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The arrangement Chapter 7



Previously on "The Arrangement":

Wading along while threatening to drop me Dane was laughing as much as I was. But then he suddenly froze. I carried on laughing for a moment until I realised that he wasn't. I looked up and ahead of me and saw what had made him stop fast in his tracks.

There was silence until Dane said one word.


And now the continuation:

There was a long silence, then Dane let go of my legs and I toppled unceremoniously off his shoulders in to the pool.

If I had had warning I would have taken a deep breath so that I could have stayed underwater for as long as possible. That way I could avoid the awkwardness of facing Michelle, knowing that she must have noticed that I was stark naked while on Dane's shoulders. And even if she hadn't, my Speedos floating in the pool were a big clue. And what if she'd seen that Dane's dick was hanging out of his thong? Sure, it was underwater, but what if she'd seen that? How were we going to explain all this?

I knew how I would have liked to have explained it. `Michelle, Dane's into me now, so do yourself a favour and fuck off'. Somehow I didn't think that Dane would have appreciated that, and more to the point it probably wasn't true. Sure it goes without saying that I was now more hopeful than ever, but I knew Dane well enough to know that a morning of messing around doesn't make for a life changing decision from him. But maybe, just maybe, Michelle would make that decision for him.

When I resurfaced coughing and spluttering I saw that Dane had swam to the edge of the pool to where Michelle was. She was looking down at him while saying something about ringing the doorbell for ages then coming round the back and seeing the pool house lights on.

"So what are you doing?" She asked Dane.

"Just messing about while waiting for you to get here from your shopping spree."

"So who's that?" She nodded her head in my direction.

Dane looked round at me and then back at her and answered "That's Baker, a mate from school. This is his uncle's place and he said that we could use it tonight."

"Oh." She paused in thought for a few moments. I'm guessing that by her tone, Dane knew her well enough to know that it was a loaded `Oh', as he turned back to me and said

"Baker, can you give us the room?"

Meaning, I should get the fuck out of here. I took my cue to swim over to where my Speedos were floating, pulled them on and hauled myself out of the pool and went straight over to the stack of towels and wrapped one around me. Then without pausing or making eye contact with them I left the pool house and ran through the cold to the main house and up to my room for a warm shower.



As the warm water washed away the smell of the pool from my body I thought back to the hours events prior to Michelle's arrival. Dane had definitely changed since Dublin. He'd definitely let some of the barriers, those line that cannot be crossed, down.

From his conversation with me, I'm guessing that the cousin that he found out was his half brother had a lot to do with it. Peer pressure is a potent force and when you've got a whole society telling you that you must be one way it's very easy to go with the flow as it were. The kind of people that Dane mixed with are a bunch of meathead jocks and the likely hood of any talk of their sexuality just wouldn't exist. They'd all be too scared that their mates would take the piss out of them and from the evidence of their actions they knew how they treated guys who don't seem to fit in with their ideal of what you should be. We get beaten up. Our lives are made hell by people who can't open their minds to the possibility that there is not just one norm in the world.

You see, that's my guess as to what Dane was thinking. On the one hand he had the pressure to conform from the people he knew. While on the other hand Dane must have had on some subconscious level, suppressed very deep, a feeling that he was at least as the term goes, bi-curious.

Before he met me he had no way of acting on those feelings even if they had broken through to his conscious mind. I mean, how much of a risk for Dane would have been to try to get with one of his mates to even experiment with their sexuality? It's not like it's the easiest thing in the world to suggest that after a football practice that the team relax in the hot showers while pulling on each others' dicks. That might make for a good jerk off story on the internet, but in reality the chances of that actually happening are so small.

And that, my dear reader was why God invented alcohol. You've seen the t-shirt right? "Alcohol getting ugly people laid for thousands of years!"

Well it's the same reason why it's acceptable for guys to get affectionate with each other after several pints. To slur to each other "I really love you". They really do, but there's no way they could ever admit it other than having a skin full so that they can turn round and say "I was so drunk last night I've got no idea what I said or did". Bollocks they don't remember. They just choose not to. After all, there's only so much that alcohol can excuse and a conversation that starts with "I was so drunk last night that I shoved my dick up my mate's arse and we loved it" wouldn't go down well with their peers.

Now, I'm not saying that sex or even love between two seemingly straight guys isn't possible, it's just never spoken of. "So what did you do last night?" "Oh, I went round a mate's place and we cracked a couple out with each other" "Cool, did you see the match on the telly after?" Not a very likely conversation.

But then there are guys like Dane, who let's face it could have stopped our "Arrangements" at any time. There's no way that I made him gay, there must have been at least a modicum of bisexuality to his nature before we started down this path. And while he made his objections at various times, he could have easily stopped. After all, let's face it, the excuse that he really needed help with his school work wasn't really a strong one. Yes, sure he really did need my help to get him on track with his studies. But if the price he was paying was too much he could have stopped.

But my guess is that while his mind couldn't get around what we were doing, so he clung to the arrangements just to make it alright. "It's not as if I wanted Sammy to play with my dick, but that was the only way he'd help me out with my course work" Sounds a bit thin doesn't it?

But I'm also guessing that spending time with his cousin, who came out to him and his family as bi-sexual, did Dane a whole lot of good. I could tell from the way Dane spoke of Fel that he was really close to him. He was probably someone who Dane looked up to on one level or another for all his life.

So we're back to peer pressure of a different kind. Dane seeing someone like Fel not just being okay with his sexuality but open about it must have opened Dane's mind up to the possibility that given what he and I have been doing, that he could also be bi-sexual.

Hey, who am I to complain? If Dane wants to explore his sexuality with me, I for one will be the happiest guy on the planet. Sure, there's the matter of Michelle, but I can handle it. Who am I to tell him he should dump her for me?


Once showered and dressed I went downstairs to the kitchen and looked out at the pool house to see Dane and Michelle emerge from there and heading back to the house hand in hand, like something out of a magazine photo shoot.

