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The Arrangement part 1

I was sitting in front of a computer in the school library doing my homework; I was in the zone and churning out his assignment so I didn't hear him creep up to me.

"I've got a present for you, you little pervert"

I jumped at the sound of his voice and before I knew anything he had shoved some soft material in my face and clamped his hand round my nose and mouth.

"Take a deep breath, I've been wearing this thing all week for you, so it's gonna smell pretty rank"

I did and it did. But not in what I would call in bad way. The scent was a pungent odour, of arse sweat and cock juices. The material was damp, making it even more of a prize. Dane O'Hanlon's scent was my idea of heaven on earth.

"I've just finished football practice and I thought that you'd like this now."

He let go of my face and the skimpy garment fell to my lap. I held up the white Calvin Klein thong, that I had been waiting all week for, and looked at my prize. He really had worn it all week for me and it showed the signs, stained and damp, oh this was a better arrangement than I could have ever hoped for.

"Thank you." I said looking up to his handsome chiselled face.

"No problem," He smiled down at me. "if it weren't for you I would never have had a hope in passing this class. Now, how's the assignment coming on?"

"Slowly," I replied. "I've had a lot of my own work to do this week, but I'll get it done in time."

"I think you're telling me that you need another incentive? That thong you made me wear not enough for you?" He pulled the underwear out of my hands and I felt like a boy who had just had his sweets taken away. He stuffed it in his tracksuit bottoms pocket and walked away.

Shit! I thought to myself. Why hadn't I done his work first? Now I had to worry that this was the end of our `arrangement' as he liked to call it. I closed my eyes and spent the next five minutes swearing at myself and my stupidity. Then my mobile beeped with an incoming message.

<< Audio room 3. NOW!!! >>

My heart racing, I packed up my books and signed off from the computer and made my way to the back of the library and through the door of a windowless room where people can go to access the library's audio and video files without bothering anyone.

At one end of the room Dane sat sprawled on a chair, his navy blue trackie bottom covered legs wide open and his hands behind his head. His smile faded slightly and his forehead frowned when he said "Lock the door." And then when I had he asked. "No one saw you coming in?"

"No" I replied. Although I hadn't really looked round as it didn't occur to me. But I knew that it would be okay, the library was fairly empty as it was lunchtime and only us `bookworms' ever went to the library at lunch.

"Good. Okay Sammy, do you want my underwear back?"

It was one of the few times he called me by my first name. Normally it was Baker or Pervert. I didn't mind, we weren't exactly friends. In fact I don't know what we were. We had an arrangement. Needs and wants as Dane once put it. He needed my help to pass two of his classes and I wanted, well, him.

It started a few months ago at the beginning of term. That's when he caught me red handed with a pair of his shorts clamped firmly to my face inhaling the musky odour. But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. First I'll tell you a little about us.

Dane O'Hanlon had been a wank fantasy of mine for ages. He was 6'2", with a body sculpted by years of playing football and athletics. He had blond hair and blue eyes and his face was chiselled and always blemish free. When he was younger he had a few freckles, but that only made him look cute, now at 17 he'd passed cute and was well and truly into the hot zone. Where as I was short, 5'8", really skinny, like see my ribs skinny, and if I let my brown hear grow out of the crop that I always had, it got really greasy and that seemed to make my complexion go spotty.

Although we'd been at the same school and had been in a few of the same classes, we'd barely said a word to each other. I didn't exist in his world and as I had been thought of as the class queer since before I knew that I was gay, there was no chance of us ever being friends.

It's funny, people say that gay guys have this gaydar thing, where we can recognise each other, but I wonder what they call it when a bunch of straight meat heads can detect gayness?

Now, don't get me wrong, Dane wasn't a bully. He never abused me verbally or physically, but then he never stopped any of his mates either. He'd laugh in the background along with the rest of the class as someone thought it would be funny to kick me to the ground or knock my books out of my hand, but he never instigated it himself.

The thing is that when you're in love with someone you can forgive almost anything. I forgave him for laughing at me with his mates, I forgave him when he started seeing Michelle Fletcher last year and I could almost forgive him for never seeing that there was someone else in love with him.

