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The Arrangement Part 2

Over then next couple of months our arrangement paid off for both of us in many different ways, Dane really started to understand his course work and I also got the benefits. After a time he stopped complaining as much that I made him feel uncomfortable by asking him sit in my room in just a pair of shorts while we went over his work and just got on with it.

He'd come round to my house after school once or twice a week as was needed and more or less as soon as he was in my bedroom he'd strip off down to his underwear with little hesitation or argument and spend the evening listening to what I was teaching him. He once commented that he wished that they would teach him at school the way I taught him, as when I explained things he got them so much more easily.

I laughed when he said that and when he wanted to know why, I said that he'd given me a mental image of a classroom full of lads stripped to their shorts.

"That's not what I meant you perv." He said and threw me a punch to my shoulder.

I still did the occasional homework paper for him, but only after I knew that he got it. I'd write things up for him and he'd copy them out so that no one would know he was getting help. Sometimes, just to make sure he was doing it right I'd make a deliberate mistake and every time he'd pull me up on it. But I think he knew that I was doing it to make sure he got what he was supposed to be learning.

Over time we also got to know each other personally a bit better. He talked a lot about his girlfriend and what he liked about her. But he also seemed interested in me. He asked about my family and things like, how did I first know I was gay? What did I like about guys? Who did I fancy (apart from him)?

I told him that I was sure I was gay from ever since I could remember. He asked me about my family, and I told him about being an only child and that my parents got divorced when I was really young and that I hadn't seen much of my dad since I was six. I'd been told that I had a half brother and half sister, but I have never met them.

He spoke about his family and that he was one of five kids, two older brothers and two younger sisters. His parents were Irish, but he and his siblings were all born over here. He'd complain that he never had any time to his self at home which was putting a real strain on his relationship with his girlfriend. It was partly his home situation that made him want to go to university. But it was also to make his folks proud of him. Being a middle child he didn't seem to be able to impress his father much, as both his brothers had done everything he'd ever done first and the girls could do no wrong. But if he did what his brothers didn't do and go to university he'd feel like he'd really achieved something.

"I'm the son of a builder, who's the son of a builder, and that goes way back in my family. I've got the chance to break away from that and go to university and do a degree."

"In sport science, not exactly a major academic discipline, is it? After all how hard is it to kick a ball?" I said teasing him.

He took that as a challenge and pulled a ball out of his sports bag and told me to get down in the garden and went on to show off all kinds of football tricks. He then kicked the ball over and told me to show him what he'd just done.

I replied that I couldn't as the only balls I had been watching where the two in his compression shorts that he had been wearing. He laughed and called me a pervert again, then told me to show him some keepie uppies. I looked blankly at him, so he grabbed the ball back and started to kick it from one foot to another, never letting it touch the ground. He kicked it high and caught it between his shoulder blades, then flipped it round headed it to me and then told me to try it.

I did and couldn't even do one.

"Not so easy is it Baker? Besides, sport science isn't just about kicking a ball, it covers loads of other things."

I just shrugged and said that I still didn't think it was more than a toilet paper degree, something they dish out for free to people who have no business going to university in my opinion.

"Baker, I had you down for a geeky bookworm, but not a snob." He replied when I told him my opinion of the course that he wanted to get on. There was a hint of hurt in the tone of his voice.

I think that must have been the first time that he showed me that underneath his veneer of confidence and ladish bravado there was a depth to him. A vulnerable side that did care what others thought of him, and I wondered if he was seriously questioning his choice of going to university. After all, he was really struggling with his subjects before I started helping him. It was then that I resolved to help him as much as I could, if Dane wanted to go to university then he bloody well would.

As we headed back into the house and upstairs to my room he was telling me about his university course and how it wasn't games, it involved several science disciplines, psychology business studies. I didn't really take in what he was saying as I was making plans to make sure that he really learnt what he needed. That and I was also captivated by the close up view his buns moving up and down in the tight, almost transparent material of his lycra shorts as we climbed the stairs.

What? Just because I'm a `geeky bookworm' doesn't mean that I don't have my shallow moments!

As the weeks went on Dane progressed more and more. This please me on two levels, firstly it felt good that I was helping him out and secondly he was so grateful for my help, like I said before, that he no longer showed any objection to sitting in my room in just his underwear. Also, I'd taken to using some of the money that I earned from my part time job at my uncle's  to buy him some new styles of underwear that I thought he might like to try, and that I would like to see him in.