I hate to admit it but they did look good together as they walked across the garden. Dane had wrapped a towel around his waist but his chest was bare as was his six pack abs that moved so enticingly as he walked. Michelle, although fully dressed, looked the full part of the perfect couple. She was around my height, and while not what you'd call a size zero, she looked like she was walking down a catwalk in a fashion show. Her long blonde hair blowing in the wind topped off the effect.

They say like attracts like and I have to say that if I were into girls, Michelle would be the centre of my wank fantasies. I say fantasies, because let's face it she'd be well out of my league if I were that way inclined.

But then when I think about it, I suppose Dane is well out of my league too. Who am I kidding that he would be in any way interested in me? The events of the morning and afternoon left my head when I was directly confronted by the reality of seeing Dane and Michelle together. The perfect couple, laughing and smiling as they entered the house through the kitchen door.

"Alright Baker, I'm going to get a shower and get dressed." Dane announced as soon as they got through the door and before I could say anything he was out in the hallway heading upstairs.

That left Michelle and I standing in the kitchen with just an awkward silence between us.

Don't you just hate those? And it was not as if I had anything to say to her, I could have tried a bit of small talk. Well, except from I don't do small talk well. Actually I'm crap at it. It's probably one of the reasons why I don't make friends too easily.

And even if I wasn't standing there in front of Michelle like a social retard and could think of something to say, I had no idea how she would take it. I mean, I still didn't know what Dane had said to her in the pool house after I left. Given that they were holding hands and they had smiles on their faces, I'm guessing whatever Dane said must have been okay. But even so, I really didn't want to get into why I was naked in the pool when she walked in and didn't want to give her an opportunity to ask me.

So what did I do? Well after what seemed like a life time of silence I mumbled something like "Do you wanna cup of tea?"

Oh great! I thought to myself, I might as well have asked her about the weather.

To all you people not from Britain there are two things that you have to understand about the British. One, we're obsessed about the weather. Guaranteed that at some point in a conversation the subject of the weather will come up. Either it's too hot or too cold, or it rained yesterday, but not all day and it wasn't really rain it was more like drizzle. I'm not sure why we're fascinated by the weather, maybe it's because it changes so frequently it's always a good conversational pointer.

Two, remember there were two things about us Brits that you have to know. Any situation can be made better with a nice cup of tea. Your grandfather has just died? Here, have a cup of tea. The four minute warning sounds and the world is about to be engulfed in a nuclear holocaust. Four minutes? That's just enough time to put the kettle on. My mother, who I am sure I get my tea thing from (like for most of us it's passed down the generations I think) works in London, and on the day of the 7/7 London terrorist bombings she went to volunteer in a centre that was set up to help the traumatised. She said that she had never made so many cups of tea in one day. It's just what we Brits do.

Especially one like me stuck in an awkward situation, not knowing what to say or do.

"Huh?" Michelle replied.

"Tea, I was just about to put the kettle on. Do you want one?"


To avoid even more of the awkward silence I spent the whole time the kettle was on staring at it, but unfortunately the adage `a watched pot never boils' wasn't true and soon I was handing a mug of tea to Michelle, who flashed me the briefest of smiles in thanks.

After a few more minutes of silence it was Michelle who spoke.

"Dane's never mentioned you to me before now."

"Oh." I replied, not really knowing what to add to that bombshell.

"He just told me that you've been helping him with his school work."

"Er, right, yeah. I've been doing that since last term."

"He says you're really good and that he thinks he'll actually be able to pass his A'levels because of you."

"Well, I guess."

"I didn't bother staying in school, I didn't see the point because what I want to do you don't need qualifications for."

"Oh, okay."

"Yeah, I'm going to be a model."

Of course you are. What else could you possibly aspire to be? Well that or a celebrity I suppose.

No I didn't say that out loud. While I'm crap at small talk, I didn't want to go out of my way to be blatantly rude. What I did say was something like

"Yeah? You'd be good at that. I mean, like, you're really pretty and all."

I blushed. Don't know why.

"Really? Thank you."

False modesty?

"So, have you done much? Modelling that is."

"A bit. I'm with a couple of agencies that have got me some catalogue work, but I want to get into fashion show modelling. The thing is that to do that my agent says I've got to lose more weight."

"What? That's rubbish, you look perfect."

Okay, so I went from awkward to smarmy in the space of two sentences.

"I know." She replied with no hint of irony. "But according to my agent I've got to lose at least another six pounds."

Not knowing what to say to that I stayed silent. I mean there's only so many times that you can say to someone that they look alright without it getting tedious. So there was another long silence between us until she spoke again.

"You might know my brother. He's a couple of years below you and Dane in your school. He's like you."

"Huh? Like me?" That confused me. What did she mean like me? Had Dane told her that I was gay?

"Y'know, a bit of a brain box, like you are."

"Oh, that. Erm, what's his name?"

"Jake Fletcher."

"No, can't say that I know him. But I don't really know too many people outside my year. Like I don't remember seeing you in school."

I knew that Michelle was older than Dane and I, so was probably in the year above us.

"That's because I went to St. Margaret's and not to your school."

"Oh, the Catholic all girls school a few miles away."

"That's the one. I hated it, and couldn't wait to leave."

"I know that feeling."

Hang on a second, were we making a connection here?

"Yeah, stupid place it was, they spent their whole time trying to learn us things we didn't need to know."

And then the connection snapped. But, to be fair I didn't correct her grammar or point out that if she had taken in anything that they had taught her she wouldn't need it to be corrected.

More silence.

"I need to freshen up. Where's your bathroom?" she asked.

"There's one down the hallway, next door on the right." I replied pointing out of the kitchen.

As she went into the bathroom I made my way upstairs to see what was keeping Dane. I crossed my bedroom to the en-suite shower room to see Dane towelling himself down. He looked over to me and grinned.

"That was a good shower."

"Yeah, a long one. You left me downstairs with Michelle. I didn't know what to say to her. I mean, I guessed that she'd bought whatever story you'd told her about us..."

