This is a work of fiction. No one was exploited in the creation of this fable. In some locales, even reading about fictional teenagers having imaginary sex is prohibited. Local laws apply.

This story explicitly depicts young men forming erotic bonds with each other. Generally they are between the ages of 14 to 17, and they "generally" agree that peer relationships are best. However, among this particular group of youths, there are some who consider scoring some hot older fellow a coup, while there are others who remain enchanted by younger lads. These liaisons appear as dangerous edges, and the author has attempted to depict such outlawish trysts in a realistic way. Also, some of the fellows depicted here do other "bad boy" things like experiment with drugs and get in terrible fights. Last, being sexually versatile, as jocks typically are, they occasionally even have sex with girls. Ultimately, many are the spirits of the young who, in these pages, simply say, "Fuck the rules."

There is plenty of raunchy sex in this tale, but if all you are looking for is pure fapping material utterly devoted to some precise specialty, you might want to look elsewhere. In publisher's lingo, this is a "Coming of Age" novel.

Author's Note: I'm pretty pleased with how this part came out. (In fact, I really like the whole Collin story arc.) No spoilers. You'll just have to read it.

Ricky Girl

Yesterday, he had planned on ignoring Collin until Collin left. After that, he had planned on never seeing him again. He had been looking forward to Collin's departure. He had been wanting to be alone. Collin was a walking, talking, cock block. He was an asshole. That had been the sum of his relationship the day before. Collin, with his girl crazy obsession had become a one-dimensional entity to Ricky. He was worse than no fun at all. All the exuberant joy of life had left Collin. Ricky had seen this happen to other friends too. Adolescence had not marked the beginning of a new life; it had scarred the best part of their lives, ruining them forever. He had been prepared to add Collin to the list of lost friends.

Yesterday, it was inconceivable that Collin would try to seduce him!

But there it was. Collin's beauty was a flame, and he was a moth.

Collin, confident now, in full-on, man-mode, calmly says, "I think I've come your way a lot already, Ricky."

"Yeah? How do you figure?" Ricky asks, sitting down to take off his boots, curious as to why Collin thinks that. He does not see it that way at all. As he unlaces his footgear, he tells him, "I'm taking a dip, Collin. I'm all bloody and sweaty."

"Good idea," Collin agrees. He then says, "But yeah. I've come your way a lot. Think about it, Ricky. You beat the shit out of me, and I chose not to retaliate because you were in the right, and I realized that. We've talked about that before, how neither of us has the heart to fight when we are in the wrong. I was in the wrong. But I don't owe you an apology! Not any more!"

"Yeah, Collin. I'll give you that. OK, but that doesn't mean I owe you a blowjob. That's not how I roll, dude. I ain't your bitch."

As he popped off his hiking boots, Ricky has a strange feeling. He watches as Collin begin to undress. He himself stands up to drop his trousers, saying, "We should be careful to not touch the outer fabric. We might have missed noticing we brushed poison oak."

Collin agrees that this is prudent. He also continues with his line of reasoning. "I also defended you, and I didn't 'out' you."

"Yeah, and that was cool. Great even, but that's what friends do, man, and you decided that for yourself. So if you think that I owe you 'rent' for that, well, to hell with you, man!"

He turns to walk to the water, nude.

Collin follows behind him, walking more carefully due to his tender feet. He adds, his voice fierce, "I dumped a hot chick for you Ricky! I could have played her if I wanted. I didn't. That's something!"

Ricky realizes that was true. That is "something."

To Collin, over his shoulder, as he reaches the water and looked around for looky-loos, he says, "Yeah, OK. That's something. I'll give you that too. But I don't owe you pussy for that, more like, 'The bump of a dead enemy in the dark.' I'm sorry Susie's mad at you. I wasn't expecting you to defend me. That was very cool of you. It really was. But that does not entitle you to me being your catamite."

Collin snorts as Ricky wades in. The water is shallow there, and there are many big round stones. There is no place to simply jump in. "You and your big dictionary words, what the fuck is a 'catamite?'"