I started him off with a pair of black silk boxer shorts which he loved, I then went on to buying him several pairs of very skimpy briefs and sport briefs, which were like string bikinis, which he said he didn't really like, but he wore them for me none the less. 

I sometimes got the feeling that he liked to show off what he was wearing for me. You know, like he had a bit of an exhibitionist streak or something.  It wasn't sexual for him, I knew that, and although he knew it was for me, it really didn't seem to bother him.

Every time after he'd passed a test, it was like sort of a reward for me. We'd be in my room and he'd drop his trousers and change into something that I wanted him to wear and seemed to be eagerly awaiting my appraisal. This would normally be me looking approvingly at him and he even occasionally let me run my hand over his fabric encased tight buns and tell him how good they looked on him. A few times, when I was feeling cheeky or brave I'd cup his package and give it a little squeeze. Although most of the times he'd knock my hand away, he'd always do it with a chuckle and a light hearted warning that some things were out of bounds.

However, after he passed a particularly hard test he gave me what he called a `one off special treat.' As soon as he entered my room he told me that he'd passed, I was so happy for him. He then told me that he'd just played a football match and that the briefs he'd been wearing for me all day were wringing with sweat from his game that he'd just come from, and then asked if I wanted to take a sniff now?

He pulled his tracksuit bottoms down and stepped out of them. I was expecting him to pull his briefs off and hand them to me, but instead he beckoned me towards him When I did as he told me to, he then put his hand on my shoulders and pushed me down till I was eye view with his soft package. He pushed my face into his spongy contents and told me to take as many deep breaths as I wanted. I was in heaven. He then turned round and I buried my face in his cotton covered buns.

There were other times when he'd come back to mine from football practice and before we'd start the tutoring he'd be complaining about being stiff from training. That's stiff as in muscles and not stiff in an area which I'd have loved to see him stiff in.

That's when I got to touch his body all over. He'd lay down on my bed in just his shorts or briefs and I'd massage his shoulders, down to his back, his butt and his legs. All the while he'd be letting out soft moans of pleasure and on some of those evenings he left so relaxed we didn't get down to much of his course work.

There was one occasion that I spent ages working my way down his body and he was so relaxed that when I had finished he rolled over, eyes shut and softly said that I was better at massaging than his girlfriend. I was kneeling next to him on my bed and he put his hands behind his head and rested. He didn't ask me to start massaging his front, he'd never asked before, but when I started running my hands over his tight chest and six pack he didn't object. He just lay there, eyes closed, letting out the occasional sigh.

Gradually, and I don't know if it was my confidence or my daring, I placed one hand over his package. He was wearing a pair of sport string bikini briefs that I had got him, which incidentally, he was happy to wear now, even though they would normally be frowned upon by him as being too small and revealing.

One of his P.E teachers spotted him wearing them while changing for games, and told him and the rest of the team that if they couldn't get hold of a pair of compression shorts then they would be the most ideal thing to wear for sport as they had excellent support. He seemed really pleased when he told me that, and later told me that several of the other guys had now got the same style underwear. I was glad to know that I contributed to that and would have loved to see it. But he flatly refused to take a photo of his friends for me, so I let it drop.

Anyway, he was in a tiny pair of white CK sport briefs, still damp from practice sweat, lying on my bed, looking all contented and relaxed. I took my chance. I placed my hand over his goods and started to gently massage them. I was expecting his usual response when I got to close to his crown jewels, but his hand didn't sweep mine away.

I felt movement, he hardened slightly. I carried on slowly rubbing and squeezing and was sure that he must have had a semi. That's when I took my chance. I put both hands to his waistband and pulled the pouch down over his cock and past his balls. I looked at his face to see if there was any reaction. The smile that had been there a few moments before I started massaging his package had gone, but he didn't react.

He wasn't hard, barely even a semi, but he was fuller and plumper than I was used to seeing him when he changed in front of me. I took hold of his dick and started to move my hand up and down the shaft. That's when he knocked my hand away and said "No."

He didn't sound angry, but it was none the less an order. He got up off my bed, leaving me kneeling by the dip that he'd made. I looked at his face for any signs that he was mad because I'd gone too far, but I couldn't read him. He tucked himself back into his briefs and went over to where he'd dropped his jogging bottoms and pulled them on, saying that it was about time he went back home and we'd leave the lesson for today.

I was too dumb struck by my stupidity to apologise and just let him get dressed and leave without either of us saying another word.