"Story?" Dane cut across me. "I didn't tell her any story. She's my girlfriend, I'm not going to lie to her."

"So, so what did you tell her?" I stammered.

"That you're this gay pervert who likes playing with my dick."

"What?" I almost yelled out loud.

Then Dane cracked up. "Sammy, for a smart guy you're too easy to wind up."

"You bastard." I replied while slapping him on his chest. He carried on laughing so I grabbed his towel from him and tried whipping him with it, but he was too quick and moved out of the way. I tried a couple more times, both without much success, so I gave up and handed the towel back to him.

When Dane didn't take it I took it as my cue that he wanted me to continue drying him off. So that's exactly what I did. I started off gently rubbing his chest down then I got him to turn around so that I could do his back.

"I forgot to ask earlier, what's this all about?" I asked him while rubbing my finger of his tattoo of a Celtic cross between his shoulder blades.

"Do you like it? I had it done in Dublin."

"Body art is not my thing, but I guess it's okay."

"Okay? Just okay? I think it's bloody brilliant. I'm thinking about getting a couple more done."


"I don't know. I guess if I can think of a good design then I might. Do you really not like them then?"

"I don't. But I guess this one looks good on you. Maybe I could get used to it if you got more."

"Well, it's not like I'm thinking of what I'll get done right now. Maybe I won't. Michelle doesn't like it either."

"Well it looks like I've finally found something I have in common with her. Too bad I didn't know about it a few minutes ago, it might have saved me from a very long and awkward silence."

"Yeah, that's just what I need. You and my girlfriend comparing notes on me."

"That'll make for an interesting conversation." I laughed, and then pretended that I was talking to Michelle. "Hey Michelle, do you like it when Dane is about to cum he screws up his face and lets out a really low grunt, and by the time he's shot his fifth or sixth load he whimpers like a wounded puppy?"

"I do not." He retorted.

"You so do. If you don't believe me I'll go down and mention it to Michelle and I bet she'll say the same thing."

"Don't you fucking dare." He laughed. "Besides, after this afternoon, the least you say to her the better."

"So are you ever going to spill the beans?" I asked.

"Spill the beans about what?"

"About us?"

He looked at me like I was mad, but I didn't give him a chance to reply.

"I'm just joking. I meant are you going to tell me about what you said to Michelle after she walked in on us in the pool house."

He looked visibly relieved that I was just `joking' about that. Then he said. "Turns out she didn't see much. She walked in just as I was underwater lifting you up on my shoulders, so she didn't see you trying to grab my dick."

"Or you mine." I replied.

"Or that." He laughed.

I knelt down and continued to dry his body, paying particular attention to his taut butt.

"But she must have seen my trunks across the other side of the pool and me naked on your shoulders. How did you explain that?"

"Easy, I just said that we were mucking around and I had to pull your trunks off because you were testing me and I had to show you that I am the alpha male. It's a guy thing, to try and best each other in mock fights and the such."

"And she bought that?" I couldn't believe that anyone could be so thick to take in a story like that. I said as much to Dane.

"Sammy, what you've got to understand about Michelle is that while I love her, and no she's not thick, but she is very self centred. I'm her boyfriend and she would never understand that there was a small possibility that I might fancy someone else as well as her. It just wouldn't compute..."

"Wait." I cut across him. "Did you say that you fancied me as well as Michelle?"

"No, that's not what I meant. I don't know. Maybe. What do you think?"

And with that he turned round and his full hard on came into view at my eye level. This was Dane at his most turned on, not half hard, not a growing semi. It was even harder than he was when I was wanking him off earlier in the study. This was his steel hard erection that was pointing north, flush against his belly. I had only seen him this aroused on a handful of occasions and the one that came to mind as I took hold of his pole was the last time Michelle was here and waiting for him in my bedroom while he was showing off to me as I was hiding in the shower room.

"Y'see, it's complicated Sammy. It's like I like you, but even until today I didn't know what I like about you."

"And today?"

"Well..." There was a long pause from Dane as I continued playing with his steel hard seven incher. "I guess today, I think you're sort of cute."


"Yeah, I know. Crap isn't it. But I can't think how else to describe it."

"If cute means that we carry on doing this then I'll take cute." I shrugged.

Dane let out a single laugh. I looked up at his face only to see that he was staring at the ceiling. I couldn't tell exactly from the angle I was looking from, but if looked like there was pain on his face. Not pain as in `ouch' pain, more like pain as in trying to work out an impossible problem. Which by what Dane said next was a pretty good guess on my part. As I let go of his dick he looked down at me and as he was seeming to be formulating what he was next going to say I stood up to face him and looked into his blue eyes, normally so alive, but this time they echoed the pain that the rest of his face was in.

"It's complicated Sammy."

"I know."

"No you don't. That's just it. The thing is that while you were towelling me down I was getting turned on and I am not sure why. Was it you doing what you were doing? Or was it me thinking about being able to spend the night with Michelle? Was it the blowjob she just gave me in the pool house? Because normally once we're at it it's like a floodgate opens, I cum and then I'm hard again in minutes waiting for more. Maybe this is like my dick expecting to get some more from Michelle."

I turned on my heal and left the shower room and sat on my bed. A few moments later Dane followed. I lowered my head, looking down at my shoes and I guess my shoulders hunched.


I didn't move.

"Sammy, look at me."

Again when I didn't respond Dane crouched down in front of me and put his hand under my chin, lifting my face so that I was looking at his.

"Sammy, I'm just telling you how it is. I don't want to hurt you, but I want to be honest with you. I like you a lot."


"Yeah, of course I do. Think about it. My girlfriend is waiting for me downstairs, but I'm up here with you, making sure that you're okay. I also meant what I said; that you're cute. I've never felt that way about a guy before. And it's kinda scary, but that's okay, you wanna know why?"


"Because I like who I have become when I am around you."

"How do you mean?"