"It comes from 'Ganymede,' who was a pretty boy the god Zeus picked up one day and took to Olympus to have him pour wine at his parties, presumably trotting around nude with his little pee pee dancing about. It means a 'kept boy,' but people use it more loosely sometimes as a euphemism for queer. It is an archaic expression."

Collin finds this amusing. He chuckles behind Ricky. He is no slouch in the brains department. He and Ricky have always enjoyed sharing trivia they have learned. But Collin will still give Ricky shit if he thinks he is being too erudite, "Aw, Ricky, you crack me up."

The water was deep enough for Ricky to finally lay in it with a sigh. It was warmer than usual. Perhaps it was because the current moved slowly over the shallows there, so the sun had a chance to work. He thought then he would experiment with his thermometer and see how much temperature variance there was in different parts of the river at the same times rather than only taking the temperature at certain times throughout the day.

He turned to look at Collin.

Collin's feet were not toughened like Ricky's by a long summer of going barefoot, so they were very tender. He was not able to get into the deeper water as quickly as Ricky, and he flailed around a bit trying to get footing that did not hurt his feet. It was difficult. The round river stones were mostly about the size of fists, and mossy. The footing was treacherous there, and Collin was savvy enough to know he really did have to be careful.

The result of this was that Ricky was able to look at Collin nude for quite a long time; even better, Collin's off kilter balancing made his junk flap around

Collin saw this, of course. He teased Ricky, "I see you looking at me, you dick smoker! Am I giving you a bone?"

"I really like the line that runs from your hips to your junk, man. It's super hot."

Collin almost slipped then, but he recovered. "Fuck you, Ricky."

"You wish." Ricky was, in fact, getting a bit of a bone.

"I do wish it," he said, still casually. "I was thinking of putting a dog collar on you and hanging on to it while I did you doggy style. You ever had it rough, Ricky?"

"Now who's doing all the faggy talk, Collin? Are you sure you are straight?"

Collin, despite his puffy face, looked directly at Ricky and managed to get a mock lascivious expression, making a pointed tongue and licking his upper lip. He took the fingers of one hand and ran them up the side of his dick, which was completely soft.

"Don't fuck with me that way, Collin. It's not fair!"

"I notice you're not looking away," Collin said, smiling mischievously.

Then it hits Ricky. Collin is seducing me! He does want it! Dear Lord! Can this be happening?

Collin pumps his hips then, making his dick bounce around. He is not even pretending to be coy. He adds, "You want some of this? Gay boy?"

The whole time Ricky thought he had been playing Collin, but it was Collin was playing him!

Ricky is going to stay to his act. He is no one's "goat." He will make Collin understand.

Then there is the problem of his growing erection. Collin is making him crazy.

The force of his desire is multiplied as Collin teases him. "How many times have you thought of me when you jacked off, Ricky?"

Ricky loses his cool then. He is busted! He tries not to show it, but Collin has him. He has found Ricky's weakness, and he is going to exploit it.

Ricky decided a bit of ferocious upstream swimming would be in order. He would lose his erection, get clean, and feel wonderful. He pretended to ignore Collin's teasing. He turned and raced upstream just as Collin finally plunged into the water. Collin would probably not race him, and Ricky saw he was right when he reached his turnaround point. Collin was laying on his back in shallow water with his face in the sun. His puffy eyes were closed, and his lush, golden brown hair shined in the sun.

Ricky decided to get out. He needed to take advantage of the lack of erection he had from concentrating on swimming in the cold water. If he got near Collin, he would not be able to keep his cool. He swam to the side and left the stream. He walked down the bank, dripping, and still wet, he slipped on his pants. Collin heard him and glanced back, but he remained in the water.

Collin said, like nothing had happened, "I'm glad you invited me up here, Ricky. This is really is one of the most beautiful places in the world."

Ricky was relieved of the change in Collin's tone. They were pretending there is nothing going on. "I'm glad you came, Collin. I told you it was, and I'm glad you see it. I'm always disappointed with people who don't get it, like James's son, Jason?"

Collin agreed. "He's a little shit. You know I have not heard him talk about anything but video games ever, I mean, like ever? He's actually creepy that way!"

"Well, he certainly was happy to out his dad and my dad."

