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Purple Cockatoo


"Welcome to class Mr. Tate." Mr. Dezmond said as Sky entered the classroom 10 minutes late. "Lunch date run a little longer than expected?"

Sky smirked. "Something like that."

"Anyway, on with the lesson." Mr. Dezmond continued on with his lesson but Sky wasn't paying attention. He was looking for Dustin. He found Dustin sitting in the back row, his nose burried in his English book. Sky smiled. "Mr. Tate?" Mr. Dezmond sighed. "Are you going to participate in today's class?"

"Huh?" Sky jumped back into reality. "Sorry Mr. Dezmond."

"I asked everyone to get into groups of fives. Would you like to join someone?" Sky nodded and began to move in with his friends. "And Mr. Gray, once again you refuse to participate. I think maybe it's time I sent you to the principal over this matter."

"Mr. Dezmond, I..." Dustin tried to get out, but Mr. Dezmond wasn't listening. Some of the kids around him who had heard began to laugh.

"Umm.. Mr. Dezmond? He can be in our group." Mr. Dezmond looked at Sky skeptically.

"Alright Mr. Gray, Mr. Tate has saved your butt this time, don't let it happen again."

"Sky!" One of the girls Sky was working with whinned. "Why'd you do that? Like, ewww."

"Shut up Kara; Dustin's cool." She turned up her nose as Dustin approached. "Welcome to our group Dustin."


"He did what?"

"He saved me from getting a trip to see the bitch, Kai."

"He wants something from you Dustin."

"What could he possibly want from me Kai? Remember? I'm a nobody."

"I'm not sure just yet... but there's definetly something. C'mon we got work to do."

"Can't. It's Calvin's birthday."

"Step-dad's birthday over taking pictures of the wrestling team? Whatever, I'll call you later."


Dustin speed up to a trot as he noticed all the buses leaving. He finally reached his bus as the doors closed on him. He tried knocking but it went unnoticed as the busdriver but the bus into gear and drove off. Dustin screamed in frustration, but that too went unnoticed. He started walking home. He was going to be late, yet another way to dissapoint Calvin.

"Dustin?" He turned around. Skyler had pulled his car up behind him, "What are you doing?"

"Walking home, I missed the bus."

"Where do you live? I can give ya a ride."

Dustin looked down at his feet, embarassed. "It's kinda far away."

"That's alright, jump in. I'm gonna take Jared home first and then I can take you home." Tentively Dustin climbed into the backseat. He watched the houses roll by as Skyler and Jared talked up front. He thought about what Kailei had said, he knew it was true. Guys like Skyler don't talk to people like himself unless they wanted something.

"See ya around Jar." Sky's voice startled Dustin. He watched as Jared gave Skyler a five, leaving a ten dollar bill in Sky's hand. "Come join me up here Dustin." Dustin exited the car and climbed into the front. "Okay, where am I going?"

"It's kinda far away, and I don't have any money."

"Huh? Oh, you saw that." SKyler smiled. "Jared just owed me money for something else. The ride is free." Dustin smiled back and gave Sky a few directions. "I'm still having trouble believeing you went to middle school with me."

"Not suprising." Dustin muttered.

Skyler understood him perfectly. "What was that supposed to me? I wasn't as popular back then."

Dustin laughed. "You were a nerd."

"I got beat up everyday."

"I know what that's like. And I remember that."

"I don't remember a Dustin Gray, it just seems that I should remember you."

"I wasn't Dustin Gray back then. Turn left here. Remember in 7th grade, in gym, when you broke your arm?"

Skyler laughed lightly. "I remember that. That was the worst day of my entire life."

"You can just drop me off here."

"Where do you live?"

"I can walk, really." Skyler stopped the car. "Thanks for the ride Skyler."

"You were there? When I broke my arm." Dustin opened the door and nodded. "That's the day everything changed for me.. the day I decided I didn't want to be a nobody anymore."

Dustin stepped out and laughed. He turned back towards the car and leaned in the window. "That's the same day I decided I wanted to be one."


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