This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Author's Note: So far, Ricky has been lucky in his liaisons. Let us see if his karma continues so fairly...

Playing with the Big Boys

Once again, Ricky was desolated by loneliness.

Calling Joshua helped. Josh loved to hear all the sexy details. Ricky had found that he could keep Josh on the phone by having "phone sex." Telling Josh about all the nitty gritty bits heated him up.

Ricky told him, "Yeah, so Ryan? He wanted to shave my balls and ass!"

"Yes? Funny though, you don't have much to shave there!"

"More than you!"

"True that, so? Whatever. Fun?"

"Yeah. We did it in the girl's bathroom after they'd gone to the swimming hole. My cock was so hard! He shaved that first. Then he did my balls, taint, and ass. Then we took a shower together. He said you gotta wash a lot to keep from getting shaving bumps? Also, he has this real old school single edge razor? He said that helps too. It keeps you from getting 'ingrown hairs.'"

"I wouldn't know."

"Well, that's what he said. And after that, he ate my ass. Remember I told you he'd said that ass eating was not 'safe sex?'"


"Well, he forgot about that. He wanted some little boy action!"

"Hah. Hot!"

"It was! And he let me do him. That's the first time I ever used a razor. It was hot. You'd love his cock. What a fatty! His balls are not really big though. Like mine. Or yours. Fucking hairy chest though!"


"Nah. You're missing out. Men are great. He was cool, super cool. I miss him."

"Do you miss me?"

"I miss your big cock."

"Oooh, so romantic! I'm getting gay little chills all over!"

"I start to cry every time I think of you, Josh."

"Aww... Such a sweeeet little fag you are! But I gotta go!"

It was always that way with Joshua.


Sighing sadly at the swimming hole the day Ryan left, Ricky was surprised to see the brown boy with long, long black hair sidle up next to him. He had been seeing him here and there, and had figured out that he was staying in the big cabin in the trees just across from the swimming hole. His aunt Michele had said it was a native American family that owned it. One of the men worked at the fish hatchery in town. He had learned that the kid's name was "Roan." Jackie knew him, but somehow, Ricky and he never seemed to be in the same place at the same time to actually talk.

He had seen Roan many times during Ryan's stay. He couldn't help but notice the boy's long, shining hair and his studly cuteness. He was a muscular little dude, but hardly in Ricky's range. He was like what, twelve? Still, as Ricky had observed, he wore that newish kind of tight, thigh length Speedo, and the boy was definitely better endowed than your typical twelve year old, if that was what he was.

Roan stunned him with his opener.

Without so much as an introduction, he sat down next to Ricky, his long legs together, leaning back on his hands, showing off his hot little body with his big little dick in those tight, wet, black trunks. He asked, in husky voice, not a little boy voice, "So when did you first figure out you were gay?"

Ricky looked over at him. Shit!


The boy tossed his head. His glistening wet, black hair flopped back behind him, down the length of his back. "You heard me," was all he said.

Ricky stared into the boy's big, dark eyes.

"What kind of fucking question is that, man?"

"It's an honest question. When did you figure it out?"

"Fuck, dude! Who are you?"

"My name is Roan. I saw you and that Ryan guy doing all kinds of gay stuff in that, uh, 'hexagon' thingy where you sleep."

"It's a octagonal. Eight sides, not six; it's called a 'gazebo' and what the fuck?"

Roan shrugged. "Whatever. I saw you! It's cool. I haven't told anyone. I'm just curious is all."

In a flash, Ricky remembered the owl! He had felt an owl watching him that first night with Ryan. He had even gone out, looked up, and talked to the bird.

"That's a serious question to ask a guy, you know," was all he said.

"Yeah," Roan agreed, looking down at himself, "but I can tell you when I figured out I was gay."

"Yeah?" Ricky asked, looking down at the front of the boy's tight swim trunks.

"It was that night. Watching you. I had wondered, you know. I mean, I done some stuff with other guys before, but that night? Seeing you? I KNEW!

"It was seeing you guys go at it. I musta' come three times watching you!"

