes open. Toby smiling removed my hand kissed me whispering "Goodnight Joey," turned the light off then snuggled down against my body and let me slide into unconsciousness.

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I awoke at my normal time around six thirty to see a blonde haired boy sleeping next to me. Realizing that I didn't have to get up to help fix my brothers breakfast I wrapped myself around Toby and went back to sleep. The next time I woke it was just after nine am and Toby was lying on his side propped up on his elbow head in hand looking at me.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing," then bringing his head down pecked me on the lips, "Just liked looking at you. You ready to get up and get dressed?

"Yeah," I said stretching and yawning, "give me a minute and I'll be up."

"I think something is already up I had a look at it while you were sleeping."

I jumped up and grabbed hold of him then as I lay back down again pulled Toby on top of me. Toby was laughing then yelled out,

"I didn't look honest I was joking," then breaking free from my grip pulled the covers back to expose my erection, "but I can look now," he said, and burst out laughing again.

The morning passed so quickly and before I knew it I was climbing into the back of their car and was being driven home by Mr Greening. All through the drive Toby held my hand and when we arrived at my house I could see his eyes watering up. Toby and his dad escorted me to the front door my mum who had been keeping an eye open for me had the door open before the bell could be rung.

We said our goodbyes on the doorstep Toby telling me he'll ring me when he got back from his visit to his grandparents house. Then a final hug and they were walking back to the car and driving off.


Mum and dad couldn't wait to question me as to how Toby and I were able to meet up again and I gave her the story that Toby had related to me, at the same time telling them that I'd invited Toby to come over next Friday and stay till Sunday when his parents will pick him up again.

"His parents don't have to come and pick him up Joey," my dad said, "I'll take him home."

"Okay dad I'll tell him when he phones me later."

The weekend was a happy one although I didn't go anywhere in particular the thought that Toby and I were together again made my body tingle just thinking about it and of course the telephone calls. I think we must have talked for hours on the phone over the weekend what we talked about I haven't a clue but talk we did.




I arrived at the school gates on Monday morning and walked through feeling on top of the world but my feelings of exhilaration wouldn't last very long.

The moment I walked into the classroom and heard the babble of voices reduce to near silence I knew something was wrong. I went to my desk looking at the faces around me and didn't get any positive looks from any of my classmates, reaching my desk I sat down taking out the books I'd needed for my lesson from my pack.

Suddenly Gerry Laidlaw who sat behind me leant over asking, "Did it hurt."

Puzzled I turned and asked? "What do you mean did it hurt?"

"Your boyfriend's dick when it went up your arse."

I ignored him and turned my back on him.

"So did it hurt then aren't you going to tell we're waiting to hear."

I looked around the class; the majority of them were all looking in my direction waiting for me to respond I looked down at my desk and opened my book deciding to just ignore them.

But there was to be no let up from Laidlaw, again he called out loudly so most of the class could hear. "Come on Burton tell us what was it like?"

Angry I turned on him saying, "I don't know where you got your information from but like you it's a load of shit."

"Yeah," he yelled, "Well not according to Jeanette's brother who was on the coach."

I turned my head and looked over at Jeanette Foster. Her brother had been on the coach and as captain of the senior eleven he with coach Findlay were assessing players from the under 15 team who could be considered drafting into the senior team after their fifteenth birthday.


"My brother told Noah and I on Saturday evening that when you got off the coach to meet your boyfriend," Jeanette Foster said smugly looking around at the class, "the two of you were hugging each other so much that he was sure if you hadn't been out in the open you'd have been kissing."

There were murmurs from the other students and when they'd finished I looked at Jeanette Foster saying.

"For you and Noah's, and your idiot brother's information, I've known Toby Greening from when we were both five year olds in junior school. When I moved here two years ago we lost touch with one another and I haven't seen or spoken to him since then.

So when we met up on Friday the first time in two years you bet we were excited at seeing and talking with each other again so what you and the rest of the class want to make of it I couldn't care less,"

I sat down and before anyone could make a response thankfully Mr Whigmore walked into the classroom putting and end to any further accusations flying in my direction. By lunch break the rumours about my homosexuality must have reached around the whole school, as I got a lot of snide remarks when walking along the corridor to the cafeteria. I got my meal and found an empty table and ate my lunch alone and in relative peace. The rest of the day went pretty much the same and I seemed to have been ostracized from the rest of the school, which didn't really bother me much as I normally kept pretty much to myself in any case. The only surprising part of the incident was Noah's attitude, I never expected him to go along with the rest of the class.