Now, I suppose if I'd been interested in sports I might have had a chance to get to know him, after all, most of his mates were on this team or that team. Maybe if I weren't so crap at anything that involved running, kicking or throwing, we could have been friends. But nature wasn't on my side with that one. My only gift was that I was an A student and destined to go to Oxford or Cambridge. All I had to do was get through the next year, get good grades and I would be free of school and free of Dane O'Hanlon. Not that he even knew it.

So, there I was, school had finished and I had stayed behind in the library, but my mind wasn't on my work as it usually was. That was because it was Wednesday, and that's when the football team have one of the twice a week practices. All I had to do was hang about for half an hour and they'd be on the field. The changing rooms weren't always locked.

This particular Wednesday they weren't and I made my way over to Dane's peg where his school uniform (yes even in the sixth form we had to wear uniform) would be hanging and his bag would be under the bench.

I hated P.E and especially P.E teachers, they were sadists and made kids lives hell if like me, they had no interest in their subject. However, there was one thing I loved about our P.E department, They insisted that all students on school teams changed out of their underwear, usually boxer shorts and made them wear briefs or compression shorts. This was, they said because of safety reasons. This policy wasn't very popular with most, but for me it was ideal. It meant that every week, sometimes twice a week I would head down to the changing room and take hold of Dane's underwear, usually boxer-briefs, that he'd worn all day, and spend as long as I dared inhaling his manly smell.

As much as I wanted to, I never took his shorts. I figured that if it were ever found that someone had something stolen from the locker room then they'd be more careful about locking the door and that would be the end of my special time with Dane O'Hanlon's underwear.

I had his shorts held to my nose and was lost in fantasy knowing that they'd been so close to his body the whole day, the back had been rubbing against his perfect buns and the pouch had contained his beautiful cock and balls. I'd seen him naked in the changing rooms, back when P.E was a mandatory subject, and although I dropped the subject as soon as I could, the memories of him changing into his kit or changing out of it, wrapping a towel around his waist and going to the showers. The water pouring off his fit body, the brief glimpses of his four inch soft cock bouncing around above his generous sized balls as he washed or horsed around with his high spirited mates.

With all these memories were running round my head I didn't hear the door open, but I did hear "WHAT THE FUCK?"

Dane's puzzled expression on his face soon changed to pain as he limped across the changing room towards me.

"What the fuck are you doing with my stuff Baker?"

I dropped his boxer-briefs and stood up, I figured I had to be ready to make a run for it. As for his question, I left that unanswered. After all, what could I say? `I was sniffing your pants while fantasizing about you'. That wouldn't have gone down well.

He picked his shorts up and looked at them as if he were examining them for damage or something. Then turned to face me and said,

"If this is what I think it is then it's sick."

I still didn't answer him.

He lunged forward at me, grabbing the lapels of my blazer and nearly lifted me off my feet. But that move made whatever injury he had got hurt so he dropped me back.

"I should beat the living shit out of you."

Maybe I should have been frightened, maybe now was the time to do a runner. But I just stood there watching him wince in pain. He slumped down on to the bench and started rubbing the inside of his leg, I guessed he'd pulled a muscle.

"What are you looking at?"

"Nothing." I replied.

"Get the fuck out of here pervert, I'll deal with you later."

I didn't need to be told a second time, I turned and legged out of the changing room cursing my bad luck all the way home.

The next day in school in our form room I was expecting the worst. I figured that he'd told everyone what he'd seen the day before and that there'd be a long line of people waiting to beat me up. But there was nothing, I went to my usual seat and no one said a word. Dane didn't even look at me; he was far too busy mucking about with his mates.

In fact I didn't see him until lunchtime when I was in the library as usual. He pulled up a chair, sat down and grabbed the book I was reading out of my hands, took a look at the title and threw it back to me.

"Do you really get that stuff?" He asked me, looking almost disgusted.

"What? Physics? Yeah, no problem."

