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That Four-Letter Word


My life was pretty much normal before I moved to Will Springs. I had two best friends who confessed to loving me unconditionally and I surely did not take this for granted. Jesse and Ashley were their names.  We all met in the first grade and from then on we were instantly SBFFs (Special Best Friends Forever), a term with which we coined to describe our truly unique relationship. While Jess and I might not see eye to eye, Ashley made sure that we did not forget how important we were to each other even if she had to beat it out of us sometimes.

The day that my parents announced that we were moving was devastating. At one point I thought of running away. Jesse promised that if that was my final decision to take him with me but Ashley being the smart one in the group pointed out the flaws of this plan. I remembered crying my poor eyes out with Ash and Jess in my bed offering comfort but it only made me even more depressed. To me the world was about to end and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it.

A quick realization led me to confiding even more of my secrets into my two `saviors'.

"Alaric" Jesse spoke bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Huh" I answered.

"I love you" he said with tears in his eyes.

"I know" I responded. "I love you too"

"No, you don't understand"

"What's there to not understand?" I moved slightly closer to him.

"Jesse what's wrong?" I asked. Ashley had this look in her eye giving me the impression that she knew what was up, "Ash?"

She went over to Jesse who was now tearing up. I was now facing the two of them on my bed Ashley had her hands wrapped around Jesse offering all the comfort she could conjure up. I found it strange that during all of this I had stopped crying and was now getting worried that something else was wrong other from my moving away of course. I tried looking Jesse in the eye to see if he would talk to me but he refused to look my way. I gave Ashley a look as if to ask her what was wrong but she just wouldn't fess and instead hugged Jesse tighter. I just sat there waiting for something to happen when Jesse told Ash that he wanted to talk to me in private. She nodded and then smiled and got up. She came over to me and gave me one of the tightest hugs I have ever received and then kissed me on the cheek and did the same for Jesse then she left my room.

"Jess" I said.

He was still crying. For some reason I felt that Ash was just outside with her head by the door listening to what was happening. I decided to make the first move so I scooted over beside him and then gently put my arms around him. He flinched at the initial contact but soon rested his head on my shoulders while he sniffled.

"I love you." He let out almost inaudibly.

"I know, I love you too."

"No, you don't understand." He started again.


"I'm in love with you..."



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