Later that evening I texted his mobile to say that I was sorry, but he didn't reply. So I went to bed feeling very sorry for myself.

The next day at school I wanted to see him to apologise but whenever I was any place where he was, he was always surrounded by his friends, so I kept my distance. It wasn't like he'd ever said to me not to talk to him in front of his mates. In fact I think a few of them knew that he was being tutored by me. That seemed to have the effect of keeping them off my back. He never told me that he'd had a word with them to stop their bullying of me, but since I'd been helping him out, incidents were few and far between. Even so, I knew better than to act as if we were friends, in case I got rebuffed.

On my way to my last class I spotted Dane with his mates heading in the other direction, we passed each other and then I heard him say that he would catch them up. I turned round to see him heading back to me, rummaging round his holdall. When he found what he was looking for he held his clenched hand out and put something soft in mine. Getting that I had to be discreet I put my hand into my jacket pocket and dropped what he'd given me in there.

"I forgot to leave those last night." He said with a slightly awkward smile. Clearly he was worried that someone may over hear us. He nodded over to a door of an empty classroom and I followed him in there.

"Dane, I'm sorry about last night. I wasn't thinking and I went too far."

"Yeah, you were thinking and I shouldn't have let you go as far as you did. So we're both to blame. I felt bad after I left, because I probably led you on. You do a damn good massage and got me so relaxed that I didn't care that you did what you started to do. I shouldn't have, because I don't want you thinking that something's going to happen that wont happen. Do I make any sense?"

"Of course you do. We both know the score and yep, I pushed you too far. Like I said I'm really sorry and it won't happen again. Let's just go back to the tutoring arrangement. No more massages."

"What? Are you crazy? I told you before that you massage better than Michelle does. You put more effort into it, and with you, for me, it's not just a bit of foreplay before sex like it is with Michelle. I don't mind you doing it and I know that you love it, so we're both happy. Just don't push it. Okay."


"Right, let's just forget about it."

"That sounds good to me."

I opened my back pack and handed him a text book. And told him that I did his assignment for him, but we should go over some of it as it was pretty important. I asked him if he could come over tonight, but he said that he couldn't as he was seeing Michelle. I must have looked a bit down hearted, so he added.

"I left you a little extra present on those pants. I had a wank this morning and they were the first thing I grabbed when I needed something to clean up with."

I beamed a smile at him.

"I was going to put them in the wash, but then I thought you might like them to do whatever it is you do with them."

"Damn right I would. Cheers."

"Okay, so we're good then?" he asked. I nodded that we were. "Right I'll see you tomorrow night as usual then."

From then things went back to normal. Well, normal for us. He'd come round and strip to his undies and we'd go though his course work. Sometimes he'd come back after training, complaining, and I'd offer him a massage. Most of the time he'd accept, but he would normally lay on his front and he'd always let me know when he was ready for it to finish. Occasionally he would turn over, and inevitably I would cup his balls, and every time he'd knock my hand away, but never did he get cross about it.

There was one occasion, however, when I went too far again. But this time he practically encouraged it.

He'd passed a test with the best grade that he'd ever got in that class and as he was excitedly telling me that he couldn't have done it without my help he started to strip down to his boxer shorts. He hadn't had team practice that day, so when he asked me for a massage I was slightly surprised. But I didn't argue.

I'd been giving him his massage for the best part of an hour when he rolled over looking very relaxed. He murmured that he wanted me to continue and closed his eyes again. After working down his chest and abs I went down past his groin and did his legs. When I figured that I was done I decided to give him a little squeeze. He was wearing a pair of white boxers and when I placed my hand on his cotton clad package he didn't react as he usually did and brush my hand away. So I carried on fondling him and gradually felt his cock through the material thicken in my hand. 

As much as I wanted to pull his shorts down I knew not to. So I carried on wanking him off through his shorts feeling him get harder and harder, my fingers barely able to reach round his whole girth of steel hardness. A damp patch of pre-cum had formed and even though I really wanted to take his tool out I didn't. I quickened the pace and he let out a moan of pleasure. His eyes still closed, but his face told me that he must be enjoying himself.

He started to tense up and knocked my hand away as he let out a yell as he emptied his balls into his shorts. Then lay there for sometime before saying anything.

He opened his eyes and sort of smirked at me then said. "That was a thank you for all your help. Don't make any more of it than it was and don't think it'll happen again."

