Teen Boi's World

Chapter One

Written By: Teen Boi

    My name is Christian Jordan. This is my story, a tale of my journey through my teen years. I am telling you this as I am going through all the crap that goes with being a teenager. Yeah I know you have probably heard it all before, but then hey I am telling they tale not you. I shall begin in the past and bring you to present time. Love to all who read this tale. Anyway, to protect the people who have come along the journey I did changes names.   


    So who am I? Well you know my name so far. I am right now sixteen years old. I am not much to look at, in the looks department. Nor am I ugly in anyway. I am just average. Well I do have girls tripping over each other to try to date me. Hmm I am about 5'9. I have brown shaggy style hair. As you would guess, mom is always on my ass to get it cut. I keep telling her no. My eyes are brown. I usually wear a plain white t-shirt and jeans.

    I am just a plain old Joe, but not too ordinary. For a long time I have been keeping a secret to most people. Only a few friends have found out. I am gay. I am not totally out, but I am getting there.


    At 13, I had already started developing quite nicely. My cock was 6 1/2 inches hard by then. Yes, I know hard to believe but it was. I measure it very night. I started jerking it some years earlier, but did not shoot large amounts until I was about 13, oh and it is also cut.


    Okay so sexually, I had been active since I was six. Not in the sense of fucking and shit, but I used to play doctor with my best buds. Yeah I know a lot of us went through that shit.


    It was at 13 I had my first taste of taking it up the ass. We had stayed with relatives when we were on holidays. I would jerk my 18-year-old cousin while I thought he was asleep. Benin's cock was huge. I swear to you his cock was almost 8 inches in length, and thick...I had seen it limp, because Benin sleep nude. He obviously did not give a shit if someone saw it.


    So anyway how it came about was. I got a sleeping bag, so I could on the floor. Benin was in the bed next to me. The first night I did nothing. Okay I admit I was nervous. The next day all I could think of was his cock. I wanted to try it so bad. I made a plan to do it that night. The suspense all day damn near killed me.


    That night when we finally headed down to bed, I got brave and stripped down to nothing just like Benin did. I was hoping he would kind of look but I do not think he did. I lay in bed until I heard him gently snoring. It did not take long. My cock was hard with anticipation. I waited a bit long and then quietly snuck out of bed. I was kind of nervous but oh so exhilarated. I carefully lifted the sheet back, and I waited to make sure there was no movement. Luckily there was enough light I could see. There it lay. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I slowly reached over and took it in my hand. Wow, it felt so good. It seemed to react instantly to my touch. It was like hard in no time. I slowly began stroking it. I would look over, occasionally, to see if Benin would wake. He seemed to be asleep. I kept jerking him gently and quickly. I was enjoying it. It did not take me long to get some action out of his cock. I jerked him to shooting his load. Fuck, it went everywhere and I had no way to clean it up. I just pulled the sheet back, and crawled in my bed. I licked his cum off my hand. I had never done that before, I liked what I had tasted. I soon fell asleep.


    If Benin had been awake when I jerked him, he never said anything in the morning. I stripped right down, again that night. I was cold that night. Benin finally told me to get my ass in bed with him. I was so cold I just crawled under the blankets. Talk about not thinking. I lay there in Benin's bed and if it did not beat all I got hard. I hoped to hell he did not notice. I wanted to reach out and play with his cock, but he was still awake. That is when it started. Benin reached over and took my cock in his hand. He stroked it ever so gently. I reached over and took his in my hand. I thought we would just jerk each other, but my cousin had other things in mind. He told me to turn over and spread my ass cheeks. I did as he asked. I felt his tongue in my hole. Fuck, it felt weird, but good at the same time. He had begun sticking his finger in my hole. It hurt a bit at first but then it felt so fucking awesome. It felt even better when he got two fingers in me.


    He was still fingering my ass as he reached for a bag under the bed. I could hear him doing something, but I could not see. I felt something warm drop onto my hole. I felt the warm liquid rubbed on and in my ass. I rather had an idea of what he was going to do. I had seen porn sites. I was worried he would rip me wide with his monster cock. I could not say no. I really wanted this from him.


    I grabbed a pillow from beside me, as I felt him begin to push into my tight pucker. It hurt like a fuck. I bit down hard; I could taste foam. God he was still pushing the monster in me. I wanted him to stop, but he never gave in. Finally, after a struggle he was in me. I could feel his balls slapping my ass. He stay put until I began to adjust to have him in me. Then slowly he pulled back out. Beyond the pain I felt, was an underlying pleasure. I started moaning as his thrust in. I could feel him opening my hole wider as he slammed my hot little ass. Should I have been concerned? Yeah, but at the time I was being slammed I did not give a shit.


    I could hear Benin grunting, as he began to pick up speed. Fuck, he was going to blast his load right in me. It felt weird when his spunk filled me, but not in a bad way. I loved getting his monster slamming me. It was my first time as you remember.


    Something did not feel right when Benin pulled his limp cock out of me. It hurt worse than when he slammed it in my hole. I felt something run down my leg, I thought it was just his spunk, but when I reached, back to grab some, when I brought my hand back it was covered in blood. How the fuck do you explain, that you let your older cousin fuck you up the ass. Then you discover that your ass was ripped and bleeding. I began to panic. I even started crying. Benin took it in stride. He grabbed some towels and used them to control the bleeding. Our redeeming feature at this point, was the fact that we were the only ones home. Benin knew I had to go see a doctor, but they would ask questions. Well he could not just let me bleed. He picked me up, and got me to his car. The hospital was our next stop.


    The nurse took the usual information, and took us straight into an examination room. Now Benin was beginning to panic a bit, what was he going to tell the doctor? He muttered and mumbled some incoherent shit, and paced the room. I was still crying, not knowing what the fuck was going on. In my mind, I kept thinking about things. I know the laws, because I like to read up on stuff. It is illegal to have anal intercourse with any person who is not eighteen, even if it is consensual. Benin might get charged and I did not want that. I tried to think of stories to tell the doctor. I kept drawing a blank.


    When the doctor finally came in, I had gotten frustrated. I did not expect Benin to up and tell him what had happened. He asked our ages, when we told him he wrote them down. Then he came over and made me lie on my tummy. I heard the word stitches, and something else. My mind had gone numb when he mentioned me needing stitches, and I became oblivious to anything else. I began crying. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and through the tears, I could see Benin beside me. I think he was crying too. I never even felt when they began to stitch me up, or even when they were finished.


    I lay on the bed as the doctor took Benin out of the room to talk to him. To this day I am not even sure what they discussed. I was so dazed I forgot to ask Benin. All I know is he was relieved when he came back. The doctor had given him some ointment for me to us, and sent us on our way.


    It took two weeks for my hole to heal. Thankfully, mom and auntie have never found out what happened. Benin took care of me the whole time. So no one was the wiser I guess.

2 B Continued...