This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Author's Note: Triumphant, Ricky has scored his first man. He has no idea if there will be negative consequences. All he knows is that he likes it.

The Coy Boy

God, he's hot! Ryan thought, staring at Ricky's gorgeous form.

Even in the dark, the pale area where Ricky wore those sexy shorts brightly contrasted with his tan. The boy had a modest bush of pubic hair, not uncommon for natural blonds, but his man-sized cock, sticking straight out above those heavy, man-sized balls put the kid in an elite category.

Once committed, and committed he was, Ryan wanted to savor him. Ryan reached over for a rubber in the front pocket of his pack, open and ready. He had thought of this.

Leaning up, he put on the rubber for Ricky.

"Wow," Ricky commented, "you do that fast!"

Ryan grinned. "Plenty of practice. Now, are you going to fuck me or not?"

Between Ryan's legs, Ricky attempted to penetrate his hot hole without touching his own cock. He grappled with Ryan's hips, but the angle was wrong.

Ryan suggested that he himself get on the bench, and moved to do so.

Once in position, Ricky moved in below him, sighing. He stroked the tops of Ryan's thighs as he scooted closer on his knees. He too seemed to be relishing each moment with contented sighs.

He ran his hands up Ryan's chest as the pointed tip of his powerful cock broke through his ring. He leaned in to kiss Ryan with just his slightly puckered lips even as he drove his magnificent cock full length into Ryan's ready, willing, and able hole.

Ryan gasped, suppressing a whimper. He almost protested, but Ricky did not begin thrusting; rather, he stayed deep in and moved his hands to the backs of Ryan's thighs, just under his knees, making Ryan feel genuinely possessed.

It was glorious. The boy was a fine lover. Ryan cast his doubts aside. He had been with many, many men, and this boy, this child was topping them all!

Ricky tossed his tousled golden locks and sighed, "Oh yeah! That feels great! Man! I just fucking love fucking you! You have the slipperiest asshole!"

Ryan laughed out loud. The boy was beautiful! It felt great to Ryan too. Already, that first wave of pain was gone. He felt his ring relax.

Ricky, for his part, seemed to feel it too, and he began with very short thrusts, only pulling his cock out an inch or two, but when he drove back in, he did so with power!


Then pulling out a little bit, slowly, then... suddenly...


God, is he gorgeous! That muscular chest, those rippling abs! So strong!

But the small of Ryan's back was getting hurt by the edge of the bench as the movements inexorably scooted him downward. He gently reached up and removed Ricky's hands from behind his thighs; he eased forward. Ricky got the idea. He leaned back as Ryan then came down on him until Ricky was squatting on his knees, and Ryan straddled him.

Ryan really fucked that cock with his ass then, making Ricky grunt as he looked up with his bright eyes into Ryan's dark orbs.

This was fucking!

After another round of hot, long-cocking that way, it was Ricky's turn to ache, for he said, breathlessly, "My knees are starting hurt, man!"

Ryan then smoothly turned Ricky as he let his wet cock pop out, and moved Ricky onto his back. Quickly, he straddled the young stud again and took the boy's big cock deep in his ass. Drawing his knees up, instead of popping up and down, he used a rocking motion, making his own cock slap against Ricky's solar plexus.

Ryan felt right on the edge then. He could come right then.

Cannot have that! Not yet! I'll show this kid how fucking is done!

Suddenly, he spun around on Ricky's cock, keeping it in, and looking back over his shoulder, he said, "They call this 'reverse cowboy!'" as he lifted up so Ricky could fuck up into him, and that he did!

"Oh, yeah!" Ricky grunted in a husky voice, "Ride 'em! Cowboy!"

Ryan rode him like a rag doll on a runaway bull. Damn! The kid can FUCK!

Then Ricky abruptly said, "I wanna be on top!" He shoved Ryan off and pushed him forward, not into a doggy position, but making Ryan lay face down, and then!

He was in him again! Pounding hard! Hard enough to hurt!

Ryan's cock got very, very hard. Ryan liked it hard. He liked it rough.

Well, sometimes, anyway.

And just as quickly, the storm passed, Ricky was flipping him over and sticking him again with a long sigh.