Ricky looked at the boy's dick in his tight trunks. It was looking a little stiff. Maybe four and a half inches long and not all skinny like his little brother's dick. It was a cute little dick.

"I see you checking me out," Roan said.

"I see you are displaying yourself," Ricky returned.

"You like my dick?" Roan asked.

Yes. Actually. It's a pretty little dick.

But Ricky said, "Watching us? What the fuck?"

"It was an accident. I was 'trecking', like 'TREK-king', and 'TRACK-ing' combined, T. R. E. C. K. I. N. G.? That's what I call it. I combine the words into a new thing. I made that word up!

"It's a game. I like to hunt around, seeing how close I can get without people seeing. I'm Indian, you know? My dad's Klamath, and my mom's Modoc, but they are both mixed also. I live with the Modoc tribe in Oregon. On the rez. When you guys came to the gazebo, I climbed the tree. I was kinda trapped. I'm sorry. But I saw, and it was super sexy. I really want to know! When did you figure it out?"

Ricky was overcome by the boy's sincerity, and he was amused by the way his words jumbled together. Without thinking, Ricky just answered him honestly; the words just came out, "Only this summer. You're not gonna tell on me?"

Roan laughed like the idea was ridiculous. "Nah. You remember what you said when you came out to piss?"

Ricky tried to remember. He got it then. "Yeah. I talked to the owl I thought was watching. I can feel owls, but I guess I was wrong. It was you!"

Roan laughed brightly. "My dad calls me 'Little Owl', it's my name in his language, so you weren't wrong. It means you have 'owl wisdom,' an owl totem, it marks you as a magic boy! I heard you were even looking for obsidian!"

And then, with a breath or pause, he chattily continued, "You wanna, like, mess around with me? You think I'm cute? I think you are. That stuff with that hairy guy was super hot! But I'm into you. Not him. I waited for him to leave. I waited until you were lonely. I am not rude. I waited. You wanna do stuff with me? I really want to experiment. I'm curious."

He said it all so quietly, so calmly. Ricky knew that he was hearing a lot of pent up thoughts. And, as profound as the boy's words outburst may have been, and as mad as Ricky's desire to fuck as many guys as he could, still, he only asked, "You thought about this a lot before you talked to me, huh?"

"Well, I was not expecting you to say that!"

"What were you expecting?"

"Well, I thought, maybe you would just want to have sex with me, and it would be that easy."


"Or, you would be mean to me, but I knew you wouldn't."

"How did you know that?"

"I watched you, Ricky. You are not mean. Also, I know you like guys? So? It was a matter of whether you thought I was cute. Do you? I see you looking at me. Don't fucking lie!"

"Yeah. I think you are cute." Ricky used one of his favorite reserved words: "Exquisite, actually. But that doesn't mean I want to have sex with you. I mean, didn't you see? I was doing it with a man! So it is not just a matter of 'Do I think you are cute?'"

Roan looked a little hurt, then he laughed and said, "Man you are really busting my balls!"

"Yeah," Ricky admitted. "I am. But I think it's great the way you came up to me and talked. That makes me like you. A lot!"

"And you do think I am hot!"

Ricky did not fail to notice that Roan had changed "cute" to "hot."

"Yes. That too."

"Well, I have an idea."


"We have to go somewhere else, somewhere private because it's a secret."

"Sounds like you are trying to seduce me, Roan."

"Oh, I am, I am. You wanna see my secret spot?"

"You're talking about the one behind your balls?"

Roan thought that was hilarious. He laughed brightly, then said, "No! I know of a secret beach above the falls. I could show you. You want to see it?"

Ricky shrugged his shoulders, noncommittally. "Uh, Roan? Just how old are you?"

"Thirteen. Why?"

"It's just, uh... Oh! Man? It's just kinda weird for a guy my age... Uh?"

"To be friends with a guy my age?" Roan completed the sentence.

He added, "Just so you know? You see my dick? It gets bigger than that. And I have hair down there too."

Roan had by this time shifted his position to cross his ankles, and he had rolled slightly to the side. This hid his intimate parts from the view to the beach. Invited, Ricky had a good look. He was not tiny. Roan's cock even throbbed a little! He was purposely making it get harder!

