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The Applicant

Chapter Two: The Fitting

"Hey Trey, you out here?" I heard Sean shout out.

"Yeah Sean, I'm out back cleaning plates" I bellowed in return.

I turned from the wash sink and just smiled as I heard Sean approaching I noticed that he had a big grin on his face. His dimples looked so cute on his tanned face.

"You sure look happy" I commented to him.

"Well, it's official now. I'm your slave" he replied with a big grin. "And they started me at more money that I thought they would. So everything is really cool."

"Awesome. I hope you like it here. It really is a cool place to work. I guess I can ask how old you are now."

"Oh, sure. I'm 17, turning 18 in a few months. I'll be a senior next year" he informed me.

"Cool. You sure are well developed for 17. I would have guessed about 19 or 20." I sheepishly replied.

"Yeah, I get that a lot. Must be my awesome muscles and my sexy chest hair, huh?"

"Among other things" I said, grinning slyly.

"So Trey, did you find those pants? Marge says she needs to know so she can order the uniforms."

"Oh, sorry, I got sidetracked. Hang on a minute and we can check the storeroom upstairs" I answered.

Sean just watched me as I finished cleaning the last printing plate. I got the distinct impression he was checking me out. I could feel his eyes just roaming my body. I began to get one of those spontaneous hard-ons just from thinking about it. I finished up and willed my boner down.

"Ok, follow me" I ordered him.

"To the end of the earth" he replied sarcastically, but with a smile.

I just shook my head as I led him to the stairs to the storage room.

"After you" I indicated with my hand, in a most gentlemanly fashion.

He just smiled at me as he walked past me and started up the stairs. I noticed that he seemed to be deliberately shaking his butt at me as he climbed. I managed to reach out and smack his butt, and only got more wiggling in response. Once we reached the top, I led him over to the storage room, opened the door, and indicated for him to enter. I followed him in and closed the door behind us, turning on the single light in the process. I walked over to the pile of old uniforms, and dug through them to find the size that he needed. I turned around to find a very sexy Sean staring intently at me.

"Here you go. Why don't you try these on?"

"Ok, why don't you help me?" he asked with a huge grin on his face and a growing bulge in his pants.

Slowly I approached him. I gingerly reached out and began to unbuckle his braided leather belt. He ran both his hands gently over my arms as I was undoing his belt. I just looked into his eyes and smiled as I got lost in those warm pools of brown staring back at me. Finally I got his belt undone and I began to unbutton his jeans. Having finished that with some difficulty, I slowly slid his zipper down. By now, his package had grown immensely. This was a LOT easier than I thought it would be. Sean and I were definitely looking for the same thing.

I grabbed his jeans by the hips, and began to slowly pull them off his body. I made sure when I grabbed the course material that I also pinched his boxers with the jeans. As I slid the pants down, I accidentally slid his boxers part way down as well, exposing nearly all of his nicely trimmed brown pubic patch.

"Oops" I gasped innocently, grinning up at him.

I stopped with the pants and turned my attention to his boxers. I grabbed them gently by the waistband and slid them back up his tight body. There was no way for him to hide his obvious hard on at that point. It was tenting his boxers right in front of my face. I made sure that I brushed my hand lightly over his tight abs as I slid his boxers back into place. It was then that I noticed the small gold barbell that traversed across the sharply formed circle of his navel. My mouth immediately began to water for the taste of that small piece of gold so very near the flesh that was sending jolts of electricity throughout my entire body.

I returned to removing his jeans, and as I got them to his ankles, he balanced himself with his hands on my shoulders as he lifted first one foot, then the other so I could remove his jeans. Neither of us was even aware that he still had his shoes on. When I realized he did, I immediately grabbed the heel of his right foot, pulling the worn white sneaker off his foot. I did the same to his left foot, marveling again at how small and beautiful his feet were. I then resumed the removal of his jeans, and decided I had better stop before I blew a load in my own pants. Once his pants were off, and he stood in just his tee shirt, socks and tented boxers, I stood back up and handed him the uniform pants.

"These should fit you a lot better" I softly replied.

He stood there for a moment observing the pants. He looked inside of them and all around the outside.

"I'm not sure Trey. These look a bit small. Maybe they would fit better if I wasn't wearing as much clothing" he suggested enthusiastically.

"It wouldn't hurt to try" I responded helpfully.

With that, he quickly removed his tee shirt. I just stood and marveled yet again at his chiseled features of his chest and abs, and the soft brown hair adorning his pecs. I could restrain myself no longer. I reached out to touch that mysterious light fur on his tanned body. My fingers trailed up and down the center of his chest, swirling in the hairs. I gently ran a flat palm over his right nipple, slowly rubbing it to its slight erection. I then moved my hand over to his left nipple, causing it to erect as well. My fingers traced the trail of hair down to his navel, finding that little gold barbell adorning his navel. I tugged gently on it and watched his smile grow in pleasure, as did his erection.

