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Purple Cockatoo

Chapter 4

Skyler was dreaming about him again; cute boy with the short blonde hair and the beautiful green eyes. He was a God in Sky's point of view. "Every night I dream about you," Sky said, "but I don't know nothing about you. Who are you?"

"Simple," The boy smiled, his voice as beautiful as the rest of him, "I'm the boy in your dreams."

"But what's your name?"

"Fate plays a funny hand Skler. She is cruel, but her intentions will soon be clear." He began to fade from Sky's view, "Changes happen as destiny desires." He was gone.


Sky sat at his lunch table. Jared smirked at him, "Give up the chase already?"

Sky laughed, "Not quite, I can't afford to lose this bet."

"Bullshit. How 'bout we raise the bid a little? Say $400? I could really use this money."

"You're gonna be sorry man... but it's a deal." They went to shake on it but Sky pulled back, "Wait, for that prize I'm gonna need something from you."

"Like what?"

"Eighth grade yearbook."

"A yearbook's worth $200 these days? Damn. I don't have one though, what you gonna do with that?"

"Nevermind. Hey, you remember Chambers?"

Jared shivered, "Do I remember him? Hell, he still gives me nightmares man. Why him all the sudden?"

"I was just thinking about him last night, that's all. What ever happened to him anyway?"

"I don't know. All I remember is him coming to school the first day of eigth grade and telling the guys he couldn't hang with them anymore because of his little sister. He just sort of drifted away from everyone." Jared sat back and smiled. "Now his sister, man that girl is HOT?"

"You've seen her?"

"She's only like the hottest sophomore around here! Don't tell me you haven't noticed her."

"Jar, I'm gay, I just date the girls who come on to me. I only do that to keep my image."

"Well, she might have a yearbook from that year. I hear she thinks your hot and she'll do ANYTHING for you."

"How am I supposed to find her?"

"All you have to do is tell one person you're looking for Sammie, and she'll come to you."


"Alright, you in the front move a little right, now everyone smile." Kailei groaned, she hated takeing pictures of the underclassmen. "Say 'Sophomore's Rule!'" She snaped the picture. "One more." She snapped again. "That'll do, thanks everyone." The kids began to disappear as she started to get her things together. A roll of film rolled from her bag and down the hallway, she groaned again. She could really use Dustin's help, but he was no where to be seen. "Loose something?" She looked up to find Skyler holding the run away film.

She snatched it from him. "What are you doing on this floor? They kick you back a few grades?"

"Not that it's any of your business, but I'm looking for someone."

"Going after sophomores now Sky? Juniors not falling for you? That's really pathetic."

"Go to hell Kailei."

"Why? I'd still have to see you everyday. So, who ya looking for anyway?"


Kailei scoffed. "That explains a lot. How much money did Jared put up for this anyway?"

"What does money and Jared have to do with Sammie exactly?"

Kailei pushed Sky up against the wall hard. "I don't know what you are up to Skyler Tate, but if you hurt either of my friends I will destroy you." She let him go and began to walk away.

"What the hell you gonna do? Cast a spell on me?" She turned around and flipped him off. All Sky could do was laugh.


"Skyler?" Sky looked up at the blonde in front of him. She was pretty, any guy would be stupid not to fall all over her. "I heard you were looking for me."

Sky smiled and turned on his charm. "Yes I was, I was wondering if you could do me a big favor?"

She sat beside him, "Anything for you."

"I'm looking for someone and I thought you might be able to help me. I need your yearbook from the sixth grade."

She scrunched her nose. "I don't know if I even have that anymore, but I bet my brother does, he likes to keep stupid things like that. I'll just take his." She smiled brightly, "Anything else? Like a date for Friday night?" She batted her eyes.

Sky laughed, "Bring me the yearbook and we'll talk."


"He was just using you to get to your sister Dustin." Kai said sadly.

Dustin's face fell, "I don't believe you."

"Dustin, I'm your best friend, would I lie to you? Yesterday he was looking for her and now look," She pointed at Skyler as he entered the hallway. "He's going to her now."

Sure enough Dustin saw Skyler approach his sister, she handed him something that looked like a book and batted her eyes at him. She was flirting with him; it made Dustin sick. "I'm sorry Dustin."

Dustin turned his head away, "What made me think he could even be interested in me. He's Skyler Tate, screwed more girls than anyone in this school..."

Kailei wrapped her arms around her friend, "He's a jerk Dustin, I told you that. I didn't think you'd fall for him."

"I didn't know I did." He turned and watched Skyler as he kissed his sister on the cheek, "Until now..."


"Hey Dustin!" Sky said stopping by Dustin's locker. "What's up man?" Dustin just stared at him, his eyes red from crying, "What's wrong?"

Dustin turned his eyes away, no longer able to look at Sky, "It's nothing, just leave me alone, okay?"

"What happened? Did someone hurt you?"

"Like you don't know!" He slammed his locker closed. Sky looked confused. "Please just go away."

Sky put his hand out on Dustin's shoulder, he jumped slightly. "Sorry Dustin, if you need someone to talk to, I'll be here."


Sky sat at his lunch table once again with Jared. "If we're the most popular guys in school, why do we always sit alone?"

"Because Jar, you stink man." Sky pulled out the yearbook, "The $200 prize."

Jared snatched it from him. "Let's find Sammie Chambers." He looked down the page but didn't find her name. "She's not here." He flipped a few pages forward looking for the non-listed names; she wasn't there either. He started looking at the pictures, but couldn't help but laugh when he found her. "Holy shit."

"What?" Jared spun the book around and pointed to her picture.

"It's not Samantha Chambers, it's Samantha Gray. That last name ring any bells?"

"No way." Sky flipped back to the older class, he found the C's and went down. "Oh my God." He turned it back to Jared and pointed. There next to a small picture of a young Dustin was the name, "R. D. Chambers-Gray."


Dustin didn't feel much like staying after school, Kailei understood why. As he approached the bus it speed away once again. He could see inside that Samantha didn't even notice him, not that it was any different than any other day. He was angry, upset, confused. He just wanted to scream. "I don't feel like walking home." He said outloud to no one.

He headed back into the school. The hallways were empty and quiet. Dustin walked down it leaning up against the lockers. "I deserve it." He said, "After everything I've done to him. I hate me too." He came up to the yearbook room but he didn't feel like going in. He continued down the hallway and into the stairwell where he just sat. He placed his forehead againt the railing, trying not to cry.

Dustin closed his eyes and sighed. When he opened them he saw the familiar form assending the stairs. He stood quickly. "L...leave me a..alone." He whispered.