My face fell. Yet again I'd gone too far. Was he going to get pissed off with me now he was coming down from his high? He got up from my bed and pulled his shorts down and dried his now softening cock off with them and then handed them to me.

I wanted to taste his cum off of them but something told me not to. I thought that maybe because if I did that in front of him it would suddenly become too real for him. I know that doesn't make much sense, but at that moment I felt it was right to leave it.

I let out a weak grin and thanked him.

Naked he sat back down on my bed and motioned me to sit in my chair.

"Okay, so that's two things. What's the third to be?"

"Eh?" I asked not knowing what he meant.

"Well the way I see it I owed you three things, you know, like three wishes, because you helped me get a top marks for my homework, first place out of the whole class in the quiz and a commendation for the most improved student of the class."

I still looked blankly at him. After all, with my help he was doing really well in the two subjects that he was failing, I knew that. But I didn't get what he was on about.

"Okay..." He said as if he were now the teacher, trying to explain to a particularly stupid student that one and one really did make two. "I let you play with the one thing you've wanted to get your hands on for ages." He smirked again, then continued. "All be it no quite as I'm sure you wanted it, but hey, I'm guessing you're happy none the less."

I nodded. He grinned again.

"Wish number two, and you've got a pair of my shorts with a load of my fresh cum in them to do with whatever you want. Happy?"

I nodded again.

"So, as all good genies know, there has to be a third wish. And no wishing for more wishes, that's against the rules. And as long as it doesn't involve anymore touching I'll grant it."

"No touching?"

"No touching. You've gone as far as you're ever going to go, so don't push it."

"I didn't think genies had so many rules."

"There's a whole book of them. Come on, get thinking. This offer wont last for long you know."

What did I want? I could think of a number of things, mostly revolving around him inserting his cock in my mouth or arse, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. He got up from my bed and went to his holdall and pulled out a fresh pair of shorts and started to pull them on.

"No, don't do that." I said.

"Is that your wish? You want me to sit here naked for the rest of the evening while we go over my notes for my next class?"

"No, no, it's just that I've had an idea."

"Okay, so run it by me then."

"Well, I've seen you in all sorts of underwear, shorts, briefs, your compression shorts and you look fantastic in all of them, but there's one thing I'd really love to see you in, but I was never sure if you would."

"What's that?" He asked.

"A thong."

"A thong?"

"Yeah, I'd love to see you in a thong. They're my favourite underwear, I bought one for you a while back, but it never seemed the right time to ask."

"A thong?"


I went over to my underwear drawer and pulled out a shiny black wet-look thong and handed it to him hoping that he would put it on. He held it up and studied it for a while and then asked.

"You really like these?" Sounding like he didn't believe me.

"I'd really like to see you wear it."

He shrugged his shoulders and replied "Well if that's your wish, then that's your wish."

He pulled it on and adjusted himself a couple of times then sat back down. I asked him what he thought about it and he said that he felt that there was something up his arse and that it was pretty uncomfortable. I asked him if I could take a couple of pictures of him. He'd let me take an occasional photo of him posing in his underwear, although it bemused him why I wanted to. When I replied that it was better than any porn on the internet that I could wank over. He told me that I'd given him way too much information. But he did let me take the occasional picture anyway.

This time however his answer was "Uh huh, nope. That would be a forth wish and you're all out of them."

I felt slightly dejected, but on the other hand I had just got to see Dane in a thong. Christmas had come early and I'd been a very good boy. The thong seemed to fit him perfectly, although throughout the rest of the evening as we went through his notes he kept on adjusting his pouch or picking the cord out of his backside, but to me it seemed that it was showing his goods off perfectly. At one point he left my room to use the toilet and my eyes followed his buns moving up and down with the cord in between them. And on his return his full pouch of goodies swayed to and throw, in such a seductive way I could barely concentrate for the rest of the evening, playing the scene over and over in my head.

As we finished up he stood and pulled the thong off and handed it to me.

"Can't you wear it for the rest of the night and give it to me tomorrow?" I asked him.

"No, sorry, but I'm meeting some of the guys in a while and there's no way I'm wearing this with them."

"How will they know?"

"Do you know Lee Barrington?"

"One of your mates, right?"

