Teen Boi's World

Chapter 3

-       By -- Teen Boi

So after the incident with Bennie, I was more careful not to leave my journal open, when I had friends over. I took two weeks actually before I got up the guts to invite anyone over again. Well actually he invited himself over, and well I figured it would be okay as long as I did not leave anything to chance.

Mom was going with her boyfriend for a weekend get-a-way. Mom had wanted me to go stay with my auntie, but I convinced her I was old enough to take care of myself. At first she was reluctant, but eventually she gave in. Okay I was only 14, but I seemed more mature. With that settle I began to get excited about having the house to myself for three days...they would be leaving Friday after they dropped me at school.

When Friday morning came, I was so wound up that I had not slept too well the night before. I ran downstairs and hugged mom. She grinned at me. She went over a list she had made. She handed me a couple hundred bucks to do with as I saw fit. Shit I had not expected this part...woot...I had cash for the weekend. We ate breakfast, and then I grabbed my stuff for school. I was putting on my shoes when Jim (mom's bf) drove up. I helped mom take her stuff to the car. We loaded it in and then Jim said he wanted to talk to me. Oh shit...I thought. I really like Jim he is cool, but can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Mom waited in the car as he talked to me. Well he did not really talk, he gave me an envelope. Inside was three hundred bucks. He said not to tell mom, I swore I would not. Dudes I had five hundred for the weekend...shit this was beyond anything. Well I got in the car and they dropped me at school. I waved as they took off. I waited til I knew they were gone, before deciding to ditch for the day.

I took the short cut home, through the park. I was walking my usual route when I saw my buddy Jarred, sitting alone in the park. I walked over and sat next to him.

"Hey buddy what's up?" He asked.

"F-all, ditching school that about it."

"Dude you gonna get in shit."

"Naw mom and Jim took off for the weekend...they will not know."

"You lucky SOB...that is the shit."

"Yeah I know...I have been itching for them to leave all week."

We sat there for a minute, and then he looked at me.

"Hey dude I am gonna chill with you tonight."

"Umm...yeah sure...I guess."

Well I had not been expecting that at all. Mind you I really did like the idea of someone to chill with tonight. I told him to come by around five or so and we could get pizza and pop. Then I said I had to jet...and would see him later. I took off for home to ditch my stuff.

So I have known Jarred since camp a few summers back. We had hit it off quite well, and enjoyed chillin together. Jarred and I are the same age. He is taller than me...umm he was 6'2 when this took place. Tall and skinny is the best way to describe him. Mind you his dad is over 7 feet I think. He is African American, and white...I think the correct term is mallado. Jarred's did is African American, and his mom is white. He skin is kind of a milk chocolate color...maybe lighter. He has dark hair, but it is not curly like his dads, but straight like his moms. He has brown eyes. His lips are full. I have dreamt many a time about those lips around my cock. Not much else to say about him at this point.

So after ditching my stuff at home, I decided to go and hang at the mall for a bit. I bought some new CD's and ate lunch. I wandered around for a bit, before heading home. I watched some TV, and had a nap on the couch. I got woken by the door bell. I looked at the clock...it was just after five. I got up and looked to see Jarred standing at the door. I opened it and let him in. This was the second time he had been to my house. He had an overnight bag with him. I led him up to my room so he could put his stuff in there. After that we went down and I order two large meat lovers from Pizza Hut™. We flipped through the channels, while we waited for the pizza to show. I answered the door when it got there...and almost creamed myself...he was hot. Oh yeah sorry getting off track here.

We scarfed down the pizza in no time. Then we ran to 7-11™ to get some munchies and drinks. Jarred paid for the stuff we bought. Once we got home we decided to watch movies. I let Jarred chose. I cannot remember what movie he chose though.

I was getting bored watching the movie, so I said I was gonna go check my email. Jarred kind of grunted a yes. I took off upstairs. I was a bit disappointed; I was hoping something would happen. Oh well...your never know. I checked my email. I saw a message from some guy I had been talking with for the last couple months. I opened it. He had sent me new pics. This guy was hot. I did not realize the Jarred had come into the room, and was now looking at them.

"Shit what I heard was true." He stated.

I jumped out of my face, and began to panic.

"I...ummm...oh fuck!!"

"He dude is all good...he is a hottie."

My jaw dropped when he said that. I looked at him and he had a huge grin. He came and took me in his arms. I was still kind of scared.

"Dude I ain't gonna hurt you...or ignore you after...like Bennie."

I looked at him wide eyed. That prick Bennie was telling people how he man handled me...or so I assumed.

"How do you think I found out...dumb fuck was bragging to a couple of his buds about it...and I overheard him."

We went over to the bed, and sat down.

"Oh man my life is fucked now." I moaned.

"Hey is okay...I know the dudes he was telling...they will not do anything."

"How do you know?"

"Because they are like you and me...not like Bennie."

As puzzled as I was, I believed Jarred. He took me in his arms, and held me. It was the greatest felling to know he would not do anything to me. I looked up and he was smiling. He leaned down and kissed me. It was filled with passion. I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue is. He explored my mouth. My hands explored his body, eventually making way down to his crotch. He was hard already. Fuck he felt like he had a big cock. Mind you I always thought everyone had a bigger cock than me. I had to see. I began undoing the draw string on his track pants. I reached in and took hold of his cock...hmm he had come commando. His cock was thicker than mine. He stopped kissing me, and lifted his butt and pulled his track pants off. Wow Jarred was hung. His cock was twice the thickness of mine, and I swear no word of a lie, he was at least 8 inches. I stared in awe at the mammoth cock I was looking at. He turned and looked at me with a smile.

"You can suck it if you want." He said.

I leaned down and took him in my mouth. It took a bit to get my whole moth around his cock, but eventually I was able to take him all.

"Shit...that feels real good man." He said.

I gazed up to him, as I sucked his cock. My jaw was a bit sore, so I began to stroke him at the same time. I took my other hand and began playing with his balls. Somehow without stopping, I have moved so he could play with my cock. I had not even though he would take me in his mouth. Shit it felt good. I did not stop to revel in it. I turned back to continued sucking and jerking Jarred. I did not get back to it for long before I felt him fill my mouth with his seed. I sucked him until I was sure I had gotten every drop and then let his cock fall from my mouth. I laid back and let him bring me to orgasm. I could feel my balls tighten, and then I blasted my own seed into his mouth. He kept sucking me until I was empty. I moved to lay beside Jarred, and kissed him. I could taste our cum mixing with our saliva. I felt satisfied for the moment.

We never did anything else that night, but fell asleep curled up together. Sadly we did not get a chance for anything the next day. It was noon by the time we awoke, and both of us hard. I was about to give him some morning pleasure when I heard the door to the house open, and my auntie calling my name.

"Christian are you awake?" She yelled.

I jumped out of bed and scramble to get my clothes on Jarred was doing the same thing.

"Yeah auntie I will be right down." I yelled back.

I was a bit disappointed, but nothing I could do. Jarred suggested I come by his place the next weekend, and we could have more fun. We headed down stairs, and I quickly introduced him to my auntie. She would have talked his ear off, if he had not said he needed to get home.

My auntie had come to see how I was doing. If she had an inclination as to what had gone on she never said anything. After taking me out for lunch, and a movie, she dropped me at home.

"Are you sure you would not like Benin to come stay?" She asked.

"No auntie...I think I am okay."

"Alright...I will call you will call tomorrow and see how things are."

I gave my auntie a kiss and ran in the house. I waved and watched her drive off. I was still disappointed from not having some more fun with Jarred. Oh well, I knew I would have the next weekend for that.

2 B Continued...