He kissed Ryan. Ryan kissed back.

They extended the kiss with tongues in each other's teeth and lips, then probing deeply even as Ricky fucked Ryan very, very slowly in long, long, thrusts.

They fucked in that satisfying way for a great duration. It was bliss. Ricky fucked Ryan for what felt, like, an hour!

They had found their thing. This was their action. Heat each other up, then fuck like this. His Ricky Boy got it.

But eventually, it was time, and Ricky indicated this to Ryan by picking up the pace, taunting him, "You like me fucking you, huh?"

"I love it."

"You're such a fag, Ryan!"


"I am so fucking you!"

"Gawd! Yes! Fuck me!"

To Ryan's complete astonishment, he came. He came in a great wave, his whole body consumed. In his whole life, only a few times had he came while being fucked.

It was amazing.

And Ricky. Pulling out now. Chuckling. Smirking? Laughing as he slipped the rubber off, saying, "Ick. This rubber is full of come!"

"You came in the rubber? In my ass?"

"Yep. It was hot."

"Ricky! I told you not to do that!"

"Too bad, so sad," Ricky sang back. "Anyway, I don't have AIDS. I only did it with one guy, and he had a bunch of tests just before. He was clean. So quit your fucking pussy bitch complaining."

Ryan sighed. The kid was a handful. This was the problem with twinks. Only one guy? Shit! He's a prodigy!

Ricky produced a wet towel. He washed Ryan up. He washed himself. He asked, "Do you have a mint? Or some gum?"

"I have both, Ricky."

Ricky wanted to snuggle up with Ryan after they made love. Ryan had hinted that he "had to go."


"It's the rules," Ricky.

"What 'rules', Ricky sneered.

Ryan grew silent. He said, "Hand me my pipe, will you?"

"I don't want to smoke any."

"Well I do! It helps me to sleep. Will you hand it to me?"

Ricky found the pipe and the bag in Ryan's pants' pocket. He handed it to him. He was miffed.

He said, petulantly, "I wanna snuggle. I'm a snuggle bunny. I told you!"

He heard Ryan sigh.

"What?" Ricky asked.

"The rules, Dear. We are having an affair. You promised you would protect me."

"Yeah?" Ricky could understand that.

"So I'll smoke a bowl, and you can cuddle, and I'll pet you and adore you, but we can't spend the night together. It's too risky. And tomorrow, in public? Dude, you have got to play it cool. Can you do that?"

"Yeah. I can do that. I don't like it, but I can do that."

"This is what you get when you seduce an older man. You see? It's not appropriate!"

"It's not fair! Heteros don't get in trouble when they fool around with younger girls. Why should we?"

"Actually, that's not true. 'Heteros' do get in trouble. But anyway? Beautiful One? Please! Darling Boy? Yield!"

Ricky almost started to complain, but then he realized he hadn't thought this through. "OK. I get it. But we can find ways to be together with 'appropriate' activity?"

Ryan said, "I'll come up with something. Will you trust me?"

"I will trust you. You trusted me. That's fair."

Sad, Ricky spent the rest of the night alone. He watched Ryan take his guitar across the distance that separated his gazebo from the back fence of Diane's cabin. He watched Ryan enter quietly and then stand in silence looking in Ricky's direction.

He stood there a long time, in the light of the back porch. Ricky figured he knew he was watching. Finally, Ryan turned off the porch light. He disappeared from view.

Ricky went out behind his gazebo to piss. He had not said it to Ryan, but the whole time they were having sex, he had felt that an owl was watching.

The fact that Ricky could always feel the presence of owls was not something he revealed to anyone. It was too freaky, too... supernatural. Also, it seemed he was not always right about it. It was a fleeting ability that did not always work. But he sure felt watched right then!

He looked up at the old maple. Nope. Not a sign. An owl may see you, but unless he or she wished it, you would not see them.

Aloud, he said, "Hello, little owl. I cannot see you, but I feel you. Did you like the show?"

Disturbed, Ricky did not sleep well. The weed gave his head a strange, uncomfortable, thick feeling, and his thoughts flashed with random images. He kept getting an erection. Tossing and turning, he imagined he was fucking Ryan on the beach while all everyone watched.