When I got home that evening I waited till my dad got home from work and after we'd eaten I told them that I needed to talk to them about what had happened at school. My parents decided that it would be best if we waited till Paul had gone to bed. I went to my room and rehearsed what I was going to say to my parents. I tried various scenarios then concluded to come right out and tell them what had happened at school and how close except for the sex part to the truth the accusations were. I came down stairs again to watch the TV till Paul scampered off to bed. When dad came back downstairs after attending to my brother I was able to sit down and face my parents.


I went straight into relating what had happened at school and how Brian Foster had told his sister Jeanette and Noah that he thought I was a homo, and how it had now gotten around the school. Before they could respond I also told them that what Brian Foster had suggested was true that Toby and I were extremely fond of each other and that we had been sexually active for the first time when I had stayed at his house Friday night.

The silence that followed when I stopped talking seemed to last for an eternity but in reality about only half a minute. Dad rose from his seat on the settee next to mum and walked over to where I sat. Taking me by the arm he pulled me out of the chair and walked me over to the settee and gently sat me down next to my mother then took the seat on my other side so that I was piggy in the middle. Dad put his arm around my shoulder giving me a squeeze, then sort of making clearing sounds in his throat said, "Joey your mother and I more or less guessed what your affection for Toby really was. The way you were so broken up when you thought that Toby had gone out of your life, and had left you for another boy made us realize where your sexuality lay."

I looked at my parents in turn astounded that they had already guessed about my homosexuality and had been so supportive without my even knowing it.

My thoughts were broken by my father saying, "Joey you haven't admitted to anyone in the school that you and Toby are boyfriends?"

"No dad, I've just been ignoring all their snide remarks and let them think what they want."

"Good leave it like that just don't give them any cause to use against you."

My parents and I talked for another hour they giving me advice about safe sex and also the problems I'd face in certain quarters later in life once it became known that I was a homosexual. The most important part of the conversation was that they still loved me and would always be there for me whenever I needed them.

I went to bed that night a changed boy, although the majority of the school treated me like a leper I couldn't care less. I had the love of my family and Toby, what more could I ask for.



The next couple of days went the same as Monday the normal innuendoes about my sexuality and like before I ignored them.

Thursday at lunchtime I took my usual seat by myself to consume my food when Noah came and stood at my table. I looked up at him but didn't say a word.

Suddenly he blurted out "I'm sorry Joey about what's happened,"

I kept quiet for a minute collecting my thoughts then said, "Noah you acted like the rest of your friends and ostracised me before you had any proof about my being gay or not. How would you have reacted if it were true, would you still be here apologizing or over there with your friends waiting to verbally abuse me as soon as I was within earshot? I accept your apology for what it's worth, but I need a friend like you Noah, like I need a hole in the head."

Noah went red in the face and I knew that if we hadn't been in the cafeteria I would most certainly have had his fists flying in the direction of my face.

He glared at me then turned on his heel and walked away.


Friday after classes I asked coach Findlay if I could skip the evening training session as we had visitors coming over to our house. He Okayed it then reminded me that the kick off for our penultimate match was at our school sports field at 2.00pm and how important the match was; we had to win it to stay in the title race.


That evening around 6.00pm Toby arrived with his parents he had also brought his bike so that I could show him around our part of the world. His parents spent about an hour talking with my dad and mum while I showed Toby around our house and garden.

When they were ready they said goodbye to Toby saying that they'll see him when my dad and I dropped him off on Sunday.


Friday night in bed was just wonderful. Having Toby in my arms as we chatted late into the night, with of course the interruptions by our lips which seemed to come into contact quite often, is a feeling one cannot begin to express in words, or even imagine with ones mind, it has to be experienced to be believed.


Eventually we did fall asleep only to be brutally awakened at 6.30am by Paul bouncing around on top of our bodies then climbing under the covers between us. I grabbed hold of my younger brother and hauled myself and him out of the bed.

"Go and get your breakfast by yourself," I said, "Your seven years old you should be able to do it by now."

"Yeah well mum told me she used to get your breakfast till you were nearly nine, so what do you have to say to that?"

"Mum made my breakfast because she wanted to and I used to let her, saved me from having to do it."

"You're a real meanie, I don't like you anymore don't know why Toby likes you, maybe he's a meanie too just like you."

I grabbed hold of my brother lifted him into my arms and kissed him on the cheek, "Okay lets go get breakfast."

He wrapped himself around me as I carried him downstairs to the kitchen, as I set him down at the kitchen table a voice behind me said.

"Who said I was a meanie."

I turned to see Toby standing in the doorway, using my finger I pointed at Paul, "Him."

"Umm I didn't mean it Toby honest," Paul blurted out, "I said it coz I was angry Joey wouldn't come down to breakfast with me."

Toby walked over and took a seat next to Paul; while I poured some flakes into a bowl added milk and sugar and put it front of my younger brother.