"Yeah. Well last summer we were all down the pub. He leaned over to grab something from someone and his t-shirt rode up. One of the guys spotted the top of his underwear and shouted out that Lee's wearing a thong. He went bright red and protested his innocence while tucking his t-shirt back in. He then changed his story to that his girlfriend liked him to wear them. I don't think it helped that no one had ever seen this girlfriend of Lee's, so we all think he was bullshitting and even though what he chooses to wear shouldn't matter, it was very funny and the damage was done. That's why we call him T-boy now. And that's why he gets randomly pansted on a regular basis. There's no way in hell that you're getting me to wear one of those outside of these four walls."

"So you'd wear it again for me then?" I asked.

"Maybe, if you behave yourself." That always seemed to be his stock answer.

You see, that's the one problem with spending most of my break time in the library, I tend to miss out on what's going on in school. I had heard about Lee Barrington getting pansted on more than one occasion, but never about him wearing a thong.

Pantsings were a fairly regular occurrence in our school. I'm not sure when, but someone must have decided that it would be a fun thing to do, and it caught on. Fun for the perpetrators, that is. I'd had it done to me a few times, I'd be in the dinner queue or waiting outside a class and some twat would grab my trousers and pull them down. Boys would be hysterical and girls would giggle and I'd go bright red.

But it wouldn't just happen to me and it wouldn't just happen to the other kids who got regularly picked on. Those idiots would on occasion do it to each other. Normally when one of them was trying to impress a girl, one or more of his mates would think it would be great laughs to pull his trousers down.

Lee Barrington isn't someone who I've got much time for. He's as thick as two short planks and while he's never the first to start trouble, he always seems to be involved somewhere along the line. He's one of those people who seems to be easily led and quite happy to laugh at someone else's expense. And while I wouldn't say he was by any means ugly, he just doesn't stand out from his crowd. He's just under six foot and quite muscular. But stand him next to the likes of Dane and he's totally outshone. I wondered if what Dane said was true? If Lee Barrington was a thong wearer he might just go up in my estimation.

After Dane left I scooped the thong up and got the best blast of his arse sweat that I had ever had. I licked out his cold cum from his shorts that he also left for me and spent the rest of the night very happy.

After that I tried to get Dane to wear a thong again a few times, but although he was reluctant most of the time, he did occasionally. Then one evening he came by my house, we weren't supposed to be studying so I was surprised to see him standing at the door waiting to be let in.

My mother wasn't home for another half hour, so we went to the kitchen to fix a couple of drinks then went up to my room.

"I need a favour." He asked. "Can I borrow that thong of yours?"

"What?" I exclaimed.

He went on to tell me the story. "Last night the crowd was round Helen's house and we were playing party games, we got on to `I have never'. You know the one?"

I shrugged and said no.

"It's just a game where someone says something like `I have never had sex outdoors before'. Then all those who have done that have to take a drink and then stories get swapped of what happened. You have to tell the truth or there's no point. Most of the time it's stories that at least one other person knows and they try to stitch up the person that did it. Like last night, someone said `I have never worn a thong.' We all knew that Lee had, so he took a drink, along with most of the girls, who also had. But then there was me and Darren, we also took a drink."

"You did what? How did you explain that one away?" I asked not believing what I was hearing.

"Yeah, well I couldn't exactly tell the truth could I? That I've got some gay pervert that likes to see me stripped down to my underwear in exchange for helping me with my classes. Darren had to admit it because his girlfriend was there and she would have told on him much to our amusement."

"And you?"

"Well I was pretty drunk otherwise I wouldn't have said anything. It's amazing what a few shots can do to loosen the tongue, and next thing I knew I was taking a drink, and said that I wore one for a dare, which is only slightly bending the truth."

"What did all your mates say to that?"

"Nothing much really. They were all too busy re-telling the story of Lee and his mysterious girlfriend to each other and taking the piss out of Darren that it didn't get round to me and then the game moved on. The only one who said anything was Michelle, who whispered to me that she would really like to see me in it one day. So here I am. Are you going to help me?"

"Yeah, sure." I replied going over to my underwear drawer and fishing the shiny black thong out and handing it to him.

He pulled his jeans and shorts down and pulled the thong on.

"How do I look?" he asked adjusting himself.

"Hot, as ever." I replied taking a step over to him and placing my hand over his pouch and giving him a little squeeze. He let out a chuckle, but didn't brush my hand away for a few moments, he just let me continue to fondle him until he looked at his watch and said that he had to go as Michelle only had her house free for a couple of hours. He seemed almost apologetic to pull himself away, but I just shrugged and told him to have fun tonight.