As often happened when he could not sleep at first, he slept hard, later. The sun had already climbed over the ridge when he awoke. The deck of Diane's cabin was in full sun!

Ricky slipped on his shorts and made his way to the cabin. Everyone was awake. He was the last one up. His mom was chatting with his aunt on the upper deck. Ricky did not pause to kiss them, saying, "I need to use the bathroom!"

He dashed in. Fortunately no one was using it.

He had only planned to wash off the sex smell he still had on him, but once he started cleaning up, he got in the mood to groom himself well.

He showered, using a lot of soap, and he washed his hair. He brushed his teeth, twice, once before the shower and then again after the shower. He blew dry his hair, making it fluffy. He cleaned and trimmed his fingernails and toenails. He used deodorant. He put on some chapstick. As always, he inspected his jaw for hair. There was not a trace.

Or was that a tiny bit of longer fuzz? Ricky got excited. He'd keep an eye on that!

Once satisfied with his appearance, he did not want to wear his shorts. They smelled like the river, kind of fishy, so he wrapped himself in a towel and went out to greet his mom and aunt properly.

Ricky had not always gotten along with his aunt. She was, he thought, rather mean when he was a little kid. But lately, things had been going fine. Ricky wondered if it was Jackie's influence making her mother think more kindly of Ricky, for she had certainly been nicer to him.

His mother asked him why he was wrapped in a towel.

"I just didn't want to put on my shorts again. They smell like the river, and I am all clean."

"You smell nice," his mother said.

His aunt said, "We were just talking about our plans. Trish wants to stay a bit longer to give your step-dad a chance to find a new place."

"I see," Ricky said. That meant she and his dad would be in the same place at the same time.

His mom read his mind. She said, "I talked to Rick. It will be fine. You and him have your own agreement. All right?"

"Yes, Mother."

His aunt said, "Jackie says that you've been taking her fishing."

"Yes. She's a good sport; Mary comes with us sometimes."

"I'm glad to see you two getting along."

Ricky smiled. He said, "I'm trying to grow up, Aunt Michele."

She nodded. She said, "Well, welcome to the human race, Ricky."

That, Ricky supposed, was her way of saying she would not let old grudges bother her.

Then Ricky shared a bit of gossip. He said, "I saw Diane Carson pull in last night, after dark. She was not with her folks. She was with a tall guy. Her latest boyfriend, maybe?"

His aunt corrected him, "That's not her boyfriend. He's a friend from college. His name is Ryan. His father is a professor at Berkeley. He's on a 'geology expedition,' so he said. I told him he should talk to Danny, who is a total rock hound."

"Oh, so you know way more than me. You met him?"

His mom said, "Diane and Ryan came by this morning to say, 'Hi.' Yes, we met. She sure has grown in a buxom girl! She went to the beach if you want to say, 'Hi.'"

Ricky smiled. His mom had large breasts herself, so it was not envy.

To his mom he said, "Yeah. I'll go see her, but I need to wash a few clothes. Is this a good time?"

It was fine, both his mom and aunt agreed.

Since all of Ricky's usual clothes were in need of a wash, Ricky decided to dress up. He was thinking of Ryan. He wanted to look good for him. He decided to wear his long, pleated, khaki shorts, and, on a whim, put on his 'racing trunks,' as he called his Speedo, underneath. He would never dream of wearing that around here, in public. It was strictly for racing at school, but he had brought them, thinking he might have chance to keep up the hot tan line the bikini gave him. It was fading lately, he noticed. He wore his long sleeved, heavy cotton, aquamarine safari shirt, and he tucked it in. He even wore a belt. He put on his hiking boots. Last, he wore his Aussie hat. Unlike most people, he knew that the flipped up side was for riflery. This made him think of his dad. He was looking forward to going shooting with him. His dad always brought guns.

In the downstairs bathroom — the girls bathroom — near the washer and dryer, he admired himself in the only full length mirror in the place.

To the dashing boy in the mirror he said, "And there you were wondering if you were gay! But look at this costume! How cute you are! I'd fuck you!" He blew himself a kiss, boning up.