"I keep hearing you say that word, 'out,' like, uh, a verb? But what does that mean? I mean, I think I know, but really. What's it mean?"

Ricky sat on a big rock at the shore, about eight feet away from Collin, who remained lounging in the water. While fishing in his pack and pulling out his small towel, he said, "I could explain, but really, what do you think it means?"

He wetted the towel with the cool river water.

Collin answered, "It means telling someone else that 'so-and-so' is gay."

Ricky wadded up the towel and tossed it to Collin, saying, "Here, lay it on your face. It'll feel great, dude. But yeah. That's basically it. But it's not like saying 'I think they are gay.' It's really saying they are gay, and you know it, but also, it is totally without permission, usually with harmful intent. It's against the rules. And the thing is, Jason knows the rules, so what he did was kind of wicked."

"I get it," Collin said. He rolled over and pulled himself along by his hands in the shallows. That was an effective technique to get as far as one could before standing up walking on the slippery, dangerous, painful rocks. Collin's hot ass was also displayed very well.

Near Ricky then, he rolled over and sat up with his back to his friend. He folded the towel and tipping his head back, placed it on his puffy, blackened eyes with a sigh. He leaned back on straight arms and said, "I can breath through my nose again. I don't think it's actually broken."

God, he is soooo beautiful!

Collin remained silent, sitting in the water with head tipped back and his lovely legs out before him. At that moment, a family on inner tubes floated past. It was the cutest thing. A mom, a dad, and two toddlers in life jackets on each of the parents laps. This was a perfect stretch of river to introduce babies to the joy of floating down it. The children were chattering excitedly.

The family noticed Ricky and Collin, but did not linger with their gazes. Ricky waved; they waved back. Collin, must had heard them, for he lifted up a corner of the towel and glanced at them with one eye. Ricky doubted they could see he was nude.

They sat there in silence for some time. The sexual tension was palpable.

Collin turned his head, angling it back, as though he were looking at Ricky, but with the towel over his eyes, he could not, of course see him. Ever so casually, Collin returned to the topic they were both pretending to ignore. He asked, "So are we gonna do this or what?"

Yeah, Ricky thinks, We are gonna do this.

But all Ricky says is, "I told you the deal, Collin."

Collin shakes his head and snorts in disgust. "I don't see why you have to be such a bitch! You are like a girl! I am not going to suck your dick! And my ass is exit fucking only! You got that?"

Ricky had never meant that. Has Colin completely mis-understood?

In a small voice, Ricky says, "I just want you to kiss me. That's all...

"And?" he said, meekly, "Be nice to me!" Ricky manages to resurrect a little sauciness when he jokingly added, "Though a little 'reach-around' is always appreciated!"

Collin laughs loudly, "Oh, is that all you've been holding out for all this time? Damn, but you are a fucking girl! We'll see about the reach-around, that depends on how many loads I blow and how well you do it, you fucking prissy, little, selfish, Goddamn bitch!"

Finally, Collin stands up. He says, in a way that indicats he did not give a damn, "Well, now you get a chance to see me all shrunken up."

He is all shrunken up. His cock and balls look cute.

It is on.

Ricky grins and overtly adjusts his hardening prick in his pants. He says, "I can help you with that, Collin."

Collin looks at him in his way of sneering and grinning at the same time. Ricky had first seen that when they had caught a bunch of frogs one time, and practiced tossing them in the air and hitting them off into the distance with baseball bats.

Ricky stands up and says, "I know a spot."

"Let's check it out, gay boy!"

Ricky ignores his taunt and says, "It's right up that bank. You don't even have to dress. You could warm up and feel the sun on your whole body."

"And that way you could look at me more, huh?"

"That too."

Collin waves a hand airily, saying "Lead on, come-sucker!"

He made Ricky laugh so much, Collin fell out of character and giggled right along with him. It was like they were a couple of silly little kids again.

They gathered up the game and skins in the leaves and put those in their packs, picked up their rifles, and walked by Ricky's chosen route. Collin did go nude. He stashed his shirt, shorts, socks, and underwear by the bungee cords on his pack. He only his unlaced hiking boots.