"Damn right I will" He replied giving me an exaggerated wink. "Sorry I've got to run. I'll let you have this back tomorrow." He said pulling his jeans back on. He nodded down to his shorts on the floor and said that I could look after them for him and with that he left.

The next day in school during lunch break Dane found me in the library, as ever sitting alone working on my studies, using the PC for some research. He pulled up a chair next to me and said "Hi"

I nodded to him and asked him how he was.

"Fucking excellent." He replied. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "Michelle went wild last night when I stripped down to that thong. We had the best sex ever, I swear. Mind you it was the first time in about three weeks since we'd been able to get some privacy. But I tell you, I've got to get me one of those thongs."

"You liked it then?"

"No, it's a bit uncomfortable, it takes a bit of getting used to and there's not much stretch up front, if you know what I mean. But if that's how she reacts when she sees me in one then I'm all for them."

"I know how she feels. You look fucking hot in whatever you wear but I've loved it when you've worn that thong."

"I know you do, Perv." He laughed and I chuckled at his nickname for me.

"So am I going to see you in it when you come round to study tonight?"

"What you really think I'm wearing it now do you?" he asked with a note of sarcasm in his voice.

"No. but..."

He looked around, seeing that there was no one about he slouched down in his chair and pulled his trouser zip down, then took hold of my hand and guided it through the opening. My hand felt the silky material that could only be the thong that I gave him the night before. I cupped his silky smooth material covered package and gently squeezed a few times. Then I started rubbing my hand up and down his shaft. I was really surprised that he was letting me do this in such a public place where we could be interrupted at any moment. Luckily the PC's were in a corner of the library that wasn't over looked and as it was lunchtime there weren't any people about.

I don't know if he was feeling horny, I'd like to think so, or he was just rewarding me for helping him out last night, as he did seem rather pleased with himself. But he just rested his hands round the back of his head and let me carry on jacking off his covered goods until he started to become hard. Unfortunately it was just about then that we spotted someone heading in our direction. He pulled my hand out and zipped himself up then grabbed his holdall and dropped it on his lap just in time before James, a friend of his, spotted us.

He greeted Dane and nodded hello to me, then asked Dane if he was done here because the guys were looking for him. Apparently, there wasn't supposed to have been a practice session for the football team that day, but there had been a change in plan and their classes were cancelled for the rest of the day because of the important match that they had coming up or something like that.

Dane told James that he was just finishing up here and he would follow him down in a few minutes. James said he would hang about but Dane was insistent that he needed a few more minutes to go over his homework with me. James shrugged his shoulders and left.

"Shit! There wasn't supposed to be a practice today, otherwise I'd never be wearing this thong. Can't let the lads see me in it."

"I don't see why not, I bet if they saw you wearing a thong, they'd all be wearing them by the end of the week." I replied

"Shut up" he replied with a laugh. Is there a toilet in this library?"

"If you ever spent anytime in here you'd know that there's not, why?"

"I've got to change out of the thong before I get changed for football dumb arse."

"Well you out of luck, nearest boys toilet is in the P.E block." He cursed under his breath. But I had a quick brainwave. "Follow me."

I stood up and beckoned him over to the audio rooms. "There's no windows in there, so no one will see you change."

I opened the door to one of the rooms and we went in, as I closed the door behind us Dane swore again.


"What's up?" I asked.

"Well like I said, I wasn't expecting to be playing today. I don't have any spare underwear to change into. I've got my spare boots and a pair of shorts in my locker, I'm wearing a t-shirt under my shirt. But I can't play football commando."

I thought about it for a couple of seconds and then told him I had a solution. I was wearing a pair of sport briefs of his that I got him a while back

"You could wear those." I said

He looked at me sceptically.

"Well it's that or go commando, or wear the thong. Personally I think you should wear the thong."

"Not an option. These briefs, you've not wanked into them or anything?"

"No, there in the same condition that you gave them to me, except that I've been wearing them all day."

"All right, give them to me."


He gave me a look that said that he wasn't finding any of this at all funny, so I let it go. I undid my belt and unbuttoned my trousers and let them drop to the floor. Unfortunately Dane did the same and I saw him standing there in that black shiny thong and my blood flowed instantly to my cock. I also realised that Dane had never seen me naked. At least not like this, if he had it would have been changing for games in previous years and I doubt that he would have paid any attention to me.

But now I was standing in front of him, my boner tenting out the briefs that were a size to big for me. Suddenly I felt very self conscious.

"What's the problem?" He asked, sounding impatient.