When he came out, much to his embarrassment, his cousin Susie was there!

"What were you doing in our bathroom?" she scolded.

"I was seeing how I looked in the mirror, and nice to see you too, Susie. Sorry. There was no one here."

"You're just lucky I wasn't changing!"

"Or unlucky," Ricky teased, trying to lighten things up.

But Susie didn't get it. "What a pervert you are! Get out of here!"

Ricky sighed. He started to leave, but he stopped at the door. He turned to her and said, "You know, Susie? I know I've been a shit to you. I know I've been an asshole. You are right to mistrust me, but I'd really like to get along with you. I really would."

Susie, though her face smoothed, did not overtly accept the apology. She said, "I heard you talking in there."

Ricky's heart pounded, but he kept his face blank. "So?" he asked.

"So what were you doing?"

"I was play acting. I do that sometimes. Didn't you know that?"

"I swear, Ricky, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were queer."

Ricky laughed lightly. "And if I were a queer? We could have a competition to see who got the most guys!"

This was very funny to Susie. Her words were contemptuous, but her voice was filled with laughter, "Get out of here, you asshole!"

Ricky was again leaving when he remembered his laundry, over his shoulder he said, "I just remembered my laundry."

"Oh are those your clothes? I need to do some wash too."

"Well, I was gonna walk down to the beach, to say, 'Hi,' to Diane, but I'll be back I think I have about fifteen minutes."

"Don't worry. I'll put them in the dryer."

"It's all heavy cotton. You can use..."

But Susie cut him off. "I know how to do laundry!"

"OK! Thanks, Susie!"

On the way to the beach, Ricky thought, That went surprisingly well!

He found both Diane and Ryan sitting with the adults on the beach.

Ricky had had a discussion about that with his mom when he was, perhaps, seven. He had noticed that when kids got to be certain age, they stopped playing on the beach and started hanging out on the rocks. Then, when kids got to be certain age, they stopped hanging out on the rocks and started staying on the beach with the adults.

His mom had laughed, "So what is your question? You seemed to have figured it out!"

"It is just interesting because I don't think I'll ever stop hanging out on the rocks, uh, when I can hang out there! When can I?"

His mom had smiled. She had not corrected him. She told him, "You have to able to swim in the rapids and the deep water, Ricky."

Thus, to Ricky, it was very significant that Diane was not on the rocks with the teenagers. She was on the beach with the adults. Last year, she had been on the rocks.

There were only younger kids there today, however, though there was one boy with the longest black hair Ricky had ever seen on a guy. It was down to his waist! Someone from the west side of the river? He was beautiful. He had a fine featured Latino look. He was wearing those newer kind of long Speedos. Pretty hot, actually, for a young guy. Yes! Nice little hot butt, and that kind of Speedo still showed what you had there. Hmmm... Cute!

But Ricky had a mission. After his rapid survey, he was went straight to Ryan and DianeTo her, he called out, "Diane! I saw you come in last night! Hello! Hello! Good to see you!"

To Ricky's surprise and delight, Diane got up from her beach chair, took his hands, both of them, in hers, and kissed his cheek, making him blush. Ricky then noticed that another guy was sitting there too. He wasn't even looking at them. Maybe that was "Billy?" Ricky could not see what Diane saw in him. He was not that good looking. He was pretty buff though.

But even as Ricky's mind was pondering such things, Diane was saying, "Ryan? Billy? Let me introduce to you my first love, Ricky Boone!"

That got Billy's attention. His eyes met Ricky's. For a split instant, they narrowed, and then he smiled, standing up to shake.

Ryan did not stand up, he just held up a hand and nodded pleasantly. He was wearing big, Hollywood sunglasses and he wore a loud Hawaiian shirt over some elegant, charcoal surfing shorts with silver piping. His guitar was there beside him, in its case.

Diane explained that Ricky and her had been best pals since they were tiny but that snaring him was like trying to "catch the wind."

"That is not true, Diane! I mean look! I hear you are here, and I come running!"

"Yes. You do, don't you?" she said.