"I'll let you off for what you said about me," Toby said looking at my brother, "if you give me a mouthful of your flakes."

After stirring the sugar into the milk Paul dipped into his bowl and came up with a spoonful of flakes and milk and slowly directed it into Toby's open mouth.

"Umm delicious," and reaching out his hands towards the bowl of flakes Toby said, "I think I'll have it all."

"Get off," Paul yelled laughing and pulling the bowl further away from Toby, "They're mine."

"Now who's the meanie," Toby joked.

"It's not the same," Paul said filling his mouth with flakes and swallowing, "you can go have some of your own if you want."

"No yours are better."

"This is the last spoon you're getting," Paul said as he directed another heavily laden spoon of flakes and milk in the direction of Toby's open mouth, "and if you try to take more I'm going to tell my mum."

"Well if you're not going to give me anymore flakes," Toby said swallowing his mouthful of flakes, "I'm going back to bed, you coming Joey?"

"Will you be alright by yourself Paul?" I asked, "Mum will be down soon she's just attending to Danielle," and getting the nod from him as he was busy filling his face, I stroked his head, and followed Toby upstairs. We both relieved our bladders then climbed into my bed.

"Does Paul always jump into your bed when he wakes up in the morning?" Toby said wrapping his arms around me as we lay on our sides facing each other,

"No I think he was a bit jealous seeing you sleeping in my bed, actually at weekends he doesn't wake me till after 8.00pm."

"You're really lucky Joey, I wish I had a younger brother, actually I think I'll adopt Paul."

"You're welcome to him I'll let you fix his breakfast tomorrow morning."



We lay together just embracing till I slowly slipped into dreamland again. This time I was awakened by a pair of lips pressing against mine. I opened my eyes to see a smiling face with blonde hair falling around it.

"Ready to get up the face asked?"

"Umm in a minute, what time is it?"

"Nearly 9.30am," the face replied, then lowered and brought our lips together again.

"I wish we were alone in the house," I said, after the kiss and grabbing the body that belonged to the face pulled it down on top of me, "we could spend hours together like this."

"Yes and what will your younger brother have to say."

I let go of Toby, and sat up in bed looking around scared I'd see a wide eyed Paul standing by the bedside looking at his elder brother kissing another boy. There was no Paul, only Toby's laughter ringing in my ears and he'd had the good sense to stand away from the bed.

"Come on Joey, get up you can give me a tour of the neighbourhood on our bikes after breakfast."

We can't go out for too long," I said getting out of the bed, "I've got to be at school by 12.30pm as we have a match to play."

"Can I come and watch you play Joey?"

I was about to say yes when I remembered what had been happening at school all week. "I don't think that would be advisable Toby," and then I went into detail about what had happened since last Monday.

"It must have been pretty rough for you Joey," he said coming over and wrapping an arm around my shoulder in sympathy. "I'm glad I'm going to Oak Grove everyone there knows how about me being gay and they don't care one way or the other."

I looked at Toby saying, "They know about you I asked incredulously?"

"Yes, and about you," Toby said grinning, "I told my friends at school that I'd met my boyfriend for the first time in two years and told them what had happened between us," ending his statement by giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"God I'd love to be back at Oak Grove away from these narrow minded idiots that I have to share the classroom with."

"Never mind Joey it's only for five days of the week we'll have the weekends together. Now get your backside in the shower and get dressed. I'll see you downstairs."


Half an hour later after finishing my breakfast I took Toby for a ride around the immediate neighbourhood. I made it a point to show him the park where I suggested while I was playing my match he could bring Paul to play if he felt up to it. We then headed home and lazed around the house till it was time for me to head for school and our penultimate soccer match of the season.

Toby sat in the back seat with me as dad drove me to the school. They both wished me good luck and drove off dad knowing why Toby wouldn't stay to see me play.



I made my way through the main gates then across the across the recreation grounds to the gym where we were to meet and change for the match. The opposition being allowed to use the changing rooms in the pavilion at the side of the playing fields.

As I walked into the changing room Jimmy Glover the team captain said, "Make sure you bend down with your backs to the wall guys, Burton is here."

There were roars of laughter from the rest of the team, I just stood and looked around at the team members then turned on my heels and headed out of the room. I made my way out towards the school gates when Glover came running up and grabbed me by the arm.

"Come on Burton it was only a Joke I didn't mean anything by it."

I wrenched my arm free from his grip then snarling said, "Find someone else to take the piss out of, I won't be playing with a bunch of morons like you lot again." And strode off leaving him standing looking at me leave the school premises.

I arrived home twenty minutes later and as I walked in the door my dad gave a surprised look on seeing me asking, "What happened?"

I related what had taken place and was just finishing when the phone rang.