"Well we talk a lot, you make me think. Think about things that I've never thought about. Not just the sexuality thing, but loads of things. I can say stuff to you that I couldn't say to any of my mates without them taking the piss. You'd never do that and mean it. If I'm saying something stupid or wrong I know that you would talk to me like an equal and put me right. None of my other mates would do that. We have something that I don't have with anyone else, even Michelle.

"Don't get me wrong, she's my girlfriend and I love her a lot. But, well, beyond the fact that she's gorgeous and that we have great sex, there's not much else. When we talk, it's mostly about her and her life and to be honest I've started to think that if didn't look the way I do, she wouldn't have anything to do with me. She's kind of shallow like.

"But you see, it's being around you that's made me think about things like that, I'd never have thought about that a few months ago. I've thought about a lot of things that I would never have thought about ages ago, and the main thing is that I like the person I have become when I am around with you. I don't need to bullshit, or get one up over you like I would have to with my other mates. Or listen to mindless crap like I do with Michelle."

It was a while before I said anything, as I was taking in all that Dane had said. The fact that he was being so open and honest with me I have to admit made me feel good. But I needed to ask one question of him.

"Okay, so if Michelle is so shallow why are you still with her?"

"Did you not hear the bit about the sex? The sex is good. I mean really good." Dane chuckled.

I laughed as well. "Now who's being shallow?"

"Yeah, well what can you do?" He replied shrugging his shoulders.

He put his hands on my shoulders and asked "Are we good?"

"I guess we are." I replied.

Dane pulled me into a hug and even through my top layers of clothing I could feel the warmth from his naked body. As we broke our embrace we looked into each other's eyes and moments later we kissed. Just once, like the kiss we shared earlier that day. Except this time when we parted Dane didn't seem to have the same mental shock that he had experienced.

Then Dane stood up and said that he ought to get dressed as he was sure that Michelle would be wondering where he was. As he went over to the pile of clothes that he had discarded on the floor before our swim and started sorting them out I said to him

"So Michelle gave you a blowjob in the pool house? Is that why she didn't ask you a whole lot of questions?"

"Probably. I mean it's a bit difficult to speak when you're mouth is full of cock." He laughed, then he went on "But no, she wanted to know what was going on and like I said earlier I told her that we were messing about. Then as soon as I got out of the pool and she saw me wearing that Speedo thong of yours I'm guessing any thoughts that she had just went out of her mind."

"Well that's one other thing we've got in common. We both love the sight of you in a thong."

Dane just rolled his eyes and started dressing by putting on his red PVC thong on.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Erm, getting dressed."

"I can see that. I mean what are you doing putting my present on?"

He looked down at his thong and then replied "What's the problem?"

"Well I'm guessing that the next time my present sees the light of day is when Michelle takes it off of you. Not much of a present." I huffed.

He rolled his eyes again and then said "Sammy..."

"No Dane, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. But as we're being honest with each other then you've got to know that I love you and that it's eating me up inside that you're going to be up here, in my bedroom having sex with her."

Okay, so I hadn't meant to get heavy like that at him. But with the way our chat had gone it just slipped out. Honesty is not always the best thing, I suppose.

"Look, if my and Michelle being here is going to piss you off then maybe we should go. Perhaps postpone or cancel our arrangement. Like I've said a lot today, I don't want to hurt you and, well fuck the arrangements. I'd rather you be alright with this than fuck things up with you. If you want us to go, then just say the word."

Oh as much as I really wanted to say yes, go and take your girlfriend with you. I couldn't. It wasn't just about honouring our arrangement that we made just before Christmas, that he could have a night here with Michelle in exchange for me giving him a blow job. It was as much more than that now. It was about my hope against hope that it could happen again and from what I'd seen and heard today I would say that there was a very good possibility that it could. So what's a night of discomfort for me in exchange for some kind of intimacy with Dane? It was a price worth paying.

"No Dane. We made an arrangement and I'm not going to go back on that."

He let out a sign of relief; I think he'd been holding his breath since he said that we could cancel.

"You're really sure?" he asked

I nodded.

"Boy I am glad that you said that."

But that still didn't stop him from putting his PVC thong on. I don't think he really got how much of a present that meant to me. I wouldn't even expect you to understand, but think about it this way, it was the first thong he owned that I hadn't bought. This was big for me.

As Dane finished dressing I said to him.

"You know that bit you just said about fuck the arrangements?"

Dane nodded, he looked worried, probably in case I had suddenly changed my mind about him and Michelle.

"No, not that. I was just going to ask if you meant the rest of the arrangements. Like the one where I have to exercise in exchange for doing stuff together?"

He smiled then replied "No that one still stands. Which reminds me, you owe me twenty press ups."

"What? Why?" I asked incredulously.

"You got to towel me down and play with my dick just now. I think that's got to be worth twenty press ups. Don't you?"

"No, that's so not worth twenty."

Dane took a couple of steps up to me and then unceremoniously shoved his hand down my tracksuit bottoms grabbed hold of my cock through my underpants. I sprang an instant boner.

"Well, now it's thirty. And think carefully about saying no as it could easily be thirty outside in the freezing cold."

"No" I replied defiantly.

"Okay, you asked for it."

And with that he removed his hand from my package and plunged it down in to my pants, taking hold of my bare hard flesh. Then he started taking a few steps away while keeping a hard grip on my dick.

"Now I know you're bluffing."

"Really? What makes you think that?" he asked while taking a couple more steps, forcing me to follow.

"Because I doubt that you would want to risk passing Michelle with your hand down my trousers."

He instantly let go of me and shrugged "Yeah, I didn't think of that. But you still owe me thirty press ups. Now drop and do it."

I didn't really have much choice did I? So I got down on my knees and went for the start position for the press ups. Dane corrected the way I was doing them after about my third one, saying that I would get more out of them if I did it the way he told me. It also helped that he kept his hand on my bum throughout.

After about my ninth or tenth press up Dane squeezed my butt cheek. I looked over my shoulder at him.

"Sorry, it just occurred to me that I had my hand on your bum and that I should give it a bit of a squeeze."