He was making Ricky insane with desire.

Ricky did not have to explain to Collin about using circuitous paths to go to a hideout. It was Collin who had first taught him that.

Along the way, Ricky asked, "You ever heard of a 'goat?'"

"A 'goat?' Sure, but I guess you have some other meaning in mind?"

Collin has a certain "tone" now. He is exuding confidence and power. Ricky is in his spell.

"Yeah. A 'goat' is a dude who services other guys without any paybacks. He'll suck your dick, or you can fuck him, whatever. A real goat actually likes to be used. It turns him on. He likes the humiliation... At least that's my theory because I don't really understand that kind of guy. Even among gays, they are considered outcast."

Ricky is not at all sure that was true, but he would rather Collin believe that.

Collin's says, distractedly, like he is not really interested, "So in other words, what you are saying is that most people's idea of a queer is actually a kind of queer who's anathema to most queers?"

"Basically. Yeah."

Collin is silent then. He has no idea what Collin is thinking.

It takes only a few minutes to reach Ricky's "special spot."

There is the ancient fallen pine, bark-less and silver with age beneath the spreading span of branches from a nearby oak, half in shade, half in sun. There is the sandy ground. By the river, the brush still grows so densely it is impenetrable while the road remains far enough away that no one can see or hear from that direction either. It is at once a wide open place and completely private. As always, Ricky never once sees any other tracks in the place than his own. He has meticulously scouted all the paths all around and learned that within a circle of perhaps sixty feet across, one is completely invisible. His "place" never changes.

Collin loves the spot. "What a perfect place for sex! I'll bet you jack off here, huh?"

"I used to. All the time. These days I bring guys here."

Collin, looking at Ricky knowingly, drops his bag, and leans his powerful ass against the log. He crosses his legs at the ankles and reaches down to flip his balls up rather than scrunch them between his thighs. He crosses his arms. It is a typical Collin pose, and a typical Collin move. He stares at Ricky in way that shows he knows he is enticing to him.

He says nothing. It is Ricky's move.

Ricky makes his move.

He is still wearing his trousers. He will leave those on for a short while. Collin may be acting all confident, but Ricky does not want to rile him by poking him with his hard cock. He glides up next to Collin's right and places his left hand on smooth wood of the fallen tree. Collin looks him in the eyes through his bruises. He is still beautiful. His face is impassive. His swollen lips look even more pouty.

Ricky reaches up and puts his right hand behind Collin's neck with his thumb laying in the alluring groove where his neck muscles join under his ear. He fondles Collin's neck affectionately. His face is close enough to breath the same air from each other's nostrils. Collin's gaze does not shy away from him. Ricky has no intention of saying much. The time for words has passed, but he does say, "I will be touching you a lot, Collin. It's part of it."

Collin, without missing an instant, responds with perfect deadpan humor, "I'll be fucking you so hard, my come will shoot out your nose. It's 'part of it.'"

Collin's pretty penis is beginning to thicken and lengthen. Ricky fishes in his pocket for a mint and flicks off the wrapper one handed. He pops it in his mouth. He leans in close and gently brushes Collin's nose with his own. He tips his head back then to study Collin's golden brown eyes. He has a bit of angry edge to his expression. He is tolerating this, but that is all. Collin's arms are still crossed.

Ricky has no intention of grinding up against Collin and mashing his hard cock into him. That, he senses, would be just too gay a move for Collin. Instead, touching him only grazingly along the length of their bodies, he moves his left hand a bit and massages Collin's sculpted trapezius muscle. It is then he leans in and kisses Collin's bruised eyes, making Collin's eyelids flutter, and eliciting a tiny smile and a fleeting instant of an admiring glance before Collin returns to his tough guy act.

Collin does, however, drop his arms to his sides and place the palms of his hands back against the tree trunk. He scoots his butt a bit. Cutely! He relaxes a little. Sensing Collin's receptivity, Ricky only then kisses Collins battered lips as delicately as he can, dryly at first. He gives them a little lick. They taste of dried blood.

Collin does not part his lips. He is not inviting Ricky to stick his tongue in his mouth. He is letting Ricky kiss him, but Ricky knows that Collin would rather forgo all that and get straight to the action he truly wants.

