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The Applicant

Part I – Sizing Up

Wow. I can't believe the guy standing in front of me. He is absolutely gorgeous. Stop staring, Trey. The guy will think you're some sort of a moron. Control yourself. Concentrate on the task at hand. Offer your hand. No, don't grab his crotch, SHAKE his hand. There you go. Good boy.

"Hi. I'm Trey. I'll be your guide around here for a while. Your name is Sean?" I politely question the stud standing in front of me as I shake hand.

"Yeah, hi. Sean Stevens. Mr. Jacoby said you would be showing me around" he replied.

"Well if you got all the way down to me, than that means you pretty much got the job." "By the way, I'm Trey Jacoby."

"Oh really? You related?" Sean asked me.

"Yeah. My uncle owns this place. I'm pretty much the chief peon around here, but its cool to have a new face."

"Well, the job seems like it could be kinda cool. What're you going to show me?" he asked with a sly grin.

Ok. Now what was that grin all about? And that comment? Did he actually see me staring at him? I didn't think he was even paying attention. Damn he is cute! Thanks Uncle Paul!

"Well I kind of take care of the shop out here. It's gotten so busy lately that I asked Uncle Paul if I could get some help. I guess I'll show you around the shop, let you know what all you can expect to do, blah, blah, blah" I said with a smile.

Sean just smiled back at me. Wow. Not only is he stunning, he has a perfect smile too. His cheeks make these really cute dimples when he smiles. And man, are his teeth ever white, and SO straight! Man, get a hold of yourself Trey!

Well, let me introduce myself while I walk Sean back to the shop. The name is Trey Jacoby. I work for my Uncle Paul. He owns a decent sized printing company on the north shore of Chicago. HE seems to make a pretty good living of it. Probably because of all the money that floats around this town. Anyway, I've been working for my uncle since I was about 14 or so. I started out just sweeping up and emptying garbage and crap like that. Over time, I learned from some of the older guys how to work on some of the equipment. Once I graduated high school and turned 19 (last week) Uncle Paul said I could be more responsible with the machinery. I have sort of gotten a knack for fixing it. The thing is, with me doing all that, there is no one to do the cleanup stuff. Trust me, with the size of our shop, there is a lot to be cleaned up. So, enter this stud named Sean!

Since this isn't a movie or anything, let me tell you about me. I'm six feet tall, right on the money. I weigh in at 161 pounds soaking wet after a big meal. I've got kind of darkish blond, medium length hair, and it's straight as a board. I usually part it down the middle, and most of the times my bangs are hanging in my eyes. Oh yeah, my eyes are a very normal green color. Nothing spectacular. I guess you could say I have one of those swimmers' builds. You know the ones, not fat, but not really skinny. I don't have bulging muscles all over, but I have a decent tone to my muscles. My arms seem to have gotten fairly muscular working on all the presses. If you're into it, I have a cool treasure trail that starts just at my innie navel and sneaks into my pants. Never mind what's in there, you pervert! I also seem to have fairly muscular legs. I have what I would call a medium cover of light brown hair on my legs, which lead right down to my size 11 EE feet. The one perfect thing about me, in my humble opinion, is my feet. They are a little wide, but they are shaped perfectly. I am so proud of my feet. Ok, so you get the picture? Oh yeah, I left out one other little detail. I'm a poofter. Yeah, I like guys. Now I'm not really out to anyone, except to a friend of mine that moved away a few years ago. I've never really had the courage to come out to anyone, and I don't really 'act' gay.

So that's me in a nutshell. I really do like working at the print shop, so I decided to work here full time after I graduated, at least for a year. I may hit college after that, not really sure though. Man, this kid keeps stealing little glances at me. I wonder if he's a poofter too? I could SO use a little bit of lovin!

"This is the main print shop. I've been promoted to a press mechanic, so I really don't have a lot of time to do a lot of the cleanup" I informed Sean.

We walked around the floor and I pointed out the different presses and what they all did. I was impressed at how much attention Sean was paying to what I said.

"These are some of the plates you will be cleaning" I pointed out to him as we walked by one of the cleaning booths. "It's nothing real glamorous, but it's really important that they are cleaned right" I went on.