"Okay." I replied with a smile to him.

"You know you said earlier today that you thought you were too skinny and that you hated the way your bum looks too flat?"

"Yeah." I huffed, I really didn't want to be reminded of all my imperfections, however I was curious to know where this was heading.

"Well, like I said, with a bit of commitment from you to training we'll soon get some muscle on you. But you really shouldn't be so down on yourself. I've kinda just noticed that you've got a cute butt."

"Cute? There's that word again."

"Hey, don't be offended. Besides, I'm more of a tits guy than an arse guy. But if I wasn't and I was into guys arses so to speak, then I'd definitely be into yours. Cute is good, trust me. But you know, if you want to go from cute to hot then you know what you have to do."

"Let's not kid ourselves here Dane, I'm never going to be hot. Not like you anyway."

"Sure you could. Just put the work in and I promise you'll feel the benefit. You'll be beating the guys off with a stick by the time I'm done with you."

Just before I replied Michelle called up from downstairs "Dane, what's keeping you?"

"Up here." He called back.

Then as we heard her climb the stairs Dane slapped me on my backside and told me to keep going with the push ups.

"What's going on?" Michelle asked as she entered the room.

What's going on? Your boyfriend just said that I had a cute arse, so fuck off. That's what's going on!

"Nothing much, Baker has just started a strict exercise plan and I thought he'd better get some in before we do." He smiled back at her, adding a wink to emphasise the double meaning.

"Okay." She replied as she continued to watch me do my push ups.

Once I reached thirty, the last ten being a real struggle, Dane said that was enough for tonight and then dropped a very large hint that they would like to be left alone in my bedroom now.


The next few hours were torture. As soon as I heard my bedroom door close I could hear them at it. I went downstairs and my mind drifted over the events of the past ten or so minutes. Me towelling Dane off, playing with his dick, how he on more than one occasion called me cute. This was definitely looking up for me. For the first time I got the feeling that he wanted more and while I knew he had some issues to sort out, he seemed now more than ever likely to do so.

But even with those positive thoughts running around my head, I still kept on coming back to the fact that right there and then Dane was in my bedroom with Michelle and that their love making was getting very loud.

I tried watching a film with the sound up, and even though I couldn't actually hear them fucking away, my jealous mind wouldn't switch off.

I knew it was not rational to hate Michelle. After all, she was his girlfriend. But I hated the fact that she had a part of him that I doubted that I would ever have.

I tried Skypeing my mate Pete, in New York. Anything to take my mind off what was going on in my bedroom. But he wasn't in. So after eating dinner, I relaxed in front of the telly again and tried to block things out.

Around nine in the evening I heard my name shouted from upstairs.


It suddenly occurred to me that he also called me by my surname earlier in the pool house and again in my bedroom. I wondered why he did that? It had been ages since he stopped calling me by my surname and started calling me Sammy. I liked it when he called me Sammy. Most people I know call me Sam, even my mother and my uncle. But Dane calls me Sammy, it was like his own name for me that no one else used.

Anyway, I left the den as he called me a second time.

"Yeah" I called back, while looking upstairs.

"Have you got any spare condoms?"

"There's a couple in my bedside draw."

"Naw, we've used those. Have you got any others?"

"I'll check my uncle's room."

"Cheers Mate"

I climbed the stairs and went into my uncle's bedroom and checked his bedside cabinet and found one, I looked through a couple of other drawers but came up blank. So I knocked on my bedroom door and told Dane that I could only find one.

"Shit, is that all?" Dane said as he opened the door to me. He was standing there in front of me stark naked with a semi. He took the foil wrapper from me and then asked "Do you think you could pop out and get us some more?"

"What? Fuck off. Go get them yourself." I went to turn away in disgust, it was one thing him using my room to shag his bird, but a whole other thing to make me go out to get his contraceptives for him. But he put his hand on my shoulder to prevent me from walking away.

"C'mon, be a mate, help us out here."

Then he came a step closer to me and whispered in my ear "Go on Sammy, I'll think of something to make it worth your while."

He took hold of my hand and placed it on his cock, but I instantly recoiled and whispered back to him

"Thanks, but I don't like where it's been lately."

"Alright, so I'll think of something else." He grinned at me.

There was an almost pleading tone to his whispered voice and I knew that I couldn't turn him down, so I nodded my agreement, but then added that I was skint.

"Not a problem. Follow me."

Follow him? In to my room with a naked Michelle in my bed? I don't think so. But Dane just grabbed hold of my arm and then pushed me into the room. I stumbled in and saw Michelle instantly pull the duvet up to her neck. We swapped awkward smiles, then I turned round to see Dane squatting down rummaging around his back pack, while his semi hard on was bobbing up and down.

He finally found his wallet and fished out a tenner and handed it to me saying that I should get the biggest box I could find. I took the money from him and left the room. Just as I closed the door I heard Michelle say

"What's wrong with you? You should have put some clothes on."

"What? Oh." Dane replied then went on. "I didn't think. You don't think he saw my dick do you?"

I could tell that Dane was being sarcastic, but I am not sure that Michelle picked that up.

"I don't think he saw anything else. It was like he was staring at it. You don't think he's, you know, one of those do you?"

I wondered if Michelle did the limp wrist hand gesture when she said that.

"So what if he is? He's one of my best mates. And he's letting us use his room and he's just gone off to buy us some more condoms."

"I'm just saying. That's all."

"Well don't."

"Okay, but those sort of people creep me out."

"You don't even know if he is one of those sort of people. Besides if you hadn't covered yourself up maybe he'd have been staring at you if you flashed him some tit."


"Well, they're nice tits, I'm sure he'd have appreciated a bit of a peak. I know I do."

The rest was muffled sounds, so I crept along the landing and down the stairs, not wanting them to hear me, else they'd work out that I'd been eavesdropping. But there was a definite spring in my step, because I had just heard Dane calling me one of his best mates to Michelle.