It was so funny, but ever since Ricky had come out, he had started understanding and liking girls so much better!

His attention and his kindness — in public — honored her. She grew in rank before males and females, young and old.

Then Diane was asking, "What's with the 'safari' outfit? Are you going hunting, Ricky?"

"I'm doing laundry, so when I was dressing, one thing led to another, and you know how it goes, you put on a little lipstick, and then you just gotta have some eyeliner, and then, the next thing you know, you're strutting down the street in a slinky dress with a slit up the side, twirling your boa!"

She clapped her hand and laughed uproariously, "Ricky! When did you learn how to be so funny!"

"It's a secret," Ricky confided.

Having lavished Ricky with attention, Diane then turned to Billy and explained how they had grown up together and always kidded around. Ricky sensed that she would probably give Billy attention then, which was fine because he could focus on Ryan.

Ricky sat down next to him. He was thinking of squatting because his shorts were so clean, and he didn't want to get then dirty, but then he changed his mind. They were heavy khaki shorts with extra cloth in the back, a present from his dad for hunting and camping. Genuine L.L. Beane shorts. Besides. The sand was dry and clean.

To Ryan, keeping up an act that pretended he did not know him, said "My aunt Michele said you and Diane came by. She said you were a Berkeley guy? She said you were on a 'Geology expedition?' What's that?"

Ryan smiled and looked at Ricky. Ricky could not see his eyes behind the sunglasses, but the electricity was "palpable." "Yes," he said in his gorgeous voice, "it's a sort of a treasure hunt. I am to find certain types of formations and collect samples."

"So you are a geology major?"

"Hardly. It's a lark. A friend of my dad's. He teaches classical literature. I'm into art, music, and poetry, but I'm majoring in economics."

To himself, Ricky thought, Funny how I did not ask him this stuff last night! And then he laughed out loud. He had had other things on his mind the night before.

"Something funny?" Ryan inquired in that sardonic way of his.

"Oh, I was just thinking about what a great day I had yesterday. When you were talking about 'rocks,' it reminded me of of a couple of rocks I saw yesterday, that's all. You know? They were really big! Rather like long, thick pile drivers, standing straight up from the base!"

Even behind his glasses Ricky could see his look darken. Ryan did not pursue the the topic. Ricky asked, breezily, "So where are you going first? You know, rock hunting?"

Ryan said, "I was actually going to head up to Oregon. There's a famous lava field. I was going to collect obsidian."

Ricky said, "I know that area. I know where the obsidian is too!"

"Do you!"

"Yeah. It's not that easy to find, and it's not actually in Oregon, it's on the California side. The Indians pretty much picked the place clean of the easy stuff like a thousand years ago. You have to know where to look. Sometimes you have to dig! You have rock tools right? It helps if you have a big breaker bar. You got one of those?"

"Hmmm..." Ryan mused. "Maybe I could take you along."

"But, you got hammers and breaker bars and shovels and shit?"

"I have tools."

"Also, it's long drive. The best way is not from Oregon but from the back side down a dirt road. We can save a hundred miles. I know the way."

"Sounds like I'm talking to the right guy."

"And you might need four wheel drive," Ricky added.

"Got that."

"And it's a great place to camp," Ricky said, looking at him in a way that was carefully calculated to reek seduction without the slightest clue to anyone but Ryan.

"Let me guess," Ryan said, "you love to go camping?"

"'Love,' Ryan, is not the word. It's way beyond that."

"Well," Ryan said, "we shall have to get permission and all that. I was not looking forward to traipsing around in the heat all alone, but it will be tough going."

"Dude," Ricky said, competitively, "the day you wear me out will be the day, uh..."

"When hell freezes over?"

"Or when pigs fly?"

"Or, whatever? Shit! You're a cocky little shit, you know that, Ricky?"

"I'm not so little," Ricky said.

"I noticed," Ryan said.

Ricky looked around then. No one was paying attention to them. Ricky got a thrill. He and another gay guy were totally flirting in public, and no one knew it but them! What was that word Josh used? "Camp?" "Camping it up?" Hoo-yah!

Ricky grinned. "I might need to do some persuading to get permission to go camping with a strange man. That's kind of hinky, you know?"