As if in answer to Ricky's thoughts, Roan, with a sexy voice, said, "You know what I'm thinking of?"

"What?" Ricky whispered, enchanted. Noticing also the younger boy's hard belly and small, dark nipples.

"I'm imagining you sucking my dick. That's making me hard."

It was about five inches long then, and about as big around as a quarter.

It was all over.

Fuck it! Ricky thought.

He said, "I want to kiss, you, Roan. Have you ever French kissed?"

"Not with a guy. I never could get any of my friends to try that. Only girls."

"You want to?"

"Yes. Very much." He had such a husky voice. He was small. He was young. But even with that shiny black hair all the way down his back, he was butch.

It was surprising to Ricky. He was learning just how quickly gay guys of whatever age could find each other and hook up. There was none of that drawn out agony that girls put you through. It was a lot more fun to be queer than to be straight.

Ricky knew several spots above the falls of which Roan spoke. It was one of his own secret fishing places. He also had a good idea what Roan was up to, but he was willing to let the kid have a chance. Didn't Ryan do the same for him?

"Hoo hoo!" Roan hooted. Literally. This was one of his many bird calls, Ricky was to learn.

Without a word then, they took off, following the road to the bridge, then veering upward at a fork. They were both shirtless and barefoot. Ricky did not comment about Roan's complete indifference to walking barefoot on the gravel road. Ricky knew himself to be rare in his ability to go barefoot without complaint.

But he noticed.

Roan was a nature boy too.

Once on the road to the crossing over the top of the falls, they had complete privacy. He saw Roan glance around, then, with a sweet smile, he took Ricky's hand!

This was a first!

Walking hand in hand with another boy!

It gave Ricky a delightfully erotic thrill. "I'm getting a semi," he announced.

Roan looked over at his tenting shorts and laughed. "Me too!" He agreed.

Ricky checked out the thirteen year old's cute bulge, No, he wasn't too small. He was going to have Roan fuck him in the mouth. He was already planning that.

He asked, "You ever had your dick sucked?"

"No. I tried to get this girl to do it, but she was all, 'Eww! That's disgusting!'"

"I like to suck dick," Ricky said. Happy to be able to say really gay stuff like that, adding, "I like to get my ass fucked too."

Roan giggled happily and actually skipped a bit, looking up at Ricky with excited eyes.

Ricky continued, "But if you want to fuck me, you are going to have to suck my dick first!"

"I've never done that," Roan said, looking down, acting suddenly shy.

"It's fun! I'll show you how! There's lot's of ways to do it."

Then, seeing Roan's sudden shyness, changed the topic, he asked, "So when you jack off, you think of dudes, right?"

"Yes. All the time. Girls too. You?"

"Mainly guys, but I'm actually really turned on by girls sometimes. I'm pretty sure I'm bi."

"Yeah. Me too. I can't imagine, like, marrying a guy."

Ricky agreed. "I know what you mean. But didn't it make you wonder? Like thinking of guys when jacking off?"

"Yeah. But I didn't know. Not until I saw you and that guy, Ryan? Right?"


They were quiet then, hand in hand, as they reached the bend in the road above the waterfall. The tiny steam flowed down from the left. The sun was on their right. It was an overgrown and elusive little gulch the stream flowed through. Ricky, when he fished, usually "dropped in" from higher up where the long leaved young willow-like brush was not so heavy. He was curious about the spot Roan knew, but he remained silent. He would let the boy show him.

Roan stopped at the crossing, and letting go of Ricky's hand, he darted to the side. "You have to hang down here and drop! Careful! There are rocks!"

He then hopped up on the low stone wall and slipped over the side, hanging by his hands. His voice was muffled as he exclaimed, "It's a bit of a fall!"

Ricky leaned over the edge and watched him. It was not that far, maybe eight feet. Roan dropped, landing bent-kneed to take the shock on a flat spot with a few inches of fast water rushing over the worn granite.

"It's not mossy?" Ricky called down to him.

"No. Not much. Not too slippery."