I pulled my bike out from the garage and cycled alone to the nearby 24 hour Tescos, where I picked up a pack of 12 Durex for Dane. The girl at the checkout scanned them through and gave me a knowing wink. I blushed.

When I got back to the house I found Dane and Michelle in the kitchen. Michelle was wearing my dressing gown, while Dane was stark naked and still sporting a semi.

"Oh, hey Baker. We didn't think you'd be back so soon. I Hope you don't mind, but we got a bit hungry and raided the kitchen."

"No, no problem." I replied while handing him the packet of condoms that I bought for him.

"Cheers mate. Well appreciated."

"Okay, erm, I'll leave you to it then."

"There's toast here if you want some." Dane replied before I left the kitchen.

I turned back and couldn't help see the puzzled expression on Michelle's face as she looked first at Dane and then at me.

Dane either didn't see this or chose to ignore it as he thrust a plate of buttered toast into my hands. Then he walked back to the toaster, grabbed a couple more slices and started buttering them.

I looked over to Michelle, who by now seemed horrified at Dane's display of blatant nudity.

"Dane, don't you think you should put something on?"

"Huh?" he replied, then looked down at his body and looked up as if he'd just noticed that he was starkers. "Why? You've seen it all before and Baker's not bothered." It turned to face me. "Are you?"

What the fuck could I say? And what the fuck was Dane playing at?

"Y'see. He's not bothered. No big deal, but if it bothers you Michelle, then go up and grab me a pair of pants to put on."

"Fiine." She snapped back and left the kitchen heading upstairs.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked Dane.

"Just thanking you for going out for us." He crossed the kitchen towards me and put his arm around my shoulder. "But I can always follow Michelle upstairs if you'd prefer."

He didn't follow up on his threat, rather he leaned in and the next thing I knew we were snogging. Not just a quick kiss, but a full on smooch, tongues and all.

When we pulled apart I couldn't help notice that Dane's semi was now back to full attention, his angry looking purple helmet was literally crying for attention. I took hold of his appendage and with my thumb I smeared his pre-cum over his helmet. Then I let go and said.

"You're killing me here. You know that don't you?"

"Why's that?" He asked looking genuinely puzzled.

"Because your girlfriend is about to come back down those stairs and we don't have any time to do anything about this." I replied while taking a swipe at his hard on, which bobbed up and down so enticingly.

"I suppose you're right. But hey, they'll be other times. I promise." He replied with a wink.

"Go on, go back to your girlfriend before she gets suspicious."

I can't believe I had just encouraged him to go after Michelle. But hey, it seemed the right thing to do. I, meanwhile, after he had left the kitchen to join Michelle in my bedroom just stood there trying to work out how it was possible to feel so happy and so sad at the same time.

I was shook from my train of thought, for as soon as I heard Dane close my bedroom door they were at it again. I sighed and resigned myself to watching another movie. If nothing more it would block the noise of their love making out for a while.


Round about midnight I felt myself getting sleepy, so I headed off to one of my uncle's spare rooms that I had earlier set up for the night. I climbed the stairs and found that I couldn't hear anything going on and hoped that they had gone to sleep. As I passed my room, I spotted the red PVC thong that Dane had been wearing, hanging off the door handle. I smiled to myself as I took hold of it. I guessed that's what he meant by making my trip out to the supermarket worthwhile.

When I closed the door to the spare room I pulled my clothes off and slipped Dane's thong on. My dick sprang up instantly as I thought about him and this thong and slowly I started to wank myself off.

Then they started off again, so I pulled my pillow over my face and decided to just try to sleep.

The clock radio said 2AM as I opened my eyes and tried to focus in the dark. Something had woke me up and it took me a few seconds to realise that there was someone else in my bed.

"Hey Sammy."

"Dane, what are you doing here? What about Michelle?" I almost shrieked.

"Don't worry about Michelle. She's out for the count."

"But what are you doing in here?" I asked again.

I felt his arm move around me and he pulled me towards him, then he replied

"I'm still feeling horny, so I thought if you were up for it, you know, like I said earlier, I'd make it worth your while going out for the condoms. But, well, you know. If you'd rather I left..."

I reached over to the night stand and switched on the bedside lamp and then looked quizzically at Dane's face. I was not sure that I wasn't dreaming.

"No." I finally replied "Don't go."

He pulled me closer so that our bodies touched. I could feel his hardness poking at me in his underwear. He moved his hand down my back until it rested on my bare butt cheek.

"Are you wearing that thong I got?" He asked.

"hmm." I replied.

"Okay, you d'man. Let's see it then."

As he said that he started to pull the duvet off of us. I made a grab for it and tried to pull it back, while at the same time yelling "NO!"

Dane laughed at me than said "What, don't I get some pay back? You've seen me in it, and countless others.

"You know I'm not as comfortable with my body as you are. I'm a skinny weed, and compared to you I'm nothing to look at. And I'm sure not ready for you to see me in a thong"

"That's bollocks Sammy. I keep on telling you not to be so down on yourself."

He pulled the duvet away from me and threw it on the floor. And there I was, exposed in front of him for the first time.

I felt so self conscious as he looked me up and down. Sure he'd seen me earlier but this time I could see him studying my ribs and skinny limbs.

"I still don't see anything wrong here. Well, nothing that a bit of exercise in a gym wouldn't put right. And we've got that covered. So loosen up and have some fun."

As he said that he pointed a finger at my chest then let it settle there. Slowly he drew his finger down my chest, over my belly and down my treasure trail to the waistband of the thong. I took a deep intake of breath as his finger carried on tracing down over the pouch. As he got to where the tip of my now fully erect cock was he pulled his finger away, then replaced it by wrapping his hand around it.

"And you certainly don't have anything to be embarrassed about down here." He went on, while at the same time he gave it a couple of squeezes.

He took has hand away from my package and took hold of mine and placed it on his own bulge, covered only by the boxer briefs he was wearing.

"I think we both prefer this way round. Don't we?"

"If you say so." I replied with a cheeky grin.