I hesitated to answer him and he looked down at my boner pitching a tent in my briefs and a look of comprehension dawned on his face.

"I can't believe that after the amount of times you've made me strip in front of you that you're embarrassed about taking your pants down." He laughed.

"I, I'm not embarrassed." I lied.

"I'm not remotely interested in what you're packing down there so just give me the fucking pants!"

By now he'd pulled the thong down and was holding it out for me. I pulled my briefs down and my hard on sprung up. True to his words he wasn't interested. He had his eyes looking straight ahead and as far as I could tell he didn't even take a curious peek. I on the other hand couldn't help take a couple of looks at his soft cock swinging about as he moved towards me and collect the briefs. He handed me the thong and I pulled it on. I felt surrounded by his warmth as the back strap nestled between my buns. At the same time he had pulled the sport briefs on and was now pulling up his trousers and tucking his shirt into them. Only then did he speak again, and that was just to thank me and tell me that he had to run.

I spent the rest of the day enjoying wearing the thong that he had been wearing and wondering to myself how far he would have let me go when he placed my hand through his flies and I was playing with his package, if we hadn't been interrupted by his friend.

Anyway, that pretty much brings us to where we started. It was the beginning of the week and he was round my house studying with me, as soon as he arrived he had stripped down to his boxer-briefs and with a slightly worried look in his face he plonked his paper down in front of me and said that it was a biggie. He went on to explain that this paper was one of the ones that counted big time for his course and that we had just over a week to research and write it up. If he passed it the marks counted for a quarter of his final result.

"So name your price." He finished up saying.

I looked through the paper and realised that it was going to be a lot of work, much more than we had to do before. On top of that I had a paper of similar importance to do myself within the same time frame.

I was thinking about asking him if I could give him a blow job, but I was a bit afraid to as the last time I asked him he didn't react well. So I went over to my underwear drawer and fished out a white CK thong that I recently purchased and really wanted to see him in it.

"You can start by putting this on." I said handing him the skimpy garment.

Without hesitation he dropped his shorts and pulled the thong in place. He took a couple of steps towards me and made a gesture that said `what do you think?' That was my cue to have a little feel around his soft package that was filling out the pouch quite nicely. Unusually he didn't knock my hand away after a few seconds, but let me carry on playing with his goods through the cotton material.

"How about you let me carry on doing this for the rest of the night?" I asked, hopeful that he'd remember the time he let me wank him off through his shorts and might let me do it again.

"We haven't got all night, I've got to meet Michelle in an hour."

My face fell.

"I can give you half an hour though."

"Really?" I perked up once again.

"If that's what you want. But remember, if the dick gets hard, it stays in the pants. Right!"

"What do you mean if?" I joked. "I managed to get you hard once before."

"That time I was very relaxed, and we don't have time for a long massage."

I pushed him down onto my bed and lay down on my side, propped up on my elbow next to him. He put his hands behind his head and sort of gestured for me to carry on. but for a time I just stared at his body. His perfect pecs with pinkish brown nipples, I ran my hand over his left tit, and took hold of its nipple between my finger and thumb and started to gently rub them around it.

He let out a small laugh and then said "I thought it was my dick that you wanted to play with?"

"You want me to play with your dick?"

"I didn't say that, you little shit." He replied laughing, and with that he got his arm around me and almost threw me over the other side of the bed and the next thing I knew he was sitting in top of my stomach grinning down on me.

His weight pressing down on me, I tried to buck him off. I knew that I didn't have much chance, my skinny frame verses his lean, but perfectly toned body. But I knew I had to try, mainly because he had started lightly slapping me around my face, and was taunting me to try to make him stop.

I managed to get an arm free and my hand went for his thong encased package. I grabbed hold of his balls and gave them a firm squeeze, to which he let out a yell of pain. He tried to knock my hand away, but I held tight and putting on my coldest voice, and most evilest of smiles I said

"You might have the strength, but I've got the brains and your balls." I gave him another squeeze and he let out another yell.

"You see, you're not playing fair, you know that I'm not going to reach behind me and get you back but squeezing your bollocks."

"I'm not going to stop you." I laughed back at him.

"Okay, not going to happen. But I've got a deal for you."

"I'm listening."

"You let go of me and then I'll give you five minutes for you to try to win your freedom. If you don't manage to throw me off of you, then I'm off to Michelle's and my debt to you for the next assignment is paid."

"And if I do?" I asked, not really liking this deal so far.