Dad answered it and I heard him say "Good afternoon Mr Findlay."

Then dad said, "My son doesn't want to play with a set of players that have no respect for him so there is no reason to continue this conversation Mr Findlay, goodbye." And dad put the phone down.

Dad came over and hugged me and took me into the sitting room where mum and my baby sister were. We sat together on the settee and dad related the conversation he'd had with Mr Findlay. Mum and dad were very supportive about my decision not to play for the team again and I then asked where Toby was.

"He's taken Paul to the park you can go and join them if you feel up to it," dad said.

So saying goodbye to my parents and baby sister I went to meet up with Toby and his adopted brother.


With Toby constantly at my side the weekend seemed to fly by and before I knew it dad and I were taking him home again.

We'd spent the last couple of days blissfully happy and now as the car neared Toby's house we both were down knowing that it would be a full five days before we saw each other again. We said our goodbyes on the doorstep the consolation being that we would keep in touch by phone for the next five days.


Monday morning I made my way down the road that led to school. As I made my way towards the gates I heard footsteps come up behind me and Jimmy Glover was there yelling in my ear.

"Thank you Burton you've just about lost us the chance of winning the title you fucking queer."

I ignored him and carried on walking away from him making my way towards the school gates. Glover followed me I heard him come up behind me again then his hand grabbing my arm and swinging me around.

Glover was the same height as I was but much heavier built and I knew that I didn't stand a chance if he decided to use his hands on me and that's precisely what he decided to do. What he hadn't taken into account was that as he pulled his arm back to hit me it was grabbed and twisted from behind and a voice saying, "You so much as touch him Glover and I'll beat you to a pulp," then the voice planted his foot up Glovers arse sending him face first onto the pavement.

I looked over at my saviour smiled and said, "Thanks Noah." And made my way to classes with Noah following me.


Once inside the classroom I made my way to my desk and sat down. I saw Noah come in smile at me then moved toward the desk behind mine and I heard him say to Laidlaw, "Move your arse I'm sitting here."

"What," Laidlaw said in astonishment, "why do you want to sit in my place."

Raising his voice so that the rest of the class could hear Noah said, "Because I want to make sure that my friend Joey doesn't get any hassle from morons like you."

I turned in my seat to see Noah taking Gerry Laidlaw's place. Grinning I said, "I think I've got a hole in the head."

"No I'm the one with the hole in the head Joey, "He said looking serious, "No matter what they say about you you're still the same person I was friends with and I shouldn't have forgotten that. So now its time to rectify the situation."

I lowered my voice so that only Noah could hear, "What Brian Foster said was true Noah, that boy that I met after the match is my boyfriend."

He smiled then said, "So when do I get to meet him."

Next time he comes over to stay," I said grinning, "I'll bring him round to your place for you to pass judgement on him."

Before Noah could respond Mr Whigmore walked into the class and all conversations came to an end.

Thanks to Noah who was very popular with most of the boys and girls and they seeing him accompanying me during the breaks I had a relatively hassle free day at school.



It was Friday when I was met by Mr Findlay after school and asked if I would accompany him to his office which I did.

Inside he said, "He was sorry for what had happened in the gym last Saturday and wished that he'd arrived earlier."

"It's okay sir wasn't your fault," I said

"Alright Burton, we still have a chance to win the title Grangemouth only drew last Saturday so if we can beat them this coming Saturday we'll win the league title."

"I hope the team wins on Saturday sir I really mean that but I won't be playing."

"Burton the team are really sorry for what happened last weekend it won't happen again please reconsider?"

"I don't think they are sorry sir not one team member has come to see me during the week to apologize. They don't respect me and I certainly don't respect them sir. But knowing how important this game is and how much winning the title means to you Mr Findlay I'll play."

Mr Findlay's eyes lit up and smiling he said, "I can't thank you enough Joseph. You're right the way the team behaved they don't deserve your respect and my opinion of them has certainly been lowered. Just for the record Glover won't be captaining the team on Saturday none of the team members have been told yet so keep it to yourself. As for Foster the one who started this, he's also been removed from captaining the senior team, I've already spoken to him and he was none too pleased with my decision. I've handed the captaincy to Christopher Keil. I don't suppose you know him but you'll meet him tomorrow he'll be at the match to see you play."

Pausing Mr Findlay took my hand saying, "Alright you better shoot off home Joseph and be outside the main gates by 12.20pm the kick-off is at 1.00pm and once again thank you for your change of heart."

"Goodbye sir see you tomorrow," I said and walked out of his office wondering what the team will say when they see me turn up to play tomorrow afternoon. "Just hope I have a good game so Chris Keil will want me in the senior team when I come of age." I thought making my way out of the school




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