Teen Boi's World

Chapter 2

-       By -- Teen Boi


    After my little incident with Benin, it took me a year before I even let anyone else near my fuck hole. When it did happen I was still leery as to what would happen when I got a cock stuffed up me again. It was one of my friends who got me to do it again.


    I had invited my friend Bennie over for the weekend. Actually it worked out good, because his parents were going away, and he would have to have gone with them, if I had not rescued him.

    Bennie is native, well actually only half native. I say he is about 5'9. He was 16 at the time. Back then his hair was blonde and brown underneath. Basically he kept the underside shaved but the top longer. He flipped it to the left, and used it to cover his blind eye. I don't know if he is Goth, punk, or what have you. He always has black eyeliner on. When I met him for the first time he was wearing bondage pants, not those weird tight ones, but the baggy style. He likes hoodies, except during summer he forgoes them. The only thing he likes to wear all the time is a black toque. He says he is never without it. I have seen him topless, and admittedly had a nice body. He is a bi boi and totally out.

    So we spent the evening playing games on my computer. Nothing happened at all that night. I had not even told Bennie I was totally into guys. We just chilled and fucked around on the computer. I think we finally went to bad around 4 am.

    The next day mom was spending with her boyfriend. Meaning we had the house to ourselves. Talk about sweet.

    I finally dragged my ass out of bed around 2 pm. I looked over at Bennie and he was fast asleep. I just wanted to go over and give his cock the once over. I refrained myself. I sat at the computer and wrote in my journal. After a while, I got up and headed for the shower. I never even thought to close my journal.

    I let the spray run over me, my eyes closed as I enjoyed the steamy water. I had my back to the door, so I did not see anything, and the water masked any sound. The next thing I know, Bennie was pinning me to the wall. He hand my hands pinned too, so I could not get free. He ran his hand down to my cock and gave it a rough squeeze. Then he ran his hand around and over my ass. I felt his finger slide into my hole. He whispered something about my journal. I clued into the fact I had forgotten to close it. Now I was getting man handled for it. I admit it was a turn on, and something I had secretly wanted from Bennie.

    He pushed me into the wall. He took both my hands in his. I turned my head, and let him kiss me. I could feel him cock rubbing into my ass crack. He was rock hard. From the feel of it, it felt bout 7 or 8 inches. I could not really tell, as he would not allow me to turn around. He stopped kissing me and whispered in my ear.

"I gonna stick my cock in you boi."

    I did not even get the chance to respond. Before I knew it, his cock was buried deep in my hole. I forgot to mention, that I was fairly loose due to Benin. I think this shocked Bennie, but if he was going to show it I don't know. He bent me slightly and held my hands to the wall. He began working in and out of my hole. It did hurt a bit, but not like it did with Benin.

    It felt good with Bennie fucking my ass. He began to slam me harder.

"Oh by the gods fuck my ass." I screamed.

"You like it hard don't ya boi?"

"Fuck yes."

    He got a bit rougher. He pulled me to him, and really gave it to my ass. I began to moan. Shit he was really giving it to me. He began biting my neck. I could feel him draw blood, which he sucked off my neck. I tried to move, but he had me braced against the wall so I could not move. It was pure heaven for me. He was biting and fucking me. I let my body go with it. I wanted to stroke my cock while he slammed me, but being pinned, I could not even do that. I had no choice, but to let him slam me. Let me tell you he was giving it to me hard. Every time he pushed in, he would force me against the wall. He pulled my head back and began kissing me deep and hard. Oh shit this was hot. I blew my load without touching myself. I felt Bennie fill my ass. He kept his cock in me until he went soft. Then he turned me around, and made me get on my knees.

"Clean my cock faggot!"

I licked his cock, and slowly took it in my mouth. I thought it would taste awful. I mean he just had his cock in my ass. Well I was wrong, it did not taste bad at all. It did not take long for Bennie to get hard again. He grabbed my head and began fucking my face. Shit he was rough. I did not care, I let him fuck my face. It did not take him long to blast his hot load in my mouth. Then he quickly rinsed and got out of the shower. I was left sitting there, my ass leaking his cum, and a smile on my face.

I finally came back to my senses and finished showering. I went in my room, and found it empty. I quickly dressed, and then before leaving, I shut down my journal and locked my computer. I headed downstairs and Bennie was sitting on the couch. He had his shoes and coat on. I looked at him.

"I am gonna go stay with my girl tonight." He said.


He got off the couch and came over to me, and got right in my face.

"You ever tell anyone I fucked you ass, I will kill you."

He was out the door before I could say anything. Bennie changed after that. He stopped talking to me all together. I would get an occasionally glare from him, and then he would turn his back to me.

For the record, then only one who knew what had happened was my journal. I never divulged the secret to anyone. As for Bennie, well he never came by again for a replay of that night. Mom had asked me once why I no longer talked to him. All I told her was things had changed between us.

2 B Continued...

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