"Yeah, but I imagine you are pretty effective persuader?"

This made Ricky chuckle.

Diane then turned her attention to them, saying, "Well you two seem to be getting along? What are you talking about?"

Ryan said, "We were talking about going to the lava fields and collecting obsidian. Ricky says he know where the best stuff is, and we were thinking of camping."

"Really! That sounds fun. I'll bet Billy would enjoy that!"

Ricky's mood darkened. That was not the plan!

But Diane was already making arrangements. Billy thought that would be great.


Ricky grew morose. Diane? OK. Billy? Fuck that dude! Cock blocked!

He looked over at Ryan. Ryan was chuckling.

"What? What's so funny?"

"Don't sweat it. Get your camping gear together. Get permission. It'll be easy, I think, when they know that Diane will be there. She's like a big sister? Right? They trust her? Right? And she and Billy will to be as far from us as they can get! Right?"

Ricky was mollified. "Right," he said. Then he leaned forward and whispered in Ryan's ear, "except now I can't blow you in the car while we drive!"

He made Ryan grin. He also noticed that his cool Aussie hat with the flipped up brim made it possible to get his right cheek right next to Ryan's cheek.

Ryan had been stunned once again by this amazing man boy!

First, the get up. The "safari outfit." He leaps down the path like a young lion.


The whole beach is looking at him, and Diane is kissing him.

Hello everybody, the star of the show has just arrived on the set! All worthy now may pay obeisance!

Then, there is this whole little spiel about dressing up in drag? What a character!

He sees Diane melt. She still loves him. She has never stopped loving him. For a second, Ryan is jealous, but then, he is not. He loves him too. He is easy to love, this boy.

Finally, the kid actually knows where to get obsidian! He had been warned that it was not that easy. It wasn't laying around. So the boy's information is quality information. Ricky had not been paying attention, but he had heard Diana saying that Ricky was all into fishing and hunting. Even his cute hat is a shooting hat, so his "costume" is not really a costume at all. He is seeing Ricky wear his natural clothes. He wears them beautifully because he is beautiful and natural.

Ryan sees he has on a shell necklace. He catches a whiff of his "piney" scent. Ricky has dressed up. He has dressed up for him!

Who could rebuff such an honor!

Then he sees Ricky's mood change. He is so happy it's contagious, then, in a split instant, he is so sad Ryan, felt like crying. In one second, he is a god, ten thousand years old, immovable; in another second, he is a baby, at the mercy of every flicker of emotion.

He frightens Ryan.

This one is special. He must take care. He must be careful. He is the "Achilles type," the best friend, the worst enemy, not quite mortal, a shaft of light, a blaze of fury.

Ryan knows something: I will remember this boy for the rest of my life.

He comforts him. It only works because the boy wants to be comforted. He persuades him. It only works because the boy wants to be persuaded. He is a force of nature, a creature of pure... Will!

And he wants to go now. Not fifteen minutes after they say they will go camping he is ready. He's rattling off all the items he's collected. He's asking, "Do you have toilet paper? Insect repellant? Water? How much? A groundcloth? A tarp?" Then, in response Ryan tells him the things he brought. Ricky is contemptuous, "A tent? That's so gay!" Then he laughs. He explains, "I mean lame. We don't need a tent! The sky is our tent!" Ryan explains, "It is already packed." Ricky suddenly changes his mind. He agrees, "Well, it'll keep mosquitos out, an we can fuck even with a bunch of people around, but I was hoping, I was really hoping that we could get closer to nature and not bring all the stupid shit!"

The way he says it tells Ryan something. His Ricky is a minimalist. He wants the least barriers. He smiles as he thinks of the sour face Ricky made as he looked at the condom.

"I get it, Ricky," Ryan says.

Ricky looks at him suspiciously. "Do you?" he asks

"Yes. I get it. Let's not use the tent. Let's take only what we can carry. Let's leave the car behind. Let's go naked!"

"YES!" he cries. "You get it!"

Ryan is pleased with himself. The boy approves.

But there is more. There are unfathomable depths to the nothingness this boy endures? No! He does not endure he relishes nothingness!