Rock hopping was an art that river kids learned young. There were two main dangers: a rock that suddenly rolled on you, or a rock that was slippery with moss or algae. Falls could be nasty.

"OK!" he shouted, not loudly though. Just loudly enough to overcome the babble of the brook.

He dropped down just as Roan had done, absorbing the shock of the fall with his legs. Roan then led him right through the brush, crawling quickly on his hands and feet ahead of him, giving Ricky, therefore, a sexy view of the younger boy's hard butt and tantalizing balls. Ricky would have his tongue up there soon, he was sure.

They emerged at a lovely little sandbar, shady on one side, but with a lot of sun on the other. It was perfectly private.

"Wow, Roan, this is a great spot!"

Roan smiled shyly. He seemed a little nervous, suddenly. Then, cutely, Roan tipped back his head and sniffed the air with his broad, strong, but still cutely boyish nose. God! What a beautiful guy! That tough little body and that pretty face! He could see the native in him. He features had an exotically Asiatic quality. And that long, shining, black hair!

"I don't smell anyone," Roan commented.

"Me neither," Ricky agreed. "Except, I smell you. You smell nice. Kind of like sage."

Roan just looked at him for a few moments. Swaying a little, as though in a trance, he suddenly fell forward and melted into Ricky's arms. He sighed a long sigh. He was a head shorter than Ricky, but his little body was like forged steel. His thick and luxurious hair was magnificent. That was where the sage smell came from.

The boy was trembling. Ricky could feel his heart pounding against his chest.

He ran his hands soothingly down Roan's back under that amazing hair. He reached up and stroked his thumb against the side of Roan's slender throat and with his fingers, he felt the fine, soft hairs on the back of Roan's neck. With the pad of his thumb, he could feel Roan's pulse crashing in the big artery of his neck.

He tipped back the boy's head to kiss him. He had his long lashed eyes closed. Ricky enjoyed the instant. He saw then, for the first time that Roan had a few little reddish hairs mixed in with the dark brown of his eyebrows. He bent his head down to kiss his cutely pursed lips. Roan had a lush mouth. His lips were full and rich.

But his kiss, as he tipped back his comely face to accept Ricky's lips, was like the kiss of a brother. Dry. Without sensuality. Yet the way the smaller boy ground his hips into Ricky was not something siblings did.

Ricky chuckled, "I'll bet you are dying to get your hands on my big cock!"

Roan giggled at that. "I have the biggest boner!"

Ricky reached down and gave him a feel. It was true.

"Well, you are going to have to kiss me better than that if you want to play with my dick!"

Roan parted his lips then and tentatively stuck out his tongue. Ricky licked it lightly at first, then thrust it as deeply as he could into Roan's sweet tasting mouth. This made Roan moan and writhe against him. He tried, Ricky felt, to match his force and passion with equal tongue action. The boy was, in fact, a good kisser!

But Ricky had one last bit of restraint left in him, so before they ripped each other's shorts off and had a crazy come fest, he paused from the kissing, saying, "There are rules, you know?"


Ricky bent his knees to lower himself and rubbed his nose against Roan's, "Yeah. This is between us. You can't out me, and I won't out you."

"Out?" Roan whispered, obviously enjoying the nose kiss. His breath smelled... Nutty. Very pleasant. Like... walnuts!

"Yeah, you know, kiss and tell? Tell people I'm queer and I did stuff with you?"

Roan whispered, "Oh. That. Yeah. I know that."

Ricky liked the way he answered. He was matter of fact. He did not try to convince Ricky. It was obvious, an afterthought, not needing examination or explanation. Satisfied with that, feeling the younger guy's hard cock against his, and feeling devilish he asked, "So? You wanna come in my mouth or come in my ass?"

Roan laughs, proclaiming, "I want to come in your mouth and your ass!"

Ricky is curious just how much juice the boy could produce. "Are you really thirteen?" He asks.

"My birthday was a couple months ago, and you are sixteen."

"You seem to know a lot about me."

"Yeah. I asked around. You are famous here, you know? Everyone knows Ricky Boone!"

Satisfied then, and excited by the prospect of getting naked with him, Ricky asks "So you wanna see my big dick?"