He was quite for a moment and seemed to be deciding what to say.

"Is what they say about you true then? Are you gay?"

"Yes." I Answered.

He looked a bit taken aback by my reply; maybe he had expected me to deny it or something. He was silent again for a while then asked.

"Last night, with my shorts. Do you fancy me or something?"

"Yes" I replied again.

"Bloody Hell!" he exclaimed. Then went on to say "You know I'm not gay? Right?"

I shrugged my shoulders. He went silent again. When he finally spoke it was to say pretty much what I was expecting to hear.

"You know, if I told everyone what I saw you doing last night your life would be a living hell."

I shrugged my shoulders again then replied "My life is a living hell. I spend most of it trying to avoid being beaten up or picked on. Do you honestly think anything you could say or do would give me a moment less sleep?"

I don't think he was ready for that kind of reply, I figured that he was expecting me to beg him not to do whatever it was that he was going to do.

"Right. Erm. Okay." He stumbled over his words. I'd clearly thrown him. "I want you to do my homework."

"Okay, but what do I get out of it? And don't say that if I do it you wont beat me up or tell anyone that I'm gay, because I really don't give a stuff."

He thought for a moment and then shaking his head he let out a small laugh. "This isn't how I planned this conversation."

"That's probably why you need my help with your work."

He laughed again. "You're alright Baker, despite, well, what you are. Okay, so how about I pay you to do my papers for me."

"Yeah, okay, but I don't want your money."

"What do you want?" he asked, looking apprehensive. "Cos I ain't gonna do anything dodgy with you."

"Give me your shorts."

"What?" he asked looking shocked that I'd had the audacity to ask such a thing.

"Give me your shorts and we've go a deal."

"I'm not giving you my shorts. Why do you want them anyway? No don't answer that. I'm not giving you my shorts to perv over you little runt."

"Okay, so don't. Now if you don't mind I've got my reading to do."

I picked up my book and pretended that he wasn't there. A few moments of him staring at me, clearly not knowing what to say, later and he left.

I carried on reading until the bell went and went off to my next class feeing quite pleased with myself. After all it could have gone a lot worse than it did. I guessed he'd seen a way to bribe me to do what he wanted, and when I showed him that I wasn't bothered, I got the better of him. True, he could still revert to beating me up or telling his mates and make me a laughing stock of the school, but I think I showed him that I really didn't care.

That was a bit of a bluff. Of course I didn't want to get beaten, but it would have been just one more time. So what if they made fun of me? Nothing new there. All I knew was that I had just one more year at this stinking hell hole of a school and I'd be free. I'd never have to see these people again.

My next two classes went off without incident, but then Dane O'Hanlon wasn't in either of them. When the bell rang to mark the end of school I made my way back to my locker to grab a couple of books I needed for my homework. When I opened it I got a surprise, inside was a plastic bag. I took it out and found a pair of white Calvin Klein boxer-briefs, a book and a note. It read:

`I need this done by tomorrow. My locker combination is 19047, make sure the paper is there first thing tomorrow. Do what you want with my shorts, but I want them back so make sure you wash them. Tell anyone and I will beat the shit out of you. Oh and by the way, you need to get a better padlock; it took no time to break into your locker.'

My smile couldn't have been any bigger and I didn't even think about how he got into my locker. I looked around me and saw that there was no one about and pulled his shorts up to my nose. They smelled so good. I stuffed them back in the bag and put it into my backpack. I decided that I'd give the library a miss, I had Dane's homework to do and I wasn't going to let him down.

I made my way out of the building, now it was almost empty, ahead of me I spotted Dane and his mates walking towards me. Just before we met they took a side path off to the right, heading off to the sports complex. I looked down in his direction and saw that he looked back at me. He made no motion of recognition, but fell slightly back from his mates. Still walking along he turned back to face ahead of him, but then I saw him lift his un-tucked shirt up and then he pulled his trousers down just enough to expose his bare arse to me.

It was just a few seconds, then he tucked his shirt down and pulled his trousers back up and carried on walking with his mates.