"A campfire?" he snorts. "That's so g... lame! We're only spending one night and it's summer! Let's just get some chips and sandwiches. Fuck cooking!"

Ricky is passionate about camping. He wants Ryan to join him in spirit. It is, Ryan knows, about less not more. No tent. No fire. Raw food.

And Ricky says, "I have all the fire I need, right here." And he lays his head against Ryan's chest. No one see this. He only shows Ryan. Ryan is persuaded. The boy may be young, but he knows the outdoors. He wants to take Ryan to another place. His world.

And Ryan wants this. He agrees. He more than agrees. He gives himself over. Who can resist the Will of Achilles?

All these things Ryan sees and learns in the flurry of activity prior to leaving. The kid is all action! "Let's go, let's go! Damn! I fucking hate adults! You are like big lumbering cows! Why do you move so slowly! Arrghh!"

He is so frustrated he growls!

Ricky had been ready, as Ryan had observed, in fifteen minutes, and in that time he had finished his laundry and talked his mom into letting him go.

Ryan asked him, "When is your birthday?"

"April fifteenth."

"So you're an Aries?"

"I don't believe in superstitious nonsense like that. I'm a Christian."

Ryan, amused, said, "OK. But let me ask you this. If someone said, 'Let's go to Hawaii!' Could you be ready in fifteen minutes?"

"Yes. But we might need to buy the right clothes when we got there."

"Well. That is such an Aries characteristic, and see? I'm a Libra, an you are fucking with my balance."

"That's just stupid. You're just using that as an excuse to delay, and really? Do you think the stars govern us? Get a clue! It is we who govern the stars!"

"I thought you said you were a Christian. Doesn't God govern the stars?"

"Well who governs God? We do! He loves us! It is we who have the power! Don't you get it?"

This was a new theology to Ryan. Not classic Christianity. He did not pursue the topic. Later, he would ask how Ricky reconciled Christian teaching with homosexuality. He had no slightest doubt that the child had thought about this and had an answer.

As they were readying to leave, there was yet another critical development. It started because Diane kept quipping how Ricky and Ryan were arguing like an old couple.

Ryan knew that Diane was trying to figure out who he had been with when he came into the cabin the night before to clean up after he had been with Ricky. She had asked him, "So who'd you score with?"

"Eh?" Ryan asked.

"Don't be coy. I can smell sex on you. You smell like spit and come!"

"You know the rules, D." he said.

"Yeah. OK."

So she was watching. And she had known Ricky since he was small. It was not hard for her to make the connection. It was she who confronted Ricky while Ricky was pacing around in the parking lot, and Ryan was getting his gear together on his deck.

Ricky. frustrated and bored by Ryan's endless fussing around and going back and forth, walked off to talk with Diane. Billy was not present for the moment, for he too had gone off to gather some more junk.

She asked him, "So Ryan is pretty cute, huh?"


"Don't 'huh?' me. You heard me!"

Ricky looked at her and "begged" her with his eyes, but he answered, "He is twenty four. I am sixteen."

Diane said, "I get it, but you can tell me!"

Ricky asked, "Is it that obvious?"

Diane had said, "Only to people who know you, Ricky."

Ricky took a couple of deep breathes, "He is so beautiful!"

"I agree!" Diane said. "Why do I always fall in love with you gay boys?"

Ricky said nothing. He did not have the answer to her question, but he had say, "So it is true. You love me. I thought so! OK! I'm gay, Diane! It's the way God made me. I'm into Ryan. He's into me! But we have to protect him, you must promise!"

Diane kissed him in a very sexy way, and Ricky actually got a boner! Diane noticed this, and she was happy. "Uh huh. I see how you roll, you horny guy!"

But all this had a further interesting outcome. Suddenly, just as they were getting ready to leave, Diane changed her mind. She did not want to go! When Billy protested, she silenced him with a look that promised sex, and lots of it. Billy shut up. He removed their gear from the back of the Cherokee.

Diane kissed Ricky. She had said, "Don't worry, Little Lion, I'll cover for you. You and Ryan, go! Now! Before anyone even knows!"

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