"And you wanna play with it?"

"Oh yeah!"

Ricky then shucks off his shorts. His long cock springs out, and Roan, gasping, reaches down with both hands to grab it, squeezing hard. Ricky guides his hands, placing one on his heavy balls and the other on his raging erection. "I like it that, Roan baby. I like my balls played with while my cock is stroked. You like my balls?"

Roan pants, "I love your balls! And your prick is so big!"

"You like that too?"

"I fucking love it!"

"Well, let's see about that!" Ricky then bends over, reaches down, wraps an arm around the back of Roan's slender legs, and with the other arm around the boy's lovely back, lifts him up and then places him on the ground. He then grabs the tight racing shorts at the waist and deftly slides them off, aided by Roan's compliance in lifting his butt.

Gorgeous! Roan's hard little boy dick flips up, banging against his flat, brown, belly. It is as big as Ricky supposed. Roan has a lovely little brush of hair just above his cock, but his brown balls were as bald as a baby's. From that angle, kneeling between the boy's young legs, he had a great view of the crack of Roan's butt with that sweet cleft revealing a hint of winking boyhole.

For his age, a big fucking dick!

To Ricky's joy, Roan is uncut. The tip of his pointed dick just peeps out from the foreskin.

"Nice!" Ricky praised. "That's way bigger than mine was when I was your age! That makes you a big dicked boy!"

That was not exactly true. Ricky simply wishes to put Roan at ease.

Roan, smiling happily from the praise, reaches forward for Ricky's long, thick cock.

As he happily plays with Ricky's penis, he comments, "You are circumcised! I kinda like that! And your dick sticks straight out. Mine points up!"

It is always fun, Ricky notes, getting naked with a dude the first time, enjoying the differences. He says, "And you're uncircumcised! I never did it with a guy who was uncut."

Ricky really wants to play with Roan's foreskin. He finds it fascinating. But the action is happening fast.

"Oooh!" Roan coos, ignoring that and cupping Ricky's balls while he lovingly strokes Ricky's cock. "I love your dick!"

Ricky falls on him and kisses him passionately. Roan rocks and bucks under him, kissing back, mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue, dick and balls to dick and balls, grinding furiously into each other. They roll over. Roan, on top, announces, almost tearfully, "I'm going to come!"

"Prove it! Shoot me in the face with your come! I wanna see what your balls make! I wanna see how much juice you got! You wanna play with the big boys? Well, now's your chance!"

Roan lifts himself up straight-armed and between Ricky's legs humped his cock against him. He stares into Ricky's eyes with a snarling feral look. It is incredibly sexy.

And then, wow! Roan was shooting several blasts of clearish semen up and over Ricky's head! Hardly a drop lands on Ricky. The shots must have gone six or seven feet!

Ricky may be a gusher, but Roan is a shooter! It was not a lot of come. The steaks shot in slender strands, rather like a small caliber weapon, with high velocity.

And then, without a further word, Ricky takes the boy into his arms and rolls him over on the sandy bank, not hard enough to hurt him — Ricky would never do that — but hard enough to let Roan know he was messing with a strong guy.

He wants to keep Roan hard as long as he can, and Roan, it seems, is game, for he bucks up into Ricky, wraps his arms around him, and kisses his madly.

Ricky wants that cock in his mouth!

He lifts up and scoots back, his bare white ass sticking up, his cock still a stiff as an axe handle, and he goes down.

First, he tongues Roan's pretty penis all around the head, enjoying the new experience of a foreskin. He used his fingers to squeeze the tip, using the foreskin, peeling it back, then pulling it up. The skin is so astonishingly soft and lovely! Pulling it up past the tip, he brushes the gathered skin with his lips. It is unlike any other skin on an entire body. Ricky is amazed. Also, Roan's penis has a little bit of a musky smell. Then, satisfied with his experiments, he gives Roan a powerful blow job. It is easy. The boy's dick is an easy suck. It is smaller than the other two fellows he had been with, of course, yet Ricky finds he does not care about that at all, and he likes it just fine.

