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Teens Have Fun

Written By: Angyl

   It was summer; well to be honest it was the end of summer. Soon School would be back in, and life would suck once again. One benefit to all of it was that during the summer, Mom and I moved into our new house. I had to take time off from work to help with the move. Another benefit to summer is all the cuties that come out of the woodwork, so to speak. There were a lot of shirtless guys, skateboarding, blading or just chillin with their buds. I loved the hot sweaty bois playing basketball or street hockey. This was a daily occurrence during the summer time. I for one was not going to bitch about it. I could totally get into some sweaty hot sex with some of these bois.

   I suppose you are wondering who I am? I am no one important really. I am just your average horny teenager. My name is Randall, but most people call me Randy or just Rand. I stand about 5'7" I am 16 years old, and if I were going to an actual school, I would be going into grade 11. Hey I am not, I take home schooling, which sucks, but it leaves me time for more important stuff, if you catch my meaning. Anyway, I have short spiked brown hair. My cock when hard is about seven and 1/2 inches, which in my opinion is not bad. Mom used to hate it, but after arguing, she gave in. I dress in dark clothing. I love dark colors, I convinced my mom to let me paint my room black. I love my music, but I rarely get an opportunity to go and buy, well now I can, I work full time, pumping gas. I am not stuck on one type of music; I listen to all types.

   Man, look at me just sitting here yakking as if I was the only one around...

Let us get back to the story....

   Now where was I? Oh Yeah, discussing all the cute guys I had seen over the summer....

   This brings me to the point of this story. It was mid-July, or thereabouts. I was just hanging out at the park, enjoying the view. (I am sure all you studs know what I mean) Anyhow, I was sitting, and my mind wandered, as it does from time to time, when I am drooling over some hunky dudes. That day had been no exception, let me tell you...all those tasty boys...oops...here I go again...I LOVE IT! I am sorry my mind likes to wander every so often. Anyhow, I was watching these two hot blondes blading along the sidewalk. They were extremely hot. I was so lost in my daydream, that I did not even notice that they were standing in front of me.

"Hey dude you gonna join us on the planet?" One of them asked.

"Huh...what...oh...sorry was just thinking," I stammered.

"Pretty hard too by the looks of it," the other said.

"Sorry bud didn't mean for you to think I was ignoring you."

"Ya got a smoke?" The first one asked.

"No man, I don't smoke," I said.

"S'okay, I'm Jesse, and this here is Jadden," The second one said, pointing to the first.

   I took a better look at the two boys. Jesse was my height. His hair was blonde. His eyes were blue, I think. I was too busy drooling. His body was beautiful. He had no shirt on, and had a nice set of abs. He has a tanned body from being out in the sun too long. He wore khaki shorts, which showed his tanned legs. I guessed he was about 15 or 16.

   Jadden was taller that me, by about two inches, or more. His hair was blonde which he spiked, like mine. He also wore no shirt, and like Jesse, was had a tanned body. He has hazel eyes. A nice set of pecs. He had shorts on as well. I guessed his age about 18 or 19.

   As I stared at the two of them, my mind wandered again. I wondered how big their cocks were, and if I could suck on them?

Jesse shook me out of my stupor.

"Dude ya gotta quit doing that," He said.

"Oh...umm...sorry...dude..." I replied

"So watcha up to man?" Jadden asked.

"Not much, just enjoying my week off," I replied.

   Oh, I forgot to mention that I had a week off from work, and a week off mom tormenting me about schooling shit.

"So what, ya just hanging out then?" Jesse asked.

"Nothin better to do," I replied, and then added coyly. "Unless you two can think of something else I could be doing."

"Yeah man, come over to my place," Jadden said.

"I don't know man," I replied.

"Hey we are just going to hand at Jadden's place."

   I thought it over, and figured why not. I grabbed my shit, and we took off.

   Jadden did not live far from the park, in his own place yet. 'Cool," I thought. It did not take us long to get to Jadden's.

   I fell in love with his place, almost instantly. Jesse flopped down on couch. I took the chair opposite him. The way he was sitting you could see almost all the way up his shorts. (Don't I wish)?

   Jadden disappeared into the kitchen, and grabbed three cokes, then he went and sat on the couch with Jesse.