"I'm not sure Sean, but the pants may still be a little tight on you" I said, staring at the tented boxers.

"I agree. I should fix that."

With that, he reached to his waistband, hooked two thumbs under it, and slid his boxers down his legs. I could hardly believe my luck as I saw his pubes appear to me for the third time today. I just stared in awe as the declining boxers hooked his hard penis, pulling it downward. As he continued to remove the boxers, his hard tool finally freed itself with a loud SMACK as it hit his belly with great force. I noticed the action caused a small amount of pre cum to be deposited on his belly. He continued to remove the shorts, finally stepping out of them.

As this perfect golden boy stood stark naked in front of me in his clean white socks, I had no choice but to reach out and wipe the wet spot off his belly with my finger. I looked closely at the specimen on my finger before inserting my finger in my mouth and sucking it clean. I shuddered as the taste of his juice hit my tongue. It was like sweet nectar to my virginal tongue.

"I should try the pants now" he replied huskily.

"Yeah" I responded simply, barely just above a whisper.

Slowly he stepped into the test pants, and slid them up his nicely shaped legs. He buttoned the button, leaving his rock hard and dripping tool sticking out through the zipper hole. I stared at it longingly, but not wanting to take that final step at this point. I watched him with eager eyes as he tucked his perfectly shaped six inch tool neatly into the pants and zipped them up. He slowly began to turn in a circle, allowing me to admire his round butt as it filled out the pants.

"How do they look?" he inquired as he was turning in the circle.

"Perfection" was all I could muster in my stupor.

He turned around to face me once again, with a smile from ear to ear, dimples dancing in the bare light of the closet.

"You better check the fit. I wouldn't want to order the wrong size."

Like before, I slid my hand into the front of his pants, gently tugging on the front. The tips of my fingers brushed across the still dripping tip of his penis. I felt the slight transfer of fluid as I pulled my hand free. Once again, I licked my fingers clean. He turned around in front of me, and I reached both of my hands out and gently cupped his butt. I slowly rubbed my hands up and down his curved butt, feeling the material between my skin and his.

"We have a winner" I replied with great pride.

My awe of Sean was broke as I heard the sudden blare of the intercom horn call out my name. It was Marge looking for me, no doubt to find out what size of uniform she should get ordered. I knew she was about to go home, and wanted to get them ordered. I excused myself from Sean as I went out the door to the phone and dialed Marge's extension.

"Hi Marge. This is Trey. What's up?"

"I need to know what sizes to order for Sean. Did you find a uniform that fits him yet?"

"Yeah sorry. We just got to talking. He needs medium shirts, and 30 by 30 pants" I answered her.

"Ok hun. I'm going to order these then I'm going home. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Ok Marge. Have a great night"

I hung up the phone and returned to the storeroom. Sadly, I found Sean was dressed again in his tee shirt and jeans. He was leaning against the wall and putting on his second shoe. I noticed his boxers were laying on a box beside him. He stood up and watched as I entered the room.

"That was Marge wanting to know your size." I answered his questioning look.

"Did you tell her it's six inches?" he asked with a smile.

I just started laughing and slapped him playfully on the back of the head.

"Um dude, you forgot these" I commented to Sean, picking up his boxers and holding them out to him.

"Keep 'em" he replied with a wink.

I held his boxers to my face and inhaled deeply before I slipped his slightly sweaty boxers into my pocket.

"I'm glad we found a pair of pants that fit you. I don't think you'll be able to wear the pants with boxers though. They might be too tight ya know."

"I was thinking the same thing. We sure do think alike." he said as he looked at his watch.

"Dude, I have to jet. Marge said I should start tomorrow. I'll have uniforms next week, but she said you could find me some other uniforms to wear in the mean time."

"I'm sure I can dig something up" I replied grinning.

We both left the room and turned out the light. This time I went down the stairs in front of him. Again, I could feel his eyes working all over my body. I just knew this would be a great job this summer. I walked Sean out to his car. As we got there, he turned and offered me his hand. I gladly shook it and smiled broadly at him.

"Welcome to the company. I hope we can have a LOT of fun here this summer." I remarked.

"Oh, you can count it." he replied warmly. "Enjoy my gift" he added

"Oh, you can COUNT on it!" I answered with a smirk.

"See you tomorrow" I told Sean as he climbed into the car.

"Later, dude,"

He waved as he drove off. I returned the wave as I stood in the lot watching him drive off. I got hard again thinking of the fun I would have later that night. I went back inside as the others were beginning to file out of the building. I turned off the lights and locked up the doors, already thinking of things to do with those hot boxers in my pocket.


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