Wow. He sure does have a nice ass on him. It looks so firm, and so round. I love the way it moves in his tight jeans when he walks. Crap. Focus on the tour Trey! He keeps smiling that dazzling smile as I'm telling him stuff. This boy is really doing a number on me! MAN!

"Hey Trey, I notice the people out here are all wearing some sort of uniform. What's up with that?" Sean asked.

"Well Uncle Paul likes to keep a clean and professional looking shop. The people in the office wear nice professional clothes, and the ones that work on the floor all wear these uniforms. Actually, it's kinda nice, cuz the uniform place does all the laundry" I answered him.

"Oh ok. Cool. They don't look that bad. Besides, less laundry is good. Do you wear them home or change here?"

"You can do it either way. We have a small locker room up front. There's even a shower in there if you get really messy. Some of the guys just wear their stuff home, but some change here."

"Cool" he replied, again with that wicked looking grin.

"Before you go today, you'll need to try on a uniform to find out what size fits you" I informed him as all sorts of evil thoughts sprung into my head. It really was how we did things though. The sizes can be a bit goofy, so we have the new applicants try on uniforms to find the right size.

"No problem" he replied.

Was that a sparkle in his eye I just saw? Those wonderful dark brown eyes of his? Ok. He's up to something. Damn he is cute!

"Well lets go size you up. You've seen enough of this back here. I can show you the details once you actually start. By the time we finish with the uniform, they should have all your paperwork ready to sign up front."

"Let's go" he replied enthusiastically.

I led Sean up to the small locker room. It's not huge, but it did hold about two dozen lockers and it had a single stall shower in the corner. There was another door off to the side that went into the men's bathroom. There was another locker room on the other side of the building for the women, although none of the women used it. We also had a small closet in the locker room where we kept a few uniforms of different sizes. The rest of them were ordered out for the new employees.

As I entered the locker room and flicked on the lights, I noticed a musty smell. I made a mental note that I would need to help Sean clean the place once he started. It was one of my duties that got neglected a lot of times when I got busy. Sean sat down on one of the benches as I got the key out and opened the closet.

"Stand up" I ordered him. "Turn in a circle for me. Let me see how close I can get to your sizes."

He obediently stood up, and did a slow 360 turn for me. Ok. You got me. This is not normal procedure, but I really wanted to get a good look at his bod. Let me describe him for you. He looked to be about 5'10" tall, I would guess about 150 pounds, a nice slender build, with a fairly muscular look to him. I would say he is about 18, but we can't ask that of new applicants. I told you before he had a great butt. His hair was a medium length dark brown and parted to either side. He didn't have bangs like mine, but it was still very cute. He has deep dark brown eyes, and a cute little nose with just a sprinkle of freckles over the bridge. He has perfect ears and a small gold stud in one ear. I almost popped a boner as I was watching him turn around. Stunning!

"Ok. I'm guessing a medium shirt and 30 inch waist pants, 30 inches long" I guessed.

"Not bad, dude. Normally I wear a 29 waist, but a 30 should fit" he answered.

"Well sometimes the sizes are a little weird on these, so it's best to try them on before we order a full set."

"Hand me a shirt" he said.

I turned to the closet and dug out a medium shirt. When I turned back around, my jaw nearly hit the floor. He had taken his tee shirt off and tossed it on the bench. He was standing in front of me naked from the waist up. Man. He had the most perfect chest I have ever seen. I was right when I said he was muscular. He had very defined pecs, and two perfect nickle-sized dark brown nipples. His chest was nicely tanned, like he spent a lot of shirtless time outside. His arms were nicely muscled too. Not over muscled, mind you. He just had those perfect well-defined arm muscles. Then you get to his abs. I couldn't help but stare. I counted eight very defined muscles in his eight-pack. He had a small line of hair that started at his boxers, and continued right up to his pecs. The hair fanned out at his pecs and it was the softest looking chest hair I have ever seen. He had just a dusting of hair on his pecs. All I can say is, PERFECT.

"What's wrong?" he asked worriedly as I stared at him.

"Dude, you must work out a lot" I commented, gaining back my composure.

"Yeah I do. Three times a week for the past three years. I can't seem to get any mass built up though" he replied.

'Looks damn fine to me" I said as I realized what I said.

"Thanks man," he replied. "You look pretty kickin too."