   I was in heaven. Here I was sitting with two hot guys, and I could see almost all the way up their shorts. Yummy...tasty...juicy cock... oops...minds wandering again...sorry...

   I tried not to make it obvious that I was trying to look up, their shorts. That may have been a disaster or something along those lines. I started to look around Jadden's apartment, to distract myself from the two hunks.

   I glanced over to Jesse, and noticed that he had moved closer to Jadden. I thought nothing of it, and continued to look around.

   Jesse suggested watch the tube. I was unable to see it from where I was sitting, so Jadden told me to come and sit on the couch. I moved to sit on the end of the couch, but Jesse had moved there, so I sat in between them.

   I cannot remember who made the first move on me, but the next thing I knew, a hand was going up the leg of my shorts. It took me by surprise, but I recovered quickly. I decided to let things happen, as they did. It was not long before Jadden was kissing me. His tongue pushing against my lips. I opened my mouth, and we frenched for a few minutes. I glanced, to see where Jesse was, in time to see him undoing the zipper on my short, and pulling my woody out.

"Hey Jadden, you were right, he's one of us," he exclaimed.

   Jadden stopped kissing me, and looked at my cock. Jesse had moved in front of me, and started to pull my shorts off. I lifted up so he could get them off. I also noticed the he had taken his shorts off as well. I reached over, and helped Jadden out of his.

   I finally was going to see their cocks. Jesse was about 8 inches. My jaw dropped when I saw how big Jadden was, about 9 inches. Then it occurred to me, that neither boy had been wearing underwear, same as me. I had to laugh to myself on that one.

   I started to stroke Jadden's boner. I looked as Jesse took my cock in his mouth. I was in heaven. I could not believe this was happening.

   As Jesse blew me, I decided to do the same to Jadden. I took as much of his cock as I could. I began a slow up and down motion, licking and slurping, as I did. I matched Jesse with each movement. It felt good. Jadden had reached down, and started jerking Jesse. I kept on sucking Jadden, as Jesse started to lick my balls. I tried to moan, as I sucked Jadden. Then Jadden suggested moving to the floor so he could suck Jesse. Quickly everyone moved to the floor. It did not take long for us to resume. I was sucking Jadden as he sucked Jesse, and Jesse was working my cock.

   This was too much. Never had I been this turned on, not even looking at all the cute boys. It did not take me long to blow my load. Jesse followed not too long after. Soon I the reward I wanted; Jadden's hot spunk hitting the back of my throat.

   We lay on the floor catching our breath. I looked at the two of them, and smiled. I guess this had been a dream that has come true for me.

   After that day, we kept meeting. Eventually the two confessed that they had set me. They had known for sometime, I was into men. They had seen me watching all the guys, and literally drooling over them. Moreover, Jadden admitted that he had really wanted to go out with me. I was dumbfounded.

"I thought you two were going together?" I asked.

"Nah, were just like having sex once in a while," Jesse said.

   I looked at the two, and smiled. I had never had anyone wanting to go out with me. I was the one who usually asked. I will tell you that I was not too successful in getting date, most of the time. Now I had two hot bois asking me out. I did not think too long about my answer, when Jadden actually asked me.

"So ya think we could hook up?" Jadden asked.

"Yeah, I think so," I replied.

"Damn, that means I don't get fun anymore," Jesse said, seemingly downhearted.

   I looked at Jadden, who was smiling. I got the hint that he was trying to put across.

"I don't think that will be a problem," Jadden said, looking at me.

"Nah, he can join in anytime he wants," I agreed.

   Jesse smiled, as he looked at us. Jadden and I smiled back.

   So what has happened since our first encounter? Jadden and I are going out, but that is obvious. Jesse has since moved in with Jadden. Coming out to his folks was a disaster. I live there as well. Mom met both Jadden and Jesse; she loves them both as she does me. She is angry at the way Jesse's family treated him, when he told them he was gay.

   What is our future going to hold? Who knows for sure? Jadden and I, asked Jesse to be a part of our relationship a few weeks ago. I was a little apprehensive at first, but it is working out perfectly so far.

The End.


Wow I originally wrote this story in 1990. 17 years ago. It has been a while. I did edit it a couple years back, but I have not changed the story in anyway. Let me know what you think. All comments welcome. Email me at: angylboi@shaw.ca

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