As soon as I got home I went upstairs to my room and took out his shorts again, I couldn't believe that I had them. I held them back up to my face and inhaled Dane's manly odour, the sweet smell of the guy I thought was the best looking guy in school. I thought back to when he just showed his bum to me, those two perfect globes moving up and down as he walked.

I stripped out of my uniform and pulled his shorts on. Just knowing that they'd spent the whole day on him and now they were on me sent my mind wild. I laid down on my bed and started to rub the soft fabric up and down my hard dick until I went over the edge and just before I climaxed I pulled my cock out of his shorts and shot my load over my belly.

After I caught my breath I pulled his shorts off and decided that I should get on with his homework, every now and then I glanced over to where I let his shorts drop and smiled to myself.

The next morning I pulled his shorts back on and got into my school uniform and headed off. I wanted to get in early enough to put Dane's paper in his locker before anyone saw me. I also had to get to the library to finish up my own work before classes started. All through classes that morning I couldn't concentrate, all I could think about was that I was wearing Dane O'Hanlon's pants. My cock was where his cock was yesterday and it got me so turned on that I had to have a wank in the boys toilets during break.

Later in the day and yet again I was in the library thinking about Dane when I spotted him heading over to me.

"I've got a problem." He announced without even saying hello.

"What's that?" I asked, trying to sound as casual and unconcerned with anything he had to say as possible.

"I copied out the assignment that you did for me, but I've just heard that they're going to go over it in class and give us a test tomorrow."

"So?" I shrugged. "You must have taken it in as you copied it?" I replied.

"I did, but I didn't get a word of it."

"Have you thought that maybe you're doing the wrong A'level course?"

"Haha yeah, funny. I need this course if I'm going to get into the sports science degree course that I want to do. Can you help me out here?"

"Sure, I'll tutor you. For a price."

"C'mon Baker, I really need some help here. I wouldn't be here if I didn't. How about I let you keep my CK's from yesterday?"

"Well that's a start, but I was thinking that if you want me to tutor you then you need to give me more of an incentive."

"Like what?" he asked cautiously.

"How about you come by my house tonight after school and we'll discuss it then?"

"I've got football practice right after class."

"Perfect. Come over straight from there."

He eyed me suspiciously, but I guess his need was greater than his objections. I gave him my address and we swapped mobile numbers.

Back at home I did my chores, I knew that my mum would be back around seven and I didn't want her freaking out at me about dirty dishes while Dane was here. Just after five the door bell rang and I let Dane in. I showed him up to my bedroom and motioned him to sit on the bed. I sat on my office chair by my desk and swivelled round to look at him.

"Did you have a good practice?" I asked.

"Yeah fine."

"Did you wear your compression shorts under your football shorts?"

"Yeah." He looked right at me and frowned, then said "I can't give you those, I've only got a couple of pairs and their really pricey."

"That's okay. I've got a better idea anyway."

"Why do I get the feeling that I'm not going to like this?"

"Well I got to thinking that I could be using the time I'm going to be spending tutoring you for any number of things, so you've really got to make it worth my while, I mean, it's not like we're friends or anything."

He shrugged in agreement. So I went on.

"What I'd really like is if I could see you in those shorts and for you to stay in them for the rest of the evening."

"What? You want me to just sit around up here in just my shorts?"

"Yeah, not too bad is it? After all, plenty of guys must see you in those shorts everyday."

"Yes, but their not going to be staring at me, making me feel self conscious. I ain't having someone perv over me like that. Fuck off. No way."

"Those are my terms. Take it or leave it."

"Can't you just take them and sniff them or whatever you do?"

"Sure, when you next want me to do a bit of homework for you. Tutoring is gonna take more of my time so costs a little more. All I'm asking you to do is sit here in your underwear as we go through what you should be learning in class. But if you don't want to or feel embarrassed then I'll understand and see you around in school. "

He seemed to be taking in what I had said and was having a mental battle with himself. I could almost hear the cogs whirring around in his head, on the one hand he needed my help badly, or else he wouldn't have asked. We weren't friends, but somehow I doubt that his friends could help him pass his class or he wouldn't be here. On the other hand, the idea of a guy blatantly asking him to strip down to his undies was against all his masculine upbringing, what if I thought that he was gay and made a move on him? 