I blushed as I tossed him the shirt.

"Try it on" I ordered.

I watched this boy God as he lifted his arms over his head and slid the shirt on. He had perfect patches of dark pubic hair under his arms. I noticed that he seemed to move very slowly putting the shirt on, almost like he was willingly giving me a show.

"Well the shirt fits fine" I informed him. "How's it feel?"

"Soft as a baby's butt" he replied. "How about the pants?"

"Coming right up"

He sat back down to take off his shoes as I found a pair of pants. I turned back around just as he was undoing his tight jeans and unzipping them.

"Sorry, dude" I said as I started turning back around to give him privacy.

"No worries, man. I ain't got anything you ain't got" he replied.

"Looks like you have plenty of it too" I said with a wicked grin. That caused him to blush slightly as he proceeded to remove his jeans.

He had on a pair of red and white Tommy boxers, and I could just make out the bulge of his tool hanging loose in the boxers. My eyes wandered down his nicely shaped legs, noticing how cute the dark brown hair looked on his tanned skin. His tan looked so nice against the stark white of his socks. I noticed he had rather small feet, and they were very narrow. I wondered what it would feel like to massage his feet in his nice white socks. I heard him clear his throat, snapping me back to reality.

"You know, its not really fair" he said flatly.

"What?" I questioned.

"Well you're totally eating me up with your eyes, and you are standing there fully dressed" he said with a huge smile.

"Well you're my new slave boy" I said with a laugh as I tossed the pants to him. "I have that right."

"We'll see who is whose slave" he responded with a full laugh of his own.

I watched him as he slid the pants up his legs and worked to get them fastened. He had a puzzled look on his face as the button and zipper were not very easy to close. Finally he got it closed, and held up his hands in exasperation.

"Um, dude, those look a little tight" I commented. "Let's see here."

I walked up to him and did the typical mom thing. I grabbed the waist of the pants just above his butt and I started to yank on it.

"Woah, dude! You're giving me a major wedgie here!" Sean gasped.

"Oh, sorry" I grinned at him.

I then knelt directly in front of him, my eyes right at his crotch. I could see the sizeable bulge in the much-too-tight pants. I could also smell the irresistible musky smell of horny teenage boy emanating from his groin. I inhaled deeply as I tugged down on the hips of the pants to de-wedgie him. I then stood back up and slid my hand slightly into the front of his pants. I gave another gentle tug up on the pants. and slid my hand back and forth across the waistband. Picture mom doing this to you when you were eight and trying pants on. I was picturing my hand rubbing the skin of this male stud standing in front of me.

"Trey man, if you keep that up, these pants will definitely be getting a LOT tighter" Sean said with a strained look on his face.

I relented and decided to let him off the hook for the time being.

"Yeah, these are definitely too tight for you. Take 'em off and let me see if I have a bigger pair" I offered with a smile.

He took the small pants off and handed them back to me. As he slid them down, the tight pants pulled his boxers down slightly. I caught a glimpse of the top of his bush just before he snagged the boxers back up. I was very curious to see the rest of it. I innocently looked at the size tag in the pants.

"Oh. There's the problem. These aren't 30's, they're 28's."

I put them back into the closet and looked around for another pair.

"Well I don't see any 30's in here. Why don't you go fill out the paperwork and then find me afterwards? I might be able to find some old size 30's upstairs in the storage room" I considerately offered Sean.

"Ok Cool. I'll look for you in a bit" he replied while getting dressed again.

Once he finished dressing, I led him back up front and introduced him to Marge, our personnel lady. She thanked me and I reminded Sean to find me again when he was done.

I left him with Marge and went back to the locker room. I took the pair of too-small pants and held them to my nose and inhaled deeply. That sweet aroma of Sean was already permeated into the fabric. I got an immediate hard-on as I stood there inhaling his scent. I heard some of the other guys approaching the locker room, and I put the pants back in the closet as they entered the room.

"Hola, Trey. What's doing?"

"Hey Jose, Marco. Just looking for some uniforms for the new kid" I replied innocently.

They both nodded and went about their business changing out of their uniforms. I found the pair of size 30's that I knew were in the closet and took them upstairs to the storage room. If this played out like I planned, I was going to be a very happy guy in a little while.


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