He swishes his mint around in his mouth, knowing that Collin knew what was coming next.

You want to stick your dick in my ass? Ricky thinks. Well, you are going to let me stick my tongue in your mouth!

Ricky uses his tongue to part Collin's puffy lips, and Collin sighs slightly, allowing Ricky to lick the inside of his lips before sliding his mint flavored tongue into his mouth and tasting Collin's own, which lay softly complacent, not meeting his own at all.

Ricky does not spit his mint into Collin's mouth. He would not like that.

It is a tricky operation! Collin can balk at any instant. But Ricky wants Collin's tongue to respond. He leans his hip against the old trunk and wraps his left arm around Collin's lower back and used his right hand to hold the back of Collin's head. Collin does not like that. He writhes momentarily, almost a shudder, and tries to move his head back. Ricky relaxes his hold on him and massages one of Collin's chest muscles, twirling his fingers around a nipple. He whispers, "Kiss me back, Collin. After that, I'm all yours."

Collin does not kiss him back. Instead he sticks out his tongue and makes pussy licking motions with it, taunting Ricky, who swoops in to suck on his tongue before encircling it in a tongue dance.

That is good enough. Better not push it!

Collin has French kissed another guy! He has done, in Ricky's opinion, something "really gay." This is sufficiently "coming his way" enough for Ricky's honor. He is free then. He lets himself go.

He releases Collin from any further obligation to kiss. He leans his jaw against Collin's neck as he relaxes into him and brings his hands around front to caress his friend's heavy balls and once again thickening cock.

It is something beyond joy to have his hands there. He is jacking off his beautiful friend!

Collin, he had started to soften while they kissed. Kissing has the opposite effect on Ricky, for his erection is so powerful, it aches in his pants. He presses his lower torso into Collin's side as he works Collin's shaft with his strong fingers and plays with his manly balls with the other hand.

He barely notices himself moan as Collin's dick grows longer and thicker. Collin has a thick dick! Without even looking, Ricky knew its nature. It is long enough to not be a stubby, but thick enough to be a fatty. Ricky likes Collin's cock. He starts to make quiet, high pitched moans, like a little girl. He cannot help it. Ricky loves dick.

Collin reaches up then and massages the back of Ricky's neck in a surprisingly gentle way. It is his first genuinely affectionate gesture. But his words have a dangerous edge. Quietly, he says, "Who's the bitch, Ricky?"

"I am. I'm the bitch."

"Yeah. That's right. Now. Suck my dick. Bitch."

Ricky unbuckles his belt, opens his fly, drops his trousers, and with a giant erection hard enough to crack a concrete block, drops to his knees and begins to do exactly that. He gets Collin's cock dripping wet with saliva. He likes to do it that way. Getting it sloppy wet first makes it easier to swallow, and swallow, he does, balls deep, for Ricky is quite good at sucking cock already. It is something that comes naturally to him.

Collin's pretty bush of golden brown pubic hair tickles his nose. He smells delicious there. He smells like a manly teenager. His cock tastes of sweat and river water.

His balls, like Collin's, are riding high and hard. They are both ready to explode. Ricky's cock pointed straight forward. It throbs in time with his heartbeat.

With Collin's dick in his mouth, he looks up at him and makes his sweetest, most girly face and giggles, insofar as it is possible to giggle with a fat dick in one's mouth.

This, according to Collin's reaction, drives his gorgeous, studly friend wild, for his eyes grow wide and burningly feral while he gasps, stunned. Collin grabs the back of Ricky's head by his hair.

Ricky knows what was coming, and he laughs at Collin with his eyes.

Do it!

Collin powerfully thrusts his thick cock into Ricky's mouth at the same time he uses his strong hands to bash his head down onto it, like he does not care if Ricky gags, maybe, hoping he will! Ricky's nose is smashed into Collin's pubes, and every time Ricky is able to catch a breath through his nose, he had a view of Collin's pumping abs.

It is so sexy that Ricky feels himself starting to come. Collin is right. Ricky has thought of him many times while jacking off.