"All right. But no touching. Okay!"

"Dane, I'm guessing that as you're a good six inches taller than me and a lot fitter than me, so I doubt I'd be much of a threat to you."

He smiled as though he realised what I was saying was true. He pulled his white lycra shorts out of his holdall and asked where he could put them on. I told him that he could change in here. He frowned again, but seemed to think better than to argue.

He got up from the bed and undid his school trousers. He was just about to pull his boxer shorts down, but then he turned away from me.

"I'm just as interested in that view as I am in the front view."

"Shut up pervert."

He pulled his boxers off and I got a great view of his muscular buns. As he went to pull up his compression shorts I got a peek at his hairy ball sack dangling between his legs. Then he turned round to face me and asked if I wanted him to take his shirt off. Of course I did. His upper body was hairless aside from his arm-pits and his happy trail and he only had a light sprinkling of hair on his legs. Well what I could see of them, the lycra shorts came down to just above his knees. Although the tight material was doing its job by holding him in place, he showed off a nice bulge up front. The white lycra was almost transparent so I could just make out his tube of flesh beneath them. I asked him to turn round so I could get a back view and he complied. I swear he had to have the most perfect arse in the world. The tight fabric was stretched across it and it outlined the dimples in both his cheeks. His back was the classic v shape, with muscles in all the right places. In short, he was perfect.

We spent the next couple of hours going over his work. It took him sometime to get it, but I did my best to explain everything he needed to know. I think he got so into hearing what I had to say he pretty much forgot that he was just sitting there in his tight shorts. Every now and then he would idly adjust himself and I had to stop myself from asking him if he wanted me to do it for him on more than one occasion.

Just before seven I told him that he should get dressed as my mother would be back from work at anytime. I asked if he wanted to stay for supper, but he said that he should head off home.

"Thanks for braining this into me today. I've really got to know what they're going on about now. I might even pass the test tomorrow."

"You bloody well should after all this effort you've put in tonight. Trust me you'll do great."

He got up from my bed and I thought he was going to pull his trousers on over his compression shorts, but he didn't and he didn't even bother to turn round when he pulled his shorts off. I took a sharp intake of breath. His soft dick bounced around over his dark blond hairy balls as he went over to pull his boxers back on and then his trousers. As his put his shirt on he said

"You really like watching me don't you?"

"What's not to like?"

"I guess I should be flattered, if it weren't sick and twisted."

He was just about to pack his compression shorts away in his sports bag, but then turned round to me and held them out. And said.

"I really need these back. Okay."

"Sure." I replied not believing my luck.

"They're still a bit damp from earlier, but I guess you'll like that. Do you really get off on how I smell?" he asked.


"And the underwear?"

"I've always had a thing for guys in underwear."

"That sounds a bit weird to me."

"Why? You've got a girlfriend right. Don't you like it when she wears something sexy?"

"Yes, I suppose. But I don't see how my underwear is sexy."

I thought for a while and then replied "On its own your underwear is not. It's knowing that you've been wearing it that makes it sexy for me. I much prefer briefs to boxers personally.

"Well if you behave maybe I'll wear a pair of briefs for you. That is, if you want to tutor me again."

"I don't think I could say no to that. How about if you pass the test tomorrow and get a good mark for the homework, then you wear a pair of briefs all day and give them to me?"

"Okay. Whatever."

We said our goodbyes and as soon as he left I stripped and pulled his compression shorts on. While the tight white Lycra stretched over his butt, it was a bit baggy and loose on my skinny frame. Even so, it was great to have them even if it was just a loan.

The next day after school was finished in my locker was a natty old pair of sky blue bikini briefs that I guessed he'd had from years back because they looked like they were a size too small for him and were pretty well worn, and there was a note with them that said just one word `Thanks' on it. This was a great start to our arrangement.

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