"And if you do, with no dirty tricks or grabbing my nuts, and I'll wear this thong for a week before I give it back to you."

I let go of his balls and said that we had a deal. I spent the next five minutes trying to buck him off me, at the same time he was taunting me saying that I would never win. But then somehow, and I really don't know how, I managed to make him loose his balance just long enough for me to throw him off

Puffing from the exertion of it all I laid back down on my bed next to Dane who was smiling down at me. "Not bad for a puny little runt."

"Fuck off." I replied.

He got up from the bed and said "Yeah, you're right, I should be off now."

"Dane, do you have to go?" I was almost begging him to stay.

"Yeah, like I said I've got to meet Michelle."

"Okay. I suppose." I replied sounding a bit grumpy. "Do we have enough time for a couple of photos?"

"Haven't you got enough pictures of me?" he asked.

"It might help inspire me to work on your paper."

"I would have thought that knowing that you'll be getting this thong back in a week should be inspiration enough."

"Are you really going to wear it all week?"

"I said I would, didn't I?"

"How will I know if you are?"

"Don't you trust me?" He replied with a disarming smile.

"I guess, yeah. But what about when you're at football practice? Or out with your mates? I didn't think that you'd want to be seen wearing a thong?"

"Let me worry about that, you just get my assignment done and think about your reward. Okay?"

"Okay." I replied.

He told me to get my camera out if I wanted to take a few pictures he'd let me. So I ran off a few of him doing different poses, flexing his body and arms to show off his muscles in the best way. I took a few shots from behind, I just loved seeing his dimpled cheeks and the cord of the thong disappearing in between them.

My favourite shot though was one where he was standing there naturally, not looking like he was posing at all. He had his hand down by his side and his thumb was hooked under the waistband of his pouch. He'd pulled it down past his dark blond pubic bush and I could just make out the base of his cock.

"All right, enough." He announced. "I've got to head off."

He picked up his school trousers and stepped into them and fastened them up. Meanwhile I was still clicking away with my camera.

"Why the fuck do you want pictures of me getting dressed?"

"Why not? You look hot in whatever you wear. And even just knowing that you're wearing a thong under your trousers is a turn on for me."

"You're warped. You know that?"

"Dane, can I ask you a question?"

He picked up his shirt and started to pull it on, then gestured that I could ask what I wanted to.

"Dane, does any of this bother you?" I asked him pointing at my camera and then down to his shorts that he'd left on my floor.

He didn't say anything for awhile, he just sat down on the edge of my bed and continued to button his shirt up. When he finally spoke there was no hint of a smile to his words.

"If I said yes, would you still help me with my assignments or homework?"

It was my turn to be silent. A year ago I would never have believed that I would have been in Dane's company, let alone seen him at least two or three nights a week in my bedroom wearing next to nothing, letting me choose what underwear I wanted to see him in and even getting so intimate as to be able to, from time to time, feel him up. I did wonder if he was perhaps more bi-sexual than straight than he'd care to admit. But then you have to think about those straight guys that will do gay porn. Gay for pay, as they call it. I guess my original question to him was me feeling a momentary pang of guilt about getting him to do things that he otherwise wouldn't have done.

As for his question, would I help him out if he stopped `paying me'? Would I expect a friend to do what I've had Dane do to help him out with his work? After all, we weren't friends, not really, if he didn't need my help he would never have had anything to do with me. I know that because he'd hardly said a word to me all though our school years. But now, I sort of felt that we were becoming friends. But then, if he didn't need my help I doubt he would have ever given me the time of day.

I had no answer for him. He picked up on my silence and said

"Baker, if it weren't for you tutoring me and helping out with my homework I wouldn't be doing so well in my classes. All that matters to me is that I get into university. So to answer your question, no, I don't mind. It's the price for our arrangement and I'd tell you to fuck off if that price ever got too high. Would it bother me if some random poof was eyeing me up or whatever? Yeah fuck it would! Anyway, I've got to be gone now. You've got my paper, you've got my shorts and those photos and I'm going to be wearing this thong for a week, so why don't you forget about the stupid questions and earn your price."

With that he said his goodbyes again and left.

Maybe there are some questions that just shouldn't be asked. I felt that last harsh remark stab me through the heart. But then I guess I deserved it. Even though we were getting on well and had a laugh from time to time I knew now that he still only thought about our arrangement. We weren't real friends, I knew that. But I suppose I had hoped that he felt something for me. Stupid really!