As I started massaging his tool through the cotton cloth I drew myself closer to him and started kissing his chest. While I was doing that he moved his hand back to my back and started stroking it. I continued slowly kissing my way down his body until I got to his shorts. I paused for a moment as the smell of sex hit me.

"What's up?" He asked.

"You stink." I replied

He chuckled and then reminded me that he thought I loved his smell.

"I do. But not when you smell of her." I instantly regretted my reply as I knew that I'd fucked the moment up.

I waited for him to explode at me, but when I heard nothing I looked up at him and didn't see the anger in his eyes that I expected.

"Fancy a shower?" He asked.

Again, he stunned me and I could not answer. He jumped up off the bed and took hold of my arm and pulled me up too. Was this really happening?

The spare room didn't have an en suite shower like my room did so I pointed Dane in the direction of the house's main bathroom. As soon as we got in there Dane closed the door and told me to switch the shower on. As I did what I was told he pulled his shorts down and his boner now freed from its confines slapped his stomach. It bounced about as he walked over towards me and the shower that was now steaming with hot water.

He hooked a finger on the side of the red PVC thong that I was still wearing and said

"You're not planning on wearing that in the shower are you?"

I wasn't planning anything. My mind had pretty much shut down since the moment he got into bed with me. I had no thoughts of how I could get him to do this or do that. No schemes, nothing. I wasn't pushing him to go further like I would usually do. This was all coming from him. Dane had changed and I for one wasn't going to do anything other than go with the flow and see where it would take us.

I pulled the thong off and my own boner sprang up. Yes I was still feeling a bit self conscious standing in front of Dane, but I tried my best to put that thought out of my mind. That said, I automatically put my hands in front of my crotch. As I did so I saw a smirk cross his face.

"What's the matter Sammy, have you gone all shy? Or are afraid that I'm gonna perv over you or something?"

I blushed and the ridiculousness of what I had done. I mean how stupid?

He took hold of my wrists in his hands and pulled them away from my crotch and my boner bounced free. Then without a word he took my dick in his hand and jerked it a couple of times. Yeah, I was shocked. I almost jumped out of my skin as he touched me down there as I wasn't expecting it at that moment.

This caused Dane to laugh and say to me "You're really not going to say that you've got a problem with this are you Sammy?"

"N-no" I whimpered at his touch, then I added. "I'll just go with the flow."

"Okay, good." He replied.

Then he decided it was time to step into the shower. He still kept a firm grip on my cock and stepped towards the shower. I had no choice but to follow him. Not that I wouldn't have anyway.

He opened the door to the shower room, which was big enough for more than two people, and stuck his free hand under the jet spray to test the temperature. Deciding that it was just right, he stepped in and I followed him, closing the door behind me.

He let go of my cock and moved himself under the main shower head and let the hot water cascade down his muscular body. It was such a beautiful sight. The water gave his body a shine that accentuated his every muscle. I had always loved his fit athletic build, but right there in that moment I was so taken aback by his beauty and I felt this overwhelming need to touch him.

"Do you want me to wash you?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure."

I pressed a button on the dispenser and a glob of shower gel squirted on my hand. Yeah I could have started with his chest and worked my way down but I decided to go for his hard on. I felt it buck in my hand a couple of times as I ran my soapy hand up and down the pulsating shaft.

Meanwhile I lowered my mouth onto his chest and started teasing his nipples with my tongue. He rested his arms on my shoulders to steady himself and by the sounds he was making I could tell he was enjoying what I was doing for him.

After a while I pulled away from his chest and without a thought to possible consequences I went to place my lips on his. For a moment I thought he was going to pull away. But at that same moment he must have changed his mind and soon our lips were locked. I felt his tongue press on my lips and I let him in and our kiss turned to passion. He pulled me in so close to him I thought that we would become one, then he started running his hands up and down my back.

I have no idea how long we were kissing like that for. It could have been five minutes or it could have been five hours. All I knew was that I was in heaven, but when he decided to pull away I felt that I had been expelled from that paradise.

He took hold of my arm that was still moving as I pumped away at his soaped up dick and then he said to me

"Well I'm guessing that I'm clean down there now. So how about a blow job then?"

Who was I to say no?

I got down on my knees in front of him and took hold of his hard on in my hand and lowered my head until my lips met his shaft. I swallowed that thing whole in one go and let him fuck my throat until he shot his load.

I stayed there, on my knees with his cock now softening in my mouth, reluctant to let him go. He had to practically prise me off of him and pull me to my feet.

I stood in front of him, wondering if fun time was over. But he seemed to have other ideas.

"Whoa Sammy, that was fucking awesome."

He leaned into me and we began kissing again, this time it was slower, more tender. He lowered his hand and took hold of my dick and started wanking me off until I shot my load. Which to be honest, didn't take too long as I was already almost there as I was blowing him.

After dried ourselves off and left the bathroom I thought that Dane was going to go back to Michelle in my bedroom as he seemed to pause by the door and quietly open it. But he just poked his head round the door and then pulled back and closed it.

"She's totally sparko." He said referring to Michelle being out for the count.

I thought to myself that she must have either been a heavy sleeper, or that Dane had fucked her into a coma. It still amazed me that after a whole evening of shagging Dane wasn't knackered. In fact once we had got back to the spare room, his dick that had shot its load only a few minutes before was now back to full arousal as he pushed me down on my bed and straddled himself on my stomach.

I grabbed hold of his pulsating appendage and started pumping away, using his pre-cum as a lubricant. Dane leaned in and soon our mouths were connected in another passionate battle, while at the same time he reached behind him and took hold of my dick, copying my actions on his.


As we lay in bed, Dane spooning me, the warmth from his body enveloped me. I felt so safe and secure being held in his strong arms, that I almost drifted off to sleep. That was until Dane spoke.

"You do realise that you're running up quite a bill here?"

"Huh?" I replied.

"With all this sex, I figure that it's got to be worth at least a week's exercise from you."

"I was kinda hoping that you would have forgotten about that arrangement."