He reaches up and does something has longed to do with Collin since the day they met — he grips Collin's muscular butt and crushes both scrumptious cheeks with his hands. He encourages Collin to fuck his mouth even harder. It is a burly mouth fucking as given and received by two, sturdy athletes.

Without being touched, Ricky's cock, tormented by the years of sexual tension Collin has given him, erupts on it's own. He is living a wet dream come true.

His dick explodes with pent up frustration, and the hot, sticky fountain of ejaculate burst forth against the log behind them.

Collin laughs in the sneering way he does as Ricky mewls with Collin's manly meat still in his mouth.

He rips Ricky's head back by the hair, painfully, and Ricky suddenly snarls a bit at that. He reaches up and violently bats Collin's one hand away with the back of his wrist. He does not need to do anything about the other hand, for Collin is using it to jack himself off on Ricky's face.

Ricky smiles and tips his head back with his eyes closed, opens his mouth, and sticks his tongue out.

Collin grunts, "OH yeah! FUCK yeah!"

Collin grabs him by the hair again, though not quite as roughly. Ricky is soon rewarded with hot splatters of Collin's delicious semen in his mouth, across his nose, in a stripe across one eye, and sticky drips of it on his chin. He reaches up to wipe his eye and looks up at Collin.

Colin smiles his enigmatic half smile with his hunter's eyes. "I've always wanted to do that," he commented.

"With me?"

"NO! You fucking cock sucking fag! With a bitch!"

Ricky wiped the come on his fingers and licks them off, making slurping noises while he looks at Collin with what he imagines is a sexy whore face. "You wanna fuck me now, Collin? You got any juice left?"

Collin has a wicked expression. Ricky wonders if this was what girls see just before Collin fucks them.

He feels possessed.

He feels owned.

His big dick remains rigidly hard.

Collin says, serenely, "I'm gonna fuck you so hard, I'll make your ass bleed."

Ricky sneers at him, "I doubt that. Your balls will bruise before my ass bleeds; besides, I thought you said you'd make your come shoot out my nose!"

"That too."

Rudely, Collin, still wearing his boots, lifts a foot and uses the bottom of his boot on Ricky's shoulder to shove Ricky forcefully back. Ricky smiles to himself. He has imagined that Collin will want to do him doggy style from the start, but no! This is great news! His khakis are laying nearby. He reaches over and digs a lubricated rubber out of his front pocket and flips it to Collin, who laughs loudly.

With his dick still dripping and still hard, Collin expertly puts on the rubber and smirks, "You were planning this! Huh Ricky?"

Leaning up one elbow, he spreads his legs so Collin could see his boy pussy. He strokes the long length of his big spear, purposely displaying the fact that of the two, he was the one with the big dick, He taunts, "Shut up and fuck me, Collin!"

Collin pounces. He is rough. He doesn't ease it in. He crashes it in, using one hand to hold himself up and the other to handle his dick. His mouth is open, panting, and he looks down at Ricky with a look!

That feral look that Ricky loves so much. Yes! This was why Collin wanted to fuck Ricky this way. Josh was the same way. He wants to look Ricky in the eyes while he does it. He wants Ricky to see who was doing the fucking, and who was getting fucked.

Collin fucks Ricky just like he fucked Susie when Ricky first saw them at it. He sees the view that Susie must have seen — Collin's smooth, gorgeous chest with his small dark nipples, his flat belly with the shapely abs, not freakishly ripped, but elegant and strong.

It hurts at first. It makes Ricky gasp in pain. Ricky makes properly hurt noises. His eyes burn a little bit. This all makes Collin chuckle throatily.

Using a couple of quick, wrestler moves, Collin has Ricky's arms up and back and held them down with his hands under straight arms.

That look!

His fucking style is machine-like. In and out with a slow count, not pausing, ruthless, as deep as he can, as hard as he can, and back out as far as he can in a relentless, implacable way with a rhythm Ricky's musical mind knows as the slow edge of "larghetto" — about once per second.

Ricky feels dominated in a way that the other top of his life, Dear Joshua, never achieved. him. Ricky is so turned on, he almost squirts again.