At one point, Ricky looks up and commented, "I really like the way a guy's cock tastes right at the base at the top, in the hair. He licks Roan there to demonstrate this.

"Hmmmm! You taste like sweaty pomegranates!"

The writhing boy beneath him giggles. As Ricky sucks his cock full-length, he feels Roan's balls clench up. He is ready to pop again!

Now that was new. He had wanted to suck Roan's balls and get his tongue up into his cute anus, but that would have to wait. Roan is ready to come now!

Ricky pulls off and guided the boy's hand. "Yeah! Shoot my face!"


There are only a couple of shots of goo this time, but it came out hard like last time, almost stinging his face with the force. The little that landed on his lips tasted like pre-come when he licked them. It was delicious!

"Ohhh-ho," Roan moaned, "I want to do that again!"

Ricky, laughing at his precociousness, gets on his knees. "Fuck me in the ass!" he commands.

Roan holds Ricky's hips in his hands and fucks him violently in his ass, grunting happily in his husky voice.

Again. Easy! Ricky is realizing that younger dudes have their own appeal. Those quick darting thrusts! The complete ease with which you could swallow them! The painless penetration. Fuck! The way he can come again so quickly! This is hot!

Again, it happened fast.

"Aw," Roan sighed, "that was great! My turn!"

Ricky had thought he might have to persuade Roan, but the kid has his own ideas and needs no persuasion. Ricky rolls over on his back and leans up on his elbows. He uses his dick muscles to make his man meat wag invitingly. He was about to come himself.

This, Ricky thought, is great sex!

"You don't know how long I've wanted to do this," Roan says as he hops between Ricky's legs and grabs his long cock with one hand and flipped it around.

"Actually, Roan, I do! Now, are you gonna chat all day, or are you gonna suck my dick?"

And then, with an edge of mock cruelty, Ricky reaches up and takes a big handful of Roan's fantastic hair, moving it out of the way it had fallen, blocking the view, and forced the smaller boy down on his throbbing, pre-come leaking cock. He makes Roan lick the base around and around, laughing at Roan's lust crazed whimpers before he then uses both hands on Roan's hair to force him to suck it as hard as he can!

He makes Roan gag, and that makes him laugh as Roan pulls off, looking up at him with his handsome face, a little worried.

Forcefully, Ricky rubbed Roan's head against his cock.

It was too much. He shoots all over the boy's face! It is a mess! Come gets in his eyes. Spunk gets up his nose. Semen is in his hair and dripping down his chin.

Roan is gasping and squinting his eyes. "I did not know there would be so much!"

Ricky laughs again. He tosses Roan over and kisses him a hundred times on his come sodden face, licking and sucking it all up, but occasionally spitting it into Roan's mouth. All Roan can do is pant, moan, and eat come. They roll around together.

The little, long-haired, Indian boy then collapses on the big, blond older boy. He wants to kiss softly now. Ricky kissed him back. Roan is already better with his tongue. He learns fast. He kisses beautifully.

They lay together then, sticky with come and sweat, stinking like a locker room full of the intoxicating musk of sensual boys.

Ricky chuckles. The kid had come three fucking times in just about as many minutes. What a little stud! Ricky was glad he took the risk. This kid was a hot little fuck.

Then, Roan said something interesting. "You know? I like kissing best, I think."


"Uh huh. It's actually the gayest thing. Guy on guy kissing. It really makes my dick hard!"

"Everything makes your dick hard, Roan."

"Yeah," Roan agreed, not laughing at the joke, probably not getting it was a joke, "but kissing especially. And laying here naked together. I like this. I want to do more of this."

"Really." Ricky said not as a question but a statement.

"Really," Roan said, tossing his amazing hair to the side, and kissing Ricky again.

They rolled on their sides to hug and pet each other, kissing wetly and longly. His pretty mouth was so delicate and delicious!

They washed in the brook. Roan commented as he wiped his flat, smooth belly, "Wow, you make a lot of seed! I sure do very much like sex with you! We are going to have to do this again, do you not think?"

Ricky laughed. Roan had shown a serious, formal way to his speech. It was adorable.

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