Ignoring what I had said he went on with "I reckon it's got to be at least a mile run every morning, then a work out with the weights, probably two or three nights next week."

"Dane." I whined. But he went on.

"Then there's the swimming and not to mention the press ups"

"Then don't mention them" I replied.

He pulled me in tighter to him and then kissed me on the neck before saying

"Well, if you're really not up to it then I guess we can work out a way to reduce the amount of exercise that you're going to have to do."

I could feel his dick begin to lengthen from its flaccid state and he moved slightly so that it rested between my buns like a hot dog. Then with slight movements his began to rub his cock slowly up and down my arse crack.

I shivered with pure delight as he continued to grind.

"You like that do you?"

I figured that he asked me a rhetorical question, but I answered anyway with a "aha."

"I thought you would."

I wondered if this is what he had in mind instead of the exercise so I said

"You can go further if you want."

He instantly stopped and pulled back from me. I turned round to face him and saw that there was what looked like almost a shocked expression on his face.

"Too far?" I asked, hoping that I could lighten the moment.

"Too far. I don't think I'm ready for that right now."

"That's cool." I replied. And you know what? I meant it.

I figured that with all the stuff that we had done today, Dane already had a lot to process. True, it was he who instigated most of it. But I was mindful of his lines and barriers and we had gone a lot further than I ever thought we would. But there was also a part of me that was almost waiting for a bit of a freak out from him. Maybe in the cold light of day that was still to come, so I really wasn't going to push him in a direction that he so obviously didn't want to go. Well, not right now anyway!

"So is that what you had in mind? Rubbing your dick up and down my crack instead of all this exercise you want me to do?"

"No, I was just doing that because it felt good. No, for that I've got a better idea."


"Promise me that you wont get mad?"

"What?" I urged him


"How can I promise if I don't know what it is?"

"Just fucking promise will you."

He softened his words with a kiss.

"Alright, I promise."

"Well, I just thought that maybe I could ask you if I could have Michelle over here next weekend?"

I turned round to face away from him. He tried to snuggle up to me again, but I shook him off.

"Sammy, you promised not to get mad."

"I had my fingers crossed" I snapped back.

He chuckled and then said "How old are you?"

"Not helping Dane. I can't believe that you would ask me to let you have her over to stay again. Not after everything we've done this evening." I paused for a few moment to gather my thoughts and then said to him "Is that what all this has been about?"

"What? No way. This has been about us. You and me. But you know the score Sammy."

"Do I? I not sure that I do."

"I told you before, I love Michelle. But I also like you. I don't know where that's going, but I want to find out. Nothing we've done tonight has been me thinking about trying to get you to let me have Michelle over here again. And yeah, I'm sorry for asking. It was stupid of me."

"Yeah it was."

We fell silent for a while. Dane draped his arm over my chest, part of me wanted to throw it off, I was still angry at him, but I didn't.

He moved closer to me so our bodies were touching and his hard dick was once again rubbing alongside my arse. Then he reached over and kissed me on the cheek and said

"C'mon Sammy"


Then Dane moved slightly away from me and put his hand on my shoulder and got me to twist around so that I was laying an my back, then he slid back to me so that his boner was rubbing up against my hip as he took hold of my hard on.

"C'mon Sammy."

"I said no."

Then he lowered his head and I felt his tongue flick over my hard nipple. His eyes darted up at me with a look of mischief in them as he then took a nip at my nipple with his teeth.


"C'mon Sammy. Just think about it. I mean, When Michelle leaves tomorrow I don't have to go with her. I can stay for the day with you."

He kissed my chest again and then reached down and took hold of my cock and started playing with it.

"Haven't you got football tomorrow?" I asked.

"Oh, Yeah, I forgot about that. Well I could come back afterwards."

His face formed a hopeful grin as he could see that he was winning me over.

"Don't shower." I replied.


"You heard. I want you to come back in the afternoon all sweaty and dirty."

"Okay, if that's what you want."


The smell of fresh coffee awoke my senses and gradually I opened my eyes to find I was alone in my bed. But then as my brain shifted up a gear I figured that I couldn't have expected anything else. Falling asleep in Dane's arms was probably one of the best feelings that I had ever had, and I wasn't going to let that go for anything. Even the thought that he crept back to Michelle during the night wasn't going to get me down.

I rubbed the sleep away from my eyes and then I pulled on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and then followed my nose down to the kitchen where I saw Dane with his back to me in just a pair of black semi transparent tight fitting trunks. Of course they were tight fitting, they were mine and he looked really good in them.

The toaster popped and he caught two slices out of it in his hands and placed them down on a plate.

I crossed the space between the door to where he was standing, admiring his body as I went. Then I put my arms around his waist and kissed him on the back of his neck.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" He hissed at me after jumping ten feet in the air as I touched him.

"Giving you a morning kiss." I hissed back.

"For fucks sake, Michelle's next door."

"That didn't stop you last night." I replied raising my voice.

"That was different. Now shut the fuck up and wait here."

And with that he grabbed the tray with a mug of coffee and toast and left the kitchen to go into the den. He emerged a few minutes later closing both the door to the den and the door to the kitchen behind him.

"Sorry for snapping Sammy. But you've got to use a bit of that grey matter of yours. If Michelle sees us or even suspects, then it's finished."

"Finished between you and her? Sounds fine to me." I replied.

"No, finished between us."

"So, are we on then?"

"Course we are, but you've got to get it in to your head that I love Michelle and I don't want to hurt her."

"But if you break up with her now then two time her, you'd be saving her a lot of hurt in the long run if she finds out."

Dane sighed and then looked me in the eye with one of the most serious faces I had ever seen him wear as he replied.

"Sammy, I like you. And yes last night was fun, something that we could do again, but you've got to understand that nothing has changed between me and Michelle and nothing will. If you can't handle that then we're done here. Simple as."

"Okay," I shrugged. "But this sucks."

"You suck!" He shot back with a snigger.

"Damn right I do!" I replied with a big grin.