His asshole finally warms up, as if it remembers its tricks. In time to Collin's beat, he grips the head of his cock at the end of the exit stroke and relaxes it on the entry stroke, keeping it from popping out, welcoming it deeper and deeper.

"I love your cock in me," Ricky announces .

Collin's face betrays a fleeting moment of startlment, and then great excitement.

His cock is divine. It hits Ricky's hot spot perfectly.

He wants to caress Collin. He wants to touch him. Easily, he shrugs Collin's hands from the undersides of his arms so he can reach up and slide his own hands along the rigid length of Collin's ripped arms. He massages Collin's sensational deltoids. He reaches under Collin's arms to reach up again and massage his neck.

"Fuck me, Collin. Fuck me hard."

To help him with this, he lifts up his knees and pulls them up under Collin's chest to get his feet there. Collin gets the idea and helps by grabbing Ricky's ankles and placing Ricky's feet on his chest.

He fucks Ricky harder then. Grunting with the effort. Pounding him! Making his balls slap against him, and making Ricky moan.

And then, he leans back and tosses Ricky's legs to the side, popping out, and lifts Ricky's hip. Ricky gets the idea.

He gets on his hands and knees. Collin slaps his ass, once, hard, making it sting delightfully before he sticks his cock in again to really rip into him.

Ricky's muscles seem to relax on their own; he is having a hard time staying up. He knows that he is whimpering, but he cannot stop it.

Collin finally says something. He said, as he fucks Ricky hard and deep, "Your ass feels like a tight pussy! I love your ass, Ricky!"

Ricky feels himself ready to come. It is about to happen!

Collin, then, elects to use the same move he used on Susie. It is, evidently, part of his repertoire. He holds Ricky in that "full Nelson" hold, pulls him back and lifts him up so he could buck up into Ricky's cunt. This time with short, piston-like thrusts.

He fucks Ricky so fast, it is vicious.

Then, driving Ricky wild, he bites the back of Ricky's neck!

"Eeek!" Ricky screams!

This must give Colin great satisfaction, for he actually reaches down and strokes Ricky's cock!

And Ricky's rigid prick, throbbing in Collin's hand, begins to squirt. Ricky reaches behind himself and rubs his hands on the sides of Collin's lower back. He turned his head to the side, trying to kiss Collin, but Collin is done kissing. He tosses his head contemptuously away, but he continues to jack Ricky off as he fucks him.

Ricky's come arcs out in front of him, traveling many feet, sparkling in the sun. The orgasm lasts a long, long time. Collin finishes the same way he finished with Susie. He pushes Ricky forward onto his hands and knees again and fucks him as hard as he can, but unlike how he fucked Susie, Collin slaps Ricky's ass several times.

And then he came, going, "Oh yeah! Uh huh! Yeah!"

He did not linger inside Ricky.

He slipped out and flopped back, popped the rubber off and tossed it away. Ricky fell over on his side. He lifted his head. Collin was leaning against the log. He was looking down, inspecting his penis, he said, "Lick it clean, Ricky."

Looking at Collin with his best whore face, before he did it, asked, "Who's your bitch, Collin?"

Collin chuckled evilly. "You're my bitch, Ricky."

Ricky then licked and sucked Collin's cock clean. He licked the come off Collin's cock, taking a few moments to lovingly suck on his boyfriend's lovely balls and a few more to slurp up what had gotten in Collin's elegant golden brown bush of pubic hair. Collin's cock, to Ricky's joy, started to harden again!

But Collin shoved him brusquely away, laughed wickedly, and teased, "My nasty, nasty bitch!"

But he petted Ricky's hair gently when he said it. Collin liked nasty bitches nasty.

Ricky had one final move left before he suggested they get dressed. He flipped around so his butt was to Collin while holding himself up with one arm. Drawing his legs up, he reached back and parted his butt cheeks so that Collin could see his ring. In a cute, girly way, he asked, "So tell me, big guy, did you make it bleed?

Collin glanced down with a little growling grunt. "Doesn't look like it. A little puffy and red. But yeah, my balls are sore."

"Hah, hah," Ricky teased, making Collin laugh agreeably.

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